31 Ocak 2023

Bad Halloween Habits Ch. 3

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“Greg! Wake up!”

My mind eased into consciousness, and I stretched as I opened my eyes to see Cindy gazing down at me, a concerned expression on her face.

“Hi, Cindy,” I said, reaching up to chuck her under her cute chin.

“Greg, are you ok? Are you drugged?”

“Mmm… I don’t think so… Why?”

Cindy reached behind me, running her finger down the crack of my ass. She held it up, glistening with cum.

I smiled at her warmly. “Now I know what you mean by loosey goosey,” I said, laughing.

Seeing I was ok, she relaxed visibly. Now, she wanted the details! “I didn’t know you were bi!”

“I’m not, or at least I wasn’t! Ever heard that song by the Kinks… ‘Lola’ or that Aerosmith tune, ‘Dude Looks Like A Lady’? This hot chick wanted action, but surprised me… I guess I just… I don’t know… went with the flow.”

“It looks like you enjoyed the experience, Greg,” said Cindy, pointing to the front of my smock. A large, wet stain spread over my crotch. “Are you up for more action,” she asked earnestly?

“Sure,” I said, reaching for her.

“No! Wait,” Cindy said excitedly. “I met this girl, Amy, who goes to the same Jr. College as me. She’s really crazy for this catholic school shit. I swear, Greg, that in your nun outfit she’d do just about anything you tell her, and really get off on it. She likes being dominated and treated like a little girl.”

I wondered how Cindy had learned so much about this mysterious Amy in such a brief time, but women do like to talk. I stood up, straightened myself out a bit, grabbed my ruler from the bed, and told her to bring Amy in.

“You’re in big trouble, Amy,” whispered Cindy to her as she led her in by the arm, closing the door behind them.

This was the young woman I’d seen Cindy speaking with earlier. She was 18 or 19, slender, with soft brown hair pulled tight into pigtails on either side of her head. Like Cindy, she was dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl, with a blue pleated skirt, penny loafers, knee socks, and white cotton collared shirt.

She stood there, head down, as I walked around her while tapping my ruler against the palm of my open hand. The silence seemed louder with just the sound of the ruler tapping. Standing in front of her again, I stopped.

“Cindy, what did Amy do?”

“She wet her panties, Sister.”

“Amy, did you wet your panties?”

Without lifting her head, she whispered, “Yes, Sister.”

“Look at me when you address me!” I yelled really loudly, startling everyone, including myself. Amy, slowly, raised her head to look at me.

“Lift your skirt,” I said, matter-of-factly.

“Yes, Sister,” she said, keeping her soft brown eyes on mine as she lifted the hem of her skirt, revealing white cotton panties with a rather obvious bursa escort fresh stain on the crotch, not dissimilar to mine. Visible goose-bumps rose on her sexy, muscular legs, and I could swear that there was the slightest hint of a smile on her sexy, full lips.

“I’ve seen enough,” I said brusquely, knocking the skirt from her hands with my ruler. “You need to learn some self-control, young lady… some discipline. On your knees,” I ordered.

“Yes, Sister,” she said, dropping to her knees in front of me.

I really didn’t have any plan, as such. I thought about having her suck my dick, but that didn’t seem very creative. Suddenly, a thought popped into my head.

“Cindy, hold the hem of my frock up while Amy cleans my pussy with her tongue!” I turned around, not looking. I felt Cindy raise my dress, and waited with desperate anticipation for the touch of Amy’s tongue on my ass. At first, I thought she’d chicken out but, to my pleasure, she stuck out her tongue and ran it across the crack of my ass rather timidly. The sensation was thrilling, but I was in no mood to be teased.

“Get your tongue in there and clean me up,” I barked.

“You’d better do what she says, Amy,” Cindy encouraged.

At once, I felt Amy press her sweet face against my ass, pushing it deep into my cum-slickened crack. Her tongue squirmed wildly, licking me up and down. Pressing deeper, I felt her tongue dip into my ass, and I tried to grab it by clenching my muscles. This seemed to encourage her, and she thrust her tongue deeply, and ever faster, into my quivering, cum-filled ass. My cock, previously unmoved, was now rock hard and dripping. I could feel her avid mouth draining my ass of the last vestiges of Jessie’s cum.

“STOP!” I ordered. Amy froze. I stepped away from her, knocking my dress from Cindy’s hands. I turned and sat on the bed. Amy’s face was glazed with a mixture of Jessie’s cum and my ass juices.

“You obviously like licking my pussy, so that can’t be your punishment. We’ll have to think of something else.” Again, I had no plan yet. I was improvising. I tried to think of the most disgusting thing I could make her do. I could feel that my feet were sweaty in my boots. That might do…

“Remove my boots, little missy,” I snarled.

As Amy moved to kneel in front of me, Cindy stood to one side. I could see that she was puzzled by this strange turn of events, and had no idea where I was leading them. Amy worked quickly, undoing the laces and pulling the boots from my feet. I had worn my regular nylon dress socks from work earlier that day, so they weren’t exactly fresh.

“Remove my socks, too, Amy! Do I have to tell you everything?” I tried to sound cruel and angry. She stripped my feet bare, and sat back.

“Ok, you panty-wetting cunt, escort bayan I want you to clean my feet with your mouth. Don’t you touch me with your hands, though, or I’ll beat your ass with my ruler!”

Without hesitation, Amy leaned forward and took a few toes into her mouth. I’d never had anyone suck on my feet before, and didn’t really think of it as a turn-on but, at that first thrilling touch of her mouth, I was groaning. I could see Cindy begin to rub her pussy through her skirt.

“Cindy! What do you think you’re doing?”

“I couldn’t help it, Sister. Watching Amy makes me feel funny inside, like I’ve got an itch or something.”

I could tell that, as she continued to work on my feet, slathering her tongue over every inch of skin, and between each toe, Amy listened intently to the conversation going on above her.

“Cindy, now I have to punish you too! Lay down on the floor, on your back and remove the stain from Amy’s panties with your mouth.”

A quiet moan escaped from Amy’s busy mouth as Cindy moved beneath her and began pressing her lips to Amy’s pantied crotch. Cindy’s small, delicate fingers slipped over Amy’s hips, pulling her down gently against her eager mouth. Another moan, this time a bit longer and louder, came from Amy’s throat.

“Silence!” I screamed! “This is not for your pleasure! Cindy has her punishment, and you have yours.”

Amy was working on my other foot now, and bending lower to chew on my callused heel. She couldn’t quite reach it, so grabbed my foot with her hand to raise it to her mouth.

“Amy! Did I not tell you to use only your mouth, and not to use your hands?”

“Yes, Sister. I’m sorry, Sister. I just forgot.” Amy seemed flushed, color in her cheeks, her full lips trembling with fear or desire, as Cindy continued to push her squirming tongue against her panties.

Standing now, I towered over her small frame, still kneeling on the floor, with Cindy beneath her. I moved behind Amy now, straddling Cindy, and dropped to my knees. Cindy’s breasts pressed against the backs of my thighs as I lifted Amy’s skirt, exposing her ass wrapped in white cotton. I pulled the cotton to one side, exposing her sweet, soft ass cheeks. I spread them roughly to view her rosebud. It looked fresh, clean, and oh so fuckable. I leaned forward, slicking her ass crease with my spit. Between each lick, I said every foul thing I could think of.

“Amy, you’re a dirty little slut, allowing your white cotton panties to get wet, then liking it when Cindy tries to clean them for you. You’re such a whore, licking cum from my ass, and cleaning my stinking feet with your mouth. Your cunt is too nasty for me to touch, so I guess that leaves your ass, bitch! Your ass is mine!”

Amy trembled obviously as my mantra of filth bursa escort poured from my lips, and my tongue skipped maddeningly over her ass crease. Finally satisfied with my spit lube, I lifted my dress and pressed my thick cock against her ass. I began sawing it back and forth in her crack, each time slipping lower until, finally, it was pressed against her tight hole. With each beat of her heart, it felt like her asshole was kissing my cock head. This sensation alone was enough to make me cum, but I wanted to open her up, stretch her ass wide with my thickness, and make her scream. I began to press against her sphincter, and she gasped.

“Oh, Sister, please stop. It hurts real bad, Sister! Please don’t!”

Amy lowered her torso so she was on her hands and knees, her head shaking back and forth. Despite her protests, I could feel her pressing back against my invading cock, forcing herself open on it.

“This punishment hurts me more than it hurts you, Amy,” I said, grabbing her slight hips and pushing myself all the way in to her clenching ass. As I hit bottom, she cried out. Her ass muscles were really tight, and my cock felt like it was being skinned, but that didn’t stop me from beginning to move, slightly, in and out, helping her get used to the feeling of my invading member splitting her open. Little whimpering sounds came from her mouth, which hung open limply, as my movements became more and more aggressive. I’d come twice already… Once with Cindy, and once with Jessie. I felt like I could fuck for hours. As she began to relax more, I moved more easily inside her, really getting into the feeling of fucking her sweet ass.

Amy, with stimulation from above and below, began to pant. Her breath was ragged, sounding almost desperate. A low moan began somewhere deep inside her and, slowly, began to build into a wail. Then she was screaming, her brown hair cascading around her flailing head as she began to cum. I felt her orgasm pulse through her ass, and wave after wave of pleasure shook her body. It felt, for a moment, that she might split into a million pieces. Cindy and I continued relentlessly, forcing her into multiples, making her incoherent, driving her mad with our manipulations.

Almost by surprise, I felt a tickle in my balls and knew, instantly, I was going to cum. Without hesitation, I grabbed Amy, stood with my cock still in her ass, and lifted her off me. In one smooth motion, I flipped her around so her thighs were on my shoulders, her pussy was close to my mouth, and my cock was near hers. I forced my cock between her lips, cumming at the first touch of her nasty tongue. It felt like a rope was being pulled through my cock, and the sensation nearly made me drop to my knees. I lowered my head to her pussy and tasted her cunt for the first time, as she licked her ass juice from my spasming cock.

Finally, I tossed Amy onto the bed gently, lying next to her, both of us breathless, flushed, and damp. She leaned over, pressing her lips to mine, and gave me a deep kiss, allowing me to taste our mingled juices.

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