19 Nisan 2024

A Weekend in Canada

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He walked off the plane and went to collect his bags, excited that he was now so close to her. Even though it would be some time before they were actually together, at least they were once again going to be able to hold each other. He collected his bags and picked up his rental car and finally made it onto the road leading away from the airport…

He had met her far in the north and had learned to love her mind before he had learned to love her body. She was remarkable with her professionalism and integrity, her poise and grace. It was only later that he had come to run his hands over her skin, stroking softly when she was asleep, and stroking harder when she was awake in order to make her breath come in short gasps. She had excited him until he felt that he could grow no harder, his orgasms amazing him with the pleasure that they brought.

He checked into the hotel and turned on the shower allowing the water to run freely over his body. He toweled himself dry and then dressed, imagining as he put each item of clothing on his body, how it would feel to have her take each item off later that evening, her lips following her fingers as she exposed his body. He started to imagine his undressing her, but stopped himself, preferring instead to keep his excitement within reasonable limits, and besides, he had already played out those thoughts so many times in the darkness of his own bedroom. Her flight did not come in for some hours so he strolled along the canal, enjoying the fresh air and the calm, even though he could hear the vehicular noise of the nation’s capital. He sat on a bench and watched the ripples in the water trying hard to quell the anticipation that was welling up inside his body. Finally it was time to meet her from her flight and for them to start their weekend together, a weekend that they had looked forward to since he had suggested it to her, a weekend that promised to be full of touching and laughing, caressing and clutching, sweating and orgasms.

He got into his car and drove to meet her…

He parked the car and approached the arrivals door. He stood by the automatic doors and strained to see up the stairs each time someone triggered the sensor that activated the swinging doors, made conscious of security with their frosted glass. Each time the doors opened his heart skipped a beat until he saw that it was not the person for whom he waited but another traveller; his heart would relax and then would skip again mere seconds later as the door would open again. He had been there for a long time, so eager he was not to be late.

The door opened again. . . a business man came through and the doors started to close again.

He had not planned anything for their time together even though he found that hard, as organization was in his blood from when he was in the military. He was not used to not having a plan but, even though he had started to plan things for them to do, he had stopped himself each time as he knew that the only thing that really mattered was that they spent time together.

More passengers came out. . . but still she wasn’t among them. . .

He remembered the first time that they had made love, the first time that he had undressed her, the first time that he had tasted her, and the first time that he had heard her cry out as he made her body shake in orgasm. He felt himself getting excited and tried to think of something else…without success. He wanted her so much but knew that they would tease each other for a while first.

The doors opened again. . . and then he saw her. His face broke out into such a grin and he was happy to see that she had a smile from ear to ear as well. He walked up to her, his eyes looking at her beauty, savouring each moment and then he took her into his arms. He held her close and she wrapped her arms around him and nothing else mattered around them. He brushed his lips against her ear and whispered one word. . . “wow”. . .

They held hands as they waited for her luggage. He had always been uncomfortable with silence but now it seemed as if there didn’t need to be any words. The bags came and they walked to the car. . . in no time at all they were driving towards Ottawa. He had reached across and taken her hand in his and she had then clasped his hand tightly between both of hers. He looked across and watched her hair surreptitiously and was sure that, at that exact moment, there wasn’t a happier man in the world.

They arrived at the hotel and he took her to the room and kissed her on the lips. . . quickly and then pulled away. “I’ll see you in the bar,” he said.

He went down to the hotel bar and sat on one of the stools opposite the mirrors and glass shelves with their choices of drink. He ordered a beer and a shot of whisky, Scottish whisky of course. He sat and looked at himself in the mirror and amazed at the fact that she found him attractive. He had never felt himself handsome, and knew it was not the case, but he kuşadası escort knew that he was able to compensate by being fun to be with, by being caring and honest. . . not all male models could boast the same. He thought of the circumstances between them, how they had planned just to enjoy each other’s company for a short time until she had left, and how they had both developed feelings beyond those which they had planned. He thought also of how his life had been thrown into turmoil by a call from someone of whom he had thought often over the years and how he felt he had no option but to pursue, to see if he had been right or, at the least, to get her out of his system so that he could move on. He took a sip of his whisky and felt it burn down his throat as he thought of how terrified he had been at having to tell her about all of this and how amazing she had been, realistic and mature. Now, here they were about to do the one thing that neither of them had done before. . . enjoy a weekend based not only on physical passion but primarily so. He wanted to feel guilty but could not as she had become one of his best friends and the physical attraction between them was so strong.

He heard a noise, and turned to see her standing at the door of the bar. She wore a cocktail dress that showed off her body to perfection. She had showered and lingered as the water flowed over her body. She had washed away the dryness that came from aircraft flight and had let her fingers linger on her breasts and between her legs, but not too long as she wanted her next orgasm to come from his fingers and tongue. She had brought herself to orgasm several times over the phone as he whispered to her and couldn’t decide if those counted as orgasms that came from him or from her. . . what did it matter?!

As he walked to meet her, he realized that they looked like the finest couple, he in his suit and her in her little black dress. . . he knew that people were looking at them with envy. He held her and kissed her ear and it made her catch her breath. . . she had waited to feel his lips there for so many weeks. She had not worn any underwear and felt herself start to get wet at the touch of his hand on her bare back, for the dress hung low. She was sure that she could feel him harden as he pressed himself against her. . .

As the two of them held each other it was obvious to all in the room the connection between the too. As she took a step back she looked at the man who cared so much about her, the man who made her feel like nothing else in the world mattered, the man who was here with her. She could feel the eyes of everyone in the room watching the two of them, but the only thing that she could concentrate on was how amazing he looked and how much she wanted to reach out to him. As he led her to the bar she could not help but remember their first night together. How he touched her, how he allowed the oil to run down her body, between her legs. How he caressed her body, lingering for a moment at the sensitive areas, making her quiver with anticipation of what would be coming next.

She sat at the bar making sure that the edge of her cocktail dress covered most of her thigh, but left enough showing so his fingers would be able to run slowly up and down. As they drank their eyes never left each other, each wondering what the other was thinking or imagining. Their talk was small, mostly about the flight, maybe a couple of jokes by him so he could watch her face redden.

Her hand was lightly placed upon his leg and with every movement would move slowly upward toward the hardness of his pants. Her excitement was building as she felt herself becoming wetter as he spoke and moved. There was no one else that mattered in the room but the two of them. As the bartender filled their drinks he excused himself for a moment, lightly brushing her breast as he stood. He could tell how she was feeling by the way her hand was lingering upon his. As he walked away she could not help but think how lucky she was to find a man who was interested in her mind before her body. How he treated her like she wanted to be treated. She found her self thinking about the innocent flirting that had brought them together and was amazed how something so innocent could result in something so powerful. As he walked back into the bar she could not help but feel a tingle of excitement between her legs. As he ran his fingers across her back she could not imagine being anywhere else. His hand reached towards her, she placed hers in it and was easily led on to the floor. Where they held each other close slowly swaying to the music. Her hands lightly caressing the back of his neck and his fingers slowly running over her lower back. She lightly kissed the side of his neck and slowly worked her way up to nibble upon his ear. His light moans let her know that this evening was to be something special. Something that she had been looking forward to since they had first made plans to meet in the city. As the music stopped he whispered in her ear and led her…

…to the elevator. She blushed knowing that everyone in the bar knew where they were going…that, in just a few moments, he would be inside her. She knew that all the men in the bar were jealous of him and that the women were jealous of her.

The elevator door closed behind them and he held her close, his tongue entering her mouth and his hand pulling up the back of her short skirt and caressing her naked buttock. He pulled her close and she could feel him, hot and hard against her leg. Suddenly they felt the elevator slow…it couldn’t be their floor as they were high up…someone was coming in!! They pulled away and stood there as the door opened. It was obvious to the woman who entered the elevator that she had intruded on something and she smiled and the two of them as the door shut.

As the elevator continued on its journey, he brushed his hand back and forth against her ass and watched her blush again.

Soon the door opened and, smiling at the woman, they stepped out and into the corridor. They almost ran to the hotel room and as he fumbled with the key, she gripped his cock in her hand, squeezing it and enjoying how hard she could make him.

The door opened and they almost fell inside…

He pulled her inside and kissed her hard, his hands roaming over her back and shoulders and their tongues intertwined. He pushed her back onto the bed and she lay there, on her back, staring at him as he lit some candles in the room, and turned off the artificial light. She watched him in the candlelight and he removed his jacket and tie…slowly so that she could enjoy the view, but not in a strip tease kind of way. He turned on some music and she realized that he must have brought the CD player himself and chosen the music as soft saxophone music filled the room. The night was perfect.

He removed her shoes and let his hands run up the insides of her legs to her knees, then he stopped and grasped her hips and flipped her over onto her stomach. She loved it when he was forceful with her. Their lovemaking could be soft and tender, which was fantastic, but also could be hard and passionate, which was breathtaking. Once he had pulled her hair and told her that she was a slut as he pushed hard into her from behind and she found this exciting, but tonight, for now at least, he reverted to being soft as his hands ran up the backs of her legs, higher and higher, finally reaching the tops of her thighs and moving onto her naked buttocks. Her back arched and she tried to press her hips downwards, as if to maneuver his hands onto her pussy. He pressed slightly against her thighs and her legs opened and she knew that he was now looking at her newly shaved pussy.

Suddenly she gasped as she felt his tongue enter her and then flick against her clit…

She had been waiting for this since she got off of the plane. As his tongue pushed its way inside her she could feel herself building inside. Quicker and quicker her breaths became until she could hold it no more. He watched her as she came. Her face and chest turning the crimson red he remembered from the times before. She smiled knowing that this would not be the first time tonight he would give her such pleasure.

He crawled up towards her and met her mouth with his. She could still taste herself slightly upon his lips. Her hands fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, slowly she undid them, kissing each part of his body that was visible as the shirt was removed. She loved this part. The part where she could lay him on his back and find the sensitive parts to his body. She loved running her tongue up and down the center of his body. With each stroke she would move lower and lower towards the hardness in his pants. As she undid the buttons of his pants her excitement grew and she knew that it would not take long for her to cum again.

His cock was hard as she placed it in her mouth. Slowly letting it explore the inside of her mouth. She let the tip of her tongue flicker over the tip of his cock, she had learned his sensitive spots from earlier times. She pushed him inside her mouth as deep as he wanted. Her only goal now was to pleasure him. Faster and faster he moved inside her mouth growing harder with every push. She slowly took her hands and placed his balls in them. Slowly rubbing at first but quickening the pace faster and faster. She knew that he was cumming by the hardness of his cock. She loved hearing him groan knowing that she was the one who could bring him to such pleasure. Faster and faster she moved. She could hear him saying he was cumming, the two of them moving in motion now. He removed her hair so he could watch her move and pleasure him. Finally he came, The explosion in her mouth was amazing. Usually she would run to the bathroom, but knowing that their time together was brief she slowly let his fluids run down her throat enjoying the taste and wanting more. She slowly rose and crawled to meet him…

He kissed her deeply and then she gasped as he grabbed her and threw her down on the bed beside him. She lay there on her front and felt him roughly pull at her shoulders and then her hair.

“I’m going to take you now,” he said and the roughness of his words, compared to the softness that had been there before, took her by surprise and turned her on even more. Without warning she felt him thrust inside her, deep, filling her up. He pushed deep and she felt her self exhale as his weight pressed down on her back. One of his hands was clutching her breast and the other had a handful of her hair and was pulling her head backwards so that he could kiss her, his tongue pushing into her mouth. He thrust into her time and again and she felt that familiar stirring deep inside her and knew that she was going to cum again. She remembered how much he loved to hear her tell him that she was cumming and she shouted out a warning to him. He let go of her breast and with his lips still on hers she felt his finger touch her cheek. She broke away from his mouth and sucked his finger in deep, coating it with her saliva as she came oh-so close to her orgasm, trying to hold it off, to delay the inevitable. She couldn’t hold back however when she felt his finger, wet from her mouth, push into her ass and caress his cock inside her. At the same time she felt him gain that extra inch of hardness that signaled his orgasm and as she yelled out that she was cumming she felt him jet his spunk into her pussy. They had cum together again.

He lay on her as they both caught their breath, his cock softening inside her, his hands caressing the sides of her breasts.

“Wait until tomorrow,” he whispered…”I have a surprise for you”.

She slept, nuzzled up next to his body and dreamt of wonderful things…

She woke as his lips passed over hers and she stirred slightly but then came awake when she felt him slip something over her wrist…it was one of those felt cuffs that she had heard about and as she came to consciousness she realized that he had them over both of her wrists and her ankles as well. He gently tugged on them and slowly she felt her wrists and ankles being pulled towards the corners of the bed. She opened her eyes and saw him kneeling over her,

“Morning sweetie,” he said as he kissed her, slipping his tongue into her mouth. She kissed him back, feeling herself start to get wet as she thought of what he could do to her in this position. He slipped a blindfold over her head and her wetness increased as she felt him run his tongue over her body, never knowing, without being able to see, where it would go next. He licked across her breasts, down her arms, over her neck, down her stomach and, missing her pussy, it continued down her legs. She squirmed on the bed, trying to move her hips so that her pussy would line up with his tongue each time it came close, but without success.

The next thing she felt was the trickle of oil being drizzled over her body and, as he rubbed it into her, she felt his cock run against her leg…it felt huge and hot and she begged for him to use it on her. As his hands rubbed all over her body she felt him move on the mattress but could not feel where he was going until she felt his cock against her lips. She opened her mouth and allowed him to push his cock deep into her mouth.

“Suck it,” he ordered, and she liked the strength in his voice. She knew that, being tied, she would have to do everything that he ordered her to do…and that she could do nothing about it, but she also knew him and knew that she would receive her fair share of orgasms and that, whatever he might say to her while she was tied, they would lie together and cuddle once their love making was over.

He pushed deeper into her mouth and she swirled her tongue around the head, just as she knew he liked. She felt him move again and then she felt something hard against her clit…suddenly she heard a buzz and she jumped as she felt him turn on the vibrator…she came almost immediately and her orgasm resonated through her body and tightened her mouth which made him thrust deep and shoot his cum down her throat.

He turned off the vibrator.

“Wow,” he said, “that was amazing”, as he pulled out of her mouth…”but you have more orgasms to come before I let you go…”

…and he turned on the vibrator again…

She came again as the vibrator inserted into her. She knew that with every pass over her clit her body would react. Love making with him was so great she never wanted to stop. He slowly released her from the bed post. Her body covered with oil glistened as the first rays of sun slowly crept through the window. She could feel his eyes wandering over her body and she blushed as she was never comfortable with allowing her body to remain uncovered. With him it didn’t matter. He had some how released her from her place of uncertainty and placed her in a world where with him nothing mattered. He left the room and she heard him turn on the shower.

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