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A Swinging Door Opens Ch. 2B

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I don’t know exactly when what I’m going to describe happened, because it wasn’t until years later that I found out just how extensive the relationship between my wife and Mike had been. It slowly leaked from both of them as we became even closer and I saw my wife becoming exactly what I had wanted – a loving wife, and a fantastically sexy woman who realized that she didn’t have to limit herself to one man. At the time that even this occurred, she was still confusing lust with love. It took a long time for her to recognize the difference and that, while she could feel the beauty of a close relationship with other men, it wasn’t the same as our love for each other. I also began to realize that I had created a situation that could be dangerous to our own relationship. Still, I couldn’t resist it. I had started it; it was up to me to help her see the difference.

By this time, she was head over heels “in love” with Mike. She not only enjoyed the sex with him, she wanted more than he could offer. In reality, what she really wanted, was to feel herself impaled on his rigid, thick cock over and over, although she would have denied that it was her primary interest. Later I learned that the two of them had discussed their situation often during the years they pursued their relationship, and never reached a satisfactory solution – until, as she gained experience, she realized that it no longer made any difference whose cock was in her, only that she had to have it often

But this particular day I’m going to describe was a joyous one for them both. Obviously, since I wasn’t there, I don’t know exactly what happened and I have to create dialog that may not have been said. Linda told me the night it happened, but was pretty light on the specifics. As the two of them spent more time together and I succeeded in convincing Mike I was aware he was fucking my wife, she began to tell me more about her experiences. Mike helped a great deal. Like me, he liked to remember the details, even to the color of her lingerie. What you see here is what, over time, I’ve reconstructed of the event. This is what they told me happened, each in his or her own way.

Mike had been telling Linda for several days after the first time he fucked her that he wouldn’t be satisfied with just quickie screws. He wanted more and, fortunately for me, so did she. Linda had told him that I knew he was screwing her – not good news to Mike yet. He wasn’t too sure yet how I would take to the idea of him fucking my wife, but he persevered, fucking her several more times in our home and in his little Volkswagen before this time. It was all a build-up to this event.

“Hi, you ready?” Mike asked as Linda opened the door to our apartment. A glance told him that she was, even to having her purse. She didn’t invite him in; instead she smiled and joined him outside the door. They walked together to his car.

They were out of the housing area and down the hill to the first stop sign before he kissed her, taking more time than necessary at the sign since no traffic interfered. He had his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close, his left hand roaming over her full breasts as his tongue snaked into her mouth and he fumbled with the buttons of her blouse.

Linda slapped at his hand playfully. She didn’t want to, but she broke the kiss and started to refasten the buttons before his hand reached across and stopped her.

“Where we’re going, no one will see you, and besides, I love the view,” he laughed.

“Where are we going?” she asked from curiosity. Her hand stopped.

Mike laughed again. “Just lean back and enjoy, like I am,” he replied, pushing her hand away and unfastening the buttons below those he had already opened. “It’s not far.” He smiled even more as my wife smiled and spread the lapels of her blouse wide, disclosing the sheer bra she wore and giving Mike the view he wanted..

“I hope not,” she almost whispered. Her glance took in the ramrod stiffness of Mikes cock, already swollen and leaking pre-cum in a rapidly growing circle at the end of his visibly throbbing manhood. She let her hand slide over his thigh and clutched it, earning a soft groan from her lover.

“Oh, honey, I wish we were there now. Take it out. I want you to see what I have for you.”

She did as he asked and once again felt that warmth in her crotch that she always felt when she realized that Mike was going to fuck her. Gripping him tightly and still surprised by the fact her fingers couldn’t close completely around his fullness, she wished she could suck him as she knew he wanted her to, but the little car was just too small for that. Instead, using her thumb, she circled the glistening head, watching the silvery liquid of his lust spreading as it oozed from the tip.

The gods were good to them. Traffic was light in the early morning. Still it seemed to take forever to get there. Both were in a state of instant readiness by the time they reached the turnoff where Mike took his little kuşadası escort bug up a dirt road toward a sprawling building at the top of a hill.

“Welcome to the ‘Push-Button Motel’,” he laughed as a garage door opened in front of them and he drove inside. It closed as soon as his car broke the electric eye matching the one in front that had opened it for them. A dim bulb was the only light inside the dark garage. Mike didn’t bother to zip his trousers back up as he got out and went to the door at the side of the garage and opened it. Another light inside came on and he walked back to the car to open the door for Linda.

He hugged and kissed her, pressing her back against the car, feeling her breasts with one hand as his tongue filled her mouth and was returned. She could feel his bare cock pressed tightly against her belly, spreading its life giving fluids over her dress front as he gently squeezed her right breast.

“Let’s go inside,” he said huskily. He took my wife’s hand and led her up the single step separating the garage from the room at its head.

Linda looked around. A large, king sized bed seemed to be the only furniture in the room. The coverlet was turned back and the sheets were obviously fresh. She noticed that there were no windows in the room, and the only door was the one into the garage. Mike was carefully locking it even as her gaze circled the sparse surroundings. She smiled, and put her bag down on a small table by the door.

Mike picked up a phone hanging from the wall at the head of the bed and spoke rapidly in Spanish. She caught the words “all day” and “Margaritas” before he hung up and turned to smile at her. “Watch this,” he said, motioning to the back wall. He took some bills from his pocket and placed them on a lazy susan affair that seemed to go nowhere. He turned it 180 degrees and sat down on the bed.

“Come here, honey, this won’t take long, but I want to get more comfortable.”

Linda put her hands on his shoulders as she stood in front of our friend and let him finish unbuttoning her blouse and then slipping it over her shoulders. Putting it on the bed, he unfastened the waistband of her skirt and then slid the zipper down, allowing it to fall at her feet.

“Lovely,” he said almost in a whisper as his hands closed over her, one on her breast, the other pulling her closer. “Absolutely lovely.” He allowed his right hand to slide down over my wife’s belly to over the transparent wetness in the crotch of her filmy panties. His hand remained there, gently caressing her muff while the left slid to the fastenings of her bra. He watched in fascination as her unclipped bra slid slowly over her breasts until each cup hung on her erect nipples. He squeezed her pussy gently as he pulled one strap over her shoulder, then the other, leaving the useless garment to slide down my wife’s arms and expose her breasts to his mouth. Her radiant smile showed her approval. Reaching behind her, his hand pressed tightly against her ass and forced her between his legs, allowing his mouth to cover first one nipple, then the other. He sucked them gently, purposely, and then his head moved back as he watched them rise higher and strengthen until they became rock hard little nubbins protruding a half inch from her warm breasts.. “You are so beautiful,” he managed to whisper, squeezing her pussy tightly, sending a rush of heat into my wife’s sexual core.

A slight squeak at the lazy susan interrupted him for a moment. He released Linda and went to the device. Pocketing some small bills, he took the pitcher and two glasses from the shelf and began slowly pouring the ice-filled beverage into them.

“Nothing like something to cool us off before we get too hot, right?” he smiled. Handing one glass to my wife, he motioned for her to sit down and joined her on the bed. “Well, what do you think?” he asked, putting his arm over my wife’s shoulder and lifting her breast in his hand, his eyes centered on the now thrusting nipple as he encouraged it by squeezing the bountiful boob. “No one to interrupt us, no one to see us, just you and me, honey – finally!”

Linda liked that. She liked the entire idea of being alone with the man who had tempted her for so long and now, with nothing to interrupt them, she gave herself completely to him. Leaning forward, her lips touched his. Their mouths opened simultaneously and their tongues fought for dominance. Instead it came out to be a tie.

“I’ve been waiting for too long too,” she admitted, straightening up and leaning back to watch his reaction. “It’s nice having you come over to the apartment, but nothing compared to this.” She looked around. Remembering the way the door had closed behind his car, she realized that no one would ever know they were here together. It eased the last bit of trepidation she had experienced that morning when he picked her up. At last she could be frank and open with him. “You got me started doing this; now I can’t get enough. I want you all the time.”

“I feel the same way, Linda,” Mike said, his face turning serious, then slowly returning to his endearing grin as he continued, “but neither of us are going to do anything except have a lot of fun together and make the most of every moment we have, are we?

Linda shook her head ruefully and finally managed to smile too. “No, and it’s a shame. But somehow I doubt it would be this good if it were legal.”

That earned a laugh from Mike. He took her breast in his hand, and gently squeezed it, watching her nipple rise. Without turning it loose, he kissed her again. He put his glass on the nightstand and pushed her back on the bed. In a stage whisper he added, “Now I’m going to fuck you, milady, all day, in every way I know of and a few we’ll make up as we go along. Are you ready for that?”

“I’ve been ready for you ever since that first time,” Linda growled, and began tearing at Mike’s clothes, shedding them from his body as he had stripped her. She stopped to admire his cock which stood like a flagpole almost parallel to his body, bobbing as though in a breeze and already glistening with pre-cum. “Is this for me?” she giggled, trying vainly to wrap her hand around his manhood, remembering the hardness of his flesh inside her. She tried to pull him down on the bed with her, but he pushed her back, staring at her with that gentle, devilish smile as he completed taking off his clothes, shedding his shoes and socks as her eyes devoured him.

“Now, Linda, I’ve got you just where I want you – all alone, and all day.” He bent forward and picked her up in his arms, straightening her on the bed, then crawling in beside her. They turned on their sides to face each other and melded into one closely connected body.

Mike, Linda told me later, was a world class kisser. He knew everything about using his mouth, his tongue and the rest of his body to turn a woman into a whimpering, passion hungry bundle of erotic nerve endings – and he used every one of them that day as he took her. His hands were all over her, stroking and kneading her, from her hair to her toes. Kissing and fondling her, making her feel she was being loved by Casanova himself.

Her leg slid over his, exposing her already engorged pussy to his throbbing manhood. Despite the disparity of their height, she could feel it already pressing against the slightly open lips of her vagina. She shuddered with pleasure as she felt his lips touch one nipple. “They’re yours,” she whispered, pulling his head closer to her breast, “just like they’ve always been from the first.” As she gave herself to her lover, she remembered how her need for him had grown with each touch of his hands on her body. Right from the time he had danced with her, she remembered the almost ache her body had developed, hoping that he too felt the need for him inside her.

Linda thought back as her lover began preparing her for the enjoyment they shared. She was almost purring with satisfaction as Mike prepared her for what she knew would be one of the fantastic sessions they had together. Right from the first time he had fucked her, she knew she had to have more of Mike. It still seemed so strange to her that she could love Earl and still welcome the sex she shared with Mike. It had come as a shock to her that Earl was willing to let Mike make love to her. She had been true to him alone for those first twelve years of their marriage. When she heard him say that he wanted her to allow Mike to make love to her she was frightened. Did it mean he no longer loved her? Was he leaving her? Then, as the days had passed without apparent concern for his visits to their apartment, the time they spent together being unquestioned, and the nights when she knew Earl could feel her lover’s seed still warm and oozing from her vagina, she asked him point blank if he wanted her to stop.

“Why should you?” he had asked her. “You’re enjoying it, aren’t you?”

She had admitted that she was.

“Then I don’t see any reason why you should,” he had told her with a smile as he pulled her on top of him. “You aren’t thinking of leaving me for him. Are you?” he asked seriously.

When she had shaken her head and bent forward to kiss him, he had continued, his face split with a wide smile. “Then why shouldn’t you two be together as often as you want? It doesn’t hurt me, and you aren’t property that I can deny someone else using or enjoying. You’re free, white and over twenty-one. You can do anything you want, anytime you want. Besides, I like fucking you after he has. I like the fact that you’re so open and ready for me, that you’re so juicy. And you’ve learned a lot just from the few times you’ve gotten together with him. Remember how you used to be so against me eating you? Yet, ever since he did it to you, you’ve said you didn’t mind. In fact just like last night, when you had me go down on you before we started, you’ve actually reached orgasm that way a couple of times. That has to be one of the benefits I’m getting from this – and you know how I like eating your hot, sweet pussy.”

Linda had shuddered as she felt her husband enter her that night. The glob of still warm semen in her vagina had slid down the length of his cock and puddled in his pubic hair. Still, she had admitted to herself, he didn’t complain and she felt wonderful riding atop that hardness, just as she had with Mike only a few hours before.

“That’s what I like,” he had groaned as she settled down and began riding his rampant cock, “a nice, hot, well-fucked pussy. I like for him to fuck you, Linda. And I hope you’ll let him continue. Every time he’s had you, you’ve been even better than you were when we first married. Enjoy him, honey, ” She felt his hands pulling down on her hips as his own thrust upward to meet her crotch. “I want you to fuck him as often as you like.”

That had been the end of her real concerns, she realized. Earl hadn’t tried to find another playmate, nor had he questioned her about her absences during the day. He hadn’t been upset about the wet spots in their bed in the early evening when he told her that he wanted to fuck her, and he had reached the point where she welcomed his mouth covering her pussy as she sat upright and let her lover’s semen fill his mouth. Sex was so much better and more frequent now than it had been just a few months ago, and she owed it all to this man who she felt entering her now, with her husband’s blessings.

“Where are you, honey?” Mike asked her tenderly, releasing her nipple for a moment. “You seem so far away.”

“I’m right here,” she had answered, “with you.” She had replied, adjusting her hips slightly to give him a straighter entrance into her pussy. She giggled slightly and then added, “Just like I want to be, with Earl knowing all about it and wanting me to fuck you.” She gave a small gasp of pleasure as she felt Mike pressing deep into her. “I love the way you fuck me. Now do it. Fuck me like you always tell me you want to screw me. I want you to fuck me all day!”

“That will be my pleasure, Linda,” Mike smiled, settling back down to the swollen nipple and sucking it into his mouth once more. He barely had time to add, “and I’m going to fuck you even more often now that Earl knows about us.”

Linda’s heart sang. She hoped so. The two or three times a week that her lover spent inside her were hardly enough anymore. She wanted him constantly, often calling him during the day to see if he could come over and give her some of the loving that she enjoyed so much with him. She sighed as she felt the swollen knob of his cock push past the muscles protecting her juicy vagina. He took her slowly, advancing and retreating, gaining just millimeters at a time until she felt him reach bottom inside her. She sighed as she felt his cock against her cervix and he adjusted himself so that her face was buried in his chest. She could feel his arms pressing down on her shoulders, trying to force himself deeper into her hungry twat.

She loved it when Mike described what he was doing or planned to do to her. It was such a departure from the early days when she had been so uptight about sex. She realized now that Earl had been preparing her for almost a year to enjoy this as she was now.

She sighed with passion as she felt her lover’s fingers close over her breasts and gently begin squeezing them as his hips began thrusting into her crotch. “I love it.” She whispered to him once again. It didn’t take much to convince Linda that she wanted Mike to fuck her. The two or three times he had visited our apartment, either during the day or on the nights when I had been gone, had convinced her that here was a man who could provide not only the most erotic experiences she had ever had, but some of the best fucking she had ever enjoyed.

Mike liked the sound of that too. He had long before, even the first time, found that this woman loved to screw and could enjoy it as long as or longer than any man fortunate enough to bed her. He had learned, bit by bit, about other men who had screwed his wife since they had been married, but still had never experienced anything like the lust this one displayed when he took the time to make her as hot as he had her now. She not only knew the moves, she knew the language and wasn’t afraid to tell him how she liked his cock buried deep in her cunt, or how she wanted to feel his sperm flooding her fertile womb.

As always, he was gentle. He had also found out that she liked to have him do her gently, at least until the last orgasm she could stand when she insisted her fuck her hard and shoot his load into her pussy. Not only was the gentle touch more comfortable for her, it insured that she could last through the multiple orgasms of which she was capable. He never ceased to be amazed at the fantastic heat he felt surrounding his cock as it slid ever deeper into her, lubricated by the juices that flowed so freely from both. And those tits…..god, he loved them! Two mammoth mounds of female flesh that tasted as wonderful as they felt pressed tightly against his chest, into his hands, or his mouth.

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