30 Kasım 2022

A gay summer Holiday – Part 12

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A gay summer Holiday – Part 12

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Chapter 12
A lifeguard to the rescue.

It was past noon when Christopher awoke. His body apparently needed its rest. He texted Jelmer; “Sorry, just woke up. I’ll think I will take it slow today. Rather than go swimming, I will go on a photo safari around town. I wanted to get some artsy photo’s for the posters in the bunkers anyway.”.
Jelmer responded; “Yeah, rain-check then?… I have a bit of a hangover myself. It must have been a little bit to much fun yesterday! ;-)”.

Chris took a shower and ate lunch at his grandma’s place. He walked through town taking pictures. Two seagulls on a mooring post. A close up of a typical small islanders house. A half-sunken rowboat. The lighthouse. Ship markers. Colorful flowers. The Beach. Clouds over a dune. And stuff like that. Some in black and white and some in full color. Taking his time to frame the pictures correctly and waiting for the right light. He was going to make them into some cheap art for on the walls of the 30 bunkers. Promoting the beauty of the island. During sunset, he made a few beautiful panorama pictures of the town, the harbor and the sea at low tide. And when the sun had set he went to Wessels beach club to take some pictures of the last of the music festival performances there.

Wopke and Jelmer saw him coming over and walked up to Chris. “What can I get you to drink, honey?”, asked Jelmer. Chris was a little surprised to see the guys there. He kissed Jelmer. Wopke felt a little left out so Chris gave him a hug pressing his shoulder to Wopke’s. “Hi man,… We wanted to go swimming today, to see you at your lifeguard station… But I was a bit too tired and hungover.”, said Chris to Wopke. Chris asked Jelmer to get him a soda. Together they lounged on the terrace of the club listening to the music.

“Are you boys not playing tonight?”, asked Wessel. “Oh,… Hi, Wes! Sorry, I did not see you coming.”, answered Chris in surprise. Wopke told him that they had been playing last night with his rock band. And that they all were a bit hung over from that gig. “Jelmer, may I borrow Chris? I’d love to hear him play once more.”, asked Wessel. And Jelmer said yes. “Hmmm… I guess I have nothing to say about it… Better get to work then…”, joked Christopher as he walked with the guys and Wessel into the club. “Oh, nearly forgot. You will not believe it! But the total of the auction was 123000 euro!”, said Wessel proud. The guys let out a huge cheer. The club looked in surprise at the men. Christopher hugged Wessel and got congratulated by Jelmer and Wopke.

Between the gigs of two other bands, Chris and Wessel sang three of his songs together. The crowd demanded to hear them sing their blues song as well. At that moment the power went out. “Saved by the bell…”, joked Wessel. “Come on we can make this work Wessel… If you guys shine your phone this way. And be very quiet… We can play the song acoustically, without amplification.”, spoke Chris loudly.
The two of them set on the edge of the stage and played the song together in the way it was meant to be. The other band members played and sang the song with them at the end. And when the song was done the power came back on in the club.
It was a very magical performance. One that was filmed by dozens of camera phones.

Feeling good about themselves Wessel and Christopher invited Jelmer and Wopke to come drink something with them. “Chris,… you are… man!… you are good.”, said Wes proud. “Ha ha ha… You’re not so bad yourself either! Wes. And I have had a great teacher!”, joked Chris. They drank a glass of something none-alcohol and had the greatest of fun together. Chatting as a group with each of the bands that had gathered in the club. Talking about how they thought the festival had been. They even got some invites to visit them at their festivals. And before they noticed it was 2 am. Time to close up. Wessel sang one last song before he closed the club. Wopke, Jelmer, and Chris helped him to clean up a little and went to Chris’s cabin together.

Rather than walking thru town, taking the shortest distance, they walked along the harbor. Chris heard a commotion coming from the harbor’s dock. They quickly ran over and before Wopke and Jelmer knew what was going on, Chris had removed his pants and dove in the water. He came back up with two drunk tourists that had fallen in the harbor. Wopke dove in too. Helping to rescue one and Christopher the other. They swam to the peer and by the time they had arrived there an ambulance, the police and a fire rescue truck had arrived. Jelmer had thankfully called the emergency services. Together they put the two drunk tourists into the ambulance and the guys got a quick checkup as well.

“I did not know you knew how to rescue swim as well?”, said Wopke out of breath. Chris put a finger down his throat and puked his guts out. “What the fuck are you doing?”, asked the medic. “I have swallowed to much salt water. That is the quickest way to get rid of it.”, groaned Chris. Wopke told the medic that Chris needed to be checked up as well. So the police car drove him to the local doctor.

The guys waited in the doctor’s office. And when Chris came out they were told that Chris should not be left alone that night. Jelmer drove his army Jeep straight up the back path and parked in front of the cabin. Wopke scooped up Christopher who had fallen asleep in the car. They lay him on his bed kaçak iddaa and Jelmer undressed Chris. Removing the wet clothes and toweling his hair dry. Chris let it happen. He felt like a wet rag-doll.

Jelmer invited Wopke to stay over as well. They each went to sleep on one of the 6 beds. Wopke and Jelmer in one bedroom and Chris in the master bedroom on the double-bed. In the early morning, they woke up from the sound of Chris being sick in the toilet. They quickly got up to check up on him. And Jelmer got concerned about the look of his friend. “I am going to call the doctor once more. You don’t look right at all Chris.”, said Jelmer. And Wopke agreed. “Looks like you may have some salt water in your lungs as well, buddy.”.

Wopke quickly put on some clothes as Chris was hoisted into some loose clothes as well. Jelmer called the doctors office as Wopke drove Chris there for another checkup. Luckily nothing bad was going on. Chris just needed some TLC and a hot bath. He got some medication and was sent on his way again.
Jelmer was called and he suggested to Wopke to take Chris directly to his place. He had a bathtub in his little farmhouse. So the rest of that Sunday the two of them pampered Chris back to health.

Jelmer drove to the bunkers that Monday morning to get the volunteers and builders started on the roof of the 6 larger bunkers. New concrete formwork needed to be made for the different sized roof. The rest of the work was a repeat of what they had done earlier.

“Where the fuck is Christopher?… Man you queers keep fucking around and not showing up for work yourselves… I bet that faggot had… “, yelled one of the volunteers. And the rest sort of agreed with him. Thinking that Chris was shirking his duties.

“Okay… that’s quite enough… But so long as you know… Chris just rescued two drunk drowning tourists from the harbor Sunday morning… And he had to see the doctor for inhaling to much salt water… So that ‘queer’ is the reason they are still alive… I do suggest you cut him some slack… If you don’t want to be here then your welcome to leave… “, yelled Jelmer angry.

One of the builders put an arm around Jelmer. “Thank you for your help folks. But this is not the way we treat our friends. Chris is only volunteering here himself. If you don’t like what he does in his spare time, behind closed doors, then, there is the exit! It is not like he tried to screw with you, now did he!”, said the guy pointing resolutely to the stairs to town. Some of the islander volunteers indeed left. The rest, however, remained and redoubled their efforts. Asking Jelmer on what exactly happened yesterday. They were sort of impressed by the quick action from Christopher and Wopke. And angry at the unnecessary remarks from one of their own.

After lunch, Chris and Wopke came over. At the foot of the dune, they met an inspector from the local council. He was not pleased. Not pleased at all. “You must do something about these stairs! If you don’t fix them up I will not allow the bunkers to be used as holiday lets. You hear me. Do it or lose the permit.”, he sort of yelled. “Good day to you too, sir… My name is Christopher. I have the lead on the bunker renovation project. Whom might you be?”, asked Chris in total surprise.

The man got even angrier. And told Chris that he was the cities building inspector. And that he was not pleased with Chris’s faggot tone of voice. “You heard me! I am giving you the order to fix the stairs!”, he said as he drove away angry.

“Well, that’s a fine mess your in!”, told Wopke. “No, not at all. That guy put himself and the city council in trouble. I was planning to update these stairs anyway. Look, I already got me a shit load of bricks to make a completely new set of stairs. And as far as his homophobic remarks… Well, that’s his issue… not mine. But I now have a verbal contract with the council. You’re my witness. So now they will get a bill for my work.”, laughed Chris.

The volunteer group and the builders greeted Chris. Happy to see him back on his feet again. And congratulated Wopke and him on the successful rescue. “That was quick thinking Chris.”, said one of them. “I think that had nothing to do with the speed of my brain. More with proper hearing. But thanks for the kind words. You are nicer than the building inspector. He just now called me a faggot and ordered me to rebuild the stairs up the dune as well…”, sighed Chris. “Well, that makes sense now… His son called you a faggot and a queer for not showing up for work this morning.”, said one of the builders. “Is that so… Well being homophobic may run in their family… But I am just happy I can contribute to make the island a little bit more gay, bright and beautiful…”, joked Chris.

They worked together on the prep work for the next concrete pour. One of the volunteers took Christopher aside. “Are you… hmmm… are you really gay?… That is bugging me a bit…”, she said. “Good honest question! Thanks! Think of it this way… I am a builder, creator, and musician first. What I do in my spare time should not bother you. In essence, a homosexual is not any different than anyone else. He, or she, just prefers to love someone of the same gender.”, answered Chris politely. “And who we actually fall in love with has more to do with fate and luck than anything else.”, told Jelmer her.

That Monday went by quickly. As the folks helping to rebuild the bunkers sang a few songs and made casino firmalari a lot of off-color jokes. When the volunteers were about to leave Chris thanked each of them personally for continuing to help. He told them they would need to enter the work site from the campground area the following days. Because he was going to rip out the stairs up the dune soon. The area at the foot of the dune was fenced off better. The build fences were even covered in cloth to prevent sand from blowing onto the street.

Wopke had also spent the day helping out. “Do you guys want to grab some fast food? I could go for a burger and some fries.”, he suggested. Jelmer and Chris agreed. And after a quick clean up the three of them walked into town. They met Jan-Thijs and his brother Pieter. They were also on their way to the fast-food cafeteria. The 5 of them started talking about the day’s events. And ate a nice dinner together. After dinner, they walked back to the campgrounds and drank some beers at Jelmer’s parent’s place.

“Hey, Peet… your birthday is coming up… Right? What would you like to get from me.”, asked Christopher. He had to think about it. “Not sure, anything is nice. Oh… Did you hear… I am getting Jesse’s moped.”, he said excitedly. “So a nice leather jacket or a helmet then?”, asked Chris. “Oh, no man those are way too expensive. Something small. Something 22 cm long perhaps…”, joked Pieter naughty. Jesse slapped his head. “Don’t act like your not getting any.”, laughed Jesse. The guys laughed and Wopke was a bit surprised. “Are you two… hmmm… is half the island… Dang guys… I thought I was nearly the only gay guy on the island.”, said Wopke realizing all 6 of them enjoyed the love of a good man. “Yeah… that’s what happens when you are too afraid of what others think. Lot’s of closets on the island are filled… time you guys stepped out into the open some more.”, suggested Christopher.

The 6 of them and Ben and Frieda walked over to the cabins to see the progress. Ben was told about the reaction of the building inspector. “Ha ha ha… Chris, you do realize that our property ends on top of the dune. From there, down the hill, too the street is city council property!”, laughed uncle Ben. “I thought as much. I will put in a new stair anyway. But I will make sure I will give them a bill together with the letter of complaint they are going to get from me.”, said Chris looking serious. “Good for you!”, said Frieda. They talked about how Chris wanted to tackle the lawns in front of each cabin. And that he wanted to give the privacy fences some of the same colors that were used on the inside. Linking the inside with the outside.

Together they set out to rip out the old railway sleeper stairs. Before dusk, the stair area was stripped bare. Properly tired, the 6 guys went over to Chris’s cabin and drank some beer together. They watched a porn movie and jerked off. One thing let to another. And before the night was done the large box of condoms was emptied. The group had made love together as one and woke up early the next morning. Chris invited them to work out with him at the gym. And after a quick shower and some breakfast they walked into town. At the gym, the ‘work out’ from last night continued a bit as well. And Jelmer and Chris spend a half hour in the tanning booth. Getting ready for the next holiday season.

After all the fun they had, it was time for some serious work again. Christopher had called his uncle if he could spare some masons. He needed to borrow a theodolite as well so he could measure out the brick paths and stairs. He quickly measured the heights and set out the angles for the stairs. It worked out fine, not much digging was needed. He basically could make a small footing trench for each stair-step. Fill the footing with concrete and rebar. Once that was firm enough the masons set out to build each step up the steep slope.

The first of the 3 stair sections took shape that Tuesday. The building inspector dropped by again in the afternoon. “You stupid queer!”, he shouted to Christopher who was standing on top of the dune. Chris gestured to him that he could not hear what he was saying. And gestured that the inspector needed to come up via the campground main access if he wanted to talk to Christopher.

Around the corner, out of sight of the inspector, Chris was talking to Silvia, the island’s mayor. She got angry at what she heard the inspector call to Chris. Christopher quickly explained to her what her staff member and his son had been saying yesterday. And that she could look forward to a strongly worded letter of complaint. Chris joked with her; “I bet you a dinner that he is going to complain about the color brick I am re-using here.”. Silvia laughed; “That bet is on!”. Chris was happy she took his approach to handle this situation lightly.
Christopher also told her about the things his son called him the day before and the reason for him being late to work on Monday. Silvia was amazed to hear that. She did not have her weekly briefing with the police yet, she told Chris. But thanked him and asked to also thank Wopke and Jelmer for their swift action.

The inspector drove his car right up to the back of the bunkers. Cursing and yelling from a distance. Christopher called the police. Silvia asked why he did that. “Your guy is parking his private car on a spot where no cars are allowed.”, he answered. “Ha… Right you are!… We can’t have that… casino şirketleri Looks like he is on a personal vendetta.”. The building inspector came tumbling down the hill between the 2 rows of cabins.

“Careful sir!”, said Christopher as he pulled him up off the ground. “Sir,… first things first. Did you know you drove your car up a path that is closed to all motor vehicles?”, Chris asked calmly. The inspector immediately started calling Christopher names again. And discriminating him for his location of birth, his sexual preference, and the clothes he wore. He did not even notice the mayor or that officer Tom was coming up behind him. He indeed started to complain that Christopher was using the wrong colored brick in the stairs. All the structures in the historic town used yellow bricks. And Chris had gotten a boatload of old red bricks to rebuild the stairs and the main garden path.

“Sir, I see your point. But please may I show you the historical reference for using these bricks? Look, sir, the bunkers used red bricks as garden paths and in the building itself as well.”, said Christopher pointing to the bunkers. The inspector turned around. “You may think you can get away with this behavior you dirty faggot but…”, he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw officer Tom with his notebook in hand. And then the mayor. “But what… sir?”, asked Christopher him. “But you can rest assured you’re not getting a new permit for these holiday lets!”.

Silvia intervened. “It is not your job to issue permits or deny them! And it is certainly not your job to threaten our islanders… You are here to serve them… Not the other way around, civil servant!… “, she called angrily. “Chris, if you want to file an official complaint against him you should.”.

“Officer Tom. I would like to file a complained against this, not so gentile gentleman. For parking his car on a path that is closed for all motor vehicles, other than those with permission to do so.”, told Christopher.
“Madam mayor. I would like to formally file a verbal complaint against this person. For letting his own personal issues interfere with his official job. Abusing his powers, and forcing me to do something that was the job of the municipality to do. Namely the building of access up the dune. It is my duty to inform you that I intend to comply with his verbal contract. I will build these stairs for the council. But a bill will be presented to you once it is done.”, said Chris to Silvia. She told the inspector she wanted to see him in her office in 30 minutes. And she thanked Christopher for his work.

Ben came rushing over, as he saw a police car on the path to the bunkers. “What is going on here.”, he asked confused. Tommy told him that Chris had called him over for forbidden access with a motor vehicle by the inspector. The mayor told him about the discriminatory remarks the guy had made to Christopher. And the abuse of powers he had shown.

Ben stood tow to tow with the inspector. And out of the blue, he headbutted him. “You damned ass hole! You have been deliberately making people pay because you change the rules as they suit you! And now you are also discriminating against my family? Apologize to him! Right away.”, yelled Ben. Officer Tom had to separate the two because they were about to go a few rounds together. The inspector grabbed Chris painfully by the shoulder as he was led away by officer Tom. Chris sighed. “Officer, Please add assault to the list!”, said Chris angry. Silvia agreed; “Take him away, Tom! I will deal with him later.”.

The mayor walked back with Ben and Chris to hear their story once more. She learned that this was not the first civil servant that crossed the line. Ben gave her numerous other examples he learned about over the years. She apologized to Ben and Chris and told them she would look into it. And to not worry about the permits because the old one was still valid. Chris was told to write up all the materials and hours of work he and his crew would spend on building the new red brick stairs.

Shook up about the whole day, Chris asked Frieda if he could eat with them. Peet, Jesse, and Jelmer joined them too. And they had a serious discussion about what it meant to be gay in such a small god-fearing community. Chris could not understand that people could be so narrow-minded about it. To him, it was live and let live. He was saddened that not everyone had it in their heart to love another as their equal. Seeing as that was the Christian thing to do, he told them.

Jelmer walked back with Chris after dinner. Spending the night with his lover. Making out and sleeping with him gently caressing each other. Getting slowly undressed, they kissed and hugged the whole night long. Licking each other, stroking their bodies. Rubbing themselves together in a hot passionate dance. Laying down Jelmer spooned Christopher and let himself penetrate his lovers bum. Fucking him slowly to sleep after he ejaculated several times inside his love canal.

The next morning Chris got up early, without waking up Jelmer. He wore his work clothes. Rather than getting to the gym, he decided to move the bricks up the dune. That was a workout in itself. And before breakfast with his buddy, he was properly sweaty already. “Good morning stud.”, Chris softly said to his sleeping beauty. “Thanks for the rescue last night. I needed your love. I was doubting myself a bit.”, said Chris. Jelmer yawned. “Hey, buddy. Good morning to you too… O dang, you’re sweaty… Have you been working out already, Chris?… Hey, rescue’s are what lifeguards are for. They do it in the water. I prefer to do it in bed…”, joked Jelmer naughtily. Chris laughed hard. And they took a long shower together.

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