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White Tailed Eagles Pt. 02

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Brian is on his way to Scotland to see White Tailed Eagles. While still not far from home he picked up Robyn, every red blooded man’s best possible dream girl.

For the record there is no underage sex in this story

“If we stop about 5:30, that be OK?”

“You’re driving, I’m happy to stop when you are.”

“OK navigator, you’ve got the map and the site guides are in the glove box. Somewhere you fancy between 4:30 and 6:00. It’s dual carriageway to Oxford so about a couple of hours if the traffic behaves. Somewhere an hour or so after Oxford. You’re in charge Ms. Scout.”

It was a delightful drive with periods of contemplative silence interspersed with navigational instructions and observations. I realised why I missed using maps for navigation as soon as she told me ‘the Ridgeway Path’ runs across just here and much later on ‘that’s the River Glyme’. You don’t get that kind of stuff on a Sat-Nav. We pulled into the car-park of a pub on the Stour a bit after 5 and not very far off route. It was perfect, a small section at the bottom of the car-park set aside for camper vans had electric hook-ups, a fresh water supply and grey water disposal. Willows lined the river bank.

“This do?”

“Looks absolutely perfect,” I replied with a smile.

“Mind if I have a shower?”

“Not at all. I’ll go and tell the Landlord we’re here then I’ll go after you. Is 7 too early to eat?”

“Sounds good. I could wait and we can shower together,” she grinned.

“Or I could rustle up some coffee and make the bed. We could try it for size for a while?” I leered dirtily.

“Be as quick as I can!”

=== === ===

We sat in the swivelled Captains chairs facing into the habitation end and supping our mugs of coffee. The silver screens were up and the blinds down. It was warm, cosy and we were both naked.

“Did you mind me blowing you with that guy watching?” she asked tentatively.

“Hey! I’m a porn star remember? Used to a full production crew being present,” I laughed, “quite enjoyed it actually especially after seeing his little weaner, probably wouldn’t have reached the back of your mouth much less filled your throat… y’know you did take a hell of a lot for someone who’d not had a cock that size before. I’m very impressed.”

“I’ve not had a cock that size anywhere near me until today but that hasn’t stopped me practicing with suitable dildos, just in case I met you.

There’s two things I think you should know about me; I love sex, addicted to it, in all its forms. It’s a hobby. I don’t think I’m a nympho, like I don’t shag just anything with a cock but, given the right persuasion, I could change my mind. I’ve enjoyed group sex and have no problem with having an audience as I said and have probably proved. I love the taste of spunk in my mouth and the feel of spunk on my body, as I believe I’ve also demonstrated. I don’t think I’ve got any hang-ups. If I have I haven’t discovered them yet. I haven’t found anything I dislike. I wouldn’t want to be arrested for indecent behaviour in a public place but…”

By this point I was grinning like the cat that had just been dumped in a dairy and been told I had to have fresh, double cream every day for the rest of my life.

“And the second thing?” I prompted.

“You’re not worried? It doesn’t shock you?”

I pointed at my rock hard cock pressed firmly up against my flat belly.

“Ask him and kindly explain to him why you’ve been hiding from us all my life.”

Without taking her eyes off me she somehow drained her mug, wiped the back of her hand across her mouth, slide out of her seat and got between my parted knees.

Robyn glanced down. Her mouth split in a wide, filthy grin and her eyes sparkled with delight.

“Shit! That’s big.”

She tried to lift it away from my belly and found it difficult.

“Fuck! That’s hard!”

“But it’s still not 10 inches,” I replied chuckling at her delight.

“You sure? I’ve got a 10 inch dildo at home and it looks very similar to your cock in every respect except colour. Got a measuring stick handy?”

“Nope! I was always told that it ain’t what you’ve got but the way that you use it.”

“Ohh yeah! But first let me put this beautiful beast,” she waggled my cock eagerly, “straight on a couple of matters.”

She slid her hand under my ball sac and lifted them, seemingly assessing their weight. She rolled my testicles around in the palm of her hand and smiled sweetly at me.

“Y’know, I always wondered if balls weigh a lot less after they’ve been emptied. Maybe I’ll know for sure, one way or the other, soon.”

Dipping her head she sucked one ball into her mouth and moved it around inside, with her tongue. She popped it out with a loud ‘pop’.

“Do you think they expand when they’re full of spunk and contract when they’ve been emptied? I’ll have to check that out as well,” she declared before sucking my second ball into her glorious mouth.

After encouraging it to explore her mouth for a few moments she popped eryaman genç escort it out and ran her tongue over and all around my heavy balls. Pressing her nose hard against the root of my cock she lapped at my balls hungrily.

“Don’t get too comfortable spunky cum, I’m cumin to get yoooou,” she giggled.

She worked her nose up the length of my cock dragging her tongue behind it. Heaving my stiffness away from my belly she continued until the tip of her nose was pressed into my eye-of-cock. Her tongue tip circled the throbbing head.

“Fuck! You’re a big, beautiful bastard!” she murmured adoringly, “and I need you to know that I haven’t been hiding from you. I’ve been searching diligently for you since I first felt a cock slide into my cunt and drench the walls with its seed. I’ve not left one cock un-sucked. Not left one cock un-fucked. Not left one ball un-drained in my constant search to find your magnificence.

#Baby, now that I’ve found you I won’t let you go, I build my world around you I need you so…#”

Robyn sang softly and beautifully.

Popping my cock head into her mouth she sucked enthusiastically.

“Ummm,” she sighed Popping it back out, “now I need you to do something for me you beautiful big, fat, hard cock. I need you to tell your cruel, heartless master that it is time for him to fuck me.

I need you to coax him, cajole him, entreat and beseech him. Entice and inveigle him. Beg and beguile him. Anything and every thing to encourage him to take me to his bed, lay upon his back and allow me to straddle him. I need to feel your big, beautiful cock-head pushing against the portal of my love cave, stretching me, tearing me if necessary as I force myself down on your rampant hardness. I need to feel your fat, heavily veined, exciting shaft forcing its way up my love tunnel filling it to capacity. I need to feel your beautiful, purple cock-head pounding hard against my womb, pummeling and bruising me. I really need to feel your balls contracting and pumping your delicious love honey into my cunt, spraying the walls, softening the feeling of the exquisite pain and pleasure you will have given me so that I may quickly recover sufficient to take more and more and… Will you do that for me my glorious cock? Will you help me become the happiest woman on earth? If you will then I’ll love you, for ever and ever.”

She sucked my cock-head greedily into her mouth, ran her tongue around it and popped it out noisily. She looked at me and smiled wickedly.

“That do?” she giggled delightedly, “can I now ride this beautiful cock, pretty please?”

=== === ===

I laid on the bed as directed, she straddled my hips, towering above me. I looked up her delicious naked body from the different perspective. She was fit, extremely fit. I won’t say she had a hard six pack because you might think she was a muscle bound gorilla. What she did have was a totally flat belly with strong indications that with very little effort at all she would have a 6 pack, a very impressive one. Her breasts, from beneath formed a perfect overhang and simply begged to be fondled, stroked and caressed lovingly, the nipples stood proudly to attention above the deeply puckered areola. They needed to be in my mouth, if not for her benefit then certainly mine. My eyes reached hers, she was smiling happily.

“Will it do?” she asked playfully.

“Do?” I chuckled, “I’ve seen a lot of naked women in my time but I promise you I’ve only ever seen one with a body like yours. It’s just too perfect for words and with your happy, smiling face and sparkling eyes I’m not at all sure I haven’t died and gone to… wherever dirty old men go,” I laughed. Do? Yep! You’ll do for as long as you’ll have me.”

“Flattery will get you everything,” she giggled delightedly, “I’ll write a good review for Amazon then.”

“Amazon? You purchased that glorious body online?”

“No silly, It’s a women only gym and fitness centre. I was walking down the back streets one wet afternoon and saw a bigger than life-size photo of a woman with a body to die for wearing a very tight, high cut leotard, almost obscenely brief. I decided I wanted a body like that and signed up on the spot.”

“And now you are that poster girl, I’ll bet!”

“Well… they did ask.” she replied lowering her eyes from mine.

“Tell me that you said ‘YES PLEASE!’, please.”

“You really wouldn’t mind?”

“Mind? Nope, I’d be absolutely delighted. Me? Dating a fitness gym poster girl? What’s to mind about that? I’d be chuffed to bits and proud of you. Don’t mind me thinking of us ‘dating’ do you?”

“Dating? That would be a new experience. Not even Christopher asked to ‘date’ me. Does it involve counting my annual rings or something?” she chortled delightedly, “no, wouldn’t mind at all, a 92 day and night date. Sounds perfect. I’d like that. Now, if you don’t mind I’ve important business that requires urgent attention.”

She grinned, took a firm grip of my rigid cock and heaved it lovingly to the near vertical. ankara escort bayan Brushing my cock-head back and forth between the already swollen lips of her cunt she looked directly at me.

“Wish me luck,” she giggled, “and don’t worry if I make lots of noise, I tend to be a bit noisy when I’m having a good time.”

She closed her eyes and working by touch alone found exactly the spot she needed before teasing herself and me to get our juices flowing and intermingling.

“I’m going in,” she warned like every TV cop in every TV Cop show you’ve ever seen, “cover me… with pre-cum.”

She lowered herself gingerly and let out a long, slow sheesh noise. She paused, returned to her starting position and went again without pause. She smiled happily and went again, three more times. Each time I could feel the tightness of her cunt fighting back against my attacking cock-head and each time she backed off and went again. I was in! Well my cock-head was. I could feel the entrance to her cunt firmly gripping my cock just below the glans.

“Shit, Lover! You’ve got a big, glorious cock here. Way bigger than my dildo.”

“When you use your dildo you work up to it, you’ve gone for my cock cold. You’ll get used to it.”

“Ooh I do hope not,” she chuckled.

After a short rest she started to raise and lower herself in short, sharp movements getting her cunt entrance used to having my meat stretching it open while the action covered my cock with our combined juices. Little by little she took more and more of my length, always backing off before going a just a little bit deeper. I remained totally still, watching her lithe, beautiful body twist and contort, in awe. Fuck she was a beautiful creature! She was noisy, incredibly noisy and I didn’t give a fig for it. If, sometime later I climbed out of the van with her on my arm and people looked at me knowingly I’d just smile sweetly and give her a big, grateful kiss.


“Sorry I was so focussed on your delicious naked body and what it was doing to me I was in a trance…”

She laughed.

“As long as you weren’t dead,” she giggled again, “massage my data, please.”

She placed my big hands firmly on her glorious tits. I stroked obligingly.

“Harder!” she instructed without missing a beat of her trotting action on my cock.

I squeezed, firmly. Her head went back, she shuddered from head to cunt then trembled. I squeezed again, harder. She grunted and bounced a little higher and faster. With the next hard squeeze I felt my cock-head press against the bottom of her womb.

“Fuck yes!”

I started to help her rise and fall. As each downward thrust brought my cock-head hard against her womb wall she panted, urgently;

“Harder, faster,” followed by an almost pleading “You anywhere near shooting your load Lover?”

“No, Sweetheart. This one’s for you, don’t wait for me I’ll fill you later, promise.”

I don’t know if it was the release from not having to delay herself until I was ready to cum or the promise of a cunt full of spunk later pushed her over the edge but suddenly it all started happening. She screamed her delight so wonderfully somebody must have heard. That made me very happy. She started to tremble gently then exploded into a paroxysm of joyous sobbing. I supported her with a very firm hold on her heaving data while she returned to earth.

“Was I too noisy?”

She wasn’t even out of breath!

“No, not at all. Quite restrained actually.”

She grinned down at me.

“Liar!” she accused, “mind if I don’t climb off just yet? I just feel so wonderfully full. My cunt hole feels stretched to the limit. My tunnel walls feel as if they will burst any moment and my womb is feeling all warm and tingly. These are all new feelings to me.”

“Stay as long as you wish, the view I have is the best in the world. I’d love a photo to remind me.”

“You’ll get used to it. Heard that recently, anywhere?” she smirked.

“Ooh I do hope not,” I laughed.

She wriggled her bum invitingly.

“Have I got all of it?”

I looked down across my belly to where her cunt was impaled on my cock.

“Not quite.”

Reaching down between her legs she used her fingers to estimate the gap between her cunt and the root of my cock and held them up, inspecting them closely.

“That’s not ‘not quite’ that’s almost 30mm!” she exclaimed, “could you… would you…?”

“If you’re trying to ask me to ‘shove it home’ the answer is no. We’ve plenty of time and there’s no need to take it all first or even tenth time.”

“Tenth time? So later tonight then?” she giggled happily and flopped down onto my chest with her arms either side of my head. She wriggled her bum again and my cock responded instantly.

“You want some more? You hard cocked sexy Porn Star, retired but don’t tell anybody.”

“I’ve never been known to turn down a needy cunt and I’m not about to start now,” I replied lewdly.

“Good coz I’m not about to let you. Now get your big hands sincan escort back on my data. Take a firm hold and push me up again. I’m gonna take my arms off the bed and you’re doing all the work until I’m properly upright.”

My kind of push ups! I was tempted to ‘struggle’ but instead did a ‘gimme 6 buster!’ and raised and lowered her comfortably.

“Show off,” she chuckled, “never mind massaging my data. How about some good, old fashioned data mining? Grab a handful and let me know about it.”

I didn’t question it but took a good solid handful in each hand and massaged them very firmly with my fingers digging deep into her soft flesh. Her eyes closed, her head went back and she started to move up and down on my solid cock.

“Lift me!”

I lifted.

“Drop me!”

I relaxed my arms and her body dropped onto my cock. She moaned with pleasure.


I lifted and held her there.


I dropped. My cock-head hit her womb wall and she sighed deeply.


We went again and again and again. I lifted the beautiful woman up then dropped her back down solidly for the next five minutes. After the first couple of minutes the orgasms started and continued to roll over and through her body. She squealed, she screamed and she laughed but she didn’t ask me to stop so I didn’t.

“You gonna cum in me big boy?”

“No! Patience! Tonight. Tonight I’ll fuck you and fill your sexy tight cunt with my spunk then cuddle you until we wake in the morning.”

Again the tremble, the shudder then the explosion of sheer pleasure as a massive orgasm wracked her delicious, naked body. Was it the promise of a cunt full of spunk, the cuddle or the thought of sleeping cuddled up until morning? It seemed unlikely but both times the suggestion of more to come had given her a bigger pleasure than a length of man meat. I stored the thought for future use.

Bending my arms I lowered her onto my chest, released her tits and wrapped my arms around her slim, perfect body. She relaxed as I pulled her tight into my arms.

“You alright, Princess?” I whispered.

“Absolutely, my Prince. Never ever felt alright-er,” she chuckled happily.

=== === ===

“Would you mind if I just wore a tracksuit, my Prince?”

“Just a tracksuit, Princess?”

“Only you and I shall know that I’m without undies of any kind, my Prince.”

“That knowledge will keep my cock hard all evening, Princess.”

“And my cunt dripping, my Prince.”

Robyn hung on my arm beautifully as we strolled over to the pub. The tracksuit wasn’t a tracksuit in the all encompassing style that totally hid the shape of the wearer. Robyn’s tracksuit was much more fitted, it clung to her delicious bum invitingly and followed the line of her glorious legs enticingly. There was no VPL nor was there evidence of a bra strap, but crucially as she argued, there was no camel toe nor nipples on display either. Ask any of the males in the pub and they would swear otherwise but that is the art of illusion. Robyn, in a sack, could easily appear naked to any lustful male. I loved it!

“A corner, somewhere quiet please,” requested Robyn of the attractive waitress.

Eyes followed us as we followed the waitress to a booth tucked away in the corner. She proffered the wine list. We both ordered J2O’s. The waitress started to note our order.

“So, what’s it like being a Porn Star?”

The poor girl visibly jumped in surprise.

“Oh, y’know. It was the dream job for a guy back when I started. Beautiful, naked women just forming a queue for sex. Same for the girls of course. None of those little willys they felt up against the cinema wall after a late film. They had big boys with big dicks and big appetites.”

The poor girl was standing spell bound, clearly of two minds, flee or linger longer.

“Sorry,” said Robyn softly, “was there something else?”

“Err, no, my apologies. I’ll be right back,” said the flustered young waitress as she scurried away.

“You are evil! The poor thing didn’t know what to do,” I remonstrated with my wonderful Princess.

“Yes she did, she knew exactly what to do. Listen and enjoy and that’s what she did. Here she comes, I’ll prove it!”

The girl approached quietly…

“…is that why your cock remains so hard for so long when we fuck? You had to learn to wait around between scenes?”

The poor girl nearly dropped her tray.

“No, we had production assistants to do that. They had only one job, to keep the men’s cocks ready for work.”

“So how did they do that?”

“Same way you get my cock hard of course.”

“Suck it? How many?”

“Only the one, how many do you think I’ve got? Ooh, not what you mean. Well that depends, big scene could be five or six guys needing attention… could we have the menu please?”

The poor thing was crimson and breathing slightly harder.

“Sorry, yes Sir coming right up.”

“Now who’s being evil?” chuckled my Princess.

“You are leading me astray, better stop now, poor thing was all of a tiswas.”

“Narr, she was loving it. Let me ask her when she comes back.”


“Sorry did I embarrass you. Quite forgot myself it’s suck. Did I say suck? Such, I meant such… an interesting subject, don’t you think?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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