24 Mart 2023

White Boy Johnny

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Garter Belt

(All characters are over 18 years old)

Thank you to all wonderful people who leave comments to let me know what you like AND dislike. I appreciate it.

Ezekiel first met John – or Johnny, as he preferred – when his 18 year son brought him over for dinner. Johnny was a white boy new in town. He was athletic and charismatic, and somehow he chose Ezekiel’s boy to befriend. Mika had an unfortunate tendency to befriend white boys. It was a bad habit, usually one-sided, but not this time. Johnny liked to play soccer, lived quite close by and also enjoyed visiting.

That first dinner they had, Ezekiel cooked for them. He was single and took a lot of pride in his cooking, so he was very pleased when Johnny complimented the food.

“This is the best fucking pasta I’ve had in a while,” he said, then quickly “Sorry, didn’t mean to curse, mister.”

Mika chuckled. “Dad doesn’t mind cursing. Curse all you want. And his food is fucking delicious.”

“You flatter me boys. But keep fucking going.”

After that Johnny was always welcome at their home. He showed up a lot, actually. He didn’t like his own house, it seemed, and Mika did his best to invite him whenever he could. A new friend was something exciting.

Ezekiel really wanted Mika to go to college, but the boy didn’t show any interest. He had been going from job to job after highschool, while also working at the restaurant where Ezekiel was chef during weekends, but Johnny’s influence got him into studying again. After that Johnny really became a beacon to Ezekiel.

And the way he enjoyed his food kept growing on the older black man. You could always see the melting pleasure on the blond’s face whenever he took a first bite off the day’s dish.

It was at the dinner table that Mika told Ezekiel that he would start working out.

“You should come too, dad. With the amount of food you eat…I mean, your belly is starting to show. You’re not getting any younger, ya’know.”

“Don’t listen to him, Ezekiel,” Johnny offered gently. They were at first name basis now. “It’s actually insane that you don’t work out and looks like that.”

Mika shook his head at that, smiling. He didn’t see the look his father had just exchanged with his white friend. There was another thing about Johnny. Nothing about the blond young jock suggested emasculation. He was fit, had that angular face that attracted as many pussies as he wanted. He was straight in mannerisms, voice and presence. But he only needed to give Ezekiel one look for him to know the white boy wanted some big black cock.

Now Ezekiel, as a good father should, avoided those kind of implications. The boy was his son’s friend after all. Besides, it was too risky. He had been hiding that side of him from his son for ever. There were plenty white fish in the sea that didn’t require him losing his son’s respect.

But the temptations were there, giving him side glances, which were bold enough to be noticed, shy and insecure enough to be misinterpreted as accidents. Ezekiel was six foot two, the kind of black beefcake that blond boys were crazy about. Short hair, large shoulders, well built with minimum effort. He was also very pleased with attention. There was nothing wrong with letting the boy look. He let his eyes linger on Johnny sometimes until the boy gave up and turned away, flushed. Those looks were enough to leave his cock burning hot, throbbing like fire in his underwear. He couldn’t leave the table until the erection had subsided.

Mika usually left Johnny waiting in the couch while he was getting ready to whatever. Mika took his time to dress up, shower…In moments of weakness Ezekiel would grab the boy’s shoulder, give it a friendly squeeze. When it was the gym, Johnny wore small shorts up his thighs. He appeared hairless.

Ezekiel went to the kitchen with the white boy following like a pussycat. “Hey, Ezekiel, can I have a cup of water?”

“Do you really have to ask?” Ezekiel said. Johnny smiled. Ezekiel began to fill the cupboards with groceries. He watched Johnny opening the fridge for a bottle of water. His butt was what Ezekiel liked to call a soccer-butt. Round, firm and very uplifted.

“Damn cold,” Johnny said after gulping down. Ezekiel muttered a sound. He had finished his groceries, but stayed put watching the boy with a sideway glance and a smirk. Johnny chose to put back the bottle in a lower grid in the fridge, bending over. That was a clear ‘look at my ass’ if he ever saw one. Ezekiel looked.

Turning around, Johnny saw Ezekiel standing back over the kitchen counter, rubbing his cock over the pants. There it was, out istanbul travesti in the open. Ezekiel was very hard. No doubt about why with the way he stared at Johnny. The boy was flushed and flattered, smiling…He gave a quick worried glance towards the entrance.

“Mika is still getting ready,” Ezekiel said.

“Right.” The boy was aroused and it showed through the fabric of his shorts. They held positions, like battle stances, smiling at each other in silence. Johnny slowly got the confidence to gaze at Ezekiel’s cock without turning away, though his cheeks were red. That look was worth fucking millions.

Ezekiel never believed the whole idea of using white boys for pleasure when in fact it was a mutual use. Just look at the way Johnny stared, hungry, he wanted to use a big black cock as much as Ezekiel wanted go use his nice white soccer-butt.

He would never understand his black brothers who refused to accept the fact that conquering white boys was the epitome of sexual prowess.

Now Johnny’s shorts were tenting up. His cock was bouncing, probably drooling, hurting from being so hard. Ezekiel was only provoking, rubbing the big shape. He was at risk of getting caught but it was worth it. Look at that white boy!

Johnny heard Mika getting out of the bathroom and quickly advanced. He grabbed Ezekiel’s crotch, felt the cock and gave it a squeeze.

“Careful now. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,” Ezekiel warned. He took him by the waist, turning him around, and pushed his bulge up against the round butt, having to bend his knees to be able to find a perfect fit.

Johnny left without comments, just trying to pinch his own cock out of the crazy erection he had. But for all accounts he was already lost. Ezekiel was sure the white boy was going to be thinking about the big black up against his butt all day.

Their furtive innuendoes in front of Mika felt like betrayal. But it was also mutual torture. “Nice meat,” Johnny said after taking a big bite of his pork.

“Very juice, isn’t it?” Ezekiel agreed.

That day he let the boy touch the flesh of his snake while his son was in the bathroom. “Fuck, so big,” he said.

“That’s why you should be careful, white boy,” Ezekiel said. You should always call out a white boy by what he is. They love it. Johnny felt the whole cock from head to root. During the whole interaction, his face was a burning red. Ezekiel ceased the touch, stopping the white boy from getting too excited. The snake went back to its cage, but Johnny almost pouted. He loved the way white boys left his cock so hard they hurt with each throbbing pump.

The next time they had a chance to mingle, Ezekiel got a flash of his round soccer-butt, whiter than the rest of him. He spread the cheeks and looked at the asshole, getting a whispered moan from the white boy.

Jesus, but he wanted to destroy that pussy. He said so aloud. The boy visibly shivered.

Mika interrupted them and allowed room to breathe. Bless his soul, Mika had no idea. His son adored his white friend by the day, and Ezekiel didn’t like to think about what would happen if he ever figured out what his dad was doing to that precious white boy.

How would they go around the whole Mika problem? They couldn’t afford to get caught, so Johnny one day missed gym day, leaving Mika to go alone. Then he showed up at the door, flushed, already hard like he couldn’t control his heavily hormonal body. Ezekiel had his cock sucked for a whole hour straight. He brought the blond to his room, told him to kneel and stuffed it inside. Johnny was a drooling mess. They were both so needy for each other that they didn’t care about being pretty and decent. Ezekiel thrust in his white boy throat and groaned from the biting pleasure. His legs got tired so he got sucked while laying down, with Johnny prostrated on the bed, giving a nice view of his bubble butt. Johnny rubbed the big black nuts all over his face, he was a happy boy.

“Cum inside my mouth, sir,” he said.

Johnny showed up for dinner later, smiling and friendly like he hadn’t just eaten Ezekiel’s cum earlier. His son had no idea. Mika went quickly to the bathroom to take a piss. Johnny didn’t miss the chance. He got up from his chair and went to grab Ezekiel’s pants.

“Your white boy wants more…” He whispered.

Ezekiel had to grin at that. Mika came back and took the white boy away.

They kept meeting in secrecy at the cost of my son’s friendship. Ezekiel ordered the white boy to always be naked in the house when his son was away. He also began the process of readying the hole by rubbing and rimming while istanbul travestileri he got sucked. Johnny loved to suck. Most of the time Ezekiel just sat and relaxed, while the blond head bobbed. They even sixtynined in Mika’s bed. Ezekiel plopped the white cock in his mouth so easily, it was like a caress. Then Johnny mounted and frotted their cocks together, the comparison was laughable. After rubbing the big head against the small tiny hole in the soccer-butt for minutes straight, Ezekiel came. They were both ready for more.

Johnny cried the first time. He was laying on his back, and Ezekiel had full view of his cock inching forward and tight. He almost thought the boy was going to give up. They pushed through, and the reward was a beautiful premature ejaculation from the white boy without touching himself, just by having a big black cock pumping his tight canal.

Johnny got addicted pretty quickly. All he wanted was to get fucked. He had no time for Mika anymore which visibly messed with him. Ezekiel stole Johnny…he felt guilty but didn’t stop meeting the white boy serruptuously. He loved the sight of a white hole crempied with his seed, stretched to oblivion.

Ezekiel was ferociously ploughing the white boy’s hole in the couch, while kissing his mouth and moaning guttural curses, when Mika gave up on the gym and came back early.

The white boy turned as red as a beet while dressing up. He quickly left the house, and Ezekiel was tormented while he waited for his son to get out of his bedroom. At that point he had regretted every decision that led to that point. Too late now. The cold-stabbing shame of getting caught by your own son is nothing compared to the silent treatment and accusatory glances of the aftermath. Ezekiel had to accept the fact that he had lost respect as a father that he would never get it back. Mika spent days without talking to him, without saying a single word. Johnny wasn’t invited again for dinner.

Weeks after not hearing his son’s voice, Ezekiel stormed into his bedroom and begged to be heard. Mika sat down by the bed, shirtless, filled with a sad seriousness that gnawed at Ezekiel.

“Son, please. I know that you think less of me now. But it’s not like I’m a full-on homosexual! I loved your mom! I’m still your dad.”

Mika looked at him like he was crazy.

“I know that Johnny was your friend, but you have to understand, he provoked me as much as I provoked him!”

Mika got visibly hurt.

“Say something!”

Mika shook his head. “Fuck, I’m such a goddman idiot. I fell in love with a guy, and I’m scared shitless that I will ruin our friendship if I let my feelings slip out…then you fucking ruin everything. You fucked him!” Mika was furious, hurt and despairing all at once. He stood up and faced his dad. “You were deep inside the guy I loved, dad! Is that what you wanted to hear? And he was loving it, the fucking slut. I hate the both of you.”

Ezekiel was so shocked, but everything made sense now. It seemed like the taste for white boys had passed on down the line.

“You were in love with a white boy?” Ezekiel said.

That took Mika by surprise. He misinterpreted.

“You fucking hypocrite! You’re gonna throw that racist bullshit at me now after I caught you fucking his white ass?”

“Son…I…gotta go.”

Ezekiel left the room with a plan in mind.

Two days later, Ezekiel was knocking on his son’s bedroom again. “What?” came the sharp response.

“Let’s have a word, son,” he said.

“Please, no,” he said, sarcastic.

Ezekiel ignored him and pushed in. His son was in his undies in the bed, perfect. His body was large and big just like Ezekiel’s. He ignored his father, pretending to be rummaging the cellphone.

“Son…I think I didn’t speak clearly to you before. I apologize.” Ezekiel stood by the foot of the bed. His son kept ignoring him. “Let me explain myself better this time. You don’t fall in love with white boys…you fuck them, plain and simple. You were probably swooning over Johnny so much that you didn’t see the looks I was able to see. If you had, you would know that boy was begging for black cock.”

Mika was growing more outraged by the second. He sat down in the bed in hopes to hide his erection. But he was only wearing underwear. His shame was probably the only thing keeping him from punching his dad.

“You’re insane!”

“Am I? Johnny, come in.”

The white boy was all dressed up and pretty. He was red in the cheeks, avoiding eye contact.

Mika widened his eyes, at a loss for words.

“Is this the boy you were in love with?” Ezekiel asked, grabbing travesti istanbul Johnny’s shoulder, hugging him possessively. Mika’s face darkened.

“Dad, stop.”

“It’s okay, dude,” Johnny said. Mika’s face contorted in hurt, and Ezekiel knew the boy was still in love.

Ezekiel got behind Johnny, pressing himself against that warm butt while his son watched. His hand went under his shirt and rubbed the tight belly.

“Mika, you have to understand that Johnny is a white boy who doesn’t want to date. It would never work. He wants to please mom and daddy, wants to find a girl and be a real man. But he still wants some black cock. Isn’t it right, Johnny?”

“Yessir,” Johnny said. It had taken some convincing to bring the white boy back, but now his cock was telling Ezekiel the boy had no regrets.

“See? Son, you don’t have to ruin your friendship with all that love bullshit. Just give Johnny what he wants. A nice fuck. Nail this big butt. We can both see how much you want, son. It’s pretty obvious.”

“Yeah, dude, you’re so hard. Looks pretty big,” Johnny’s input was precious to convince Mika. His face was still confused, but there wasn’t much anger there.

“This is crazy…”

“It’s my fault. I was too fucking dumb to realize what was happening. If I knew…I would’ve shared so many white boys with you.” Ezekiel’s words were beginning to have an effect. His son opened his legs, but still covered his crotch with both hands. He was confused.

“You guys are serious, huh?”

“Deadass,” Johnny said. He was breathless.

“Trust me, son. Let’s share this white boy. What do you say?”

Mika smiled, and that smiled told Ezekiel he had won.


“First show your big black cock to the white boy…never be ashamed of it,” Ezekiel said. Talking to his son like that felt weird, but it was necessary. Mika removed the hands, revealing the big protruding erection. Johnny sighed. “See?”

Mika smiled again and bit his lip.

“Shit… That’s hot, dad…”

“I know it is. Let Johnny do the work now. Just sit there like that, legs open. Johnny, go show my son the slutty white boy you are.”

The white boy got on the bed on all fours and slowly made his way towards the middle of Mika’s legs. Mika was visibly excited, chest heaving with heavy breaths. There was still some feelings there, but they were quickly dissipating. Johnny rubbed his face on the underwear. “Oh fuck,” Mika whispered. The white boy left the grey underwear all marked with wet spots. A single movement from the white boy’s hand pulled out the big black cock, and he began to suck.

Ezekiel walked closer by the bedside and watched closely. Mika was hesitant to let his father take a closer look, but eventually he stopped caring. He moaned loudly, grabbing the blond hair.

Johnny was still fully clothed. Ezekiel slapped his big ass. “Take it off.” In a instant he was naked. Ezekiel licked a finger, and his son watched as he rubbed it on the asshole.

“Fuck…Yeah, dad, work that ass…”

Ezekiel smiled at his son. A new partner in crime.

“What else do you want to do to this white boy? We can do anything. Anything you want. Isn’t it right, Johnny?”

“Yessir,” he mumbled on the cock.

“Can I fuck his ass?”

“You’re the boss, Mika. Learn that.”

Mika nodded and went behind Johnny, while Ezekiel got the mouth. He still helped his son by reaching for the cheeks and spreading. “Loose and ready,” He said. Mika chuckled. He pushed his cock in with a loud moan, making the white boy gasp. “Attaboy!”

He locked eyes with his son and let him know how proud he was.

“Damn, still fucking tight!” Mika said.

“Stretch him up, son,” Ezekiel cheered. Johnny was moaning on his cock.

Mika began to really fuck, and his face went numb like a hammered up drunk. Ezekiel understood. He knew how good that hole was. “Fuck,” he whispered.

“Make him suffer, son, he likes it…”

Johnny pushed his ass back. His hole was puffing out, jutting around the cock. Mika’s eyes were rolling back.

He filled up Johnny’s ass way too soon and didn’t want to leave. He kept thrusting until his cock was fully hard again.

“That’s right, son, fuck that hole until it’s too tired…he won’t be sitting for a whole week,” he said, and Mika laughed.

“You’re crazy, dad,” he said, but now he was in on the craziness.

When Ezekiel came inside the white boy’s mouth, Mika pulled his body up and watched as the boy he loved swallowed his father’s seed. “White slut,” he said.

Johnny smiled.

“Fuck, dude… you’re so hot, Mika. I can’t believe I could be getting fucked by you every day.”

“Let’s fix that, huh? That white boy pussy needs to be punished.”

“Fuck yeah,” Johnny said eagerly. Mika looked at his dad, winked.

And Ezekiel knew that order had been restored.

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