27 Kasım 2022

What happens on tour stays on tour.

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What happens on tour stays on tour.
My wife and I are on a campervan holiday touring New Zealand. We arrived at a carpark where the view was spectacular looking over Kaikoura out to sea. My wife has gone for a walk along a scenic pathway for a few hours. I am a bit tired from driving so take a rest on a deck chair and read a book.

A 30 something tall Scandinavian blonde comes over.

“Help please” she asks

I look up. The woman is in tight jeans and jumper with high heels.

“How can I help?” I can’t help but admire how easy on the eyes she is. Blue eyes and beautiful smile. She points at her campervan turns and walks away. Great curves slim build. Blonde hair blowing in the wind. When she gets to the campervan she turns and opens the door.

“Please. I show problem inside” she gestures that I should enter first. I walk to the seating area and sit. I hear the door close and realise that the curtains are pulled.

“My vagina is hot, swollen, and leaking” she says. I turn my head to see her standing near me jeans pulled down to her knees her neatly trimmed pubes near my mouth.

“Uh my wife..”

“She gone for long walk. Yes?”

“Yes” I reply as she places her hand on the back of my head moving her hips forward. My mouth tastes the juices leaking from between her swollen red pussy lips. Her large clit rubs against my nose.

“Lick me old man” she grinds her mound against my mouth. “I see you looking at me. You like my firm tits and curvy bottom. I am horny. We… Oh you have good tongue. Mmmm” her hands pull her jersey up revealing firm handful size breasts internet casino with erect nipples.

“Stop” she pulls my head away. Drops to her knees. Moves between my legs. Undoes my belt and zip. I lift my bum and she pulls my jeans and knickers down. My fat 8″ cock is semi erect. She smiles opening her mouth. “I suck” her delicate long fingers with manicured long painted nails stroke my shaft. Her bright red lips engulf the head of my cock.

“Fuck” I utter in pleasure. Her eyes look up in to mine as she takes more of my cock down her throat. After using her hand and oral skills for a few minutes I feel my nuts tighten and cock pulse as cum in her mouth. She swallows the small amount of cum I produce keeps sucking until I am hard. She gets up and turns away from me then lowers her full tanned butt on to my erection. Her hand guides me in to her velvety cunt. She rides me slowly at first then builds the tempo. She puts my hands on her breasts.

“Squeeze please” I pinch her nipples and massage her breasts. Our breathing becomes raspy and short. Her hand caresses my balls as I fill her juicy cunt.

“Please clean up your mess!” She has moved to the drivers swivel seat, legs spread her finger points to a mixture of my cum and her juices. “Now. Come here.”

I start to get up. “No crawl over please” Least I can do. Not so easy for an old man though.

“Lick me. Make me cum. ” her hands on her breasts. Fuck. What a goddess.

I do her bidding. My tongue tastes my sperm and her juices. She utters something in her native language I do not canlı poker oyna understand. Her hands hold my head firmly in place as her body tremors and flexes. Her hips thrust against my face as her strong thighs squeeze my head. I can’t breathe. Her orgasm sweeps over her body.

“Get out! She says firmly. I am slow to get off my knees.

“Get the fuck out!” She shouts standing and pushes me out the open camper door. I land on the tar seal awkwardly jeans around my shins, a prominent erection, injuring myself. Abrasions on my face elbow and knees. Bleeding. I slowly get to my feet, semi erect cock swinging in the breeze, I move to pull my pants up when I get a firm hand spanking my naked butt.

“Naughty boy” says a young female voice. Giggling follows. I look up to see two teenage girls looking at my cock.

“Shelia ever seen one that thick. Fuck it’s as big as my forearm” says a petite girl.

“Nah! Not that big the boys are skinny needle dicks” her hand gropes my cock as I try to pull my pants up.

“Fucking pervert” says the woman in the campervan. She closes the door.

“Pervert? What did you do man?” Shelia says her hand still stroking my thick shaft.

“Uh I … um licked her pussy…

“Yeah and”

“She fucked me. Then she..”

“Yeah you fucked that blonde! Nah..”

“Yeah I did. Then she made me eat her cum filled pussy”

“That right. You like sperm stud?” While we have been talking they have lead me over to a private spot behind the toilets.


The girl pulls up her knee length skirt. Her white lacy knickers. “Pull the knickers canlı bahis down for your surprise” They push me to the ground the two ” girls ” surround me.

“Your cum bucket man. ” I pull her knickers down as she spreads her legs wider. A long white dick springs out slapping my face.

“What the fuck…” I utter. I feel the other girl behind me yanking my jeans down my thighs exposing my butt.

“Suck my cock cum bucket!” The girl behind me holds my head and moves my head forward forcefully. Her friend guides her hard cock at my closed mouth.

“Open up bitch!” She pinches my nostrils. I reflexively open my mouth which is immediately filled with cock. I resist at first. She slaps my face.

“Why do you resist? You know you like cum! Well you know where it comes from eh man. Suck.” Her hips thrust back and forward her hard cock moves in and out of my mouth. I am so focused on resisting I do not realise I am about to be fucked in my butt. The other girl has her hard cock pressed against my butthole and is slowly penetrating my butt.

The girls used me, swapping positions , filling me with cum several times. After I staggered back to the campervan and collapsed on to the bed. Falling asleep.

I woke to my wife sitting on the bed looking at her camera.

“I got some great photos. Did you enjoy your book”

“I helped a camper in distress then I assisted some young women with directions”

“Yeah I think you should see the photos I took” she hands me her camera. “That’s the last one…” I see me on my back on the sand legs in the air getting fucked by one girl as I suck the other girls cock. “Scroll back through them. ” my head dropped knowing what I would find.

“No need” I whimper.

“Dan come in” a young big muscular black guy walks in his big black cock hanging between his legs. I lick my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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