25 Şubat 2024

Vacation Surprise

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It’s almost a month before the annual Spring Break Vacation for adults but she is packed, as usual. However today she has been reading the theme night list and is digging through the suitcase again wondering if her outfits are sexy enough. She decides, no she needs a sexier white night them and grabs her computer to search the sexy stores for something to wear. She found it! A white halter dress with side lace panels. That means no sexy thongs that night, but she does need to stretch her mind and try commando every now and then.

After ordering her dress she goes online and reads the “roll call” for the week they will be there. Some new people have signed up, she emails them and tells them how to spot her. She thrives on these trips, on meeting people, getting the party going in the afternoons, body shots, dancing till 4 am and the friends she has made over the years who come back together each year. Damn! Why is it not time to leave on vacation she thinks to herself, the countdown is excruciating.

She is hoping to add some adventure this trip, her husband has been discussing a gang bang. Together they have planned two, interviewed men, booked a hotel and she always chickens out. Micheal, one of her regulars is part of a gang bang group and has offered to set one up for her, again she is afraid. She has discussed with her husband that a spontaneous gang bang would be the best, no planning, no time for PFN (pre fuck nerves), just a spontaneous adventure. If it is ever to happen, their go to vacation spot is where it will happen. Her and husband have agreed to just go with an open mind. Now with all these thoughts of sex running through her head she heads to the bedroom to work a little magic until husband comes home.

The weeks have passed and in less than 24 hours they will be on the plane heading to Spring Break for Adults, some of their friends are already there partying, a few will arrive after them. And of course all the new friends met online that she can’t wait to meet in person. Again she goes through the clothes, red dress, white dress, naughty school girl outfit, sheer outfit, corsets and thong with garters and hose for lingerie night, sexy military uniform with boots five bikini bottoms, no tops (they are not needed) and her signature sparkly pink ball cap. She has it all and is ready to leave now.

The morning of the trip she puts on her new victoria secrets bikini bottoms, man they show a lot of ass, but she is pushing her comfort zone this ateşli gaziantep escort trip. A dress cover up and heels. In her usual style they will check in and as soon as her white wrist band is on she leaves her husband to finish and she heads outside, promptly removes her cover up and is thrilled to be topless. She will tell you her girls love the sun. She breathes in the fresh air, the smell of salt water, she soaks in the music from the sexy pool. Oh it feels great to be “home.” She looks around and sure enough her friends are here, in usual spot at the swim up bar. She gets into pool and greets her friends. The party has started!

After a drink or two she starts the prowl, any young guys to flirt with. Husband is settled on his barstool flirting with their new friends. The pineapple is soaking in rum in a cooler along with a can of cool whip. She usually starts after lunch passing out pineapple and offering body shots of cool whip to partners or single guys. She smiles at the thought of the fun times this tradition has brought.

The next day when it is time to begin the afternoon party she starts with the pineapple, it is always a big hit and she has been nicknamed “pineapple girl” the last couple of years. People look for her each day and ask where the pineapple is. One year they did not have pineapple a couple days and she tried other fruit but it is never as big of a hit as the pineapple. This year she also has vodka infused gummy bears soaking in the room, but they need a day or two. She hopes those will be fun too.

After the pineapple and a bit later in the afternoon people are loosening up so she grabs the whip cream. One year they tried AIWC (alcohol infused whip cream) but it is a bit strong for most people. She starts with those she knows and offers a nipple covered in whip cream which is licked off along with a soft bite of the nipple. She moves around the pool, holding up the bottle of whip cream and asking people “who wants some.” Most people are game and have fun. Some couples will like off each other and sometimes the man will say “I will do one if you do the other,” or “she licks you and you her,” she has licked more nipples and breasts at this place and had hers licked by more women here. Sometimes people call her over to have some whip cream for them and partner or to plop her up on the side of the pool and lick it off her. She really feels in her element, the party girl, ateşli gaziantep escort bayan the energizer bunny (another nickname.)

Her eye has zoomed in, a group of four good looking guys. She walks over to them and offers the cool whip or her nipple…they all shake their heads no. Strange she thinks, but maybe they are gay or married, whatever. Out of the corner of her eye she notices a guy motioning her over, he is with a group of guys. She remembers them from the night before, young, drunk and on a bachelor weekend. Oh what the hell she thinks, and wanders over. One starts talking about going back to his room with her. She tells her only if it is a threesome and he asks if it could be all his friends. Oh, how exciting she thinks, now her blood is pumping a spontaneous gang bang! He talks to his friends and they agree so she goes to her husband and asks him if that is okay. “Of course it is okay” he says, “make the plans and ask if I can video tape.”

She wanders back to the group of guys and arrangements are made to meet up that evening. Her body is so sexually charged and aching for some dick thrusting in and out. As she is mingling with the young men one suggests body shots and she is picked up and placed on the bar. The bartender places 1/2 a banana in her bikini bottoms and covers her with some sticky white coconut smelling stuff and within seconds 6 or more males are licking and groping her body while the bartender sprays all of them with champagne. She lays there and laughs and thinks how much she loves her life, loves her husband for allowing her indulgences. Later her husband told her someone tapped him on the shoulder and said “is that your wife?”

He said, “yes it is and look she is having fun.”

So after party time at the sexy pool and before a night of dancing she leaves the pool with her husband, they have a drink on the balcony and then make love, soft with deep passion and then fall asleep holding each other.

The evening has begun, she dresses in her sheer outfit. A white bra, lace thong and crocheted pants. The two of them head to the designated meeting place. She with anticipation and nerves going mad. The time comes and goes and now it is way past time for the meet. Of course she is upset but what did she expect from some drunk 20+ year olds. Off to dinner she and husband go. After dinner the two head to the patio to dance and drink, as she approaches someone ateşli escort gaziantep says to her “hey cool whip girl” she looks over and it is the group of four guys that turned down the cool whip. Intrigued she wanders over and asks them what they want. The leader tells her he wants her and his friends to go back to his room. Wait she thinks to herself, what is going on her. She replies, “if we go anywhere it will be all of you and my husband and to our room.” The leader agrees and so she motions for her husband to come over. She explains everything and he agrees.

She starts dancing with one or two of the men taking the time to get to know them a little and to be at ease when later they are all naked and squirming in the same bed. Finally she sees two of the men and tells them if this not happen by 10:30 it won’t happen. Quicker than she expected they were ready to leave. She inquired about the other two which could not be found, “oh well” the two said and with that the four walked off the dance floor and back to the room, the sexy music and sexual energy already having done it’s job.

Once in the room she strips down and declares she is taking a shower and suggests they all do the same if they want to have sex with her. One of them quickly undresses and joins her in the shower. He kisses her passionately, roughly and then places her on the shower bench and begins to find her throbbing clit and lick and suck it. Meanwhile, husband is talking to the other man and finally has to tell him that he needs to get in the shower with them or he will be alone in the room because he is going in to join the fun. Now all four are in the shower and she is being touched, licked, kissed every where. Her body is on fire! She is pounding, throbbing in places she did not know existed. She has someone’s dick in her mouth, she hears moaning from the gentleman who is receiving oral pleasure from her. She thinks to herself that she must be doing something right and she is almost blind from the passion.

Before she knows it she is on the bed, all of them soaking wet. She hears husband giving directions and she is just a toy, a sexual toy. She loves this, husband taking control and her being used for another person’s sexual pleasure. Her submissive side has kicked in and she is passed from one to another. Someone is eating her, someone is fucking her mouth and she is giving a hand job and then it all changes. She is put in one position after another; someone is fucking her and she has a different dick in her mouth. It is all a blur fueled by lust. By the end of the night all three had fucked her in every position possible, she lay relaxed and fulfilled. The four of them lay naked on the bed, shared a drink and talked about life, the lifestyle and gang bangs. After the two left, she and her husband had another round and fell asleep around 4 am wrapped in each other’s arms.

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