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Tourist Season

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Big Tits

Melody has been in New York a couple of days. She is on vacation. She came on her own. One of the concierges at the hotel she is staying told her about a club not a few blocks away. He offered to take her. She thought he was cute. He is tall but everyone is tall compared to Melody who is only 5 ft. 2. She is curvy with wide hips, narrow waist and large boobs she inherited from her mom. She keeps her hair short.

They went to the club and had a great time. After a night of dancing they spent hours in a coffee shop just talking. The subject of sexual fantasies came up. They both claimed to be interested in some of the same things. Risky public sex, some bondage, love to watch. Melody might be interested in being watched. They finally leave the all night diner when the early workers start to come in.

Darren who stands at 6 ft 1 inch walks Melody back to the hotel. They make plans to meet later in the day after they both have had some sleep. He leaves her in the lobby. She watches him go. Her eyes are drawn to the tight jeans across his ass. He seems to be in excellent shape. His skin tanned or what she could see of it. She heads up to her room and puts out the Do Not Disturb sign to get some sleep.

Melody gets up about noon. She is meeting Darren in the lobby at 2. They are going to spend the day touring the city. He is going to play tour guide. She selects a short maroon skirt pleated skirt. A knit crop top with sleeves and some heels. She decides to go with a demi bra and matching pair of thong panties. He might get to see them, he might not. She has not decided yet. She does her shower and her priming. She makes sure what needs to be shaved is shaved and trimmed.

Melody gets to the lobby about ten minutes early. Darren is already there waiting for her. He is wearing a pair of jean shorts and polo shirt. His trip figure is evident. He comes over to her. “Good…er. Afternoon. Hope you slept well.”

She smiles at him “Yes I did. Thank you. Did you get some good sleep?”

“Sure did. We are going to need the energy today. A lot of things to see and do. Are you hungry? Ready to go?”

Her stomach growls “Yes to both.” He leads her out. They are holding hands as they leave the hotel. He leads her to a corner hot dog cart.

“This is Mario. He makes the best dogs in New York. What would you like?”

Melody smiles. “Ummm…One with everything. No kraut though.”

Darren looks shocked. “OMG…No kraut? The world is going to end. Hey Mario. Two dogs. One my way, one no kraut and two water.”

Mario is a short thick man. His accent is thick. “Sure thing Darren. What are you two planning today?” He fixes both dogs. Darren hands him a $10.

“Sight seeing. Pretty lady is in New York for the first time.”

“Ah…Welcome welcome to New York. Take her to my cousins Bistro in Little Italy. Tell Jimmy I sent you. He will take care of you.”

“Will do that. Thanks Mario” They walk away and he hands Melody her hot dog. “Mario is second generation American. His family is from Italy. Do you like Italian?”

Melody takes her dog and bites into it. She nods and wipes some mustard from the corner of her lips. “Love Italian. So what is first?”

“Hmmm…Ever been on a subway? Ride it over to Central Park. Gotta see Central Park.” He grins at her digging into his own dog. They finish them and toss the trash away. He leads her down some stairs to a subway station. They only wait a few minutes before a train arrives.

They get on. It is packed. They have to remain standing. Melody grabs one of the poles. Darren stands behind her. They are bumped together as the train moves. His hands rest on her hips. She leans against him. His hands slide around her hips. His fingers sliding over her bare skin just above her skirt. He whispers in her ear. “Try to remain quiet.”

She looks over her shoulder at him confused. One hand slides up under her crop top. His strong hands cup one of her tits. She bites her lip and looks around the car. Bodies are packed in. She lets out a soft Escort Çankaya whimper when he finds one of her nipples peeking over the edge of the bra.

Melody does what she can to stifle the soft moans that are in the back of her throat. His other hand slides over her skirt and slides under it. Melody flushes and looks around. His fingers trace along the edge of her panties. She whispers over her shoulder. “What what are you doing Darren?” She swallows as his fingers slide under her lacy panties. She can feel herself get damp between her thighs.

“Ssshhh…Making a fantasy come true. Do you want me to stop?” His fingers slip through the trimmed pubic hair and hits her clit. He starts to rub it slowly. “Just say the word and I will stop.”

Melody whimpers and shakes her head. He smiles and adds pressure to her clit. His finger mirror each other. What he does to her nipple he does to her clit. He pulls on her nipple. Fingers rolling it firmly. She bites her lip to keep quiet.

Darren presses his body against her back. She can feel the bulge in his shorts. His fingers keep working on her clit. She is soaked. He whispers in her ear. “You want to cum? Cum for me. Right here.” She shakes her head. He moves his fingers even faster. Her hand on the pole tightens. Her knuckles white.

Melody bites her lip trying to absorb everything. Her body is on fire. She moans in the back of her throat trying hard to not attract attention. The train lurches. She is pinned to the pole with Darren pressed against her. She yelps and clamps her lips shut. Her pussy ripples and she cums. Juices flowing from her pussy to coat his hand. He does not stop until her body stops trembling.

His lips by her ear. “Mmmm…Very good. Wait till we get to the park.” She is blushing red after having an intense orgasm in a car full of people. She wonders what he has planned for her. She whimpers when his hand leaves her panties. He keeps a hand under her top still twisting and pulling her nipples. It keeps her on edge.

He takes her hand when they get to a stop. He pulls her off the train. Her head still spinning from the orgasm. They make their way from the station and above ground. Across the street is an arched entrance to Central Park. There is green everywhere.

“Oh Wow. I see this on TV all the time. A huge park in the middle of the city. Ummm…on the train..was exciting.” She blushes. She can still feel her thighs slick with her juices. He leads her into the park

“I love the park. I come here all the time. There are horse carriage rides through the park but I have some place I want to show you.” He grins and winks at her. He leads her along a path then through some trees. The trees get denser and denser. There is a sound of water running. Cutting through the trees is a little brook leading off the lake in the park.

She smiles and looks around. The spot is quaint and cute and private. The trees with thick trunks. “I love this. Thank you for sharing it with me.” She just gets the words out before she finds her body pulled to his. His lips on hers kissing her hard. She melts in the kiss. She stumbles back with him. Her back is pressed against one of the big trees.

His hands start to explore her body. Both hands push up her top exposing her demi bra. He tugs the fabric down freeing her large tits. His hands kneading the supple flesh. She moans in the kiss. The kiss breaks and she is panting. He lowers his lips to her tits. Lips capture a nipple. Melody tangles her fingers in his hair. Darren moves from nipple to nipple.

Her eyes drop to follow him as he starts to drop. He kisses down her belly. Her fingers still tangled in his hair. He lifts her skirt. His face pushes between her thighs. He inhales. “Love that scent.” His fingers tug down her panties. He pulls them down her thighs and off. The panties are tucked into a pocket.

Melody can feel a coolness over her pussy just briefly. It is replaced by his warm tongue. He lifts one of her legs to place over his shoulder. She lets out a gasp Ankara Escort of surprise as the other leg is lifted as well. She leans back against the tree. Her mouth falls open as he drags his tongue up the length of her pussy.

She moans loudly. Her head turns as she hears a snap not far away. His tongue finds her clit. She whimpers and tugs at his hair. She is panting as he dances his tongue over her clit. His tongue is very fast.

Another snap in the trees. She finds it this time. Two guys watching her get eaten against the tree. Darren does not seem to notice. He nibbles on her clit getting her full attention again. She is close to cumming again. She opens her eyes and both of the guys are just a few feet away. Being watched is turning her on.

Melody arches her back from the tree. Her legs clamp around Darren’s head and she cries out. Her pussy convulses and she cums hard. Even harder than on the train. Juices flow from her and coat Darren’s chin. He comes out from under her skirt. He stands keeping her pinned to the tree. She is not sure when he pulled his cock out but it presses between her thighs.

“Dar…Darren…we we have co companyyyyyyyy…” He pushes into her. He slides in easily. His cock is huge in her. She didn’t see it but she can feel it stretching her and going in deep.”Ahhhhh…Fuuuuuuckkkkk…” He buries in her and gets a long loud moan.

Darren looks over his shoulders seeing the visitors. “Hey guys. Right on time.” He pulls back and slams into her. Melody screams out as her pussy stretches to accommodate his thickness. He keeps up the hard pace. The tree pressing into her back.

The other two come right up to them. Her knit sweater is pulled up. Her tits are exposed. They each take a tit and start to knead it. Melody swallows at the sensations. Her legs around Darren’s waist. He is keeping her distracted with the cock slamming into her. Her lips parted with her gasping and grunts. Having three men touching her sends her reeling. Her pussy clamps down around Darren’s cock and she erupts around it.

Darren grunts. “God damn she is tight. Her pussy ripples as she cums. It is the the best damn feeling.” He keeps pounding into her. He pauses as her pussy stops twitching. He turns to each of the guys fondling her tits. “Who is next?”

Melody looks up shocked. The guy to her left grins and answers. “Me. She is fucking hot Darren.” He moves in front of her as Darren slides out and moves to the side. She blinks at him. He is very dark skinned. He is taller than Darren is. He grins at her. His hands cup her ass and lifts her.

Melody looks over at Darren “Darren? What are..what are you doing? I don’t..I…Ahhhhhhhh” The black guy in front of her that has lifted her just slipped his cock into her pussy. He does not pause and keeps sliding in and out of her. His thick fingers digging into her ass. “Ohhhh…Daaaammmmnnnn…Oh.My.God” Her pussy clamps and releases his deep cock. He starts hitting a deep spot.

Darren looks to the other guy on her side. “Help get this top off. Her tits need to be out.” They pull her sweater up. She lifts her arms and it is soon tossed to the ground. One of them pops the clasp on her bra and her tits are free to bounce. Bounce they do as she is being pounded hard and fast.

“ooohhhh…ahhh…nnnnhhh” Sounds escape her lips. She clings to the guy pounding her. She does not last long with him slamming in and out of her pussy. Her pussy ripples around his cock.

He grins and keeps slamming into her. “OH Fuck!! I have never felt a pussy do that before. That is insane.” Melody cums again. Her pussy dancing and rippling as he fucks her against the tree. Her head spins and she sees stars. The black guy slides out of her. She is let down to her feet.

By the time Melody’s vision clears she is on her hands and knees. She looks back over her shoulder just in time to see the other white guy on his knees behind her. Her skirt is flipped up around her skirt. She opens her mouth to say something when he slams in. Melody Sincan Escort is rocked forward. Her tits swinging. Only a loud scream comes from her parted lips.

He is pounding her. Her head is spinning. Does every guy in New York have huge cocks. That is all she has found so far. Her head hangs as she is filled over and over. Her body is burning and tingling with everything. She has never had so many orgasms in a row. She feels something tap her lips. Darren has wiggled under her face. His cock is hard. It is obvious what he wants. She has never done anything like this before, although it is a huge fantasy. She parts her lips and sucks the swollen red tip between her lips.

She pushes her head down taking the thick white cock into her mouth. Darren growls beneath her as most of his cock disappears into her mouth. Melody’s tits swing wildly and her body is rocked as Mike is slamming into her from behind. She is vaguely aware that none of the guys have cum yet. She on the other hand tries to scream around the cock in her mouth. The sound is muffled.

Mike slides form her pussy. Darren lifts her head and tugs her forward. She crawls up his body. He is grinning at her. “How are you liking having fantasies filled so far?” She straddles his hip and lowers onto his hard cock.

Melody hisses as she is filled. “Ohhhh…Godddd…you you set this up up for meee…God I love it.” She starts to ride up and down on his cock. She does not notice as the black guy whose name she never caught kneels behind her. His cock is the longest but the most slender. He has covered it with lube.

Melody is focused on riding Darren when he holds her still. She looks at him confused. “What are you doing? I am close again.” Her eyes go wide feeling someone pressing at her ass. She arches as her ass is suddenly filled with a cock. She starts to pant with both cocks in her. “Fuuuuuuckkkkkk…oh fuck that is intense…”

They start moving in and out of her. They must have done this before. Their cock both come out and slide in together. The total complete feeling of being stuffed is WOW. The only thing missing was…another cock. Mike is offering his cock to her. Her lips part and he slides his cock past them. Her mouth has to stretch open to take him in.

All the guys have to do the moving. She is trapped between the three cocks. Darren is thrusting up into her. No name is pounding away at her ass. She is hitting one orgasm after another with both cocks pounding into her. Mike has his fat cock and fucking her mouth. She is going to be one wore out white girl when these orgasms peak.

The only sounds are the guys grunting or groaning. Melody’s sounds are muffled. There is the sound of skin on skin mixed in there. Darren grips her swinging tits firmly. He hisses, “fuuuuuckkkkkkk…” She can feel his cock swell then she is filled with his hot cum coating her pussy. The feeling of being filled sets her off. Her pussy starts to ripple. Her ass is doing the same.

“Oh Fuck!! Her ass does it too. Shiiitttt!!” He slams into her deep. Her eyes roll up. More cum is dumped into her. She can feel every drop fill her ass and pussy. Her own body trembling. Her mouth gets filled. She manages to swallow most of it. Some dribbles out of her lips.

All three have finally cum filling the petite girl from a small town. Her ass is left empty first as the cock slips out going soft. Mike pulls from her mouth. Melody is panting like an animal that has been running for miles. She shifts and rolls onto the ground. Darren’s soft cock come out with a soft pop. Cum dribbles from Melody’s ass and pussy. She lays flat on her back watching the trees spin.

When Melody opens her eyes again Darren is standing above her holding her sweater. She grins. “Darren? Who were those guys and why were they here?” He helps her up. She wiggles into her sweater. Her bra is laying across a bush.

“Mike is a baggage guy and Teddy is in room service at the hotel. We will be visiting you while you are in town. We each have different interest. We all like to airtight a woman though. They had no problem helping.”

Melody grins at Darren. She takes his hand staggering a bit as they leave the clearing near the Brook. She wonders what the other “tour guides” has in store for her. She had a lot of fantasies.

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