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Just a little outside of my Jr. High School in Ormond Beach was a small trail that led to a clearing where the less reputable students would often gather in the mornings. The spot was simply known as The Rocks because of the three large coquina rocks where everyone sat. For those that aren’t familiar with coquina rocks, they are mostly small shells that are cemented together with fine sand, the Spanish built a large fort in St. Augustine, Florida with the stuff. The fort has survived the centuries and it’s very cool. But I digress, I’m sure that you’re not on this site looking for a geology or history lesson. In fact, avoiding lessons was one of the main reasons that I found myself at The Rocks one particular day back in 1982.
It was a beautiful day in central Florida, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and I had a bag of decent pot. It certainly wasn’t the type of day that you spend listening to Ms. Lopez go over the proper structure of a sentence. Still, I had almost made it to school, the PE field was just visible through the scrub palmettos that lined the trail to my right as I sat down on the large coquina rock. I lit a cigarette from the pack that I had stolen from one of my neighbors and started to roll a joint. Just as I finished, I heard footsteps coming from the other end of the trail and quickly stashed my bag into my shorts pocket. It turned out to be Rob and Steve, two of my classmates who also frequented The Rocks. Rob was a tall skinny surfer and Steve was short and kind of fat. He was more of a redneck. Me, I was a nerd, tall and skinny with thick glasses. They weren’t really what I would call friends, but we all knew each other from hanging out before school. We exchanged greetings and they took their normal spots.
A few minutes later, just as we fired up the joint, Emily Johnson came around the bend and took a seat next to Steve. Emily was tall and blonde but certainly not a beauty queen. She wasn’t ugly, just not pretty She did however have good sized boobs for an eighth grader. She took a seat next to Steve as the rock that he sat on was the only one big enough to share.
We smoked my joint and then one from Rob, who always seemed to have good weed. By now we were all pretty stoned and were laughing and joking about school. Steve looked at his watch and said that he had to go since he couldn’t afford to skip another day. Rob said that he was in the same boat and they got up to go to school. I said, “fuck that”, and kept my seat thinking that I just might go hang out at the beach. Emily announced that she was just waiting for her parents to go to work, so we said our goodbyes and watched the two guys head on down the trail.
I told Emily that I would hang out with her until she was ready to go so as the first bell rang, we kept our spots at The Rocks. We talked about the classes we hated and which of our classmates were fucking idiots. I had never really hung out with her before, and maybe it was just the pot, but I found her very easy to talk to. When the first PE class took to the field we laughed as we watched them run the track while Coach Wormer yelled at them. We were really just enjoying the buzz from the two joints and the fact that we weren’t in school.
“Fuck”, the tall blonde swore and jumped up from the rock swiping at her leg.
“What”, I asked, afraid that maybe she saw someone coming.
“There was a fucking tick on me”, she explained as she frantically inspected her legs for any more of the little blood suckers. She satisfied that there weren’t any she sat back down but after a few minutes she began looking again, this time pulling up the legs of her loose running shorts to check the crease at the top of her thighs. I felt bad for her but was enjoying the view of her purple panties as she pulled the crotch of her shorts aside. “I keep feeling them on me”, she cried, “It even feels like there’s one in my butt crack!”
Maybe it was the pot, or possibly the fact that she’d been flashing me her panties, but I asked, “You want me to take a look?”
I expected her to tell me off, or at least call me a pervert. I didn’t expect her to get up, turn her back to me and pull down her shorts. “Please”, she cried as she bent over with her panty clad ass inches from my face.
Suddenly I was nervous as I told her that I’d have to pull her panties down to see in her crack. The whole situation had gotten very weird. She responded by hooking her thumbs around the waistband and yanking them down to the tops of her thighs. Her tan-lined ass was now directly in front of me and I instantly began to get hard. Gently I put one hand on each cheek and spread the firm globes apart. Sure enough, I spotted another tick getting ready to latch onto the soft flesh of her ass. Without thinking I pulled it off and crushed it with my thumbnail.
“Oh my God”, she gasped, “Make sure that’s the only one!”
I spread her cheeks again, enjoying the view of her puckered little asshole and the sight of her blonde-haired pussy below. I felt a little guilty for checking it out but, it was the first pussy that I’d seen that wasn’t in one of my dad’s playboys. I carefully inspected her ass, taking far longer than was needed to verify that there weren’t any more ticks and then being careful not to touch her pussy I used my thumbs to pull on the skin of her upper thighs and spread open her lips.
“What are you doing”, she asked as she felt her pussy being opened up.
“Just making sure”, I lied. I took a good look at her exposed pink treasure and then let go. “That was the only one”, I assured her as she pulled up her shorts.
“We better make sure that you don’t have any on you either”, bahis siteleri she suggested. I tried to refuse, knowing that if I moved from my current position my erection would be instantly revealed but she insisted. Finally, I relented and quickly turned as I stood up, hoping she wouldn’t notice how hard I was. I unbuckled my belt, k**s actually wore them back then, and pulled down my shorts and boxers for her to inspect my ass. It felt weird to have her hands spreading my cheeks as she looked for bugs, there weren’t any. Suddenly her hands were on my balls, shifting them left and then right. I almost came in my underwear which were still covering my throbbing hardon. She giggled as she was still holding my sack and declared me to be free of ticks. I stood up and redid my shorts, making sure that my t-shirt covered the fact that I was still hard.
“You want to go back to my house with me”, she asked with a grin, “We could go swimming in my pool.”
Going swimming with a girl who just showed me her pussy sounded much better that striking out with the tourist girls at the beach. “Sure”, I agreed.
We left our little hangout and walked the mile or so back to her house. Her parents obviously made a lot more money than mine and their house showed it. The lawn was perfectly manicured, and the house was gorgeous. The inside was even nicer, with actual art on the walls and furniture that actually matched. She led me through the house to the kitchen where she got us each a coke and then showed me through the sliding glass door to the pool deck. She left me there while she went in to change into her swimsuit. The clear blue water looked refreshing under the hot Florida sun and that’s when I realized the flaw in our plan. I had originally figured to go back to my house to grab a bathing suit before going to the beach, I now didn’t have one. Oh well, I figured I would burn another joint with her and then head for home and then hit the beach as I’d originally planned.
Emily came back out wearing a sexy yellow bikini that left little to the imagination. She caught me checking her out and did a little pirouette, “Like it?”
“Hell yeah”, I whistled, it looks great on you.” I lit the joint and took a deep toke before handing it to her. As we smoked, I explained that I didn’t have a bathing suit so I couldn’t go swimming with her.
“Don’t be silly”, she said with a wide grin, “Just go in your underwear.” I thought about that for a minute before she added, “It’s not like I haven’t seen them.”
She did have a point, less than an hour before we were checking out each other’s butts for ticks. “That could work”, I agreed.
We smoked the rest of the joint and she dove into the pool, not coming up until she was in the middle. She looked back at me expectantly and called out, “What are you waiting for?”
Here goes nothing, I thought as I dropped my shorts to the deck. It was still awkward to be standing in just my loose-fitting boxers in front of this girl that I barely knew aside from school. I ran to the edge of the pool and launched myself into the air. The cool water felt great as I plunged in headfirst and that’s when it dawned on me that boxers make a poor substitute for swim trunks. By the time I emerged from the water a couple of feet from Emily my blue striped boxers were floating several feet away having been immediately ripped from my narrow hips by the force of the water.
Emily noticed my predicament before it registered in my d**g addled brain that I was naked. She giggled, “Or we could just go skinny dipping.”
“What do you mean “we””, I gasped as I noticed my boxers floating by. “I’m the only one here that’s bare-assed!”
“Well, that’s not really fair is it”, she said with an exaggerated frown and big puppy-dog eyes. With that she reached behind her neck and suddenly her yellow bikini top fell free.
Her tits were glorious, maybe a b-cup, but most importantly was the fact that they weren’t in a magazine. These were real-life titties! Next she reached below the water and seconds later her bottoms bobbed to the surface. This girl who I thought of as plain an hour before was now the most beautiful woman that I’d ever seen. It’s funny how nudity will do that to your perception. “Wow” was the only word that would form, most likely due to the blood rapidly draining from my head in order to fill my dick.
She waded the few feet between us and wrapped her arms around my neck. I could feel her rubbery nipples press against my chest as she closed her eyes and puckered her lips. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her tighter as we kissed. Her lips tasted of pot and cherry lip gloss and I could feel my erection rubbing against her downy pubes as our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. As our kiss lingered, I let my hands slide down to cup her firm ass and pull her hips tighter against mine, grinding my hard shaft against her mound. Even through the cool water of the pool, I could feel the heat emanating from her sex against my balls. When she pulled her belly away from mine, I was more than a little disappointed but when her hand left my shoulder and her soft fingers wrapped around my shaft, I got over it.
“Mmm, is this for me”, she asked huskily.
“All yours baby”, I breathed between kisses stunned by the feel of a woman’s fingers on my prick for the first time. Honestly, I was afraid that if she kept it up, I was going to cum right there and then. As she idly stroked my dick, I began to explore her tight teenaged body. I played with her soft yet firm tits. I caressed her hard nipples with my thumb while my left hand slipped below the water along her taut belly until my fingertips tipobet güvenilir mi found her patch of soft blonde hair. Being the early eighties, the only reason girls shaved down there was a case of crabs. I let my fingers comb through her bush and between her thighs. I cupped her full lips with my hand and massaged them for a bit before pushing one finger between them. Slowly I let my finger glide back and forth along the inside of her slit, not totally sure of what I was doing.
“Ooh, right there”, she cooed and held my finger in the spot she wanted. It was right at the top of where her inner lips seemed to come together, and I could feel a small bump right at the junction. I focused on rubbing that spot and soon she seemed to get a glossed over look on her face and squeezed my hand harder against her pussy. “Oh yeah, don’t stop”, she sighed, “You going to make me cum!” She was now holding my hand in place as she ground her clit across my fingertip. Her hips seemed to convulse, and she hung onto my shoulder when she came. You don’t see that shit in Playboy!
Knowing that I had just gotten her off did away with my resistance and I stiffened and began to shoot my seed into the clear water of the pool.
“That was cool”, she exclaimed, “I could feel it when you shot your stuff!” We both noticed the first evidence of my eruption floating to the surface between us and backed away from it. “I hope the skimmer sucks it into the filter, otherwise it’s going to be hard to explain to my dad.”
We both laughed at that and moved to the other side of the pool as more clumps of semen floated towards the surface. With her back to the rail she pulled me in for another passionate kiss. As we kissed, she snaked her hand between us and again began stroking my still hard cock. This time she pulled her hips back and pushed down on my shaft until the head was pressed against the lips of her pussy. I felt her rise up a little and suddenly something hot and wet was pushed down over the bulbous knob of my cock head.
Holy shit, my mind screamed, I was inside of her pussy! I was actually fucking a real girl and not my fist. She lowered herself onto my cock a little more until slowly I was buried to the hilt inside her. I began to doubt that I wasn’t her first, weren’t girls supposed to scream and cry the first time, and there was no blood like everyone said. When my buddy Jim had told me about his first conquest, he had made it sound like it looked like a murder scene. Then again, Jim was probably full of shit.
In the end it really didn’t matter if I was her first, she was certainly mine and the sensation of being in her tight pussy was all that mattered. I knew that jacking off would never feel the same, which kind of sucked because it was my favorite pastime. I began to slowly pump my cock into her because that’s what the stories in my dad’s Penthouse said that you did. As I began to fuck her, she brought her left leg up around my waist which rolled her hips and allowed me to poke my dick into her a little further. Being a gentleman, I hooked my hand under her knee and held it up for her. Soon she raised the other leg and I grabbed it too and took a step back, achieving an even better angle as my hands and her natural buoyancy allowed her to basically lay against my thrusting hips with her arms d****d over to side of the pool. Eventually I moved her legs up onto my shoulders as it allowed me to play with that little nub in her pussy that seemed to get her off before.
“Oh shit”, she moaned, “You feel so good inside me.”
I could tell that she was getting close, but then so was I. I began reciting the periodic table in my head in an attempt to keep myself going. It was a losing proposition. As she neared her climax, I could feel it rippling stronger through the muscles of her cunt and the stronger the ripples the more it seemed to draw the seed from my sack.
“I’m gonna cum”, she hissed through clenched teeth.
“Me too”, I grunted as I fought back the rising flood.
“Uhgg, I wanna feel it inside me”, she moaned, “Cum inside me!”
At that moment her eyes rolled back like in that scene from The Exorcist and her body seemed to enter a seizure splashing water over the side of the pool. Her pussy clamped down on my dick and drove me over the edge. I slammed my cock into her tight cunt and my vision seemed to dim as I pumped her full of my cum. Weak and a little dizzy, I let her legs slip from my shoulders. I didn’t know at the time if I was in love or just in lust, it didn’t matter as all I knew was that I never wanted to let this beautiful girl go.
My dick slipped from her pussy as she stood up to kiss me but still remained mostly hard. We decided to get out of the pool to smoke a cigarette and finish our Cokes. Watching her beautiful ass climb the ladder in front of me is still a sight that I replay in my mind all these years later. The twin fleshy globes jiggling with each step and the way her swollen lips peeked out from between her thighs, damn! We arose from the cool waters of the pool and into the noontime Florida sun and it was hot. It wasn’t as hot as the girl leading me onto the pool deck, but hot none the least.
We each claimed a chaise lounge near the pool and sipped our sodas as the tropical sun wicked away the beads of water from our youthful flesh. “That was incredible”, she commented, “I never knew that a real dick would feel like that.”
A real dick, I asked myself silently, then asked her out loud.
She looked a little embarrassed at my question but, she explained that her mother had bought her a dildo after catching Emily borrowing hers. She further explained that perabet it had been her uncle to first penetrate her pussy with his fingers some three years prior, her father caught them before he could fuck her and whipped his ass. Since then she had been obsessed with putting things inside her, starting with her fingers and then her hairbrush and anything else that would fit. That was also when her mother put her on birth control pills.
Hearing her describe the various items that she’d stuffed inside of her pussy was a little weird but also had me as hard as steel. “Can I see you do it”, I asked.
“Fuck my dildo?”
“Sure, that would be so cool.”
She got up from the chair and took my hand, leading me into the house. The air conditioning felt cold on my naked skin after being out in the hot sun. She led me down a short hallway and into her bedroom. I’d never actually been in a girl’s room before, but I would say that it wasn’t much different than mine. Where I had posters of exotic cars, she had posters of horses. She let go of my hand and sat on the edge of the bed. From her nightstand she pulled out a pink plastic vibrator that was maybe six inches long. “I can’t believe that I’m going to do this”, she giggled as she lay back on top of the comforter and spread her sexy legs.
I pulled the chair from the corner of the room to a spot at the foot of the bed where I had a good view. What a view it was, her legs spread and her perfect little pussy on display. I watched intently as she teased the vibrator along her slit before pushing just the tip inside her. The hum of the small motor inside the toy became more mumbled the farther it was buried inside her. I idly stroked my aching cock as she slowly pumped the toy in and out of her cunt.
She was lost in the sensation of the humming toy and rolled onto her belly, holding the toy with one hand and rolling her hips fucking it. It had to be one of the sexiest things that I’d ever seen and one of the most erotic that I’ve seen since. As she fucked herself with the toy her pretty little asshole winked at me from between the tight cheeks of her ass. Going strictly on instinct, I spit on my fingertip and rubbed it on her puckered brown star. She moaned loudly at the added stimulation. I spit on my finger again and this time pushed it into her tight ass.
“Oh fuck”, she groaned and pushed back harder against my finger and her toy.
My finger was fully inside her ass and I could feel the vibrations emanating from her toy. It was like nothing that I’d ever imagined. After a minute I slipped a second finger into her ass and she responded by fucking my hand and her toy even harder. By now my dick was so hard that it actually began to hurt. Seeing how turned on she was made me a little bolder and I told her to roll over onto her knees. “Have you ever put your toy in your butt”, I asked as I applied another glob of spit to her puckered little hole.
“No”, she answered with a groan. As I climbed up on the bed behind her, she knew exactly what I was thinking. She reached over into the nightstand from where she’d taken out the vibrator and pulled out a small plastic vial. “Use this, it came with the dildo.”
I took the vial and read the label, “Love Lube.” I flipped up the top and squirted some of the clear liquid onto her asshole and a little more onto my dick. I spread the slick fluid all over my cock and moved up behind her shapely ass. I rubbed the head of my prick around her pretty little hole and started to push it in. It took a little effort, but the head popped in and slowly I penetrated further into her virgin ass. It was tighter than her pussy had been, and I could feel the vibration from her toy humming along my shaft.
“Oh fuck”, she moaned as I bottomed out in her ass, “Go slow.”
I did at first, not believing that she was letting my fuck her in the ass while she fucked her pussy with the vibrator. Watching my dick pumping into her and feeling the toy vibrating against my shaft I believed that I was in love with Emily. I grabbed hold of her fleshy hips and began to fuck her a little harder.
A fine sheen of sweat spread over the tanned skin of her back and she buried her face in the pillow as she began to cum. “Oh shit”, she hissed through her clenched teeth, “Fuck me, fuck me harder!” Her body shook and her asshole seemed to grip my cock even tighter as she whimpered unintelligently into the pillow as she came. Completely overwhelmed by her climax she let the vibrator slip from her cunt and collapsed down onto her belly, which also pulled her ass off my dick.
I urged her to roll onto her back again, and when she did, I leaned over and kissed her as I slid my cock into her sopping cunt. As I fucked her, I scooped up the abandoned vibrator and used the tip to tease her clit. That seemed to re-energize her orgasm as she just moaned and cried out each time my balls slapped against her gaping asshole. I fucked her through another body wracking orgasm before the pressure building in my sack grew to be too much. I slammed my throbbing shaft into her a few more times before burying myself to the hilt and filling her young womb with another load of my seed. Exhausted I collapsed on top of her, my dick still twitching inside her swampy cunt. We lay there for a while like that, just kissing and holding onto each other in post coital bliss as my dick grew soft for the first time in hours and slipped from her cum filled pussy.
We finally got up cleaned ourselves off. She made us a couple of bologna sandwiches while I rolled up another joint. We ate and smoked on the back deck, still completely naked before jumping in the pool for one last swim before I had to head for home. As I got ready to leave, we exchanged phone numbers and kissed again. I asked her to be my girlfriend, that was important back then, and she said yes! Stoned, tired and extremely happy I walked to the bus stop and rode back home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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