28 Eylül 2023

The Window

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Being naked isn’t an issue for me. I happily strip off around the house, in the summer I often drive naked and happily strip off on the beach or in the countryside where I walk freely. Its a feeling that being clothed cannot replicate.

Lets be honest, who doesn’t like to be naked? Walking round a beach with other likeminded souls is something to enjoy and to savour. Looking and being looked at – its a pleasure and something that I love.

Recently I have moved house and now have a large window seat in my bedroom. The house is high enough up that anyone walking past doesn’t see me, well, not unless they’re looking up. I often shower, towel myself off and then walk naked round my bedroom before sitting in the window. I couldn’t think of anything better than sitting nude in the window, knowing that no one could see me.

To be honest, it was slightly tame. I spent hours sometimes just watching people walk past. The house across the road from me was owned by a professional couple who decided to rent the property out. The good thing about them was that they were out at work all day so they never saw me walking nude. I often wished the wife would see me but it never happened.

When they rented the house out I wondered who would move in. Whoever it was moved in and I didn’t see them for weeks. One day I walked into my bedroom, naked as ever and freshly showered. Flicking the blinds open I stood behind them looking out. It was then that I saw her. bursa escort Standing in the room opposite, looking across at me was my new neighbour.

I could see that she was in her 40’s with shoulder length dark hair. She was wearing a smart dark blue dress and I saw that she had seen me and she moved away from the window. I was intrigued, had she been shocked by seeing me or was she simply on her way to work and had no time to stare at a naked neighbour.

I thought nothing more about it and got out a small bottle of moisturiser that I started to apply. First on my chest and arms and then onto my legs. Working my way back up my legs, a feeling I always enjoyed I came to my cock and balls. I squirted some more of the moisturiser into my hands and started to caress my balls, this always made my cock twitch. I started at the base of my cock and gently moved my hand up and down it, covering it in the cool moisturising cream. Teasing my cock so that it started to become erect. It always felt good to tease my cock this way. Gentle, long strong strokes along the length of my cock. I never looked out of the window as I did this.

This time though I felt that someone was watching me. You know the feeling you get. It is like a sixth sense and often happens when you’re on the train or in a similar situation and you feel someone watching you.

I stroked my cock some more and looked up. Across the road my neighbour had opened her bursa escort bayan curtains wider. I pulled my blinds up so that I was at the mercy of the clear glass. Naked for her to see. I stood there, my erect cock jutting out as if it was pointing at her.

She looked at me and then started to pull her dress up. As it rose I could see that she was wearing a white lacy thong. She pulled at it from the top so it was tight against her pussy. With her free hand she rubbed her pussy mound over the fabric of her thong. Then she pulled her thong to one side and started to rub her pussy lips.

I was really intrigued now as to where this could go. I stood watching in amazement. She turned round and bent over. Her arse was small and the thong was just a thin line now between her arse cheeks. Pulling her thong out of the way she opened her pussy lips and rubbed her hole, teasing it.

Her dress was now being pulled up and over her head. She had no bra on and I could see her dark nipples. She played with her boobs and pulled at her nipples. Could this free show get any hotter. She certainly wasn’t bothered about me seeing her naked.

The thong was pulled down and discarded. Standing in her window she started to use one finger to rub her pussy lips and to tease her pussy. Knowing that I was watching she pulled her pussy lips apart and inserted a couple of fingers. She slowly started to push her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Moving escort bursa her fingers she went back to teasing her clit, rubbing it and pulling at it. Then she reached down. I could see that she had a glass dildo in her hand. She slowly started to lick its length and then slid it into her mouth. Sucking its length she fucked her mouth with it. She pushed it in and out of her mouth as if she was sucking a real cock. Her tongue teasing the tip and then the dildo back, fully in her mouth.

Pulling the dildo out of her mouth she widened her legs and slid the dildo into her pussy. All the time I had been gently stroking my cock, letting her watch me teasing and pleasing it while she fucked herself with the glass dildo. I could only imagine the noises she was making.

Turning round she bent over and then slid the dildo in, pushing it from beneath. I imagined taking her from behind and my balls slapping on her arse as she rammed the dildo in and out with her arse moving up and down as she rode it. Pushing it in and out harder and harder as I continued to wank my throbbing cock.

I wanted to lick and taste that dildo to taste her juices and to see what I could have had squirted over my cock.

Turning round she again fucked her pussy from the front. Harder and harder and I could see her face as she fucked herself and I wanked harder and harder. I wanted her to see me cum. I stood on the window seat and saw her look across as I wanked myself. My balls slapping as I then jerked and globules of hot cum spurted out of my cock onto the window seat cover.

She looked over at me, rubbed her boobs then turned and moved away from the window. Life was going to get a whole lot more interesting, that was for sure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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