27 Eylül 2023

The unknown

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The unknown
It was my last summer before going off before starting college. I was this scrawny, 18yr old, pale skin, long blonde hair who thought he had it all figured and in reality, didn’t know much at all. I had a great paying job for that summer, working for a local photographer. Initially, I thought I got the job base on my enthusiastic interview but later would learn it wasn’t my personality that won me the job.

On my first day my boss Wayne had me prepare the backroom for what was to be a swimsuit shoot for a calendar. I then cleaned up his office and ran out to get him a coffee. When I returned, Wayne informed me that the model couldn’t make the shoot and asked me if I’d be willing to step in. I was a shy k** back then and immediately turned it down. I was average, at best, in the looks department and my body wasn’t impressive either… I was very skinny for my 5’10” frame at just 112lbs. I had well defined abdominals but not very muscular just toned. Wayne persisted for a while and after a barrage of compliments about my looks..,which was uncommon for me, I gave in.

I knew what kinds of suits, I’d be trying on since I had hung them up earlier in the dressing room. The only one I was uneasy about was the tight Speedo one the guys wore for swim meets. The first two were fine but I wasn’t comfortable being in front of the camera. I couldn’t even look into the camera while Wayne took pictures. Then it was time for the tiny suit, it just didn’t feel right wearing something so small and tight. My light colored pubic hairs stuck out from all angles and I struggled to remove my hands over my privates while he took pictures. My face was bright red and I felt so embarrassed. Still Wayne took pictures. After, it was over I got dressed and Wayne handed me an envelope with cash for the shoot. It was pretty good money for back in the early 1980’s ..$50 bucks! Since there were no more appointments that day, Wayne sent me home.

A few weeks went by and from time to time a model would not show up and I’d fill in. I grew more comfortable in front of the camera. I even began shaving myself, at Wayne’s request, I was feeling more confident. Then one afternoon, Wayne had me help setup this wall with different sized holes all over it. There was this large black cloth that hung the length of the room just behind it. The wall was this off white and he had brought in several bright lights that eliminated all the shadows. After setup, Wayne pulled me into his office. He looked at me just starting before he said a word. Then, as he leaned forward and clasped his hands together, “Do you like gay porn?”

I immediately turned red and crossed my legs as not to show my sprouting excitement. I had never really dated any girls in school and so I masturbated frequently. It started out from old Playboys then I moved onto canlı bahis siteleri some gay porn magazines I had found in a dumpster when I was younger. I never got those images of buff hairy guys mounting those hairless young boys and wondered what it would be like to suck cock and have one in my ass. My mind raced through for what seemed like minutes but was just a few seconds. I shook my head and muffled a “uh huh.”

Wayne then smiled and said he thought I did. He went on to explain that I could be a star with a body like mine. I envisioned being in porn and my excitement between my legs grew. Then I was brought back to reality with his next question, ” What have you done sexually?” I felt my cheeks go flush again and my excitement receded.

“Not much,” I stammered and my voice trailed off. I told him about a friend in middle school. The story got Wayne’s eyes wide open and his smile got bigger as I went into details. I concluded that we had sworn to keep it secret and I didn’t give him my friend’s name. I elaborated about my masturbation habits and how I enjoyed sticking things into my ass too. Wayne stopped me after I went through the list of odd things that I had inserted into myself. The door bell rang and Wayne had me stay in his office while he answered the front door. I heard multiple voices and heard them walk by the office into the studio room in the back. Wayne returned shortly.

He walked by me, reached into his desk and gave me a enema bottle to use in the bathroom. “Use this and come to the backroom. I’m going to make you a star!” I froze just looking at the bottle. Wayne was about to walk out but saw me in my frozen state. I started shaking as he place a hand on my shoulder. “Scared? It’s ok but I promise nothing will happen that you don’t want to. You are the star. It’s all about you and you will be great!” His enthusiasm and high energy was infectious. I went into the bathroom. I took off my clothes and used the enema. Before coming out, I played with myself to get semi hard.

I stepped out onto the cool concrete floor towards the backroom. Wayne took pictures of me as I walked up to the wall. As I approached, a cock appeared from one of the holes. It was long and slender, cut and smooth. Wayne encouraged me to get closer. It wasn’t erect and still much longer than I could be. My cock shrunk as I stood next to it. “Go ahead, touch it!” Wayne’s voice was excited. I touched it softly and it jumped at my touch. I held it, caressing it gently. It continued to grow. The man behind the wall was lightly moaning as I rubbed it. Wayne instructed me to have my cock touch his. I moved myself up against the wall and as my short, stubby tip touched….my cock grew. My excitement and cock elevated as I had both this stranger’s cock and mine in my hands. I felt his pulse throbbing tipobet güvenilir mi through his meat. Rubbing our flesh sticks against each other, I felt the heat radiated. I became much more relaxed. Wayne coaxed me on and on until, I got on my knees and held this unknown penis against my pursed lips. I rubbed it over. The opened my mouth and licked the side of his shaft. I reached through the hole and rubbed his hairy balls as his tip entered my mouth. Wayne continued to talk me through it all and his energetic compliments kept me going. I was slurping and coughing, choking and swallowing inches for several minutes. Water was swelling out my eyes as I choked on his length. Wayne encouraged me to relax my throat and take in more. In a moment of daring…I plunged down all the way, holding it down in my throat for just a brief second or two until hacking him up out of me. My hoarse cough echoed loudly in the room. Wayne told me to rub my ass up against the cock that stuck out from the wall. As I pressed up against the wall with my boney pale ass, a hand reached out from another hole and went around my waist. The hand quickly found my cock and he groped me. I jumped from the shocking touch of his man!y hands. I could feel his strength and it made me feel weak in legs. I let him touch me as I felt this stranger’s cock against my ass. The man’s touch moved quickly around on my balls. Then another surprise, another’s guys hand shot of out the hole below the one with the cock. He felt his way up my inner thigh. I wanted to move away but couldn’t. His fingers were quickly inserted up into my ass. I jumped and squealed like a little pig. He jammed them hard up inside me. But the feeling of being groped by unknown hands on my cock and a cock rubbing up against my ass cheeks and lower back were too much. Wayne moved a stood over to me, so I could brace myself in my powerless state. The fingers were removed from my ass and I was instructed by Wayne to take the cock and guide it in. The hand between my legs disappeared but the hand on my cock held me tight. I took the cock and as soon as it entered he …I moved back on it. I was on my tippy toes and my legs shook as I felt his slender shaft fill my hole. It felt huge inside me, the hand touching my cock was pulled away as I leaned over the stood with my elbows and slowly bounced back against the wall. I was sweating and my elbows slid on the padded stool. There wasn’t as much penetration but my natural body reaction was to push this guy’s cock out of me. It felt odd but good. I kept going for a few minutes then the voice from where the cock in the wall was stated “this isn’t working!” I got scared from his frustrated tone. He pulled out. I felt empty.

Then the three guys all came out from behind the wall. I recognized the tall slender tipobet giriş guy from his cock. The other two I didn’t. Both men were shorter than me, very hairy. The one guy was really muscular, his thick muscles were amazing and his thick shaft dangled between his strong thighs. He had a thick mustache to match which only turned me on more. The last guy was bald, stocky, with a big round belly, he had a very tiny cock in relation to his body. He had a beard with lots of tattoos on his arms and chest. I was still leaning over the stool as the tall slender moved in behind me. I moved away from the wall. He rubbed himself against my crack before re-entry. He slid smoothly up inside and went for maximum penetration. I grunted as he buried in. The amazing muscle guy moved in front of me, as did his bald friend. I quickly grabbed the muscle guy’s thick pole and began sucking on it. Wayne commented “I think he likes you!”

I sucked as hard as I could while getting pounded from behind. The slender guy pulled out and I was forced to my knees as he spewed his cum slowly over my face and opened mouth. A little got in my eyes and stung but I was too much in the moment as I swallowed and sucked him off. The bald guy was next. He played with my ass with his large fingers poking , prodding, and pulling me open to get his extra thick short stack inside. It hurt as he pried me apart. He moved more methodically and I continued to work on the sexiest guy I’d ever seen. I focused on him. I sucked too hard and he told me to relax as he wanted to fuck my mouth while I got it from behind. The slender guy just kept touching me softly on my back. It felt creepy. My jaw was hurting and the friction in my ass was burning more and more. The bald guy amped up his efforts and with a huge bellow, he deposited inside me. He burly hands dig into my hips as he squeezed every ounce into my tiring hole. It was the mustache guy’s turn. My throat was coarse as was my voice. At Wayne’s request, I begged the stud to fuck me. And to tell you the truth, he fucked me so hard. He pelvis slammed into my boney ass, the sounds of our sweaty flesh pounding echoed through the room. I grunted and groaned loudly as this Man assaulted my little ass. The other two men clearly knew which one was my favorite. He pounded and pounded…. my ass was throbbing in pain but I didn’t want him to stop. Unexpectedly, he pulled out and as he groaned in his sexy low voice he released his warm cum on my lower back and ass. I cried out as he exited me in excruciating pain. I collapsed on to the floor. The men walked out with Wayne. I curled up in a ball and felt cold. I heard them laughing as they must of gotten dressed before the sounds of them leaving were heard. I felt fluid seeping out of ass slowly to the floor. I started crying for some odd reason being left there all alone and cold. My body started shaking as a chill swept over my achy body. My whole body was sore. Wayne returned with a large towel and helped me to my feet. He wrapped the towel around me telling me how great I was. “You’re going to be a star!” He boasted.

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