24 Mart 2023

The Unfair Bet! Ch. 02

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Hello everyone, this is the second part of my first story. If you have not read the first part yet, I suggest you do that for context and extra information. As always, feel free to comment and let me know what you think needs to be added or taken out! And a big thanks to Kenji for editing the story!!

The Unfair Bet

Chapter 2

Chris was walking down the hallway after being kicked out of Olivia’s room. As he walked down the hall of the hotel that he worked at, a gentleman bumped into him. The guy looked like Chris should have known him, but Chris couldn’t place him. 

“Hey man you know where room 690 is? It’s this girl’s room. She just texted me telling me she needs a real cock,” the man said to Chris, very confident. 

“Why is this guy asking me, and that is Olivia’s room number. She must have texted him when I was in her room,” Chris thought to himself. He looked confused, until he realized that he was still in his work uniform. Angry but surprisingly horny, Chris pointed him to room 690. 

“Thanks, man! Between you and me this chick is a real slut and loves taking big dick,” the man said, as he knocked on the door to her room. Chris pretended to walk around the corner, until he heard the door close. He had to know what they were talking about, so he snuck back to the door and pressed his ear to the door. 

He could only hear some words, “Small, disappointment, cuck, pegging,” were all words he could hear, and all in Olivia’s voice. After that, he only heard the sound of Olivia gagging, moaning and the occasional, “Fuck, you’re big,” leaving Olivia’s mouth. After a few minutes, Chris decided to leave. He walked to his car and drove home. Once home, Chris felt extra horny, so he pulled out his laptop and started looking at porn. Unfortunately, Chris fell asleep with his computer open.

Chris woke up to Claire laughing. “So, I see you are sleeping at home, did you not get to fuck Olivia like you have been trying to do?” Claire said, with a smug look on her face. She was wearing a loose sweater and a pair of black sweatpants. Chris took note of her casual outfit, as he thought she was out taking another cock again. 

“No, babe, it’s not like that,” he said, sitting up. He noticed his underwear was still around istanbul travesti his ankles, and that was when he realized he never finished jerking off last night. He froze hoping Claire would not notice the laptop. 

“She told me all about it. She even showed me your texts. You must have thought you were amazing in bed to cheat on me… Or, at least try. Especially with your tiny little cock. By the way, I know you saw the video, and I know she fucked your ass, all because of how small your cock is,” she said, as she started to walk to the shower. “I was busy again last night and I need a shower,” she laughed, as she continued walking. But she saw the laptop and changed course. 

Chris tried to get there first, but was too late–Claire had grabbed it and had seen what Chris had been jerking off to last night. “Babe, it’s not what it looks like. I was tired and confused,” Chris blurted out, red-faced and embarrassed

Claire looked at the history and saw that Chris had looked at–at least ten–different videos. All of which were in the cuckold category. That was to be expected after last night, but what caught Claire by surprise, was that all the videos included ‘cleanup’ in the title. She watched a few of them, and noticed that they all had the husband licking the wife’s cum-filled pussy clean. The cum was never the husband’s and was always the bull’s. The husbands were also dressed in ladies panties, but that was not Claire’s main concern.  

“Oh, wow. I guess yesterday morning was more fun for you than I thought,” Claire said, walking over to Chris. “I know Olivia told you there was another video; so, you hope it shows another huge cock cumming in me? So you can clean up the cum again?” she whispered in Chris’ ear, as she slid her hand down and felt his hard cock. She gave it a squeeze and laughed at his size. 

“Umm, no. I don’t want to eat cum out of you again; that is disgusting,” Chris said, trying to deny his feelings to Claire. 

“Too bad because I was going to show you my pussy. I got fucked again last night, and I took another couple of loads. I even decided I would hold as much in as possible in case you wanted to try it,” she said, as she slowly took off her oversized sweater and sweatpants. She was wearing a black travesti istanbul lace bra and matching panties both covered in cum, and Chris knew it was not his. Chris looked at her in awe–she was gorgeous and the fact that she was covered in someone else’s cum, made him harder than ever.

“Ummm, I mean the only reason I would do it is because I do not want to lose you. Otherwise, no I won’t do it,” Chris said, with a lack of conviction in his voice.  

Claire lay in the bed facing him. He could see some of the cum leaking out of her. Claire caught his eyes and also caught on that Chris did want to clean her up, but did not want to admit it. “Listen, you little-dicked loser. Either you clean my cum-filled pussy, or we are over,” Claire raised her voice, as she opened her legs, her pussy barely covered by the thong she was wearing. Chris noticed how red her pussy was, and it looked stretched out, as well. 

Claire caught him staring. “Never seen my pussy so stretched before? That is because your tiny dick could never fill me up. Now lick it clean, or we are done,” she threatened. 

Chris decided at this point, that he would do anything Claire asked, but he would put up a fight first. He moved onto the bed and slowly started to kiss up Claire’s legs. When he got to her pussy, he noticed it smelled different. It took him a few moments before he realized it was the smell of her cum mixing with the creampie the other guy left.  

As he was figuring the smell out, Claire was getting bored. She grabbed his head and shoved it in her pussy. “Lick me clean, and if you are doing a good job, I will tell you what our new lifestyle will be,” Claire said, between soft moans. 

Chris licked her clit through the panties until he decided to dive in. He pulled them to the side and started to lick Claire’s pussy clean. As he did, she would moan softly. After about five minutes of licking, she grabbed the back of his head and pulled it into her pussy so that he could not move. She started to grind her pussy on his face.  

“You were not going to get the job done,” she said, as she thrusted her pussy into his mouth. The cum was slowly leaving her and falling into his mouth. 

“Even your mouth is disappointing, now that I know how a real istanbul travestileri man fucks. But I guess I should explain how our relationship will work. First off, I will do whatever I want. Secondly, you can keep flirting with Olivia–but only her. After last night, she would never want your tiny little cock. Third, we are still dating almost just like before. Four, you will do what I tell you and here’s why. There will be lots of mornings like this. But if you listen to me, I might let you try to fuck my pussy, even though I will not feel you.” Claire listed all of these things without letting go of Chris’ face, or stopping grinding on his face. 

Chris looked up at her. “Yes, Claire, anything for you,” he tried saying, between the thrusting of Claire’s pussy. 

“Oh, I almost forgot. No more porn for you. If you want to jerk your little disappointment, you have to ask, and I will send you pictures or videos of me enjoying big cocks. I know how much you love that,” Claire said, as she let go of his head, having finally cum from his mouth. She got up and left the computer on. The screen was black and the title said ‘Because your mouth actually did something’. 

Chris took a minute to think about what he just did. “What did I do? I ate more cum? What is going on? Am I a full-blown cuck? There is no chance. Maybe they only know one guy with a huge cock and they share him. I bet I will remember his dick in this video,” he thought to himself, as he slowly started to get hard.

Chris hit play. The camera started to move. 

“Oh by the way, that video was from last night. If you guess who I was fucking–you win a prize. Let’s make a bet,” Claire said laughing, as she walked to the shower. 

The door closes and on the video, Chris sees Claire lying on a bed, wearing nothing but the black panties she just had on. The video was just like the last one; only this time, there were two guys. Claire sent a video of her getting tag-teamed by two huge cocks. 

“What the fuck is this?” Chris thought, as he watched a twenty-five-minute video of Claire getting fucked by two cocks–both very big, both very thick.  

Claire walked out of the shower. “So, did you figure out who the cock… Or should I say cocks belonged to?” she laughed, as she dropped her towel to get dressed. 

“I have no idea,” Chris said, his cock hard as a rock–and leaking pre-cum.

“I guess you lost another bet. This one was a little unfair,” Claire said, laughing. 

To be continued.

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