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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 3)

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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 3)
The Tutor and Jenny (Part 3)
by Claude van Feinbode

As Jenny and I drove towards Gina’s home I noticed that the rain was becoming more intense. What rivaled that intensity was my acute awareness of Jenny sitting quietly next to me. I’m sure she was nervous about meeting my girlfriend. Many who meet Dr. Poldanz are intimidated by her reputation as a physician who happens to be a television celebrity. Some of the tabloids have given her nicknames like MD MILF or Doctor Madame. She thought they were hilarious and sometimes dressed very provocatively for her appearances on CNXXX. These served to enhance the sexually charged atmosphere in the twitter verse and in the newspapers. Her Nobel Prize in genetic research was already legend and served to silence most criticism from the old school crowd that didn’t know what to make of the brilliant Dr. Poldanz. Jenny finally broke the long silence between us as I drove through the thunderstorm to the gated entrance of the home Gina and I shared. The estate has been part of my pedigree since the days of Vanderbuilt and Carnegie.

“Claude?” She said.

“Yes, Jenny. Are you feeling better?” I said.

“A little. I must admit…..that…Umm…this was the last place I ever expected to be tonight…… I was just going to go home and change clothes…I mean…what I meant to say was that I was planning to go home alone….again…..” Jenny looked out into the darkness that was being accented occasionally by lightning.

“Jenny,” I said, as I slowed the car to a stop. ” I understand completely. Just remember that you’re not the first guy that discovers that he loves to wear women’s’ outfits and decides to take on the persona of a woman. Many women and men find that incredibly sexy. As you continue to explore your desires and figure out how you want to express yourself, it gets easier to meet people that will simply fall over themselves to get to know you. And since we accidentally became much more intimate due to a twist of fate and a faulty chair, its only fair to tell you that I had many of the same problems when I was young.”

Jenny stared. “Really?” she exclaimed.

“Of course. You are very beautiful.” As I spoke we were held each others gaze. A stunned silence greeted my words.

“You are our guest tonight. I want you to relax. Tonight will be fun. Talking to bahis siteleri Gina will help you. I guarantee you that she will be more that willing to answer any questions. Any questions at all. It’s a rare opportunity,” I looked at her significantly and she nodded.

I stopped talking for a moment as I opened the car door. As Jenny and I got out, Gina’s executive assistant Jason appeared silently. “Good evening Claude,” he said. “Will our guest be staying for dinner?”

“Yes. Jenny is a student at Amistad. Jenny, this is Jason, Dr. Poldanz’s executive assistant.”

“Nice to meet you,” Jenny said, looking at Jason with a look I would call lusty.

“I have already informed Gina of your arrival Claude.” Jason said, smiling at Jenny.

“Excellent. We’ll drive her home tomorrow. Please let Rachel know that Jenny will be staying tonight.”

“Yes sir,” said Jason.

Jenny looked at me and smiled even more broadly. I also noticed that her nipples were hard as the early winter wind swirled around us. The sexual tension between myself and Jenny was palatable. Seeing her on the floor of my classroom just a couple hours ago with her skirt bunched up above her waist and her beautiful cock was still the only thing on my mind.

I detected a wink from Jason as Jenny and I walked towards the main house. Jason was over six feet and a looked like a Greek god. He recently earned his Masters and he would’ve been in the Olympics except for the fact that he injured his knee during a mountain climbing expedition two years ago. Hopefully he’ll be competing again next year. Gina and myself have been a sponsor of his athletic pursuits since his record breaking exploits in track and field.

We met Gina in the front foyer. She was looking especially lovely tonight. Her blonde shoulder length hair, athletic look and size 39D tits always turned the heads of men and women alike. Tonight she had decided to wear a side cut skirt, bold red top, tights and gorgeous black heels. Oh boy I thought, my amazonian doctor was a absolute knockout tonight.

I kissed Gina and she held me close while we embraced like lovers that had been apart for months. In fact, it was just this morning that she had given me one of her wonderful blow jobs while I licked and sucked her pussy, tits…basically her whole lovely, beautiful body.

I reluctantly stopped kissing casino şirketleri my love and introduced Jenny to her. Gina said, “Thanks so much for coming over tonight, Jenny. Claude, you must be tired after your long day. Why don’t you refresh yourself and get out of your suit while I give Jenny a tour.”

I left Jenny and Gina alone to talk and I walked up the stairs to the master bedroom. I took off all my clothes and showered. I regarded myself in the mirror. As I just turned fifty this month, my regular gym visits still gave the impression to the casual observer that I was more like forty years old. My tennis coach and professional trainer Rachel had thoughtfully laid out some new clothes on the bed for me to select from after my nightly massage. Rachel was very, very good at massages.

I laid down naked on the massage table and I heard behind me Rachel’s soft footfalls. She didn’t say a word but I heard the cap of the massage oil bottle snap open. I gasped softly as she spurted a large amount of oil on my back and ass. She worked on me for about twenty minutes and some of the tension from the long day started to disappear.

Rachel said, “I saw our guest a few minutes ago. It looks like Gina is really enjoying her company.”

“She’s just like you, Rachel. Just younger and needs to find her way. Perhaps we can help her tonight?”

“I think that would be wonderful. How did you know she was like me?”

I told Rachel the story of this afternoon’s mishap. As I retold the story, my cock was getting harder that it already was, thanks to Rachel’s expert ministrations.

Finally, Rachel said for me to turn over. As I did, I saw that Rachel had removed her clothes and her beautiful naked body was glowing in the soft light in the room. Rachel is a lovely brunette from Kyoto. She is about 5′ 8″ in her stocking feet, 32C breasts and sported a 7″ cock that was fully erect. She was stroking her cock and I could already see some pre cum glistening from its purple tip.

“I think before we see how everyone else is doing, I think you should stop talking and suck my prick,” she said.

I quickly positioned my head and mouth so that Rachel could facefuck me. She pushed her cock into my open mouth. I could smell her unique pheromones and I my cock was getting even harder (if that was possible). Rachel slowly started casino firmalari to fuck my mouth in even, tantalizing strokes. Occasionally she would stop fucking my mouth and she would grasp her own cock and press it against her belly. I would then start licking and sucking her balls completely into my mouth. I heard her moan and say, “Yes Claude…suck my balls….now suck my cock all the way down…more….more….yes…now lick my tip…that’s it….kiss it…yes…yes……” As I pushed my tongue slightly into her pee hole a slight spurt of pre cum touched my outstretched tongue. “Oh…,” Rachel said, ” that’s it.” She squeezed her prick and a little more pre cum seeped out of her sex. I drank it all like a starving man. I started deep throating her more intensely as Rachel moved her hips. As I did this I could see Rachel pinching her nipples. First the right one, then the left one. Each time she did it she would close her eyes and moan even more. I started to stroke my own cock but Rachel told me to stop. “Save that for later. You know you want to fuck Jenny.” As she said that her own climax started. He mouth stayed open after she had uttered Jenny’s name and her cum shot in copious pulses down my throat and then across my chin and onto my chest. Rachel continued to cum as she pushed her prick down my throat one last time. I loved it. I always loved it. Rachel gives the best massages in the house. Another brilliant hire by Gina.

Rachel looked down at me, smiled and said, ” Oh, Claude. You are so hot looking right now.” She kissed me passionately on the lips and proceeded to suck and lick all the cum that was on my body back into her mouth. I opened my own mouth again and instead of her beautiful, lovely, unforgettable cock, she fed me all her cum onto my outstretched tongue. I didn’t swallow any but quickly stood up on the massage table and Rachel got on her knees and opened her mouth like a bird and I gave her back all her own cum. The tempo of our cum sharing became more fevered and inspired. Sometimes the cum would move slowly as if we were in slow-motion in a movie. Other times her cum would land on my check and she would quickly lick it up and then spit the whole wad back into my mouth. Eventually our cum play ended and we both swallowed what was left.

Rachel said, “go take another shower, sweetie. I have a feeling the night has just begun.”

(End of Part 3)

© 2016 All Rights Reserved

(Authors note: The best sign of writing hot erotica is by the time you finish, you’ve cum all over yourself and savored the cum. Hopefully I’ll share some cum soon)

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