1 Aralık 2022

The Trip: Chapter Six

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The Trip: Chapter Six
“This isn’t the way to the cabin?” I enquired

“We have a little business to take care of first” Joe Replied.

After all the activities I’d been through so far, working a shift at the bar had seemed almost as good as a holiday, but now I was tired and just wanted to get some sleep, but I knew enough not to vocalise my protest.

We arrived at a non-descript building as Joe led me through the door and up the stairs, where we were met by Kate.

“Oh good you’re here, welcome to my studio” Kate beamed

“looks like a nice set up” I offered

“I prefer to shoot outdoors, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to have a more controlled environment.

She led me through the door to a studio, it was set up for a photo-shoot, lighting rigs, tripods, and equipment everywhere and in the middle of the room was a large dining room table, set up with chairs and a few objects of furniture to look like an period English dining room.

“Here honey, you’d better slip this on”

She walked to a clothing rack and selected a French maids outfit, which she handed to me.

I quickly got dressed, black fishnet stockings, black basque, and heels, all set off by the maids outfit, Kate fixed my hair and accessories and spruced up my make-up as she explained what she wanted.

“It’s a pretty easy one tonight, just some work for a website I’m in the process of setting up with Joe and Chris, should be able to make some decent money out of it, but we need content, and that’s where you come in”

For the next hour or so I took direction from Kate, doing various poses around the set, as she took a barrage of pictures, as I tried to look as sexy as possible, I enjoyed it a lot and this was fast becoming the best day of the entire trip so far, we took a little break and Joe and bahis siteleri Chris started setting up the video equipment.

“Right, now we should be ready to begin the main event, I’ve asked a few friends to join us for the next bit.”

I had no preparation or direction for what was to come next. Kate recorded the mixture of terror and resignation on my pretty face as her friends came into the studio. Not one of them stood less than six foot three nor weighed under two hundred fifty pounds and there was no doubt as to why they were here.

They had been drinking and they were loud and aggressive and they wasted no time completely dominating the terrified sissy in the maids outfit. Within seconds I found myself nervously pulling down a zipper, even while my panties were being yanked down over my hips.

In short order I found myself on all fours in the middle of the table, whilst a large black man climbed onto the table behind me, he began probing my little white bottom with a long, erect cock. At the same time, I was holding a second black cock lightly between my fingers and licking delicately its fat, wet, dark purple head. ??

They were laughing now, as they manhandled me, comments were flying back and forth about what a good little bitch I was. There was very little subtlety in their approach. They didn’t tease me or humiliate me so much as treat me entirely as an object for their sexual satisfaction. I had often heard the term “sex-object,” of course, but never had I fully realized what being a “sex-object” really meant—or what it felt like.

Chris moved in for a close-up of the black cock now pushing in and out of my ass. Even he seemed somewhat surprised at how easily the monstrous rod of black flesh had slipped inside my pert little ass. When the perabet güvenilir mi man in my mouth started cumming, Joe stepped in to stick his camera in my face to focus on the semen escaping from my painted lips, he caught it as it spilled down my chin and through my feminized fingers as I continued to pump the man into my mouth.

One of the men not currently inside me couldn’t wait and had began jerking himself off. Now he bucked his hips, spurting his load all over my hair. The man in my ass came, his semen spilling out and soaking the tops of my stockings. He grabbed me by the waist and passed me to the man who’d been impatiently waiting his turn. I was quickly flipped onto my back, legs thrown over a new man’s shoulders, and fucked with my feet waving helplessly in the air, causing one of my shoes to come loose and fall to the floor.

Meanwhile, my mouth was once again filled with another cock while yet another spurted its hot sticky load all over my soft belly.??

I found myself coaxing a black cock to yet another monstrous erection with my soft hands, licking and kissing it, while he was soon back on his knees. sucking again, taking it up the ass, giving handjobs, and, after my other shoe had been pulled off, even frigging one cock under my soft stocking foot. The sensation of hot semen spilling over my stocking clad feet was indescribably wonderful. my own penis, which Kate had been demurely tied back with a white satin ribbon, strained to achieve an erect state. I wanted desperately to free it, or better still, to have one of my assaulters free it for me. Instead, I managed an orgasm the usual way: a long slow leakage that never seemed to properly end, but kept building and ebbing, building and ebbing.

I felt it building tipobet now, and at the same time my sphincter massaged the 10-inch hose in my ass so that the man attached to it grunted and cursed his satisfaction as yet another load of cum was squirted inside my little bum.??

Someone was holding me up now, one enormous muscular arm with tattoos wrapped around his narrow waist, lifting my body clear off the floor, my legs dangling, and I was being told by Kate to look into the camera. I mustn’t have obeyed fast enough because I felt a hand in my hair lifting my cum-drenched face towards the black lens which was zeroed right in on my dazed, rapturous expression.

The man holding me growled something about me being a dirty little bitch, a cocksucking slut, but they hadn’t hurt me, and I knew they wouldn’t. I wasn’t a threat to anyone. I was just a submissive, helpless pleasure whore. Was there a cock still inside me? ??

“Smile honey,” someone said.

I did my best to manage a grin, before the man who was holding me placed me back on the table, there were pools of semen coating its surface.

“you should know what to do by now” Kate interjected

I began to lick and slurp the pools of cum, doing my best to clean the table

“And that’s a wrap people” Kate shouted.

The room burst into spontaneous applause, as I slid off the table feeling a trickle of cum escaping my cheeks and dribbling down the back of my legs.

“You were great honey” Kate offered “We are going to make a star out of you, you are such a natural at this stuff”

I took it as a compliment, although I’m not sure it actually felt like one, Kate directed me to a room at the back of the studio where I was able to get cleaned up whilst she discussed some business with Joe and Chris.

Chris walked over to me

“Are you alright with all this?” he enquired

“It’s not like I have much of a choice” I replied

he paused for a minute staring right through me like he was trying to read something from my demeanor.

“Kara baby, there’s always a choice”

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