13 Ağustos 2022

The Third Date

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Elizabeth and Kyle had met just a few weeks prior through an online dating app and their short relationship had already been quite the passionate one. On their first date, they fucked like teenagers in the backseat of his truck and their second date a few weeks later was an all day sex-fest (on Easter sunday of all days). Could their next dates possibly match this intense energy and fire?

Elizabeth was just out of a long-term relationship when she met Kyle and she was immediately drawn to the fact that he was nothing like her ex. Kyle was good with hands, responsible, handy, take-charge, and more rural and conservative; a blue collar guy who drove a big truck, had guns, and a 4-wheeler. Her ex, on the other hand, was, to be honest, a wimpy, ineffective man who couldn’t change a lightbulb, drove a boring sedan, and definitely didn’t own a gun. His lack of ability, strength and dominance were part of the reason they had split and Elizabeth knew she didn’t want a man like her ex ever again. So, when she met Kyle, his manliness, brawn, and confidence were a major turn-on for her.

In one of their early sext exchanges, Kyle and Elizabeth had talked about some of their fantasies and Kyle had mentioned wanting to take her out on his 4-wheeler when the weather warmed up and fuck her in the woods. Never having been on a 4-wheeler or having had sex in the woods, Elizabeth was definitely excited about this fantasy and hoped for it to become a reality soon.

Just a week or so after their Easter fuck-fest, Elizabeth and Kyle had agreed to meet up one evening at his place. The days were getting longer and the weather was just beginning to warm up a bit. Kyle texted Elizabeth when she was on her way that he thought they’d have time to go out for a quick ride. When she arrived at Kyle’s, they exchanged a brief, yet passionate kiss, before he said “So, wanna go for a ride?”

Elizabeth nodded her head and was quick to respond “Yes!”

“Good,” he said, “let’s get ready to go.”

He had pulled aside one of his old jackets for her knowing that it would be a little chilly on their ride. She put on his jacket and, despite feeling a bit like a kid in the oversized coat, it felt really nice and comforting. He put on his jacket, grabbed his gloves and they headed to the 4-wheeler which was warming up outside. Having never ridden a 4-wheeler before, she was nervous, but also excited..and also curious if this would be the ride he’d been fantasizing about. She climbed onto the back seat and Kyle sat down in front of her. She wrapped her arms around him and the vibrations of the idling machine sent tingles through her.

“You good?” he asked.

“Yep,” she said. And they were off.

They took off down a road and then to a nearby trail entrance. The setting sun of the evening was streaming through the trees and the woods were noticeably cooler. Kyle was taking it slow and careful, not speeding through puddles and streams on this first 4-wheeling venture for her. Elizabeth was enjoying the ride, taking in the scenery, and delighting in the feeling of escort eryaman her body pressed up against his, comfortable in the fact that she was trusting her safety and security on him. They rode for a few more minutes, before arriving at a small, isolated lake. It was totally serene and beautiful – like a postcard image. And they were in the middle of nowhere and completely alone. Elizabeth wondered if this was where Kyle was going to seduce her.

He stopped the 4-wheeler, climbed off, gave her his hand to help her down and they walked along the rocky shore of the lake. They paused on the rocks, took in the beautiful scenery, and embraced in a passionate kiss, totally secluded and separate from the world out past these woods. This would be a great place for sex, she thought…but it also was kind of chilly! As that thought passed through her head, Kyle placed his hand in hers and walked her back along the rocks to the 4-wheeler. They climbed aboard again, and she wrapped her arms around him pressing her chest into his back. He gave her leg a quick squeeze and they were off again. He quickly drove her past another pond but the sunlight was beginning to fade through the woods and so he began to head back to the house.

“So, what’d you think?” Kyle asked her as he parked the 4-wheeler in his garage.

“That was fun! I’d do it again someday,” she replied, a little disappointed that the 4-wheeling fucking fantasy hadn’t become a reality, but also realizing that the chilly weather might not have been ideal. She knew the next time they went out for a ride though, his fantasy would come true.

They made their way inside, took off their coats and gear and dropped them on a nearby chair. He pulled her close to him, embracing her in a truly passionate kiss. In no time, their hands were ravaging each other’s bodies and fumbling at one another’s clothes. She pulled at the bottom of his shirt and lifted it over his head and then he did the same with her shirt. Then he reached down and eased off her pants and thong in one fluid motion. After she stepped out of them, she unbuttoned his pants, and with a little push, they fell to the floor. He pulled off his boxer briefs, releasing his very erect penis. They continued their heated kiss, lips meeting together and exchanging warm breaths into one another’s mouths. With their naked bodies pressed up against one another, Kyle’s hard cock was teasingly close to her now fully wet opening. His hands rested upon her hips and he guided her to the couch and directed her to lay down with her head near the armrest. He knelt on the couch, bent her legs into her chest and made his way towards her with his tongue. She gasped at the first touch of his tongue on her opening. He began with little flickers of his tongue at her entrance, before beginning longer strokes of his tongue up along her vulva lips and to her clit.

Then, back down again, lashing her with his tongue, and covering her in his saliva. He then made his way back down to her opening and enthusiastically ate her out, his mouth and tongue continually engaged elvankent escort in licks and sucks. His beard scratched a bit at her sensitive skin, but the moisture of her fluids and his saliva, softened his scratchy whiskers. His oral talent was amazing and Elizabeth was crying out at the extreme pleasure. Biting her lip, she looked down at him, and he locked eyes with her, not stopping his tongue action, but she could see the smile of satisfaction in his eyes. He loved going down on her and he didn’t plan to stop soon. When his tongue moved southward and began licking her ass, Elizabeth started crying out “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” and she couldn’t help but move her hips and pelvis in conjunction with his tongue’s dance. She reached her hands to his head, rubbing her fingers through his close cropped hair.

“I want you inside me,” she called out but he continued with his fervent tongue beating on her pussy and asshole. And then when she thought she couldn’t take it any longer, and her cries were turning to screams, he positioned himself up and pushed his hard cock into her very ready and willing opening.

“Oooooohhhh,” she cried at the feeling of his hardness filling her. He pounded into her intensely, and with her legs still bent into her chest, his cock was driving deep inside her. With each thrust, she let out a deep moan and he increased the speed and intensity. She moved her fingers down to her clit, still moistened with his saliva, and she began rubbing herself, slow circles at first, then full on powerful back and forth motions. She could feel a climax approaching and her cries indicated that.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” she yelled as a powerful orgasm rippled through her. Like an ocean, the orgasm sent waves through her body and she clenched her pelvic muscles, tightening around his cock, sending further ripples through her body.

She let out a little chuckle and Kyle gently eased out of her, and sat himself back onto the couch. He reached his hands out to her and guided her up to sitting and she leaned to him, bringing her lips to his and embracing in another passionate kiss.

After a quick breather, Elizabeth then pushed Kyle onto his back, his head near the couch’s other armrest. She wiggled herself back a bit so she was positioned in between his legs and slowly brought her tongue to his hardness. Still wet with her fluids, she tasted them as she made a long sweeping stroke of her tongue up the length of his cock from the base to the tip and then repeated that motion again, adding her saliva to the juices on him. His cock made movements as her tongue tickled the head and so she steadied it with her right hand. She then encircled his cock with her lips, moving them down past the head and then back up again, making tickling motions with her tongue on the sensitive tip. Her fingers now grasped his shaft tighter and began moving up and down in motion with her mouth.

After a few strokes, she looked up at him, released her mouth from its grip and licked the head, making eye contact with him as she did. He smiled etimesgut escort back at her and then collapsed his head back onto the armrest as she continued her sucking and stroking actions. As much as she wanted to bring him to his release, she was getting more and more turned on with his dick in her mouth and wanted him back inside her soon. She made a few more strong licks with her tongue from the base to the head and then made circling motions with her tongue around the tip before releasing her mouth from his cock and making her way back up to his lips.

Her mouth was full of moisture and, as they exchanged a long, wet kiss, she positioned herself onto him, easing his dick into her still very wet opening. As she filled herself with his manhood, she let out a deep, satisfied sigh and lay her chest down onto his. She pulsed her muscles around his cock and then started grinding and making circling motions on him. The sensation was so pleasurable as her clit was rubbing against his body. He then brought his hands to her hips and used them to help guide her up and down on his cock. With this repetitive motion on her clit, her breaths were steadily increasing and she was reaching another climax. She tightened her legs close together and clenched her butt and leg muscles – a sure fire way for her to orgasm – and, in no time, she was crying out in ecstasy again. And with this added tightness on his cock, Kyle was furiously guiding her hips up and down now. He then let out a deep gasp, followed by another, before he released a guttural sigh as he let loose his warm cum into her. Elizabeth pulsed her muscles again on his cock, sending tingles through the both of them before he eased out of her, releasing a small flood of his fluid as he did. She collapsed off to the side of him and let out a deep sigh.

“I’ll go get a towel,” he said with a little laugh.

As they cleaned up, Elizabeth caught sight of the clock and realized she’d need to leave soon.

“That was fun,” she said to him, still a little out of breath and with a twinkle in her eye.

“Definitely,” he said while nodding his head. “And we’ll totally have to go out on another ride when it’s even warmer,” he added.

Elizabeth collected her clothes from the floor and got dressed and reluctantly headed to the door. She turned to Kyle to give him a good night kiss and he, still naked, pulled her into him and smothered her with a deep kiss that practically took her breath away. She brought her hands to rest on his hips and surrendered to his embrace. With his hands cradling her face, their lips and tongues practically melted together. She let out a little moan as she moved her hands southward and grabbed ahold of his firm ass. She gave it a squeeze and chuckled a little and he smiled in return. As much as she didn’t want to end this make out session, she had a long drive ahead of her and it was only getting later.

“Ok, I really gotta go,” she said a little sadly, “but see you again soon?”

He nodded his head in eager confirmation and wished her a good night. They left each other’s embrace and gave one final kiss before she headed out towards her car. She hated to leave, but was also excited about what adventures lay ahead for the two of them.


Follow Elizabeth and Kyle’s adventures in The Fourth Date

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