4 Aralık 2022

The Tailor’s Shop

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The Tailor’s Shop
A friend of mine was getting married and I didn’t have a suit so I discussed the options with Lisa over breakfast, “My friend Danni works in a tailor shop Dad” she said, “I am sure she will get you a good deal, let me call her” she continued, well I had no other ideas and I needed one so I let her make the call.
We finished breakfast and I ran up for a shower and on my return Lisa told me that I was in luck, Danni was happy for me to call and would sort me out with a nice suit, she told me to go along at 2pm this afternoon, the shop was O’Malleys and was on a side street behind Tesco.
I threw on a tee shirt and a pair of shorts and headed off into town. I found the shop along a back street and the town wasn’t very busy and I entered the shop to be greeted by Danni, “Hello, you must be Lisa’s Dad” she said with a smile. I looked at her, she must have been about Lisa’s age, dark hair, a plain but pretty face, she wore a light blue blouse with O’Malley’s logo on her left tit and a skirt cut just above the knee.
“What are you looking for Sir?” she said pleasantly, “Oh, call me Frank” I said, “I need a 3-piece suit for a wedding” I continued, “No problem Frank, What size?” well I had no idea on sizes so had to be honest with her. “No Problem” she said, “I will get my tape measure and we will soon have you sorted” and off she went searching through a drawer.
Now this shop was quite small and Danni was in there on her own, there were racks of suits, shirts and other accessories lining the walls and two fitting cubicles with shabby curtains.
“Do you want the full package?” she asked which confused me, “Full package?” I asked looking puzzled, “That would be shirt, tie, socks, shoes and underwear” she explained which gave me food for thought. “Yes, why not, I could do with a new set” I replied with a smile.
She took me over to the corner of the shop by the fitting cubicles and armed with her tape and clipboard she reached up and put the tape round my neck, she was on tip toe and was close, I could smell her perfume which was quite nice and I felt her boob against my chest as she reached and took the measurement, “17 inch around the neck” she said as she wrote on her pad.
“Arms up” she said as she reached around me and took my chest measurement, “44 inch” she said as she noted it down. “Slip off your tee shirt, so I can get an accurate measure of your chest for your shirt” she said with a very professional look on her face and as I pulled it off I am sure she muttered a ‘Mmm’ under her breath, as she reached around me her hand brushed my nipple and sent a shiver down my spine and a stir in my loins, “Hmm, 43 inch” she said and noted that down.
As I stood there topless she handed me the clipboard as she got on her knees to do my waist as she reached around me she nearly had a face full of groin, I tried to keep kaçak iddaa my composure, “That’s 36 inch” she said asking me to write it on the pad, she then tugged slightly at my shorts so she could get at my hips and it then became obvious to her that I had no underwear on and as she held the tape her fingers brushed my pubic hair which was now visible above my waistband.
She was being very professional about her task, “Lastly we need your inside leg Frank” she said as she held one end of the tape at my foot and run the other up the inside of my leg, I am not sure if she meant it but her hand went up the inside of my shorts and kind of lingered for a second or two and I could definitely feel her hand touch my balls, I was really fighting arousal by this point and just glad she chose that leg, “Hmm, 32 inch” she said and then my worst fears were realised as she then said, “Better check the other one too” and proceeded to do the same with the other leg, no longer could I hold the arousal and as her hand went up inside the other leg of my shorts I could definitely feel her hand touch my cock, there was no mistaking it as her hand lingered for a bit longer this time forcing my arousal to become more evident, “Oh I am so sorry” I blurted out. “Don’t worry” she said, “You are only human” and we both giggled as she removed her hand and took the clipboard allowing me time to regain my dignity.
Danni handed me a couple of packs of boxer briefs, not the usual types I wear but a change is as good as a rest. “Try these on” she said and pointed me to one of the cubicles, “I will find you a shirt” and she walked over to a rack of shirts to search for my size. I went into the cubicle and pulled the curtain across but it still left a big gap and removed my shorts, standing naked in the cubicle I could clearly see Danni as she searched for my size of shirt. I pulled a pair of briefs on and they were tight and as I looked in the mirror I saw Danni approaching empty handed, she pulled the curtain back and said “How are they” while looking down and clearly seeing my package inside the tight cotton briefs. She smiled at me, “they look a bit tight” and she laughed and I thought that her seeing me and my obvious arousal it was obvious they were. She suggested I try the others as she got a step ladder to get a box down from the top shelf as no shirts of my size were on the rack.
As I pulled the briefs off and again standing naked again I saw Danni get up the ladder, she must have been only about 4 feet away and I had a good view of her legs and as she reached to get a box her skirt rode up giving me a wonderful view of her tight pink panties, so tight that they were forced up into the crack of her arse and her bulging pussy between her legs was in full view. She didn’t see me looking and as she started to come down I pulled the other kaçak bahis pair of briefs up into place, much better and more comfy thank the previous pair.
She came up to me with a shirt and looked down at the briefs, there was no way I could hide my obvious arousal but she just looked at me “very nice Frank, those fit much better” she said with a smile while I posed for her. “Turn around and let’s see how the back fits” she said and as I did so I could see her in the mirror and felt her hand run over the cheeks of my arse, this only made my erection worse, “Great” she said and as I turned back she handed me a shirt to try on. She watched as I buttoned it up but her eyes were diverting to my erection hidden in the briefs. “Mmm, that looks good” she said and I wasn’t sure if she was talking about the shirt, which fitted fine or the bulge in my pants.
“Let me put the box back and find a suit for you” she said and then proceeded to climb the ladder again with the box, I think this time she knew I was looking as she took her time and the view up her skirt was just as nice as before.
“Do you want to try the boxer shorts too” she said getting a pack off the shelf and handing them to me, I nodded and took them and slowly took off the briefs surprised that she stood there watching, as the briefs came off my cock sprung out but she showed no emotion as I stood there in just a shirt and a hard on, I slipped the shorts on and asked her how they looked, “Much more room in those” she said with a girlish smile and I had to agree, they were much more comfortable and roomy.
She handed me a pair of trousers and I pulled them on but they were way too small, “That’s strange” she said as I pulled them off taking the boxers down with them and again my cock springing out under the shirt, “Oops” I said laughing as I handed them back to her and pulled up the boxers, “Let me double check the sizing again” she said getting on her knees in front of me with tape in hand. As she reached around me with the tape her head got dangerously close to my bulge which was quite visible at the front but she took the measurement again and confirmed it, “Hmm” she said as she then held one end to my foot and the other up the inside of the shorts, this time she lingered a bit longer and I again felt her warm hand on my balls and again I heard a muffled “Mmm” from her.
As she stood up I could see the nipples poking through her blouse, an obvious sign of her enjoyment and she went off to get the trousers and this time came back with a pair that fitted perfectly apart from the obvious bulge at the front.
I did a twirl for her and again she felt around my arse but this time went between my legs feeling my balls, “The back fits perfectly“, she said as I turned back round, and she felt the front feeling my cock and then again between my legs at my balls. güvenilir bahis “Perfect” she said with a smile.
“Be careful with the zipper” she said laughing but wary of me catching my erect cock as I took them off.
“Oh hang on” she said handing me a jacket, “Nearly forgot”. I slipped the jacket on and again a perfect fit and she looked at me and smiled.
She went back to the counter while I disrobed and I saw her peeking at me out of the corner of her eye but I pretended I didn’t notice and just as I was pulling the briefs down she walked back and asked if I had ever tried a thong, “Not a man’s one” I said with a wink and a smile, “Hang on then” she said and threw me another pack with a thong in it.
Danni went back to the counter to finish writing up the order and I slipped the briefs off and pulled up the thong very conscious that Danni was looking out the corner of her eye, I turned to face the mirror and have to say they looked quite good and were comfortable apart from the fact I still had a boner, I saw Danni approach from behind, “Wow!, they look good” she said and I saw her smiling, “Let me just check the fit” she said as I felt her fingers caressing my cheeks and then a finger ran up and down my crack two or three times before coming to a stop at my arse hole where she gently prodded before putting her hands between my legs and cupping my balls, “Fits perfect Frank, turn around” she said and I immediately obeyed however my cock had got considerably harder by now.
She stared down at me and it was hard to keep my throbber concealed, I am sure she muttered something like ‘Damn’ under her breath as she reached out and again cupped my balls before slowly running her hand up the length of my cock, I nearly cum there and then and could see a little damp patch as I leaked some pre-cum. “Front looks, I mean fits perfectly too” she said with a giggle as she turned and walked back to the counter leaving me in limbo which was probably just as well as another customer walked in the shop.
The guy was a little older than me and as he walked past the cubicle to the counter he had a glance in through the curtain at me in a state of undress and smiled. I took my time and had another look at myself in the mirror knowing that Danni was peeping and the other guy had acknowledged my existence.
I took off the thong and stood there naked and could see Danni was looking while she spoke to the other customer and I heard him say “Oh, did I disturb something?”, while glancing in my direction, “Oh No” Danni said, “He is just fitting for a new outfit”.
I slipped on my tee shirt and shorts and walked up to the counter and stood next to the other customer who smiled at me while looking down at my now semi erect bulge in my shorts, “I’ll take a pack of these too” I said putting the thong on the counter.
“I will put your order together for you Frank” Danni said with a smile, “I can deliver it tonight on my way home”, well that comment just blew me away, “That would be brilliant” I said knowing that in the privacy of my home things could or would get interesting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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