30 Kasım 2022

The Stepsister Part 7

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The Stepsister Part 7

~~Start of Part 7~~

I whispered back, “amazing is only half of it, she gets our sense of humor and jabs back…and she is pretty easy on the eyes too.” I chuckle a little and sis gives me a kiss on the hand. Just then Mandy chimes in, “I give a great blow job too, don’t forget that!!” I jump, Sis starts laughing very hard and Mandy grabs my nipple and squeezes lightly…I wince, and sis starts laughing harder…

Mandy is obviously awake…she untangles from the knot she put us in and gets up. She moves over just in front of me, flips up her skirt, pulls down her panties and in perfect Hustler mag style, looks over her shoulder at me and says, “Since little bro got such a nice show, I should only make sure my boyfriend gets the best show right?” I reach out and give her a little tap on her right cheek and she makes a shivering motion and says, “Don’t start foreplay unless you are ready to finish it young man!” Sis explodes in laughter now, and I turn a little red. Mandy pulls her panties up and continues into the bathroom.

Sis slides over next to me and puts an arm around my neck and looks at me and says, “How you doing bro? Been quite a few days for you?”

I look at her and say, “Pretty good actually, I hope you are not too upset about me asking Amanda to be my girlfriend…”

She looks at me with an interesting look I have not seen before and says, “I am not upset at all, you two are pretty amazing together and I would not want anyone else in the world to be with you or her. You and I can’t ‘take it to the next level’ without some massive upheaval in our entire family and I love you dearly, but I do not want to do that to everyone. Do you understand?”

I nod yes. Mandy comes back in and can see we are having a serious talk and sits down in the chair in front of me. She looks at sis with a questioning look… sis says, “He thought I was upset because he asked you to be his girlfriend…” Mandy looks at me and puts her hand on my knee and says, “Honey I love you to bits, but I would never come between you and Sis for anything. She is my Sister too you know…”

I look at Mandy puzzled, and she can tell I am lost and says, “yes, I am your girlfriend…but I would die if that meant that you two could not still explore the things you have waited so many years to explore together. Sis had mentioned to me a few times she was pretty sure you would be very interested in me once we met. I told her then as I am telling you both now, regardless of any titles involved with anyone, you two have my explicit permission and genuine hope that you continue to explore each other until you are both satisfied.”

I look at sis “yes, we can still discover things on our own. Unless it makes you uncomfortable, then we will stop.” Mandy looks at me and says, “absolutely, I want that to continue.”

They can both see the excitement and joy in my eyes, and I say, “are you both sure about this? I do not want to hurt either one of you…even if it means I get nothing from here on out, I want you two to stay friends.”

Sis gives me a hug and Mandy moves over on her knees now in front of me and gives me a hug too. Mandy says, “yes we are both completely ok with this and do not want it to be any other way. Do you trust me too?” I nod yes, and she says, “Ok, then it is settled. Do not worry about it and we are big girls we know what we are asking of you and what it means for each of us.”

Sis decides to tease me a little and says, “just be careful when you pull the vibe out of her butt, remember it does not slam closed…” Mandy looks are her with wide eyes and she giggles a little and looks at me as I am turning 10 shades of red…Sis continues, “we had a minor slip up…shall we say, when we were trying anal for the first time…he thought my butt was going to snap shut after he pulled out the vibe and was trying to get in me, so he pushed down a little harder than he should have.”

Mandy looks at my crotch and remembers last night and says, “are you ok hon?” Sis looks at her and says, “of course I am, I was just expecting the head to go in and we ended up with about 1/3 of him in me straight off the bat…it was little canlı bahis siteleri shocking for the first time”

I give sis a hug and say, “I really am sorry, I was not being an asshole…bad choice of words there…[they both laugh at my wording] I was not trying to hurt you, I just did not expect it.” She acknowledges it and says, “I am fine hon. I know you were not trying to hurt me or just slam it in because you were excited.”

I look at Mandy and then back at sis and smile and say, “you want me to kiss it and make it better?” we all laugh, and sis stands up and drops her panties and flips her skirt up over her beautiful cheeks, bends over right in my face and says, “yes…” I did not pause, I kissed her cute little hole and gave each cheek a kiss too, and not to be out done I put my finger up on her clit and slowly slid it all the way down, going into her and then ending at her cute little hole. Sis let out a little moan as I entered her and looked at me smiling.

Mandy looks over at me and says, “that was very fucking hot hon! I think I just came!” She puts her hand in her panties and comes back with a very wet finger and puts it in my mouth… “that taste about right to you?” I suck on it and say, “yep that is my Mandy girl.” She gives me a big smile and then makes sure her finger is clean by putting in her mouth and getting any I may have missed.

Sis pulls her panties back up and sits down on the couch next me again and Mandy goes over and sits next to sis. Now I am sitting there on the couch with a massive hard on going and they are talking about something with each other. Sis looks over and notices the ‘tent’ I am pitching and nudges Mandy who looks over too.

Mandy gets up while I am still replaying what just happened with my stepsister and my girlfriend in my head and comes over in front of me and kneels down. I finally realize she is now in front me again and between my legs. She is gently rubbing my shorts right over my now pulsing cock. She looks over at sis and their inner circle messaging is working again as she winks and puts her hands up my short legs and gets a hold of my cock.

I look down at her and then at sis and say, “sorry, that was just very exciting, and tasting Mandy on top of it was too much. I could not keep him down.” I frown thinking I was acting like a little boy and not a man for these two women. Mandy looks at me with those big brown eyes and a very cute smile on her face and says, “What’s wrong? You think we are upset that made you excited and got you hard?”
I nod my head yes.
Sis looks over at me and says, “What did I tell you about not being ashamed of being turned on by a woman, or women in this case…” “Never be ashamed to let a woman(women) know you desire them and think they are sexy…remember?” I nod my head yes.

At this point Mandy wrestles my shorts off and lets them fall to the floor. She is gently and slowly moving her hands up and down my shaft as Sis is moving around. I look over to see her pulling her skirt and panties off and she looks at me says, “boobs out or shirt on?” I look at Mandy and say, “out please…” Mandy gives me a smile and then takes me into her mouth all the way down. I lean my head back and get ready for another amazing blow job when she pulls her mouth off of me and I feel Sis’s legs on each side of mine.

I raise my head just in time to see Mandy holding my cock straight up as Sis sits down on my cock and takes me the whole way inside of her. We both let out a little moan and sis leans forward so her large breasts are now touching my face and arches her back a little. WOW, we both let out a little louder moan and this feels amazing.

Mandy moves over next my left side on the couch, and she gets her skirt and panties off too and lays down on the couch. She looks at me and asks, “would you like to watch me playing with my pussy while your sister fucks your brains out?” Sis can tell that was a little too much for me at the moment and reaches down really fast with her hand and grabs the base of my cock and tells Mandy, “Too much hon, he nearly came with that one!” Mandy nods her head and just starts to gently rub perabet her clit and then pops her tits out from under bra and massages them slowly with her other hand.

Sis looks down at me while slowly moving up and down on my cock and says, “You ok with this or we need to change something?”

I look up at her and she can tell by the look in my eyes I am more than ok with this…I say, “No everything is good, but I am not sure how long I going to be able to keep from cumming!” Sis takes a couple of more stokes up and down and then lifts off of me. I am worried I did something wrong and look at her and say, “did I say the wrong thing?” She looks at me and says with reassuring eyes, “nothing at all hon! This is just a lot to take all at once and we will get there. We can practice more, but I do not want to leave you with this hard on either…”

Sis kneels down in front of me and already having my cock in her as gotten her very excited as well and she leans over and takes my entire cock in to her mouth and then stops when I hit the back of her throat. Wait, I know what….just then she humms like Mandy did and once again I am seeing stars and explode into her beautiful mouth just like I did with Mandy a few hours earlier.

I raise my head and am finally able to focus and know where I am again, and I see Sis and Mandy knelt in front of me with wide smiling eyes and they are both very happy it appears. I look at them and said, “sorry, that humm thing you two do, gives me the most amazing orgasm you would not believe it…I see stars and kind of am out of it.”

They both nod their heads at me, and sis says, “That is what happened to us when you figured out how to massage our G spots hon. Mandy got a little excited this afternoon and wanted to try this humm idea and well, you seemed to react favorably, so I wanted to try too…” she continues, “one of my fantasies with you is to be riding you while Mandy is playing with herself and teasing you as I am getting to feel all your reactions from it.”
I look at them and say, “well I tried very hard, but being inside you and watching her playing with herself and the amazing faces she was making was too much…if you had not grabbed my cock right then I would have shot you off me with the cum I felt like was building up in me.”

Sis grins at me and says, “tell me about it, Mandy came over and helped me get it all, I could not take any more and she took over.” Mandy winked at me and ran her tongue across her teeth and made a kissing motion. “you must have pumped out cum at least 6 or 7 times and it was amazing hon!”

I looked at them and got ready to say something and then got embarrassed and turned red in the face…

Sis looks at me and says, “ok out with it, do you really think you have anything you need to be embarrassed about with us?’ I nod my head and decide I might as well confess it… “The only other time I had cum that much was the first time I jacked off at about 12 when I stole some of your panties and was laying there in my bed smelling and licking them and thinking how amazing it would be to just get to lick your pussy once, and all of a sudden I started cumming, first time by the way, and I thought I had messed something up bad….I pumped cum out like 6 or 7 times and it was all over me and the bed and I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital or something and would be caught and mom and dad were going to kill me…”

Sis and Mandy look at me with these loving eyes and sis says, “you were not doing anything wrong hon, you think I never laid there in bed thinking about having you show me how much loved me?” “I did quite a bit, and I know Mandy also did this all the time when she was younger too.” Mandy nods her head yes. They can see the look of relief on my face and both lean over and give me a kiss on the leg. Sis continues, “thank you for sharing that with us, hon. I know that must have been very scary for you.”

I say, “I just did not want you two beautiful women to think I was some kind of perverted guy…”

Mandy looks at me and says, “Your sisters’ underwear was the first time you came right?” I nod yes, she continues, “well that perabet giriş is obviously a very deep and cherished memory you have of her and something you two have and know about each other now. I think it is very sweet that you were worried about telling us.”

Sis looks over at me and says, “wait…was it that pair of blue ones that had the butterfly type of design across the front?” I get red again and nod yes… sis says, “oh my god…” I get a worried look on my face and Mandy see’s it and grabs my hand and puts her hand on sis back…sis says, “I bet I know why…it is about the right time…did you notice there was a lot of moistness to them when you got them?” I nod yes. “the timing is amazing hon, I had just played with myself in those the night before for quite a while because I thought they were the ones you would have liked the best that I had at the time…and well I must have cum 2 or 3 times in them and then fell asleep in them that night.” “I dreamed about you that whole night coming in and seeing me in those and shutting the door and climbing in bed with me and we had sex all night in that dream.” “I woke up in the morning and my bed was so wet I thought I peed it something…” “but when I got up, I felt like you and I had just shared something special and were very close.”

Sis gets up from the floor and comes over and gives me a huge hug with her tits flopping around on my chest and driving me crazy of course. I kiss her back and she sits down on my leg and looks at Mandy and says, “can you believe that the very next day after I had just filled those panties with enough cum for life two lifetimes…he sneaks in my room and finds them and then uses them to have his first orgasm as a young man?” Sis looks back me and gives me a big hug and kiss and I notice my leg is getting very wet. Mandy notices too as it is starting to run down my leg and on to the carpet and says, “you two are amazing” and she looks at sis and says, “yes I am dripping too, that is so fucking cool you two are that closely connected!” I start to feel a little uncomfortable because sis and I are having this moment and it does not include Mandy…who I really do love as well.

I motion Mandy to come with us, and we all go into the bedroom and sit on the bed. I look at them and say I need talk ok? Sis and Mandy say ok and look at me. I look at Mandy and say, “I am really sorry I did not know it was going to turn out that way, I thought you were both going to look at me with horrified faces and I would be beating myself to death for even mentioning it…” Mandy can tell I am struggling with having had this amazing moment with sis and it was not about her, the woman I had just asked to be my girlfriend and love me.

Sis was getting ready to say something, but Mandy waved her off and said, “Hon, I know you two are amazingly star crossed lovers…I knew it about half way though our freshman year together…If you were even half as sweet and caring as she described you, then you were going to be amazing to be around.” “I don’t want to have her experience with you, I want you to give me our experience together because I know it is going to be amazing and just as awesome.”

Sis leaned over and gave Mandy a hug and then looked at me and said, “I told you he really loved you or would not have asked you to be his girlfriend…he does not play with this stuff, if he says it he means it Mandy. And once again we are sitting here because of his ‘feelings’ for you and wanting to make sure you are included.”

Mandy looks over at sis and says, “I knew, you were downplaying how really sweet he is…he is going to spoil us for the rest of our lives…but it is worth it!”

Sis gets a grin on her face that I know means she is up to no good, and by that I mean something really erotic is about to happen…She goes over to her dresser and pulls out something, I can’t see what it is and comes over to the bed and sits back down. Mandy’s eyes get wide and look very excited and I say, “ok what did you do now sis…”

She finally reveals what she has to me…it is those same pair of panties I stole from her all those years ago, her hips are slightly wider now, but they will fit perfect on Mandy’s very tall and slim body…She looks at me and says, “would you like to bring Mandy into your pantie club?” She looks at me and grins, Mandy is looking on anxiously and waiting for my answer…

~~End of part 7~~

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