19 Nisan 2024

The Shower

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I hear the shower starting so I wait a few minutes until I know you are in it and I come into the bathroom, taking my clothes off as I do. I climb in behind you and slide my hand down your back to your pussy. Using my fingertips I start to tease you, getting you nice and wet. I slide a finger into you, feeling how wet you are. Grasping your shoulders I push you over and slide my cock into you, pushing you up against the wall with the force. You place both hands on the wall pushing yourself back into my hard pounding cock. I lean forward and bite your shoulder as I pound hard inside you. Then you move your hand down and start rubbing your clit, occasionally reaching back to play with my balls. Even in the shower I can tell I am sweating like crazy as I drive into you. I grab your hair and thrust harder into you, using my other hand I start pinching your nipple.

I pull out of you and climb out of the shower, pulling you with me. As you step out of the shower I push you down over the sink and slide just the tip in. escort bayan I keep just sliding the tip in and pulling out, you look back at me and tell me you want me all the way inside you, so I smile and inch it in a little further, moving slow, as you look back forward I pull all the way out, making you gasp. You start to turn your head back at me and I bury myself all the way inside you, making you gasp. I grab hold of your shoulders and use them to go faster and harder inside you. I can tell I am about to cum so I slow down some and pull out, stroking myself I shoot it all over your back.

We then get back in the shower and wash each other off. When we finish this I grab you and pull you to the bedroom, reaching it I spin you around and lay you down on the bed. I slide down and start licking your clit, sucking it into my mouth. I pull back some and force you to turn over on your belly, putting a pillow under your hips to raise you up in the air some. After you get into position I lean down and slide nilüfer escort my tongue along your asshole, sliding to fingers into your wet pussy. You are moaning my name and clutching the sheets in your hands as I continue. I start moving back and forth from your pussy to your ass with my tongue. Focusing back on your pussy, I slowly slide a finger into your ass. I pull back and force you to turn over again, pushing your legs back up, I start licking your pussy again. I reach for your dildo and slide it into your pussy as I take your clit in my mouth. Pushing it in and out of you I slide a finger back into your ass. This sends you over the edge and you cum hard, screaming and moaning.

As your orgasm slows, I pull the dildo out of you and put you back on your knees, forcing you to lay your head on the bed. I slide my cock into your wet pussy and just leave it there. I take my finger and start teasing your ass again, working my finger into it. I slowly move in and out of you, sliding altıparmak escort another finger into your ass. You start to moan and bite the pillow, loving my attentions on you. I pull my cock out of your pussy and slide the dildo back in, pushing it in as far as it can go, after I do this I put the tip of my cock at the entrance of your ass, slowly pushing my way inside. Once I am all the way in, I slowly start to slide in and out of you, telling you to use the dildo while I do this. You feel so good I know I won’t last long this time, and start fucking you harder. You are moaning, using the dildo, as I thrust in and out of you.

I pause for a minute and pull out, turning you onto your side. Grabbing the dildo I pull it out of you as well. Sliding my cock into your pussy I grab your top leg and put it up on my shoulder. I start thrusting hard and fast, loving how wet and tight your pussy feels on my cock. I keep thrust and reach up to grab your nipple, pinching it. You tell me you are about to cum, so I speed up, pounding hard into you, as your orgasm rocks you I feel your tighten hard on my cock, sending me into orgasm. I thrust deep inside you and stop, shooting inside your tight pussy. After I finish I pull out slowly and lay beside you, taking you in my arms and holding you tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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