30 Kasım 2022

The Resort Part – Rachel’s Odyssey

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The Resort Part – Rachel’s Odyssey
Rachel entered the large room through two heavy wood oak doors that opened in the middle. The sign just outside the door said Spa Retreat. “It was just as the brochure had shown,” she thought to herself, but only nicer.
Rachel had never been to a resort before; and was surprised by the spaciousness of what she imagined a simple spa room might look like.
“This room is bigger than my entire house,” she said softly while standing in semi awe. She thought it reminded her of pictures she had seen of celebrity homes; or maybe something out of a magazine spread for “Architectural Digest.”
The room was a very large space spanning at least forty to fifty feet across. Looking towards the ceiling Rachel estimated it must have been at least two stories high but maybe higher. She counted at least ten elegant chandeliers gracefully hanging in different spots to provide all the lighting this space would ever need. Walking slowly around the room she observed all of the décor to be of very high quality. She periodically ran her hands over the expensive looking furnishings as she strolled past. She noticed two large wood etched pillars that stretched from floor to ceiling that seemed to be supporting the structure. Both looked like they were placed in a perfect location to frame the ocean view leading out to the terrace that one would immediately see when they entered the room.
The space had one wall that was half moon shaped or circular, with large windows following the entire length of its gentle curve. Each window stood at least twelve feet high and six feet across with little to no wall space separating them. This created the appearance of one continuous window that followed the entire contour of the wall. They were also two large French glass doors that split the curved wall in half, leading out to a beautiful stone terrace that had views of the blue ocean for miles in every direction.
The floor of the room was no less ornate. It consisted of thick high end glossy stone tile, with elaborate designs etched into the center of each stone. Rachel thought it was similar to something she had seen in an art book depicting a Roman bath house from centuries ago. The rest of the space was just as exquisite with high end art on the walls, and statues perfectly placed in every nook and cranny of this palatial retreat.
Rachel could not help herself from the nagging feeling that she did not belong. She worried that there might be some unforeseen etiquette she was not following due to her being out of her element. She compared it to her first glass of wine at a fancy restaurant, when the waiter unexpectedly handed her the cork to smell as is customary; with her having no clue on what to do with it.
“Relax girl, you’re on vacation. Get out of your head,” she said quietly but out loud; trying to calm her sudden anxiety.
A steady breeze was cutting through the room through the open terrace doors. It brought with it an ocean fragrance that was delighting Rachel’s senses. She paused and took a deep breath filling her lungs with the clean fresh air.
Scanning the room some more, she saw one large massage table nearest to one of the windows facing out to the ocean; and two smaller ones nearby. Just a few feet away there was a spread of what looked to be various tropical fruits and mini sandwiches placed decoratively on a table. There was three clear glass pitchers of different colored liquids with drinking glasses stacked neatly nearby. She walked up closer to the table to see if anything appealed to her and noticed the fruit spread was coated with a white sugary glaze that looked very edible. In the background she could hear soft Hawaiian or Calypso style music that seemed to perfectly round out this beautiful set up.
Rachel immediately found her hips swaying a bit as she stood looking out the doors to the ocean. She started to quietly hum along with the catchy tune playing softly in the background, as she strolled some more around the premise. She reminded herself to inquire who the artist on the recording was when she was leaving; thinking it would make for a nice memory of the trip when she returned home. The music seemed to have a way of calming her nerves while she continued to immerse herself in the sights and sounds of everything around her.
Rachel then walked through the French doors leading her outside onto the stone terrace. She looked out at the water and wondered if Tim was anywhere in sight. She never thought of him as much of a fisherman, but how could he pass up the opportunity to fish off a beautiful luxury yacht for free. Fishing was not her thing; and he never mentioned it as something he was interested in. But she did hope he was enjoying himself.
Rachel took in another deep breath, filling her lungs with the ocean breezes that were softly pampering her body. She thought about the resort restaurant where she and Tim had attended dinner last night soon after their arrival on the island. She smiled to herself pondering the unlikely events of the evening that brought her to this point of good fortune.
“A small mistake on a dinner order,” she shook her head in disbelief while pondering the thought.
Rachel and Tim had both just sat down to dinner and ordered the lobster, but both orders came back wrong. She received a Tuna dish of some sort, and Tim got Sea Bass.
She laughed to herself with the over the top response they received from the owner when they told their waiter of the error. The restaurant manager was so apologetic they both ended up feeling uncomfortable, and wished they had said nothing. The incorrect dishes looked very tasty anyway. They figured they should have just ate what was placed before them and been happy with that.
“Sir…Madam….I want to apologize for such a blatant and disrespectful error.” said the manager, who Rachel could not recall his name. “I assure you this is not common place in our humble establishment, and you will be compensated greatly for your inconvenience.” the manger continued.
Rachel was the first to respond. “Really, it’s no big deal.” offering a genuine smile. “It’s ok,” pausing for a second. “It’s just a small little mistake,” she continued in a very sympathetic tone.
Tim agreed while gently waving his hand indicating it was ok. “It’s really alright,” he said following Rachel’s sentiment.
The manger quietly whispered instructions to the waiter who was patiently standing nearby; then both turned and walked back into the kitchen after thanking Rachel and Tim for their kindness.
Shortly thereafter the waiter re appeared perfectly balancing a large circular tray on one of his broad shoulders. Rachel’s first thought was how easy he appeared to control such a large platter with little to no effort. She quickly moved to assist him by pushing the tables’ decorative center piece to one side allowing him easier access to the space. He then gracefully placed each oversized plate in front of the eager couple. This feat of acrobatics was all done under the watchful eye of the manger who stood just a few feet back.
“Why, thank you madam,” the waiter stated acknowledging her assistance.
Rachel smiled and looked wide eyed at the feast placed before her.
“You are so welcome,” she cheerfully responded.
The Lobster was beautiful and large. She clumsily tried to guess how much it might weigh, but figured it had to be at least ten pounds. It was a bright red color, and had very large claws that she was eager to taste its contents. The magnificent delicacy was placed in the center of a large plate resting on top of some type of wild rice. The outer edges of the plate were lined with various pineapple wedges and coconut slivers that looked so fresh they may have just been picked directly from the tree.
The manger soon approached asking “Is everything to both of your liking now?” while standing with his feet together leaning forward with both hands clasped behind his back.
Tim spoke up immediately, “Wow, this looks great.” “Thank you.”
“You’re so very welcome sir,” the manger smiled, seemingly happy now that there order was correct.
“And you madam, is all to your satisfaction?” Shifting his weight while turning in Rachel’s direction while still slightly leaning forward.
“Everything is perfect, thank you again,” she spoke in a very appreciative tone.
“Very well, enjoy,” the manager replied, standing straight up again; then turning to walk back into the kitchen.
Rachel looked down at her plate and whispered to Tim “I hope I can figure out how to eat a whole lobster without causing a scene,” she said while giggling.
Tim replied with a smile “I hear ya,” while at the same time lifting his drink and reaching forward to clank Rachel’s glass, with both taking long sips of their tasty beverages.
Another sixty minutes or so had passed with the waiter coming and going attending to the tasks of bringing their additional drinks back and forth, clearing various plates, and keeping their ice water glasses topped off. Both Rachel and Tom were now feeling very full from the tasty feast they both had just consumed. Seemingly on queue they both leaned back on their comfortable wicker chairs and let out long exhales indicating there were both very satisfied.
“God I’m stuffed,” Tim stated while patting his stomach.
“When we get back to the villa I am getting out of these clothes and kick back and relax.” Tim stated through a yawn.
“I’ll try not to fall asleep on you,” Rachel said already feeling the sleepy effects of a full day of travel and a completely full stomach.
“Don’t worry hon, we have another week and a half to get rowdy.” Tom winked at his blushing wife.
“Ok then its settled. Let’s get a good night sleep tonight and start fresh in the morning.” Rachel said while nodding her head as if in agreement.
The waiter came by one last time and asked, “Room for desert?” Both Rachel and Tim politely declined in unison. The waiter then said “My manager would like to offer you a parting gift, and asked if you would kindly wait before leaving so he can have a word with you both.”
“Sure that would be fine,” Rachel responded with one eye brow raised.
“A parting gift?” “What do you think that means?” she quizzically asked Tim.
“Who knows honey? Maybe it will be a Lay like the ones they give people when arriving on flights in Hawaii?” Tim said while shrugging his shoulders.
“What do you know about planes arriving in Hawaii?” Rachel k**ded; stretching out her long leg and playfully dragging her foot up the inseam of Tim’s calf.
The manger once again appeared. This time he stood erect with his feet together and one hand clasped over the other, obviously prepared to make some sort of pronouncement.
“Sir and Madam, I just got off the phone with the owner who periodically checks in to ask about how the guests might be enjoying their stay. I informed him of the mishap earlier and he wants the chance to make it up to you.”
Rachel immediately chimed in, “That really isn’t necessary sir. Honestly, it was not an issue. It was a small mistake and the food tuned out to be delicious.”
“That is so very gracious of you madam, but I am afraid he will insist,” the manager responded without given Rachel or Tim any time to offer more protest.
“We have a special charter boat that goes out to a great fishing spot about thirty miles off shore. The spot contains large white tuna and swordfish in abundance, all there for the taking. The boat we own is called the Calypso, and really is so much more than a boat. The Calypso is fifty foot luxury yacht with a full crew. One of the crewmembers is a local renowned chef that prepares lunch for all the guests. We also have an experienced bartender who is prepared to offer any drinks you may like, and even an onboard doctor, in case of sea sickness. The Calypso is equipped with world class fishing gear, and a professional instructor that can turn the most novice of fisherman into an expert during his first time out. Trust me when I tell you it’s the best of both worlds, mixing the great outdoors with luxury at its finest. And for the best part; upon arrival back at the resort, our chef will personally prepare your own days catch in ways you most certainly will not have thought possible. The fishing package is a $10,000 value just for the day which is being offered to you at no additional charge.” he stated directly to Tim who sat speechless.
The manger then turning slightly to face Rachel.
“And fear not Madam, we have a special treat in store for you that is solely reserved for our high end female guests, and also rated at the $10,000 per day value. This resort is equipped with an in house spa room that features a day of pampering like no other. We have on staff world renowned massage ther****ts who go by the title of Soul Healers. The massage these native island women offer is passed down through generations dating back hundreds of years. It is sure to be the most relaxing experience you have ever had in your entire life. Then after your day of pampering, you while be brought to the in house salon and get a professional makeover done by the islands famed beauty stylist Carla. You will be the most beautiful girl at dinner tomorrow night; and no matter how hard you try to make a discrete entrance, the room will stop for a moment to take in your beauty.” The manger concluding his remarks with a huge smile.
“We will send an escort for both of you at 8:30 am. Dress comfortable,” he concluded then turned to walk away.
Rachel looked at Tim stunned. “Can you believe this?” she asked him as if proposing an actual question.
The manager’s gracious response was so over the top for such a small mistake, it really left them both speechless and unable to turn down the invitation.
Rachel again looked out onto the beautiful blue waters and thought about Tim and her conversation before going to sleep last night. They spoke of the disappointment of being separated for the entire day so soon after arriving. The whole point of this trip was to rekindle their passion which seemed to be waning of late. She was now feeling slightly frustrated.
“Here we are going our separate ways once again.” Rachel thought feeling exasperated. However, they both had agreed it would be an insult to decline. “Plus we have nine more full more days to be together” she thought to herself trying to push aside any disjointed feelings she may have been experiencing.
Rachel further reasoned that from the beginning of her winning this trip through her job, she and Tim have been treated like royally. Tim expressed to her that if they declined the generosity, it would make the rest of their trip uncomfortable seeing these same staff members for another ten days. He said that they might appear ungrateful. Plus, Tim added, “Maybe this is how the rich interact?” as if he had a window into some secret society. “Let’s at least try and look like we belong, don’t you think?” was his final reasoning to her before turning in for the night.
Rachel agreed. Plus, she thought “my offer was even better than his fishing trip. I can have this time to myself before I spend the rest on Tim”
“Let me get a glass of that red juice” Rachel thought; making her way inside to the table where the lunch spread was located.
Rob Henry stood by eagerly waiting in the adjacent control building. His eyes were locked on the view screen placed on the console just in front of him. He watched intently as the gorgeous brunette moved gracefully about the room, studying her every curve. He stared at the screen intently as her round luscious breasts strained against the tight white V-neck t-shirt that fitted snugly to her upper body. Rob smiled at its failure to totally conceal her ample size tits that were straining for freedom. Her heavy cleavage was clearly visible and only being held together by a skimpy bikini top under her t-shirt. He marveled at her round ass jiggling ever so slightly in her tight yoga pants that stopped at the knees. He loved the way she walked with a bounce to her step causing all of her voluptuous parts to seemingly shift back and forth perfectly.
“Wow” Rob uttered quietly, but out loud. He felt that urge of hunger come over him as he watched her in silence. He simultaneously adjusted his manhood that seemed to be stirring to life.
“What a deal I have going here” Rob laughed to himself. “Fifteen years as the Caribbean’s top d**g kingpin, but with the brains to get out with my fortune intact before getting locked up or killed,” Rob thought while mentally patted himself on the back.
Rob Henry always told himself he had to leave the game at some point. He knew how it always ended with people like him either dead or in prison. He made his millions and left while the getting was still good.
“Plus the ten million dollar payout by his lead chemist to take over full operations of the cartel, and all the supply he would ever need for personal use wasn’t too bad of a send off.” he thought.
Rob spent years sacking away tens of millions of dollars in the Cayman Islands as an under the radar d**g overlord with an empire that stretched from Grand Cayman all the way up the east coast of the United States. His main product was the d**g Ecstasy; and it was going out faster than he could produce it. During the late nineties Ecstasy became the d**g of choice with the club scene and he capitalized on its popularity.
Rob Henry’s product was different than the rest. He and his local chemist associate perfected a high end grade that offered that feeling of euphoria that Ecstasy had become synonymous with, but with also giving an enhanced sexual desire that few other makers could duplicate. He offered a high end product that was made the same way each and every time out. Each batch was created under clean conditions that resembled a laboratory, leading it to be relatively safe.
While the other savages were making their crap in dirty kitchens, or in some hole in the ground in some god forsaken jungle. Rob cleanly produced his product which soon escalated to the top of the food chain and made him rich. Now, fifteen years later he got out of the business and invested his millions in a small private island off Grand Cayman, building a small but exclusive private resort.
“I knew when to get out” Rob often told his closet associates. “This place makes a ton of cash, and is completely legitimate. I am the king of my island, and don’t have to worry about going to prison.” Was one of his favorite mantras.
Rob Henry had another passion or dark side as he liked to call it. This was a bit more sinister and he knew it. His passion was fucking other men’s wives.
Rob watched and listened intently to the luscious brunette gulp down the first few sips of the red fruit juice mixed with his favorite Ecstasy cocktail. He pressed a button on the advanced consul in front of him that looked like it belonged in some NASA control room. The now illuminated red light on the dash indicted that encoded subliminal massages were now also flooding the room hidden inside the music.
Rob was proud of the science he was using to manipulate his lovely victimizes. He had all of the music encoded with sexual terms and phrases that were inserted within a frequency not entirely detectable by the conscious human mind. He was equally proud that he helped in the creation of the massages using words he would often speak himself, and in his own voice.
“Beg me to fuck you baby” “You want my cock inside you now” “Tell me to fuck your ass” were some of the massages Rob had inserted in the hypnotically tones.
He would have the music automatically change somewhat as time went forward. The soft island music now playing would subtly change to more rhythmic drum beats as internet casino if a ancient island sex ritual were taking place around some fire on a lonely beach. The sound of an occasional female voice letting out a quick moan or light squeal was perfectly inserted in various points of the tune as if it was always there from the original artist. The Ecstasy, along with the sensual massages, and the music was virtually impossible for any female to resist.
“MMMM, this is so good” Rob heard his prey utter out loud after her first drink of his devious potion. This brought a huge smile to his face as he watched her quickly go in for a second swig.
“Not too fast baby, we have all day,” Rob stated to the monitor in front of him in a low whisper with a big grin on his face.
Rob reached forward and hit the record button on the panel to his right. Two gauges jumped to life with the needles bouncing back and forth indicting they were picking up even the smallest of sounds and motions from the room. He had spent over two hundred thousand dollars on this equipment, and loved the power over his guests it gave him.
One of the real safeguards it offered him was in case anyone ever made an allegation of **** against him. In the unlikely event this ever happened, all he needed do is legally pull out as his trump card, and go directly to the tape. “It’s hard for a girl to claim **** when she spends half the day moaning with her lips wrapped around my cock. Try explaining that to hubby.” Rob thought to himself as he grinned.
The laws of the land here in the Cayman Islands were perfect for Rob’s dealings. Not only did the island nation give investors a place to hide their money from snooping foreign governments, it did not have the same levels of personal privacy rights to prevent anyone from recording someone without their knowledge. He had nothing to fear, and had the whole place wired with cameras and microphones in the name of security which was widely accepted.
Rob’s thrill in his younger days was outsmarting cops. Now at 39 years old it was having domain over any man’s wife he chose.
Looking in the screen he watched as the brunette goddess was now sampling a piece of pineapple with the sugary Ecstasy laced coating on top. This again caused his cock to began to stir.
“Wow, what a body” Rob stating out loud as he headed out of the control room locking the door behind him.
Rachel inhaled deeply once again; taking in some more of that savory ocean smell when she heard the large ornate wood doors open on the opposite side of the room.
“Is everything to Madams liking?” said the elder island mistress of the resort named Leona. She had a soothing accent that Rachel assumed was native to the island but could not entirely be sure.
“Oh everything is just beautiful.” Rachel said with a warm smile while taking another sip of her tainted concoction.
“Lady Florentine, who was to be your Soul Healer, had a personal issue and did not come to work today” Miss. Leona said while still being cheerful but exhibiting a semi disappointed tone to her voice.
“Fear not Madam, our head Master Mr. Henry has been personally notified and is resolving the situation as we speak. He informed me to tell you he extends his apologies for what will be a slight delay, and to make yourself comfortable being time is of no issue. He also added the facility is yours alone for as long as you wish, so relax and enjoy yourself. He encourages you to sample some of our fine island delicacies made available just for you over on the table to your right.” Miss. Leona finished speaking and then elegantly waved her arm toward the table as if she was presenting something grand.
“Oh I have already sampled some Miss Leona; what is this sugary toping on the pineapple? It is delicious.” Rachel happily questioned.
Miss Leona offered a smile but did not reply directly to Rachel’s question. “Here madam, please put these items on when we are finished.”
Rachel took a light canvas bag from Miss Leona without immediately looking inside, when seemingly out of nowhere the thought entered her mind “Head master; Is this what they call him? Isn’t that a bit much for a resort owner to want to be called.” a slight chuckle leaving her lips.
Rachel knew who Mr. Henry was. She had not met him but was told by the owner of the pharmaceutical plant she worked, Mr. Rideout, that Henry was the one who graciously offered this trip to her company. Mr. Rideout explained to her that he and Henry were close friends and business associates dating back to the early nineties, and Henry sometimes offered the vacation gift when his resort business slowed as a way to keep his staff busy.
Rachel had won the trip due to her high score on her annual evaluation, with her sales figures supposedly coming in the highest. She thought that was strange because she really was not having a very good year. But figured nobody else was either, and was excited when she was told she won the trip. Her boss assured her that My Henry’s resort was top notch, and she would have the time of her life.
Now with the added bonus of the fishing trip and spa day this was just the “topping on the cake,” she thought. She couldn’t deny the nagging feeling she had that all of this was a bit strange, but figured this is how the rich must live and interact. “Who was she to turn down a day of pampering anyway.” she reasoned in her head as if having a conversation with herself.
Rachel looked at the canvass bag just previously handed to her by Miss Leona. Inside it contained a very flimsy looking pair of white silk panties, along with a second matching halter top that would barely cover her breasts. The items appeared to be very light weight, but also looked very comfortable and of high quality. Both items leaned toward the sheer side, and did very little to conceal anything one might want to hide.
This fact did not seem strange to Rachel being she knew she was getting a massage, and heavy clothing would only get in the way. She further reasoned that this was her first massage and what did she know. It just seemed to make sense leaving most of her body exposed. Rachel actually was relieved when she saw the items. She had been told that most massages given throughout the world are done in the nude and this worried her a bit.
It wasn’t that she was not confident in her body. Overall she was very proud of her figure. At 28 she still had her youth on her side. Plus, judging from the looks she got on an everyday basis, she thought her curves were in all the right places. She was happy that Tim loved her for who she was, and did not want her to be a stick figure that most men seemed to droll over these days. At 5-7 and a 150 pounds, her 36 D chest went very nicely with her curvy 38 inch waist. She was in good shape but not overly toned. She had just the perfect amount of baby fat that gave her a body that soft feel that that just begged to be squeezed. Plus, Rachel confidently thought, “with my bubble butt, and legs that don’t quit, I am a hotty” she laughed slightly out loud, not realizing the tainted tropical spread was starting to have its affects on her.
“Madam, as to your question earlier about the food and drink spread; our tropical fruits have been prepared by our master chef with a light sprinkling of a homemade seasoning taken directly from our own sugar cane fields. Legend has it that it containers a natural aphrodisiac created by the Gods. Its quit delectable.” the elder madam proclaimed. “Also we have three different kinds of fruit drinks that are simply delicious. My favorite is the one in the center. It’s made from our own island cherries, mixed with a secret ingredient that will stun your taste buds.” Said Miss Leona with a smile.
Rachel held up a glass as to mimic a toast to acknowledge this was indeed the one she picked.
“Miss Leona?” Rachel stated in a relaxed tone. “Is it true about the Sugar? Is it an aphrodisiac?”
Miss Leona was in the process of folding a towel when she peaked up at Rachel with a quizzical look, added by a slight grin after pondering her question but not immediately answering it.
“There is a small changing area directly behind that louver door.” Miss Leona stated while pointing in the direction behind Rachel. “When you’re done changing can you please lay face down on the massage table that is right over there to your left? Rob will be in shortly.”
Miss Leona stood for moment before closing the door, then took a look at Rachel and said “As to your last question….Yes.” Before exiting the room and closing the door behind her.
The words hit Rachel like a Mac truck as she started walking over to the changing area. “Did she just say Rob?” she mumbled to herself.
Rachel stood motionless for a moment behind the louver door with her thoughts that were now racing. Throughout the pages of the brochure that she read coming over on the plane, they always showed women conducting the massages. “Even the front cover pictured the very room she was now in showing massage ther****ts all looking to be demure Asian or Island type females.” she thought as her frustrations were now starting to boil over. She had not even considered a man massaging her. Plus she knew Tim with flip out being as jealous as he gets.
“Oh this is bad.” Rachel mumbled. All of a sudden the nerves she felt earlier about not belonging were amplified. “This is not what I signed up for” she said under her breath. Feelings of helplessness entered her mind. “I can’t just get up and leave now, can I? This really sucks!” she murmured. “Ok whatever, ill just let him give me a quick massage and get the hell out of here and go lay on the beach. What a disappointment” she said quietly to herself.
Rachel started to change into the outfit given to her by Miss Leona. She gently pulled her t-shirt over her head, and then began to undo the string on her bikini top that she had worn underneath. She noticed herself in the mirror; “Why are my nipples so dame hard?” feeling frustrated at the timing of them coming to attention, adding to this already awkward situation.
Rachel lowered the yoga paints she was wearing, and the thin panty like bathing suit bottoms underneath; sliding them down over her round hips. She then pulled the silky panties from the bag rolling them around in her hand. She noticed they were small but had a feeling of elasticity. They seemed to be meant to fit in a skin tight manner, and had a tailored cut that would not entirely cover her butt cheeks. She again saw the possible logic for the lack of coverage. She thought this was a good compromise for a person like herself that did not want to be naked, but also did not want fabric to get in the way.
Rachel pulled them up her legs and turned to the mirror to check out how they made her look. “Wow, these are nice,” she said softly to herself.
Rachel then reached her arms above her head and pulled the halter wrap made of the same material over her breasts. She was not as fond of this garment being it was flimsy and had no practical use. She looked in the mirror at the entire get up and though “geez, this is a revealing outfit” with a tinge of worry accompanying her thoughts.
Rachel began to feel another sensation starting to take hold that was quickly putting her worries to rest. It was if a strange wave of calmness had began to come over her. She had a sudden urge that she could not put her finger on, but something was not the same. It was if her mind automatically slowed down. She was beginning to feel centered and as if her problems just did not seem to matter. She felt the island breeze hit her skin causing goose bumps to raise all over her body. “Mmmm” she cooed, at its seemingly perfect feel over her smooth skin felt incredible. She then instinctively slid her hands down the side of her thighs sending a delightful shiver up and down her shapely legs.
Standing there in her sexy garments, she started listening more intently to the music still playing in the background. She u*********sly began to sway her round hips slightly. She momentarily closed her eyes and again ran her hands softly down both her sides sending delightful chills up her spine.
“I have to say, this is really nice. Let’s try and enjoy this, huh Rach?” she questioned herself out load.
Rachel finished dressing and made her way over to the table as instructed by Miss Leona. As she walked to the table she couldn’t help feeling a bit sexy as her breasts and ass rhythmically shook with each step she took. She laid her curvy figure face down on her stomach as instructed. There was a slightly raised pillow built in to the center of the table that was positioned directly under her pelvic bone. She thought it a bit odd noticing how it hiked up her ass for no apparent reason, but thought that she seemed to remember seeing this somewhere in a magazine while viewing material about massage practices years earlier. Also, she thought “with the pillow seemingly built into the table, this must be normal, or part of some high end equipment.”
She laid patiently with her body face down on the table with her hands folded under her chin. Her mind still feeling quieted as if it was literally drifting on a smooth ocean current. Her ample breasts strained outward on the sides as they were pressed into the soft fabric covering the table. The flimsy silk top she wore did little to keep her ample cleavage covered, and it was now straining to hold her fleshy mounds in place. She noticed the breeze was blowing a bit stronger now; felling like a warm blanket of air caressing her pale skin. She felt herself feeling very relaxed and unusually comfortable with her own body now being so exposed. Even the music seemed to be having a hypnotic affect on her.
“This music is really sensual. If you really listen you can almost hear a woman moaning” Rachel thought to herself while descending deeper into the music.
Rachel was so relaxed in the moment that she became a little startled when she heard the large wood door swing open and turned to observe Rob Henry walking in. She had almost forgotten Miss. Leona mention a man would be conducting the massage. She was instantly stunned by the size of this massive specimen. She estimated his frame to be at least 6’3 and weighing in at 230 pounds or so. She couldn’t help but be captivated by his solid muscular body, thinking how different this was in contrast to Tim’s lanky frame. His arms were huge and covered with tattoos that appeared to have been previously done decades earlier. They were all clearly visible coming out the side of his form fitting t-shirt that struggled to contain his huge biceps. He wore very comfortable looking white draw string pants. She thought they looked like something a doctor or nurse might wear, but in a much thinner fabric than normal medical scrubs. He appeared to be in his early forties facial wise, but with the body of a twenty something. His features were pronounced and hardened. He had thick black wavy hair that was tussled and hung just above his shoulders. Rachel thought to herself that he possessed rugged good looks, but was not the type of guy she would normally go for. In fact one of the thoughts that first entered her mind was how scared she would be running into this massive man creature at night in some dark ally.
“Madam, my name is Rob. Please let me offer my apologies before we start. First, I am told we mistakenly brought you the wrong dinner order last night. Then our lead Soul Healer had a family emergency. As a spokesman for the Embassy Resort, I want to offer you my sincerest apologies.” said the giant man to Rachel in relaxed tone; with her being unaware that this was the Rob Henry that owned the whole establishment.
Rachel was now starting to relax, and her fears were beginning to ease. Although this man was imposing in stature. He seemed to be a gentle giant. She immediately felt a sense of relief, artificially enhanced by subtle but growing effects of Rob’s concoction she had unknowingly been consuming for the last thirty minutes.
“Hello Rob, my name is Rachel.” It’s a pleasure to meet you.” she enthusiastically stated while reaching out to shake his hand.
“Ok, Mrs. Rachel…Now, I want you to close your eyes and relax. For the rest of the afternoon you’re in my hands.” Rob said as he smiled back at her.
Over to the right of the table Rachel noticed a pot that was built into the counter of a free standing dresser leaning against a nearby wall. It appeared to be a specialty item made for a high end massage parlor. The pot was at a low simmer and contained a golden like oily substance inside. Rob soon walked over to it and took out a ladle and poured some of the liquid into a smaller container. He smiled to himself knowing the oil treatment also contained a derivative of the ecstasy his chemist had expertly engineered.
Rob approached the table where the luscious Rachel laid, and in a soothing tone stated “Ok lady Rachel, relax and enjoy.”
Rachel responded “This is my first massage. I am really looking forward to it,” trying to still reassure her own nerves that were getting better by the minute.
Rob grinned out of Rachel’s sight, and said “I too am looking forward to giving you pleasure.” Rachel not reading into his overt comment.
Rob then began to gently poor some of the substance into the small of Rachel’s back. She immediately twitched feeling the new sensation, and took in a soft but deep breath.
“That’s it Rachel, looong deeep breaths.” Rob instructed.
“Ok” Rachel responded, her voice now sounding a bit more c***dlike and submissive, as she again took in a big gulp of the clean island air.
Rob began to expertly work his strong hands into Rachel’s back. He dragged his hands up and down spreading the oily mix. He worked the middle of her spine and then down to her exposed sides. His strong hands were delighting her senses.
Rob reached further down the sides of Rachel’s midsection, pushing his fingers under her stomach and then sliding his hands upward toward the bottom of her breasts. He stopped just short of making any contact with them, even though they were spilling out of the tightly stretched garb. He repeated this motion several times spreading his fingers more upward with every pass, letting them slightly travel under the soft material, brushing up against the sides of her protruding globes.
Rob took notice of any resistance Rachel may have; each time letting his finger push their way slightly farther over the sides of her soft flesh. He moved his fingers closer toward her fully erect nipples, but not to far as to touch them. He could feel his cock start to engorge itself with every pass.
Rob began to really gaze upon the beauty laying face down before him. He anticipated the feeling of squeezing Rachel’s large soft tits. He slid his hands down the gentle contours of her back, lustfully observing how beautifully her ass filled out the stretchy silk panties that accentuated her dynamic curves.
Rob then moved back up to Rachel’s shoulder blades, and kneaded her soft skin firmly. He expertly worked on her lattes, and rolled the muscles between his fingers exerting perfect pressure. He slid his hands down her shoulders over her arms; gliding his fingertips gently across her skin to the inside of her open palms, sending delightful shivers up her spine. He then dragged his fingers back up her arms, over her shoulders, and then directly back down to the natural curve of her back. He slid his palms over her beautiful plump round ass all in one steady motion; then travelling back up again and repeating this several times.
“You seem a bit tense my lady. Relax that beautiful body of yours and let me work the stress right out” Rob stated using canlı poker oyna a little bit bolder talk.
“Yeees, that sounds great, thank you” Rachel unknowingly responded in a sultry voice while being caught up in the moment. She noticed for a second that it might have sounded a bit too sexual, and laughed to herself, “man this guy is good.”
Rob then again slid his hands down her back, this time letting his fingers barely travel under the silky fabric that only partly covered her perfect round ass. He allowed his thumbs to drift slightly under the material, inching down the crevasse that separated her bubble ass cheeks. He repeated this motion several times, moving a little father with each pass. He dragged his hands back up to the small of her back, then slowly and deliberately back down; this time going slightly further towards her tight sphincter. He was becoming bolder with each passing minute, and saw Rachel willingly accepting his advances.
Rachel was now u*********sly letting out soft moans with every exhale, and this did not escape Rob’s attention.
“You like?” he questioned, but already certain of her answer.
“Oh yes, this feels wonderful.” Rachel responded in a low draw out voice.
Without asking Rob flatly stated “Ok, let’s take these off so I can do a deep tissue massage.” He began to tug at the elastic waist band of the silk panties, in preparation for dragging them down her legs by their elastic wrap without waiting for Rachel’s ok to do so.
Rachel paused for a moment with slight hesitation, then offering a barely audible “Sure.”
Rob then slowly slid the flimsy material over her round curves; purposely pressing the fabric into her skin causing it to tug at her pale milky buns. This caused the garment to stretch out over her round ass, causing it to quiver momentarily when it released its grip.
Rachel slightly lifted her pelvis up to allow Rob to pull the panties out from under her, until he tossed them on the floor.
Rob then looked down at the beautiful Rachel that was sprawled out before him. Not wasting any time he eagerly returned to her beautiful full buttocks, and began to knead both her pale fleshy cheeks. He spread his fingers wide over her roundness, as he applied deep pressure pushing her gorgeous bums together in back and forth motions. This movement had her pink vaginal folds rubbing against each other, causing her already damp pussy to begin flow with its slippery wetness. The continued back and forth motion was mixing her succulent juices up nicely, and she feared that he could hear her wetness building; which without her knowledge was his intention all along.
Rob continued to let his expert hands wander over Rachel’s voluptuous bottom; while lightly letting each of his thumbs gently brush up against her tight anal opening. He watched intently as she was responding to his expert touch, with no protest evident.
Rob again reached for his small container, and squeezed another drop of oil onto his thumb, and then let another drip directly onto each cheek and on Rachel’s tightly closed bud. He generously applied the tainted oil over both of her cheeks and down each leg as not to be to overt. He slid his hands up the entire length of both her legs and then over her plump round ass, and back down again. On his next pass he stopped and kneaded her cheeks some more, letting his thumb touch her anus more directly, applying light pressure to her tight sphincter using his thumb in small circular motions. This allowed the pooled oil just previously deposited to slowly disappear inside her sphincter.
Rachel cleared her head for a moment and began to think that this might be going too far. With all of her logic she wanted to tell Rob to stop. But it was if her body and mind were disconnected somehow. She felt as though she was in a trance and lacked the willpower to protest; even though she knew she should. She felt her ass seemingly on its own raise father off the cushion as if to invite more of the perverted stimulation she was now receiving, and admittedly enjoying.
“You should stop this Rach. Tell him this isnt”……as her mind trailed off before she finished her thought due to the delightful stimulation she was now receiving.
Rachel found herself internally wishing he would push his thumb deep into her ass. She had never experienced anal sex stimulation of any kind, and always thought it would be gross. But here she was wishing that he would penetrate her tight ass deeply with his fat thumb.
Rob then pushed more oil directly onto the slippery vice like entrance; and pressed the tip of his thumb slightly forward breaking her tight opening. He then paused for a moment before deliberately driving the tip of his thick lubricated appendage into her tight space.
“Oooooh,” Rachel lightly moaned, offering no obvious protest as she got what she had been longing for.
Rob pulled back out slowly while at the same time applying more pressure in a circular motions to Rachel’s now stretched opening. He felt her sphincter involuntarily squeeze his thumb as he pulled out, making his cock jerk to attention. He again pushed his thumb further inside her still using a pressured circular motion, purposely stretching the oily perimeter of her tight butt hole.
Rachel u*********sly raised her hips off the cushion farther, as if trying to take more of Rob’s strong thumb deeper into virgin ass.
“Mmmmmmm, you better stop” she sexily whispered to Rob.
Rob ignored Rachel’s faint hearted plea, and with steady pressure dragged his thumb up and then back down into her tight forbidden space.
“Mmmmmmm” what are you doing to meeee? Rachel cooed. “Oh my god, that is so niceeee….,” she stated with her voice trailing off.
Rob then gently slid his thumb out from inside her depths; removing his hands from her now receptive body. He quietly walked around the back of the table without speaking; again picking up the bottle of oil for his next application of his homemade love potion.
Rob placed another drop of the tainted oil on the back of each one of Rachel’s thighs about the size of a quarter. Using both hands he evenly spread the tainted liquid deeply into her soft skin. He began to push his hands forward toward her beautiful ass; that was still slightly tilted upward. He sensed she was hoping for more of his invading thumb to penetrate her, but purposely stopped short just before touching the still oily entrance. He repeated this action on her other leg, again knowing he was leaving her frustrated by stopping just short of her now puckered sphincter beckoning for more attention.
Rob began to firmly pull his strong hands downward over the back of Rachel’s knees, stopping for a moment to ease up the pressure and gently let his fingertips glide lightly over the soft space. He then shifted himself to the end of the table and dragged his hands down both calves to her feet and then over the heal. He looked up over the contours of her long legs which were now tightly pushed together, along with her round ass still slightly raised and felt his cock growing larger by the moment.
Rob had a vision of his large frame pounding Rachel’s virgin ass with his thick rigid cock, and then switching to plunder that beautiful wet pussy. His manhood swelled to its fullness while the thought rested in his mind for a moment. He now began to work his hands up the inside of her legs. Starting at one calf, he gently, pushed upward spreading his fingers wide while applying more of the tainted liquid. He ever so slightly applied pressure to her inner thigh as to slightly separate her legs giving him better access. She u*********sly cooperated and parted her shapely legs a bit to grant him more direct passage. He then used firm but delicate pressure and slowly dragged both hands up one leg, starting from her calf he slid his hands upward over her inner and outer thighs with even pressure. He purposely stopped just short of making and direct contact with her beautiful pussy. He took special care to be sure that his fingers only lightly brushed her very wet and pink flowering folds in a way that was not overtly intentional before the journey back down her leg..
Sliding both hands to the bottom of her leg and over her foot. He then began his path back up by intertwining his fingers between Rachel’s toes, going straight up her toned calf and thigh, while using more even pressure and fanning his fingers out to feel more of her shapely leg.
Traveling back up Rachel’s inner thigh, this time he became more bolder, and did not stop until his stiff fingers pushed slightly inside the exquisite inner folds of her silky slit.
Rachel immediately responded with a “yes” that involuntarily left her lips. She then instinctively raised her hand to cover her mouth, as if this late reaction could somehow put back her erotic utterance.
“Oh god, what’s this guy doing to me?” She thought to herself. “This isn’t really right. What’s happening to me;” while slowly moving her ass around in a sensual motion.
“You know, you have a beautiful body Rachel” Rob stated on his next pass up to her inner thighs after making more direct contact with her now dripping wet pussy.
“Continue to relax, and don’t be afraid. A woman as lovely as you deserves to be pampered like this. You have a body made to be touched, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself baby.” Rob confidently stated.
“Wow,” Rachel thought to herself “Did I just hear him straight?” “Did he call me baby?”
There was something about his tone that was soothing, Rachel thought. It was both confident and strong, but at the same time reassuring and professional.
“Trust me baby, I am here solely for your pleasure” Rob said while expertly applying the same attention to Rachel’s other leg. Again letting fingers slide deeper into her wet folds with every pass.
“This is a true full body massage,” he said as if trying to convince her this was all par for the course.
“Do you like?” he asked confidently, sure of the answer he was about to receive.
“Yes this is great” Rachel stated in a tone slightly above a whisper.
Rob suddenly moved up toward the top of the table by Rachel’s head. He then placing his hands on both of her arms as he began to coax her to turn over on her back.
“Please turn over; we need to do your front side.” Rob commanded in a professional tone as if what had gone on to this point was completely normal.
Rachel began to turn on her back doing what she was asked.
Rob then hit a button on the table that made the heightened pillow flatten out as to not make her uncomfortable. Rachel couldn’t help but noticing how great she felt; but at the same time she was having confusing feelings as if she had lost control or was betraying Tim to some extent. But she also noticed her thoughts were moving slower. She felt as if her body was so relaxed it was riding on a soft wave a pleasure. She would seamlessly drift from a guilty thought about Tim, to a lustful thought of having her body felt up by this skilled man.
“What is happening to me?” Rachel thought to herself, not realizing she was now fully engulfed in the ecstasy high Rob had unknowingly giving her throughout this experience.
“Am I being paranoid? Is this what is meant by a full body massage?” as confusing thoughts filled her clouded mind.
Laying on her back, Rachel was now getting a good look at the man who had been expertly giving her pleasure. She couldn’t help be feel transfixed by him but said nothing as she tried to get a handle on the situation. The mix of his strong hands roaming all over her tender body; the island breeze still blowing through the room; and the now native style music with its rhythmic beat, all seemed to make for a perfect storm of lust which she was now feeling. Adding to it this giant of a man specimen standing over her and touching her in ways Tim had never done, and this was getting to be too much for her senses to handle.
Rachel could not deny that she was actively participating in letting this stranger do as he pleased with her body. But she did not understand her total lack of self control and having little regard for Tim. All she seem to care about was feeling good. She compared her feeling of having too much to drink and letting her guard down when she was younger.
“Its not that?…. I didn’t have anything to drink, so it’s definitely not that?” Rachel questioned herself seemingly twice, as if a small amount of her instinct was kicking in. She tried to retrace her steps in her mind. However, the Ecstasy was too powerful for her: causing her mind to continually trail off.
Rob slowly circled the table like a lion stalking his prey. He eyed Rachel intently, taking in her beautiful outstretched body laid out before him. Rachel was flat on her back with her legs together with one knee slightly raised. One of her arms was at her side, with the other arm gently resting on her forehead. She appeared slightly tired with her full chest gently heaving up and down as if she had just finished going for a run.
“Let’s get started again” Rob stated a bit more professional, like his blatant violation of her body did not just take place. He took the small container of oil from the shelf with one hand and walked over to the head of the table standing over her. He put his free hand just below middle of her halter rap that was straining to contain her luscious mounds. He then dragged his hand upward pulling the garment up slightly.
Rob looked down into Rachel’s eyes with a seriousness to his expression. Then in one quick motion he pulled upward at the stretchy fabric, easily breaking it open as if it were tissue paper by using only a tilt of his strong wrist. Her full breasts came spilling out from the flimsy garment, settling nicely into place. The sudden feeling of the soft ocean breeze now caressing her big tits caused her nipples to suddenly stand fully erect.
Without a moment passing to allow for protest, Rob squirted the oily liquid on and between Rachel’s ample cleavage, and then started to expertly massage her fleshy mounds. He took both breasts in each hand and cupped them from the underneath, then sliding his large hands under and over her soft tits, slightly pinching her fully erect nipples.
Rob firmly stretched each hard nub upward while elongating them fully between his forefinger and thumb, then back down again offering a slight pinch before letting them spring from his grasp. He continued to rub and squeeze both breasts while simultaneously working her nipples for a while, repeating this movement several times.
Rachel’s eyes were closed and she was now both scared and excited. She was gently purring and letting out small whimpers as Rob expertly massaged her large breasts with his oversized hands. She felt sensations that she never had before, as if both of her tits had small electric charges coursing through them that lead directly to her flowering pussy. She was totally unaware that this was partly a direct effect of his laced concoction; as she u*********sly ran her pink tongue across her full moist lips letting out another soft moan.
Rob then took both of his hands that were still coated with his potion, and dragged them down the center of Rachel’s chest and over her stomach. He let one finger deeply penetrate her exposed bellybutton as he steadily slide his hands past; this instantly caused Rachel’s body to jerk slightly.
Rob continued further downward over her cleanly shaved mound to the top of her now swelling clit. He barely brushed against it with his fingers before taking the journey back up to her breasts. He then dragged his hands upward back over her stomach and round tits; grabbing onto her hardened nipples and squeezing them firmly between his finger and thumb before letting them gently spring back into place.
Rachel’s eyes were now slightly rolling up behind her head. She gently squirmed under Rob’s expert touch, with her head slowly moving from side to side. Beautiful feminine sounds and gentle squeals were now continuously leaving her red full lips.
“oohhhhh………ahhhhh……… oohhhh” Rachel very quietly moaned as Rob continued his delightful assault on her body.
Rob repeated his slow and steady motion two or three more times, while still positioned directly over Rachel’s head. He easily used his outstretched muscular inked hands and arms to feel up the beautiful woman’s body stretched out before him.
Suddenly Rachel opened her eyes when she heard Rob shifting about. His hands were no longer roaming her body and for a second she seemed to snap out of the trance she was in. To her surprise he was now standing over her shirtless. He looked at her and simply stated “listen baby, it’s getting hot in here.” as if answering her question about why he was shirtless, but one she never asked.
Rob returned to his original perch leaning directly over Rachel’s head; reaching out his long arms over her stomach. He allowed the fabric that contained his huge bulge to brush against the top of her head as he again slid his hands over her tits and down her stomach as he leaned forward.
Rachel looked with amazement at the size of Rob’s manhood barley contained by the soft garb. She also realized that his huge organ was now perilously hanging over her face as she sheepishly turned her head to one side to avoid directly looking at it.
Rob guided his hands back over Rachel’s round tits, again moving straight down her stomach. He again sensually slid his finger into her bellybutton, and then slid down to her now swollen nub.
Rob ran his cupped hand directly over Rachel’s wet pink folds. He pressed his hand around the mound that surrounded her dripping wet pussy in a grabbing motion. He ending with his fingers searching out and finding her swollen clit, and then stimulating her with long circular motions.
“Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, you better stop.” Rachel said in a half hearted, but a bit more direct tone then she had done before.
Rob completely ignored Rachel’s comment, and continued his assault on her hardening treat. He let one of his long digits move off her clit, brushing lightly over her dripping pink folds before steadily sliding it into her sweet slit. She was so wet that you could clearly hear her juices flooding his hand. Her body was naturally protecting her pussy, and continued to produce its natural lubricant.
Rob then stood up straight and walked around and repositioned himself on the right side of the table. He looked up into Rachel’s foggy eyes, and without saying a word he reached his muscular arm between her legs and pushed them apart. He slowly ran his right hand from Rachel’s ankle up past her inner thigh to her pink snatch, cupping his entire hand over her tender muff. He angled his two middle fingers upward, and in a slow and steady motion pushed them deep inside her sopping wet slit.
Rachel felt like a sudden electric charge went cascading through her entire body. She instinctively put both hands on Rob’s massive chest sheepishly trying to push him away as he leaned his body into her. Her protest was sincere, but half hearted. She thought it best to try and put a stop to this, before she lacked the strength to say no. Her passive and futile protests did nothing to stop his expert assault on her vagina, but she continued pushing back at him in mild protest. She was incapable of offering a verbal protest through her sensual sounding gasps for air. She finally realized his size and strength were too much for her, and gave in to his advances by moving her arms down from his chest and stretching them both way over her head; elongating her body completely for this man.
Rob then leaned his head into Rachel’s full breasts, taking one of her engorged nipples into his mouth. He began to gently canlı bahis suck at the long protruding treat; alternating from lightly licking, to aggressively chewing on the hardened nub. He continued shifting his advances back and forth to each creamy globe, savoring the fullness of her swollen areola in his mouth; probing it firmly with his strong tongue. He squeezed the enlarged orb by using his tongue to press it against the roof of his mouth as he sucked at it more aggressively.
Rob continued his assault with his mouth on her magnificent fleshy tits, while slowly picking up his pace with his fingers. Rachel’s outstretched body was now turning him on even more. He rightfully took her now lack of resistance as an open invitation to do as he wanted. He began to rub her spongy g-spot with long steady strokes using his thick fingers. This was causing her to let out long sexy moans. He raised his head to take a deep breath in, and then aggressively dived back into her soft flesh for some more of the tasty treat she was offering.
Rachel’s body now squirming erratically while sprawled out before him. She now wanted this experience to happen, and needed more of Rob’s dominant treatment.
“You like it rough baby?” Rob stated but getting no response from Rachel. “Good, me too.” He said out loud as if she answered yes; letting her body’s reaction give him all the information he needed as conformation.
Rob slid his fingers deeper into Rachel’s slippery love tunnel and picked up the pace of his rhythmic hand motions. He was now rubbing her fleshy innards smoothly but firmly, giving her sensations she had never felt before. He expertly bent his fingers upward, and began to move his strong arm in an up and down motion; while simultaneously picking up more speed with each passing stroke.
Rachel raised her head up off the cushion and looked down between her outstretched legs to get a better look. She was transfixed seeing Rob’s powerful tattooed bicep strain with force as he exerted more pressure causing her to squirm on his strong fingers. She felt the opening to her pussy being stretched wide by his powerful up and down motions. Her G spots internal sponge began to swell, and she began feeling like a dame was about to burst with every crash of his strong fingers into its outer walls.
Rob was now using his strength and moving his hand up and down at incredible speeds. Rachel instinctively threw her flexible legs wide open, bringing her knees up toward her chest as she offered her body willfully to his powerful advances. The sound of her juices rang through the air, and she felt an orgasm growing from deep inside her womb. Her head was flailing side to side as her round hips raised off the cushion to meet his powerful thrusts.
Rob sensed she was about to cum, and began to work his mouth up from her nipples to her outstretched neck, gently sucking her creamy skin into his wet mouth. Rachel threw her head back to offer him more of its milky surface which he obliged by biting her neck with light force simulating a sexy vampire bite.
With his free hand, Rob cupped the back of Rachel’s head and pulled it up by grabbing a handful of her long hair. He wanted to look directly into her eyes when she flooded his stiff fingers with her womanly juices.
Rachel’s legs were spread as wide as they could, but still sharply bent at the knees with her round hips now bucking wildly.
Rob continued up Rachel’s neck to her soft lips and kissed her deeply.
This was too much for Rachel and she involuntarily let go of her sweet fluids, and begin flooding Rob’s fingers with her womanly cream.
“Ugghhhh, ugghhhh, ughhhhh….Oh my god, Im cuuummming!!!” Rachel screamed as her juices began to spill rapidly out of her now out of control contracting pussy.
“Ugghhhh, Ugghhhh, Oh Gaaaaaawd!” Rachel continue to scream as she released a torrent of her sweet cream onto Rob’s hand.
Rob took this time to look into Rachel’s watery eyes and said with a slight grin “Don’t forget who did this to you baby.”
Rachel was still unable to respond; her mouth was wide open and gasping for air. She curiously starred back at Rob with a “what just happened to me” look on her face; while at the same time still spurting her luscious gift all over his hand and the table cushion.
“That’s it baby. Feel me touching you from the inside. I feel your pussy holding on tight to my thick fingers. Squeeze your pussy tight baby,” Rob whispering each phrase directly into Rachel’s ear causing her orgasm to intensify and continue with every word.
Rachel thought to herself “This orgasm never ends. I feel like I am still coming. God this feels so good.”
Rachel now had her legs squeezed tightly together. She was clenching her thighs tightly on Rob’s hand, trying to hold it in place using both of her stiffened arms and hands, trying to hold his wrist in place. She no longer was able to stand the constant tingling she was experiencing. She had never felt anything like this before, and her body still felt completely out of control. Every part of her felt as if it was ultra sensitive to touch. She feared even the slightest move of Rob’s still buried fingers would be too sensitive for her to handle. She did her best to hold his hands steadily in place as she tried to get her breathing normal again.
“Ok…Ok…give me a second. That was….please wait…..gasping for air. That was……” Rachel said still gasping for air and unable to complete her sentences.
“That was what baby?” as Rob slowly but deliberately slide his fingers from Rachel’s still quivering pussy, not really expecting her to answer but causing her to twitch for a second.
Rob then stood up and took a few steps away from the table. He looked out the window and took in the beautiful ocean view. He then took a deep breath in and then slowly turned around. He looked over at the tempting Rachel while loosening the draw string on his pants. He let them fall to the floor, being sure to let Rachel not miss a thing.
Rachel turned to look at him while still trying to catch her breath. Rob’s full nakedness was now standing only a few feet away. She marveled at the size of his huge cock which she estimated was twice as large as Tim’s, and was now menacingly dangling only a few feet before her. She stared in awe at its thickness. She was mesmerized by the veins that ran under the skin which created a very bumpy but still smooth surface. His balls looked large and hung low, swinging heavily from side to side as he again moved his large frame toward her.
Rob walked over to Rachel and stated in a quiet but stern tone. “Come here baby and get on your knees. I want you to take my cock in your beautiful mouth.”
With her dwindling resistance almost entirely gone, Rachel sheepishly lifted herself up and off the table, obeying Rob’s command. She was unsure how she got to this point, but realized that somewhere she lost all will to tell this man no.
Rachel shakily knelt down before Rob as he ordered. She took hold of his big shaft feeling its fullness. She felt her juices immediately begin to flow again as his thick cock grew even larger in her hand. She attempted to fully grip it with her long slender fingers, but noticed they would not meet while circling it girth entirely.
Rachel studied his manhood more intently now. She pulled and squeezed the large member in different directions and at different speeds. She was not entirely sure how to please such a large cock. She was gazing at its beauty, and totally enthralled with looking at it. She wondered aloud “I have never seen anything so big.”
“Don’t worry baby, I’m going to work the entire thing into you.” Rob said while enjoying his conquest now happily kneeling before him. He then grabbed a handful of Rachel’s beautiful brown locks that he had admired earlier from the comfort of his video control room. He steadied her for a moment, and then firmly guided his cock into her sweet mouth. Rachel immediately parted her lips to accept his lengthy member, tasting his salty pre cum right away. She slowly but feverishly sucked as much of his cock as she could into her hungry mouth; alternating her approach from soft licks and gentle kisses up and down the veiny shaft; to trying to take as much of his thick phallus into her eager mouth.
Rachel reached up behind Rob’s butt, and with delicate pressure began to drag her sultry fingers down the center of his ass crack. She let her fingernails lightly scratch the surface under his balls before cupping his heavy sacks with her hand; gently letting them rest fully in her soft open palm. She marveled at their weight, and couldn’t help the strange desire she was now having for them release their weighty contents into her willing wet mouth.
Rachel then licked back up the length of his entire shaft, arriving at its bulbous head. She leaned her head back for a moment to get a better look, then moved forward taking his giant weapon slowly but deeply into her hungry mouth again. She savored the feel of his hardness on her tongue and lips as she pushed her head up and down in a steady and controlled motion.
Rachel continued this sensual action a few more times and then released Rob’s cock from her full lips to grab a gulp of air. She then again went back sensually bestowing gentle kisses on his large circumcised organ. She saw another droplet of pre-cum forming due to her stimulating efforts, and eagerly sucked it down into her throat.
“That’s it baby, worship my cock.” Rob said with his eyes firmly closed now, enjoying her soft lips and tongue working his sweet meat.
In the background the once soft calypso music was now replaced with a slow and deep rhythmic drum. There were no words per say, but you could here in the background almost off in the distance a woman being ravaged. Rachel was so engrossed in the music now without even realizing it. In her mind she couldn’t separate the girl in the song from herself, and felt herself totally submitting to the magnificent cock now wrapped by her perky red lips.
Rachel suddenly felt a sense of confusion while performing this perverted act on a complete stranger. “I don’t even like giving blow jobs. What is going on with me?” she thought to herself, as she continued to hungrily devourer Rob’s cock.
Suddenly a realization quickly came over Rachel as she internally answered her own question. “I’m am so horny right now. I love being taken by this man,” she thought, while trying to force more of his rigid cock down her throat.
Rob was now groaning as he looked down at Rachel’s plump red lips straining around his thick member.
“Oh baby,” Rob whispered in a guttural tone. “That’s it baby….. suck my cock. Take me in your hot mouth.” He stated with his head now looking toward the ceiling and his eyes shut.
Rob opened his eyes and looked down at Rachel feverishly working her womanly magic on his hard erection. He became mesmerized by her shapely ass sticking outward from her curved back as she rested in a sitting position on her own two legs. He ran his hands through her hair while listening to the sweet sounds of her slurping his thick rod.
Rob started to feel a sensation growing in his loins that he knew all too well. He was going to cum down this girls throat.
“Here it comes baby. Swallow every drop or I am going to have to punish you.” he stated with a sense of seriousness to his voice. “Do we understand each other baby? I want you to suck the cum right out of my cock.” Rob said as he was starting to gasp for air.
“No hands baby, ill work your head.” he stated while on the verge of releasing his fluids deep into his newly trained sex goddess.
Rachel quickly obeyed and took her hands from his giant member and dropped them down to her large breasts where she immediately squeezed them together. She did this while at the same time letting out a soft moans.
Rob reached behind her head and grabbed a healthy handful of hair. He then rhythmically pushed his cock into Rachel’s sweet mouth and then back out; never letting the back of her head go ensuring she would drink his entire load.
“Ok baby, her it comes!” Rob gasped.
“Ugghhhhhhhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhhhh” were the guttural grunts escaping Rob’s mouth as he unleashed thick wads of semen down into his her throat. The air was filled with the sounds of Rachel gasping for air and her sometimes choking as she greedily consumed his manly juices.
“Gasp…Cough, Cough, Gurgle, Slurp” was all you heard from Rachel who feverishly tried to drink down every drop spurting out of Rob’s still throbbing cock.
Rob knew Rachel could never swallow all of his load; and that was the plan. He looked down directly at his conquest and saw his white jizz partially dripping down her neck.
Rob released Rachel’s hair and took a step back. He took a deep breath in and reached for nearby towel wiping off the remnants of cum that was still coating his cock, and that she failed to swallow as instructed.
Rachel looked up at him with big doe eyes and said, “I’m really sorry, I tried.”
Rob did not say a word. He lifted Rachel up to her feet by her arm, and then walked with her over to the bathroom.
“Go and clean yourself up. I want you to come back out to me in five minutes.” Rob firmly stated.
Rachel did as she was told and entered the bathroom. Her head was spinning at the ordeal she just experienced as she turned on the sink water. She looked in the mirror and was slightly put off on how roughed up she looked. Her hair was a tangled mess. She was glad she did not apply much make-up in the morning, otherwise she would have looked worse. Her eyes were slightly bloodshot from the constant tearing up while she was gagging on Rob’s cock. She splashed water on her face, and did her best to clean up quickly.
“What did this guy do to me?” she mumbled while looking at herself in the mirror; still standing on shaky legs.
Rachel took one of the newly packaged toothbrushes left for guests and brushed her teeth using a large helping of toothpaste. She then added a large swig of mouthwash that was also previously placed on the counter. She tried to run a brush through her knotted hair the best she could but wasn’t getting the results she wanted. Standing in front of the mirror completely naked she looked into her own eyes confused with the thoughts of what just happened. She felt bad about having done this behind Tim’s back, and was dreading having to face him later.
Rachel’s thoughts then returned to the present. She was about to leave the bathroom when she had a sense of fear and anticipation overcome her.
“Do I act mad?’ she thought to herself. “Am I mad?” she considered, but honestly did not know. “Is he mad or unhappy with me? I mean, what just happened here?” was the real question she asked herself that seemed to hit her the hardest.
The one thing she did know is that she felt that same uneasy feeling she had in the dressing room before this all started. But now she was sure what it was. It was all clear to her now. The feeling was she was extremely horny; evidenced by her still dripping wet box. That, and the still creeping realization that this man was doing things to her that she never had experienced before and she wanted more.
“Stop it Rach, this is going too far.” she tried to reason with herself. “Ok, just go out there and be assertive.” She said softly before she took a step back out the door.
Rachel exited the bathroom and Rob immediately spoke. “Come over here baby.” he commanded in a low but assertive tone.
Rachel slowly walked over to him with her head slightly titled down trying not to look him in the eye. “So much for assertive,” she embarrassingly admitted to herself.
Rachel stepped toward the man who was beginning to torment her soul. She held her hands clasped together in front at her chest, and was hopelessly trying to conceal her big breasts with her arms.
Rob stood up before her and gently grabbed Rachel’s forearm just above the elbow and guided her to a second larger table. This table was lower to the ground and appeared to be the size as a king size bed. It had the same matt or cushion on top as the smaller table, but this one had a headboard at one of the ends with built in shelves with folded white towels.
Rob sat down at the end of the bed. He pulled the still standing Rachel closer to himself and then slowly turned her around. He was blatantly taking in his prize and all of her ample curves as if he owned her.
Rachel was standing in front of him in a demure manner, still trying to do her best to cover her breast with her arms. Suddenly she developed the courage to speak. She looked directly at Rob, paused for a moment and said “So are we done here yet?” as if trying to appear slightly annoyed.
Rob did not answer at the moment, and gently reached up and pulled one of Rachel’s hands down to her side preventing her feeble attempt at covering up. He then reached forward with his other hand and gave a soft smack to one of her ass cheeks. This sent a slight quiver through the soft flesh along with a crackle through the room.
“Do you want it to be done baby?” Rob asked with a slight grin.
“I never asked for any of this to happen…..you know.” Rachel said quietly but still using a slightly annoyed tone that seemed mixed with confusion. She still wasn’t sure how she got to this point, and if she was the real cause or this happening?
“Come closer baby,” Rob stated in an low but serious tone; ignoring her last statement.
Rachel stood still before him, failing to move a muscle.
“I said come closer!” Rob again stated in a more aggressive but still hushed tone. He then leaned forward to deliver a perfect slap on Rachel’s round ass causing the flesh to quiver again, along with a loud crack that echoed throughout the room.
“Owwww!” the sound automatically left Rachel’s mouth.
She took a small step closer to Rob. He looked in her eyes and then immediately leaned forward again, this time giving Rachel’s other ass cheek a harder smack then the first, indicating she had not moved close enough.
“Owwww, I moved closer?” Rachel protested, seemingly questioning why she received the second blow after obeying.
“You know what I think Baby?” Rob asked still sporting a slight grin.
“I have no idea?” Rachel question in a slightly annoyed tone as if still trying to regain some control back over herself and the situation.
“I think you badly want some more. I think that you are dying to see what I am going to do to you next. I think you loved my fat cock in your mouth” Rob stated all of his assertions in rapid succession while reaching his hand between Rachel’s legs and driving his long middle finger deep into her tight wet pussy.
Rachel couldn’t help put let out a slight whimper as the thick appendage circled and pressed against her inner walls while she protested by trying to hold Rob’s wrist with both hands.
Rob then slowly dragged his middle finger from Rachel’s pussy and lifted his soaking wet finger to her lips; ordering her to taste her own juices. But she ignored him and turned her head away.
Rob leaned forward and again and slapped Rachel’s reddening cheeks. She slowly turned her head toward him and he slid his wet finger over her plump red lips, applying her womanly juices as proof that she was enjoying every bit of his company.
“See what I mean baby,” Rob smiled, as Rachel’s tongue automatically licked her lips clean, seemingly enjoying the taste of the proof he offered.
“Remember what I told you if you did not swallow every drop of my cum?” Rob flatly asked.
Rachel did not answer the question.
Rob then swiftly pulled Rachel toward him as he sat on the edge of the large massage table that resembled a bed. He pulled one of her arms roughly up behind her back as if he were going to put her in handcuffs, and guided her to an almost kneeling position, using downward pressure on her arm. Instead of pushing Rachel down to her knees as she anticipated, he then leaned her forward over his own knees

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