27 Kasım 2022

The reason why I Fridagirl, love sex.

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The reason why I Fridagirl, love sex.
Six months into my marriage and the sex was better than great, it was robust, vocal, and dirty. I had always been a very sexual girl during my teens, I don’t mean screwing around but sexually aware of my potential as a sex object.
I was into sex toys, my collection was seven and I knew how to use two at a time. I loved performing oral sex, as some men could attest, if they knew me, which I made sure they did not as I went out of town to have my sex, where nobody knew me and I could relax, safe in the knowledge of my indiscretions would never come back home to roost or threaten me.

By eighteen I met the man I was going to marry and unbeknown to him he was actually my sixth lover, and twentieth oral sex experience, so you can see where I am going with this.

We went on holiday almost a year to our first anniversary and on one night of drunken revelry, we were joined by an older man who invited us back to his in hotel room and I got into a kissing competition with him. He was a man in his fifties, holidaying alone, his first since his wife had passed away and encouraged by my boyfriend, I hugged him, then kissed him, and my boyfriend insisted he take some video of me as proof of my willingness to be open with a stranger.

As the truth be known, this was not as strange for me as my boyfriend thought, so I let him get into what was unfolding, I knew instinctively where it was going, but I let my boyfriend think he was controlling my actions and in the end, I let this man grope me sexually, while my boyfriend unashamedly started masturbating as he watched us perform on the bed.

Needless to say, I performed oral on this man and had a mouthful of semen on cam, which I had to hold in my mouth for as long as I could, eleven minutes later I just swallowed and shortly after that we left, high as a kite, and with me pleading innocence and blaming him for making me do such a degrading act, which just passed of as exuberance and our holiday continued and the incidence past into history, or so I thought.

It appeared on occasions when we were engaged sexually, my blowing this man really fucked my boyfriend up, he had experienced such a thrill knowing he could control me sexually for other men, brought the pimp out in him, his words not mine, I would have used ‘cuckold’, as he was still clueless about how much I enjoyed other men’s attention sexually, so to be asked to do it all over again with another man we picked up, I was game inside, but still showing resistance güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to my boyfriend, whilst enjoying the man’s groping.

Then one night we stayed over at his uncles place, where his uncle had prepared dinner, he was a retired chef and had a beautiful home and that night we both had been plied with so many different alcohols, I was high and being flattered by this older man and my now husband, was encouraging me to be nice to him, as he lost his wife five years earlier, just how nice I was to be, but I did not mind being with old men, I never felt threatened by them, and always sexually in control, so I just relaxed and enjoyed myself.

It was getting late and the difference between my husband and his uncle was startling, his uncle was more sober, than I was, but my husband had passed out and it was suggested we both put him to bed.

We did just that and as we laid him out I started to remove his clothes, right down to his underpants and it was at this point as we stood looking across the bed, I reached down and eased them down, while his uncle stood watching me stand over his nephew’s completely naked body.

I don’t know why I bent down and took my husbands flaccid cock into my mouth as he watched as I sucked him for a few minutes, then turned and walked out back into the living room and waited for his uncle to come to me, which he did and we had sex on the carpet, not once, but a couple of times.

When he had made the delicious sweet, we were both drunk and I did not know he had crushed an ‘e’ over my sweet, it’s blue masked by the thousands of colours of the cakes decoration. I had eaten a pill to enhance my need for sex, though not quite like that, as it infused with my body’s feel good factor, I was drawn to him and on occasions cuddled him in sympathy for his loss of female companionship, all the time we cuddled he was feeling me intimately, which I thought was natural and returned the compliment, knowing he was as hard as a rock for me, my kissing him meant tongue fucking his mouth as well, we both subconsciously knew where this was going, and putting my husband, his nephew to bed, was just making sure he would not be in the way.

Was it my own fault, or was it meant to be?

It was a winter’s day in late February when myself and my friend Jilly were making our way home. Ahead of us and the left of the road, there was a snow mound piled high, and we both decided to try and get to the top, which was close to three meters high.
With much makrobet güvenilir mi laughter and mirth we both eventually got there and in such a commanding view, we able to survey all around us, which meant the garden hedge next to where it was piled, and the owner, an old man was out under his awning and looking around when he espied us looking at him from our lofty peak.
He waved and we both waved back, then suddenly Jilly toppled over and rolled down the snow hill to the bottom, leaving me towering over her.

We were laughing and I turned back to see what the old man had made of her falling and to my shock and surprise, he was staring back at my lonely self, he was completely naked and he was masturbating himself and waving for me to come to him.

I turned back to see if Jilly was seeing what I was but found her still on the bottom, missing everything, indeed it was only me, as there were no other people around.

I turned back to him and watched him and as I did so, he started grunting and shooting and I watched, mesmerized by his actions and strangely frightened it was I who made him do it and when he was finished, he waved to me, smiling as if it was alright and thanking me for watching him.

I watched as he turned away and went back inside his door as Jilly came crawling back up the mound and steadied herself alongside me, ‘He’s gone then’, she said breathlessly, and instead of telling her what I just saw him do, I said, ‘Yes’, keeping his secret safe, between us.

It was the end of March and the snow was gone when we ventured back down the same street and the home, the huge pile was now just a small hillock and as we approached, I became curious about him and wondered if he thought about me as much as I had been remembering him, so I climbed the small hillock and I could barely see over the hedge top when I heard a knocking, and there he was, in his upper window, looking down at us, waving and Jilly waved back.

He changed his wave to indicate he wanted us to come around to his front door and before I could say anything, Jilly was off and I followed, somewhat reluctantly, as she was oblivious to what I knew his intentions were.
By the time I had caught up, his door was open and she was chatting with him and was about to take up his invitation to go inside, and again I followed.

For an older man he seemed easily enough to chat with, more about us and what we were doing, he just seemed to want to know what we got up to. Later when Jilly had gone to the bathroom tipobet he asked me if I was alright with what I saw him doing, I just answered yes, and no, I never told anyone, for which he thanked me.

I had time enough to ask him why he did it, and he replied it was opportunistic, he had seen me a few times before and thought me very beautiful and he had this overwhelming urge to show me him cumming, and was happy I had stayed to watch him.

Of course I don’t think I wanted to watch him, but the fact was I did and it gave me a strange feeling, as if we had bonded and shared a dark secret, ‘Sometime’, he said to me, ‘I would love to watch you do it’, just as Jilly rejoined us and I just stood with my mouth open at such a request and prospect.

He gave us half a box each of Quality Street Chocolates, ‘Left overs from Christmas’, he said, and as I took them, I realised his words about him and I came with the offering, as we both turned to leave.

Jilly had gone out and I could hear her opening the gate and by the time I got to the door he said my name and I turned around to face him, Jilly was back on the street, her head in the bag of sweets, and he was just feet from me, cock in hand wanking himself like crazy, as I stood clear of the door, just staring, he was doing it again and like he said, I was staring.

I looked to my right, Jilly had walked on, and I don’t know why, but he was asking to see me, so I pulled the front of my skirt up, pulled my panties out to let him look at me and he came right up close and masturbated against the soft skin of my hairless pubis and down my labia and shot a warm load of semen into my crotch, almost between my thighs, until I stepped back, releasing the elastic of my panties and trapping his cum in my crotch. My skirt fell back into place, just as Jilly stepped back to see what was keeping me, talk about perfect timing, she saw nothing and once again I had more than committed myself to this old man.

That night, when I removed the soiled panties, I took them to bed and placed them over my face to smell the chlorinated scent of fresh semen as I masturbated myself to the idea of going to bed with him and having full sex.

The following morning I told my mother I wanted to go on the pill, to regulate my periods, which was what most of the girls in school did when they became sexually active. I was keen to lose my virginity and try having sex and I wanted to do it with this old man, not some stupid boy my age, who would brag and I would become some easy slut to be mocked.

Two weeks later I was on the pill and mother never asked why, I think she knew I was at an age where sex would come naturally, only not with a man old enough to be her father.

Now all I had to do was have the courage to go back to his front door and ask him to fuck me.

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