30 Kasım 2023

The Pumpkin Patch

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A special Thank you to rick_j21 for his editing skills and his most valued input to my story! This is my very first story. Your comments and suggestions and votes are very much appreciated!

Case and I decided that we needed to carve some pumpkins for Halloween and some more to use as front porch decorations. It was fast becoming a typical fall day in the Pacific Northwest. It was cool and the rain was falling gently around us. The rain was not a problem; we were raised in the area and were used to the damp season. Not like the East Coast where you could actually have some dry fall weather.

I went to find our jackets. Case followed me and pinned me up against the front hall closet door. His hand ran up under my shirt, resting on my left breast. He squeezed and pinched on my nipple through my bra. His lips descended on mine for an earth-rocking kiss. My knees became weak as I melted against his hard chest. “Are you really sure you want to go?’ Case whispered as he nibbled on my ear. My pussy was still swollen and sensitive from our morning play. “I will give you a special trick or treat if you take me pumpkin hunting,” I purred.

Case chuckled, he knew he could not refuse me anything. He knew he would be rewarded well for taking me on our little jaunt. Jackets in hand and umbrellas handy we set out on the grand search for the perfect pumpkins.

There were some pumpkin patches close to town, but we thought it would be fun to make a drive out of it and go to the country. We were cruising along, enjoying finding the out of the way farms. We found lots of vegetable stands selling corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, and squash, but we thought it would be better if we could wander the fields ourselves. So we continued our journey. Finally we saw signs that said pumpkin patch three miles u-pick. The road was narrow and winding, but why not, we were out on one of our adventures.

We drove the three miles through the countryside. The pumpkin patch was remote. We only noticed several large farms and wooded areas scattered along the three miles we traveled. We finally saw the sign that pointed in the lane to the pumpkin patch. We slowly drove down the gravel lane. The farmer’s two dogs ran out to greet us, running circles around the car, barking, and wagging their tails. We parked close to the barn and got out of the car; the dogs were immediately shoving their noses in our hands begging to be petted. We laughed and gave the dogs the attention they wanted. We heard the farmer say, “Some watch dogs huh? They are more interested in Travesti getting scratched behind the ears than protecting the live stock.” We all laughed knowing that it wasn’t true. The dogs could sense the difference between friend and foe. All good farm dogs know the difference.

We told the farmer we were here to get pumpkins. He laughed and told us that he kept a bunch back from the main harvest for those folks that wanted to pick their own. He pointed to a 4 wheel ATV and asked if Case knew how to operate one. We laughed and said “Sure.” The farmer said, “Well go on behind the barn and take that lane up over that hill,” as he pointed the way. “You will go around an old hay barn and then some woods, once you round the corner you will see the patch. When you are done come on back. If I don’t come right out, ring that triangle chime over there. Take your time and enjoy yourselves.” He waved goodbye with a twinkle in his eyes, and gave us a wink.

Case and I snuggled onto the seat of the 4 wheel ATV and headed out down the lane. My hand wandered up his thigh to his groin. I gave a slight squeeze over his manhood and felt Case harden at the caress. “You keep that up, and we wont’ make it to the pumpkins!” Case groaned between clenched teeth. I relented with a short laugh, and removed my hand.

We traveled up over the hill and down the other side, bouncing along the gravel rutted lane. We soon passed a small hay barn and wooded area. We rounded the corner, and there was the pumpkin patch the farmer had promised.

I squealed with glee at the sight of the pumpkins still on the vine! “This is great; we have to look at each one!” I looked back to see Case mentally rolling his eyes. I could just hear what he was thinking. “My god she is really going to look at each one.” I laughed, “I brought you along to tote and carry, so let’s get with it.”

Case laughed and grabbed me around the waist and twirled me around, kissing my neck. “Is that all you want me for?” Case teased. I was momentarily distracted as his mouth claimed mine in a possessive kiss. Case broke the kiss off. “We had better get a move on before it rains!” he said. He took my hand and we started through the patch.

I only wanted 3 pumpkins but I couldn’t make up my mind so Case said “Fine, let’s take all 5 of them.” He pulled out the sharp knife the farmer had given him and cut the vine off each pumpkin. I loaded Case down with two and I took one. We put them in the back of the ATV and returned for the other two. We had barely made it back to Ankara Travesti the ATV with the two remaining pumpkins, and it started to rain. It wasn’t a nice gentle spring rain, but a fall “lets let it roll” rain. We had left the umbrella in the car. We were soaked and hadn’t even gotten the 4 wheel ATV started yet.

Case had a hard time getting it started. But we started back. Rain trickled off the end of my nose and dripped from the ends of my hair. I must have looked a sight, Case looked at me and we both laughed, he looked as much a drowned rat as I did. We sloshed through the lane, which was fast becoming mired in mud. We rounded the corner of the woods with the hay barn in sight, and the 4 wheel ATV coughed and quit. Case tried restarting it, but managed to flood it out. We were soaked almost through. Case said, “Forget it!” He hopped off the 4 wheel ATV and pulled me with him as we ran for the hay barn.

The barn may have been old but the farmer had kept the roof in repair and everything was dry. It had the smell of hay and dust. A smell that brought me back to my childhood living on the farm. A mouse ran from under a bale, and disappeared into the corner, closely followed by a barn cat. I shrieked in surprise. Case just laughed.

We took off our coats and laid them over the hay wagon to dry, or at least drip some of the water off. I tried to wring some of the water out of my hair. My top had soaked through showing my nipples through my shirt and bra. Case couldn’t help himself. I saw him look and swallow. A reaction he didn’t even know he did, but I could always see it, that and his eyes. They darkened as I saw his desire mount. My heart rate increased just watching him look at me. I was sure he could see it beat through my wet shirt. I thought, why not, it was raining and we were dry and alone.

“I think you need to take that top off.” Case said. He grabbed the hem of my knit top and pulled it over my head before I had time to object. Like who was going to object I had the same thing in my mind as I looked down and saw the bulge in his jeans.

I grabbed his belt and managed to unbuckle it and zip his jeans open. His cock swelled under his briefs bulging out the opening in his jeans. This time it was me that was swallowing and licking my lips. I couldn’t contain myself as I fell to my knees tugging on his jeans. My fingers yanked on the elastic of his briefs, as I was careful not to hurt him in my hurry to get at that outrageous cock.

Oh my god, Case was so hard it took my breath İstanbul Travesti away. There was already a pearl of pre-cum on the tip of his cock. I moaned just looking at it. I took hold of his shaft and enveloped it with my mouth as I sucked to taste that first sweet issuance of cum. It was so good. Case’s cock throbbed under my tongue and the pressure from my lips. I wanted as much of him as I could get. I attacked his cock like a starving woman. So good, so hot, so sweet, and the smell of his male musk drove me wild. I glanced up and Case had his head thrown back. “That is so good baby! You don’t know what you do to me!” he managed to say.

His hands were tangled in my hair. It was all he could do not to force his cock down my throat. I wasn’t shy about it, I took him as deep as I could. When I pulled my lips back to the tip of his cock to catch my breath, I would circle the head of his cock with my tongue; it was so sensitive under that rim. Case moaned his appreciation. I stroked his cock with my hand as my mouth lowered to his balls. I gently sucked each one in and rolled them around with my tongue, eliciting more moans from Case.

Case grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up. “I want to be inside you,” he said. He pulled me to a pile of hay that had formed from open bales. He laid me down and grabbed my pants and had them off me in record time. We both struggled to pull the remnants of clothes off our wet bodies. Case stroked me with his hands. “You are so incredible,” he said as he put his lips on mine and sank into me with a kiss full of passion and desire.

His hands were frantic as they swept over me. Finally he reached my heat. His fingers slid easily through my slit. Just sucking on Case had made me wet. I can almost cum just pleasuring him that way. “You are so ready for me.” Case said as he rolled between my legs. I reached down and guided him in my hot slick canal.

With purpose Case moved his hard cock in my pussy. He could feel my muscles contract and release him as he moved from my opening to my cervix and back again. He filled me. I was gasping for breath as Case continued his rhythm. We were lost in each other stroke for stroke as I wrapped my legs around his back. The tension mounted till I thought my head would explode. “Case I am cumming!” I cried, as wave after wave shot through my body from my pussy to my head and back. My climax brought Case to his zenith. And he rammed home his orgasm, deep in my pussy.

We lay, still joined, recovering arm in arm. We could still hear the rain beating on the roof of the barn. “I wonder how long it will be before the farmer comes looking for us.” I said. Case replied, “The way he winked as we left, I don’t think he will come looking till dark, and that leaves us a lot more time for a roll in the hay.”

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