30 Kasım 2022

The Poker Game – Part Four

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The Poker Game – Part Four
The Poker Game – Part Four

Robert said, “Sherry & Kathy, lovely blonde and redhead.
I’ve been with Sherry but Kathy, are you ready to explore
your submissive side?”
Kathy said, “Yes Sir. I will do ‘what ever’ you want Sir.”
Robert stuck his hand between her legs from behind and
she drew in a quick breath. “We shall see” he said.
Mike walked up to me and grabbed one of my tits and
clamped it then he did the other one. I realized they were
oversize clamps.
Robert walked up behind Kathy and squeezed one of her
tits and pulled my nipple clamp and clamped her nipples
in the same clamps so our nipples were clamped together.
This was a first for me and everything is a first for Kathy
so we were making memories we would remember for a
long time. The clamps hurt and I could see it in Kathy’s
eyes but she was accepting it, so far.
Next Robert inserted a stainless steel hook into Kathy’s
ass and Mike did the same to me. These hooks were
pulled up tightly by cords attached to our collars.
The other four men were sitting there enjoying the show.
Robert then cuffed Kathy’s ankles and Mike followed suit
with mine. Robert went over to the wall and chose a long
spreader bar and clamped Kathy’s feet to each end and of
course Mike spread my feet too. The nipple clamps and
the hooks pretty much kept us pressed firmly together and
the guys next inserted ball gags and cinched them behind
our heads. Mike brought a bucket over and shoved it up
between our legs and ordered us, “Both of you pee and
fill this bucket up.”
Our eyes locked on each other and I didn’t know if Kathy
would obey or not? I took the lead and started to pee in
the bucket and Kathy shivered a little but she bahis siteleri did start to
pee also and when we were done, Mike took the bucket
away, I think he was satisfied that we were obediently
humiliated and then Robert selected a whip from the
selection on the wall and walked back to where Kathy
could see it. Her eyes got big and I thought she might
not be able to continue, but, she just looked at me and
then closed her eyes tight. She was scared but determined
to make John proud and not ruin this chance to belong to
the BDSM social group they’d been told about.
Mike walked over with a similar whip in his hand and he
let it d**** over my tits and he pulled it across the clamps
and then he looked at me and said, “You want this don’t
you Sherry?”
I shook my head ‘Yes’ and he smiled.
Robert laid the whip across Kathy’s back and she jerked
which pulled our nipples and I thought the clamps would
pull off but they held, this time.
Then Mike laid his whip on my butt and then both masters
began to swing their whips. My back, My butt, and the top
of the rear of my legs. It stung and burned and I closed my
eyes too. When I opened them again I looked at Kathy to
see how she was doing and her eyes were open again,
looking back at me. She had eye liner black streaks from
the tears running down her cheeks but she was accepting
it all and I knew from experience she was determined to
make her man proud and not ruin this opportunity of
being considered for our BDSM social club membership.
When the whipping stopped our ball gags were removed
and then Robert took Kathy by the hair and held up a
glass of yellow liquid. She looked at it and again I thought
Mike of course had a bahis şirketleri glass for me too. He held it up to my
lips and he said, “Drink this Slut.” Kathy looked like she
might throw up but Robert pulled her hair and tilted her
head back and ordered her to “DRINK IT!”
I was surprised to see her do it. She took a mouthful and
so I hurriedly did the same and we gulped some more of it
down. It was a test. I really didn’t think Mark would allow
them to make me drink piss and I was right. It was just
lemonaide but it was obvious that Kathy didn’t know that.
She obediently drank it and I think that impressed Robert.
Time was called and Robert and Mike stepped down off
the platform.
After the 5 minute break, Steve and Keith stepped up to
take their 30 minutes.
They lowered the cable and removed the spreader bar
and the nipple clamps. My nipples were on fire and I
was pretty sure so were Kathy’s.
Then they turned us around so now we were back to back.
Then they made the winch pull up the cable until we were
back up on our tip toes again.
We were both tired and just kind of hung their limply at
first. Steve took come cord and tightly bound my tits.
Keith did the same to Kathy and then he poured some oil
on Kathy’s tits and Steve did the same to me. The cord was
tight and my tits were bulging out and he took his time
rubbing in the oil and squeezing both my slippery tits.
My nipples still burned and hurt but his hands and the
oil felt really good and I hoped Steve would just continue
to squeeze and play with my tits all he wanted. Maybe for
the next 30 minutes. His hands felt so good on me.
Even the hook in my ass was not feeling too bad at this
Steve leaned in illegal bahis and started french kissing me. Both his
hands still busy playing with my tits. I kissed him back,
loving the tender way he was treating me.
He pulled back and walked over to the wall and chose a
whip. When he returned he rubbed the whip across my
tits and then he grabbed me roughly by the hair and
kissed me deep again. I returned the kiss but I knew what
he was going to do to me next.
I couldn’t see Kathy but I knew she was going to get a tit
whipping also. Then Steve smacked my tits with the
flexable, thin, stick. I mumbled “Ohhh,Ahhhhh” and then
hit me again. I could feel Kathy jerking against me as her
tits were also being whipped. This went on for about five
minutes and then Steve stepped up and stuck 3 fingers in
my pussy and started fingering me and he had his thumb
on my clit and despite the pain, or maybe even because of
it, I started to moan. He was really turning me on now. I
was his obedient slut right now and he knew damn well
what to do with me. I started moving my hips to get his
fingers as deep as I could and he liked that.
Kathy was moaning loud enough that I knew she also was
being finger fucked and was responding to it the same way
I was.
Steve said, “Are you going to be a nasty fucking slut for me
I replied, “Yes Sir,I want to be a very nasty slut for you Sir.
Use me and make me be nasty. Do anything you want to
with me Sir. I’m so fucking horny for you.”
When I stopped telling Steve how much I needed to be
used as his slut I could hear Kathy talking to Keith and
begging to be a nasty slut too.
At this point I knew she had made it. The hard part was
over and now she knew how to be obedient, submissive,
and accept the pain. She was now on the road to being
a first class slut for the BDSM club and all the benefits that
would come from that and there were many, many,
benefits for ‘Good Girls’.

Continued in Part Five

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