30 Kasım 2023

The Phone Call

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(This is based on real life, so many thanks to J. for making this story fantasy true. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did… Leave me a comment, and Please Vote!)

Your phone calls always make me smile. There’s nothing we can’t or don’t talk about… family, friends, work, memories, sexual history… we’ve got one of those unflappable friendships that I don’t think I could live without.

That’s why, when our conversation drifted to phone sex, I didn’t think anything of it. We talk about sex all the time, and it’s never gotten personal, so I never thought this time would more than the others. Plus, I thought I was just a friend… If I’d known what your feelings were, this evening might have been easier to predict.

It started innocently enough, “How does phone sex work, anyway?”

I laughed at you, and told you that you hadn’t seen enough movies… neither of us had ever had phone sex, experienced as we were at the real deal, so we enjoyed a few moments of joking around about it, til you said to me “So, are we having phone sex?” I laughed.

“Nope, not yet… well, not that it will happen, but you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I do… are you naked yet?”

“Not at all… should I be?”

“Yeah, this is getting to be pretty unfair here, with me lounging around in nothing while you’re in your pajamas. The situation needs to be rectified… take off your shirt.”

“Are you serious? Cause I will, and you know it.”

“Completely, this is just unfair.”

I stripped off my black tank-top, but kept my pajama bottoms on… Lying alone in my bed and wishing you were there next to me… I had to keep reminding myself not to start playing with myself while I was on the phone with you… it was a level that I wasn’t sure I wanted to introduce into our friendship without ample invitation. Our conversation reverted back to being non-sexual in nature, but I still kept finding my hands caressing my breasts, fingertips Travesti circling my nipples.

“What are you doing right now?” you asked me.

I knew what you meant by the question, but for some reason, wanted to push you just a little bit further. “Talking on the phone with you, babe… sorry, nothing more exciting than that.” There was laughter in my voice, you could understand the humor in the situation and I could hear your voice shake with a little laughter too. Then you got more serious.

“Are you touching yourself yet?”

“No… Should I be?”

“… yeah.”

“Where should I touch myself?”

“Between your legs…”

I reachd down, and with one hand still holding the phone, I took off my pajama pants and started lightly fingering my clit. We hadn’t been talking sex for very long, but already I was dripping wet. The first touch sent a tiny jolt through my body, and I’m sure you could hear my moan through the miles of telephone cords that separated us. I summoned enough energy to ask “What about you, what are you doing?”

“I’ve been playing with myself for a little while now… I hope you don’t mind, but just hearing your voice turns me on.”

“No, I don’t mind… as long as I can join in.”

“That’s fine… what do you have in mind?”

“Well… if I was there, it’d be my hand on your dick instead of yours… and it wouldn’t be long before I’d take you in my mouth…” You didn’t answer, but your deep moan in my ear tells me I’m on the right track.

“Well, what would you be doing to me?”

“If I were there with you, I’d want to taste you right now… I’d want to have my mouth on you, to lick you til you were clean… I want to fuck you so much right now.”

“God, I wish you were here… I want to feel you hard and hot inside me, I want to feel you thrusting, filling me…”

“You’re so tight, so wet… you feel so amazing around me.”

“You feel amazing inside me… Konya Travesti ohhhh” I moaned as my fingers on my clit make me jump. “My whole body’s shaking at the thought of you surrounded by me.”

“Fuck, you feel so good. If I were there right now, I promise, you’d never leave the bed. I’d fuck you til you couldn’t walk.”

“I can’t imagine anything I’d want to do more than be in bed with you, so I don’t think wanting to walk will be an issue.”

“I’m glad. Because the next time I see you, I promise… it won’t be your hand inside you… It’ll be me.”

“I can’t wait. What are you going to do to me?”

“First, I’m going to take you by your hips, and slide you down onto me…” I could hear your moan caught in your throat, this was turning you on as much as it was me.

“I’d be on top of you, riding you. You’re hot, hard, inside me, filling me up. I want your hands on my breasts; I want you to pinch my nipples til they ache.”

“Your skin feels so fucking amazing next to mine. And I can feel your wetness dripping down. It turns me on even more, knowing how turned on you are.”

“You turn me on more than you can even imagine… you have no idea.”

“I feel the same way about you… damn. I wish this were real.”

“Me too babe… how far is DC from Montreal?”

“Too fucking far… are you sure you don’t want to catch the next flight down here?”

“I wish I could, you know I want to.”

“Yeah. I guess we’ll just have to think about what’s going to happen next time I see you… ’cause I promise, you wont get out of bed for days, I’ll tie you up if I have to.”

“Tie me up, huh? That sounds promising. Maybe I’ll try to get out of bed, just to see if you’ll hold to your promise.”

“I always hold to my promises… for example, the next time I see you, I’m going to fuck you ever way you can possibly imagine… on top, underneath, from behind, in a chair, standing up, over İzmir Travesti a desk… the list goes on and on.”

“You promise? Cause I will hold you to that one.”

“I guarantee it.”


This whole time, we were both still touching ourselves. The tension had been building; all it needed was one last trigger, something to set us both to climax… I could hear your moans in the background, and even though we’d both stopped talking, the intense intimacy of the moment didn’t escape me. I could hear your every breath; you could hear me gasping every time my fingers brushed over my engorged clit.

“Yeesss… oh god yeah.” The words came out involuntarily, the idea of you inside me, doing everything and anything you wanted to do to me… it was sending me over the edge.

“Are you close?”

“Oh yeah.” My reply came out in a broken whisper, the shrill squeals were starting to make their way to the surface.

“Me too… what do you want me to do to you?”

“Just fuck me…Ohhhh… I love feeling your weight on top of me, holding me down while you pound into me… Oh god, oh fuck….”

“I just want to fuck you, ’til you can’t walk, ’til you can’t think. I want to be the only thing on your mind, the only one you want… oh god, you feel so fucking good…”

“Ohhhh, oh fuck… oh god yeah…”

“Oh. Fuck. Yes. Ohhhhhhh.”

We both came together, one big climax across a quarter of a continent. For a few minutes, there was only silence, and shaky breathing, I couldn’t move my arms or legs… I couldn’t imagine wanting to… then I realized, foolishly, that you weren’t really next to me, and that I was alone in my big bed.

“Wow.” Your voice came to me, still shaky, but firm in it’s astonishment

“Yeah… did you ever expect that to happen?”

“Never, not in two thousand years.”

“Think it’ll happen again?”

“Yeah… except next time, I’ll be lying next to you, instead of alone here… and right about now, is when I’d kiss you ’til you couldn’t breathe. You’re amazing, you know that?”

*Sigh* Your phone calls always make me smile.

(Please, take a moment to vote, and leave a comment if you enjoyed it!)

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