30 Kasım 2023

The Pedestal Sink

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It was a Saturday in late November 1995. We had a snowstorm the night before and the world was a quiet lazy morning in white. I lay under the comforter next to my “someday” hubby, but for now we were living in sin in an old upstairs apartment. We both worked and he went to school in those early days, just me and him and my five year old boy from another guy.

I’d got in late the night before from work and I wanted to rouse him for sex, but my guy was sleeping so peacefully, I didn’t have the heart. Now with the dawn I wanted him more. I snuggled over to him, spooning behind him and letting my hand slide down his chest and belly to find his furry crotch. My man sleeps naked even in the coldest of temperatures, but somehow I’m the one that’s always freezing.

I played with his cock and it slowly hardened and he woke up and rolled on his back.

“Mmm, good morning.” He smiled with half opened eyes.

I looked at him and smiled myself “good morning.” I kissed his nipple and then licked it as my hand still played with his tool under the quilt. He stretched his back and arched then opened his legs for my access. I reached lower for his balls and rubbed them gently, pushing them up to his dick.

He was fully awake now, “You’re so hungry, aren’t you baby?” He said sweetly.

I bit my lower lip and smiled, nodding. He pushed the covers down to expose his cock and his hand guided me down. I love when he is controlling like that, but sweet too. He held the back of my head as I took him into my mouth. He was hard but not fully and I love to feel him swell even more in my mouth. His cock got rigid under my care and I moaned around my mouthful of meat.

I was happy with my head bobbing in his crotch when he asked to eat me.

“Bring it up here, Baby. Give me that pussy.”

Keeping locked on his dick like Travesti a pivot point, I swung my hips up to put my knees on either side of his head. John stuffed a second pillow under his neck and pulled my lips to his. He licked me and stuffed his tongue inside me, all the while squeezing my little ass. I was younger then, very slim, with only B sized cups, still my nipples rubbed on his belly as my mouth slurped his organ. My man has his own talents and could get his lower lip to rub my clitty while his tongue fucked in and out of my pussy.

I woke up horny, so I was wet before. Now I had his saliva mixed with my juice and my pussy was soaked. John slurped it up and was rolling me over. His fingers were in the crack of my ass and he pressed his face hard to my sex. He was breathing like a stallion, loudly through his nose. I could tell foreplay was done because his cock was like stone on my tongue. And that was OK, because I wanted him in me. I wanted him now.

We rolled away from each other and I stood on the floor. My guy got settled in on the bed and motioned for me with his fingers. With glee, I climbed aboard that standing straight cock. My knees on both sides of him, and our foreheads together, we finally kissed. I shoved my legs down so I was fully upon him. Our bodies touched everywhere and his hand slide to my supple ass. My tits were mashed to his chest and my elbows were next to his head.

Slowly we started. I began to grind. Our pelvis’s mashed together, our lips locked, my hips just circled as I rode my man. He kissed my neck and softly bit it.

“Fuck me, Baby.” he softly encouraged.

I smiled at him and started to lift my hips a little. I was already grunting on top of him, not from exertion but from pure lust. It felt so good inside me. I grunted each time he went deep. I was circling Ankara Travesti and he was pumping now, moving his hips and forcing himself deeper. His hand held all of my right ass cheek, like he was guiding my circling hips.

“Fuck me, Fuck Me.” he said dirtily with a soft snarl.

He knows I love that. I start to ride hard. Moving myself back and forth, creaking the bed. When suddenly my little boy’s head popped up from the floor on the other side of the bed and he said…

“Will you guys be quiet? I’m trying to sleep.” He said with barely opened eyes.

The world stopped. Well, we did. Little Joey dropped back down on the floor next to the bed. Neither of us knew he was there. He must have got up in the night and lay next to our bed. John and I looked back at each other after a moment and we both started laughing, but not too loudly, poor Joey.

We got off the bed and John took my hand. “Come one,” he said.

Straight across the hall we went into the bathroom and shut the door. This was an old house, with an old bathroom. A cast iron tub with feet was in the corner. A toilet, as almost an afterthought, sat at its head, and across from both was an old pedestal sink, sturdy and strong. John lifted me up, with shock and excitement in my eyes, and plopped my butt on the sink. My legs and arms opened wide, I took him to me. He kissed me and my hand reached between my legs for him and I guided him back inside me. I had never done such a thing before. My back was against the mirror and my pussy at the edge of the sink. My guy was pushing into me with his hands firmly under my ass so I wouldn’t fall into the basin. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, and we started to fuck.

Back then, I would never have thought of such a thing, but he would. He kissed me and then went for my neck. İstanbul Travesti I turned my head to let him in.

“My God, you’re such a stud!” I cried out as he rocked my world, his mouth on my jugular and his cock deep inside. I held on with all my limbs and clawed at his back. He was making me cum. And then he stopped.

“Bend over.” He said “I’m smacking my balls on the sink.”

“What?” I couldn’t believe he could just stop like that.

He pulled me from my perch and spun me around. “Crap, we need a condom.” He exclaimed.

We always used a condom. We weren’t ready to make the family bigger, not just yet. I looked back at him and bent over the sink. “I don’t care. Fuck me.” I pleaded.

He paused for nearly a second and then with a smile, thrust deep inside me. He grabbed hold of my hips and began to pound me. I felt the smack of his balls now. They swung and struck my clit every time. ‘Poor baby’ I thought, ‘those things hitting the hard porcelain on every stroke.’ My arms were wrapped around the sink to keep my head from hitting the wall. He was fucking me hard and I was cumming. My pussy clenched around his cock but he kept forcing it in and out. I was crying and moaning it felt so good. My pussy milked his cock and finally was rewarded. He shoved in deep and shot his load. I felt his hot cum splash inside my walls. This was such a treat; we always used a condom. I came again and shuddered just from feeling his hot seed in me. I was quivering and hugging the cool sink.

Slowly he pulled out of me and helped me upright. He hugged me and kissed me, pushing hair from my face. Then he looked at the clock.

“I have to get to a class.” He kissed me again “I love you.”

“I love you.” I responded and slowly I left him to get ready, our fingers letting go as I walked back to our room and back to sleep.

We used a condom every time after that, until the doctor said I was pregnant. We told him the date of our little bathroom tryst and the lack of contraception. He did the math and so did we, and that is when my second child was conceived.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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