30 Kasım 2023

The One That Got Away

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Do you believe in love at first sight? Well I sure do. Happened to me back in my last year of high school. I’d grown up in Los Angeles, California and was very comfortable in my neighborhood. I had lots of friends and interests. I fit in.

Well, my parents decided it was time to “Move on” and sold our old two story home on the Angeles Mesa and headed out to the San Fernando Valley, about 25 miles to the north.

Twenty five miles doesn’t seem that far does it? Might as well have been twenty five hundred miles for me. This was 1963 and it cost a fortune to make long distance calls. Heck…it might have been, like, a dollar or something! My old friends seemed distant and new friends were difficult to cultivate in my new high school. At least it seemed that way to me.

So I was lonely. Unlike the inner city school I’d attended, Granada Hills High featured tons and tons of gorgeous girls. Just tons of them. But a fish out of water like me had little chance to land them, or so it seemed to me. I palled around with a couple of other loners like me and we would eat lunch together and lust after the curvaceous blonds and redheads we saw walking by. “Surfer girls” we called them. Wearing those stylish “Granny Dresses” or “Shifts.” Honey blond hair halfway down their backs. Usually casual sandals on their feet. Wow.

I remember one day, just after the bell rang to send us to fifth period class, I was walking in the quad area and saw a guy I knew from gym class walking with…with the most adorable blue eyed blond I’d ever seen! Oh my god! She was beautiful. Sprinkle of freckles across her nose, willowy figure. She looked…friendly! Thunderstruck, I made my way to my chemistry class but couldn’t get her out of my mind.

I carefully approached John the next day in gym and managed to get the name of his girlfriend. Andrea. I repeated her name over and over in my mind with the image of her stunning young beauty overwhelming me.

I came to look for John and Andrea every day at lunch and, doggone it, they were always together. A solid couple it seemed. I usually said Hi to John and Andrea got to know my face but not my name or anything.

I eventually met a girl in display art class and we became an item. The usual high school stuff. Went to football games and such but, whenever I saw Andrea, my heart did flip flops and my current love interest quickly moved to the background in my heart.

I got to know John pretty well since he was friends with one of the guys I hung out with. He was a good guy, too. I never broached the subject of his relationship with my heartthrob but I assumed they were pretty serious.

Graduation day came and I remember letting out a rather major sigh when Andrea’s name was called. She walked up and took her diploma, that ever present smile flashing as she did so. I caught her eye as she walked down the aisle and, I assumed, out of my life. Just another girl I wasn’t fated to have.

Lots of my friends went away to college but that wasn’t in the cards for me. I applied at the local state college and was grateful to be accepted. The trauma of moving midway through high school had taken an academic toll on me and I barely qualified for Valley State. Urged on by a friend, I joined a fraternity and ended up having a great time my freshman year.

The following fall, I signed up for a Written Expression class and, to my shock, Andrea walked in the classroom the first day of school! Holy Smoke! There she was! In all her Norwegian glory! She looked even better than I recalled and…and she was wearing a sorority pledge pin! Now, what this means is she’s in the process of joining a social club at school and would be attending “Exchanges” where the Frats and Sororities got to know one another.

I knew Andrea well enough to go up to her after class and ask about John and was, well, not exactly disappointed to find that they had decided to break up since he was going away to the Midwest to attend a major university. The guy had to be crazy! I guess it’s something you do in high school: Break up with a great girl because, well, there are great girls everywhere. Aren’t there?

OK…To fast forward a bit, yes, Andrea attended the exchange with my fraternity and of course I made a point of spending the major part of the evening Beylikdüzü Escort talking with her. Her best friend and pledge mate Sue was dating my buddy Tim and we quickly made plans to double date the following Friday night.

We went down to Hollywood to see the new James Bond movie at the Chinese theater and I was all excited to be actually going out on a date with Andrea. It was kind of hard to believe that I was now going out with her. She’s been my dream girl for so long and now it was sort of coming true. I say “Sort of” because a date doesn’t mean you’re gonna screw her or anything. But still! She was my date for the evening!

Well the movie was terrific and the four of us went down to Pink’s for a chili dog before heading home. We stopped at Sue’s house first and Andrea and I watched as Tim kissed the heck out of her at the door! I was a little embarrassed and tried to make small talk but all the while I was thinking about our next stop: Andrea’s front door!

We drove across the Valley to the hillside home where Andrea’s family lived and I walked her up to the door. She easily turned to face me and thanked me for the evening. I gulped and almost panicked but Andrea slipped her arm around my waist and I leaned down and kissed her goodnight.

I kissed her goodnight! No, we didn’t french or anything and it didn’t last an eternity but I just floated back to the car. Tim had moved behind the wheel because I think he knew I wasn’t going to be in any condition to drive after that kiss. And he was right! I remember the Beatle’s “Ask me why” came on the radio as we drove away and I felt like it had been played just for me. Just for me and Andrea. At least I hoped so.

I would see Andrea at school and sometimes got to eat lunch with her. Our fraternity made a float for the homecoming parade every year and it involved staying up all night to finish putting on all the artificial flowers. Andrea’s sorority agreed to help us out and Andrea and I had great fun all night working on the project. I got a few more kisses that night and I thought our little romance was moving along quite well.

I would call Andrea about once a week to chat and usually to ask her out and I came to find out that sometimes, she had other dates. This was troubling for me but, after all, we weren’t engaged or pinned or anything so what did I expect? And…She was gorgeous! Tim found out that she’d seen John over Thanksgiving when he’d returned for the holiday and I knew their long and serious relationship wasn’t exactly over.

I really looked forward to our dates and especially to sitting in the car when we got to her parents house at the end of the evening. I loved to hear her talk about…Heck about anything that came into her head! I’d steal a kiss or two in the car and it would get even better at the door. I’d hug her for all she was worth and stick my tongue into her mouth like there was no tomorrow. I just loved her so much.

The summer of 1967 saw the Jefferson Airplane release “Surrealistic Pillow” which was a great album. Some good rockers but a lot of romantic ballads that Marty Balin wrote. I asked Andrea to go see them at their upcoming concert at the Hollywood Bowl and she readily agreed to go. I pictured us there at the Bowl. Holding hands as they sang “Today” and “Comin’ back to me.” The romantic flow of the evening would wash over us and I’d end up screwing her! Ha ha! I realize now that it was just a dream but that’s how my thinking went back then.

The opening act for the concert was somebody I’d barely heard of: The Grateful Dead! I came to know and love the Dead but, well let’s just say they didn’t exactly play a bunch of romantic love songs to put people in the mood for romance! The heady scent of marijuana filled the air and people leaped to their feet as the Dead did their best to get the crowd up and dancing. I felt a bit out of place for a time…wondering what Andrea was thinking of all this. She was a churchgoing girl and sang in the choir. The Grateful Dead was about as far from that as you could get.

Eventually the Airplane came on and, yes, they sang all of those love songs and I was hugging Andrea all the while. We got a bite to eat on the way home and soon we were sitting in her driveway, listening Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan to the Airplane on my tape deck and cuddling. Andrea was chatting about an upcoming trip she was taking with her church singing group and, like always, I was enjoying watching her face and her eyes as she spoke. She really had a hold on me that’s for sure. I finally asked her if she wanted to spit out her gum and she looked up at me as if to say “What for?” Then she got my drift and put the gum in the ash tray.

And then the kissing began! And it was so good! I was kissing the girl I’d loved since the first time I laid eyes on her now about 3 years ago, and she was kissing me back like she meant it! I hadn’t really had any opportunity to try and feel her up to this point and, well, sitting in her driveway with her parents sleeping in the house didn’t seem like the time or place to try anything.

So we kissed and licked each other’s tongues and my cock got stiff right away and I wanted her so badly but knew I had to move carefully. We finally went up to the front door and more kissing ensued and I got up enough nerve to let her feel my hardened cock pressing against her belly. Andrea had her hands around my neck and looked up at me dreamily with those blue/green eyes and quietly said “Night night!”

I was reluctant to let the night end but I just lightly squeezed her little hand and let her go. Andrea tried the door but it was locked. “I guess someone forgot I was out tonight.” she remarked. I couldn’t very well leave her there so I took her hand and we made our way around to the side gate where she opened the latch. We moved past the trash cans to the back door which was also locked! Finally Andrea had to reach in through the doggy door to get in the house.

We walked into the kitchen and chatted again for a couple of minutes. She looked at me at one point and said “You’re always smiling!” I chuckled to myself. “Must be the company I keep!” was all I could think of to say in reply.

“It’s so light in here..” she mused and reached behind me to snap off the kitchen light. Now we embraced again in the dimly lit kitchen and I kissed Andrea with increasing ferocity. We moved across the room, her leading the way, to the sofa that faced the TV set and sat down.

I really didn’t know what was going to happen next. I was hard as a rock and making out with Andrea and she seemed to be going for it! I kept kissing her, thinking if I stopped she would say goodnight and that would be it. Eventually I moved my hand up to her breasts and rather innocently smoothed my hand over them. Like I wasn’t sure if she had tits or not! What a knucklehead! Andrea’s breath quickened when I did it and so I rubbed her tits a bit harder and got a pretty good feel of them beneath her bra. Andrea had perfect little tits for a girl her size. Just like the ripe oranges growing on the trees outside her house. Quite honestly, I’d never been this far with a girl before and wasn’t sure what to do next.

I was so aroused I couldn’t help myself and reached for her legs. So smooth! Andrea wasn’t wearing nylons, I assume because her legs were already tanned and toned and sexy as all get out without them! I lightly caressed her calves and tickled the backs of her knees which I had read was one of a woman’s erogenous zones. She seemed to like it too and kind of opened her legs a bit further which served to spur me on!

My hand moved up to the creamy smooth flesh of her thighs and touching her there excited me beyond belief! It was too good to be true but I wasn’t dreaming, it was real!

And then, magically, I was touching her panties! Andrea moaned when she felt me there and I broke our kiss and whispered “I love you Andy” which was the truth. She didn’t verbally respond but she squeezed me a little tighter and I continued to lightly massage her pussy with only her little nylon panties covering it. Andrea spread kisses on my neck and ear and I was getting even more hot and bothered as I began to wonder how far this would go. I teased her thighs and again touched her panties as Andrea adjusted her position to allow me even greater access to her loins. I could now feel the vertical division she had just beneath her panties and Oh I longed to get to it!

I lowered my Esenyurt Escort head and began to kiss Andrea’s neck and then I was right at top of her light blue dress. Right between her little tits. I drank in the scent of her bust and then continued to slide down until I was kneeling on the floor in front of her. I kept my head close to Andrea’s legs and then began to kiss the smooth skin just above her knees. I felt Andrea’s hands in my hair, caressing my head softly as my warm breath was now at the hem of her dress.

I had no idea where I was going next or what Andrea was thinking but I wanted her so badly I kept moving upwards…lifting her dress and kissing her thighs all the way. I used my palms to urge her legs just a little further apart to allow me to kiss the baby flesh at the top of her legs. My cock was straining for release from my slacks as I gently licked the inside of Andrea’s thighs and then I again found myself at her white panties. I could smell her female scent right through the skimpy material and I only hesitated a few seconds before I placed a sweet kiss on Andrea’s panty covered pussy!

I think I could have died and gone to heaven right then and I wouldn’t have minded it a bit. My furious desire for Andrea had me ready to burst. My cock was leaking precum in my undershorts and I was doing my best to open her thighs even wider. Andrea accommodated me and I followed my natural instincts and licked her panties!

I never thought in a million years I would find myself in this position but here I was…crouching beneath Andrea Applegate’s dress and licking her little white panties. I tongued the smooth pink flesh on either side of the legbands and encountered her soft red pussy hairs. She made no move stop me and so I continued to slide my tongue repeatedly over her inner thighs and, every so often, right to the quick of her…right up the tight little groove of her pussy!

I was thrilled to say the least to be licking Andrea’s panties but I…I wanted more! I reached up to the legband of her panties and began to slowly pull it to one side, thereby exposing her bare pussy to my waiting tongue.

“Oh Richie no!” she complained. “Don’t!”

I didn’t know exactly what to do then but, with her panties now out of the way, I just followed my natural instincts and laid my tongue right in the barely open fissure there between her legs. I licked Andrea’s pussy! Oh I licked it good too! I tasted Andrea’s most secret spot and it was nice and sweet and warm. Over and over I ran my tongue into her uncovered vagina, encountering her feminine lubrication as I went.

My only education in these matters was from pornography and I guessed where her clitoris was supposed to be and I hoped when I licked her there she would do what all the girls in the porno books did: Beg me to fuck her!

Alas, there is fiction and there is reality. Andrea kind of flinched when I touched her clit as delicately as I could and said “Oh no we can’t!”

I wanted to go back to licking her panties for, Oh…two or three more hours but the spell had been broken. Andrea told me she was a virgin and that she had had some “Experience” with John which I expected, but wanted to be “Pure for her husband.”

I understood. I did the best I could to make sure she wasn’t mad or anything and she seemed fine when I finally left.

The following week at school I heard that John was back in the picture, having left college and returned to California. When I called Andrea, just to chat, she seemed distant and I couldn’t get her to agree to a date any time soon.

My fraternity had a joint “Surprise Kidnapping” of our pledges with Andrea’s sorority and, when we got to Andrea’s house, there she was with John, saying goodnight.

There was handwriting on the wall and, as much as I didn’t want to, I eventually had to read it. I wasn’t at all surprised to hear soon after that night that John and Andrea were engaged. They married only a few weeks later.

Oh sure. I “Got over it” and moved on with my life. I met and married a woman I truly love. I’m lucky I guess. Andrea and I just weren’t fated to be together. I hope she and John are happy and have had a wonderful life together.

I just have that one short night to remember. Just that one night that went by so fast it almost doesn’t seem real. The girl of my dreams. Her panties so soft and warm. Then her pussy, so sweet and tight! The wonderful aroma beneath her dress. The soft sounds she made as I licked her pussy.

Just that one night is all I have to remember Andrea by. And I’ll never forget it.

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