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The Odd Couple Down The Road

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We had only moved into the house 4 years before, and had barely got to know the strange couple four houses down, although everyone else in the street was friendly. The house which was rather run down was lived in by an elderly man and his daughter, a slim but frumpy looking spinster in her early forties who looked after her frail father, and had apparently looked after him for twenty years since the death of her mother. It was after the death of the mother that they had moved to the house. No-one really knew where they had come from.

The Father was pretty elderly when we moved in, and while he would smile and say hello, he said little more to anyone, and over the four years had become more and more housebound. The Daughter was equally withdrawn, occasionally going shopping, sometimes doing a bit of gardening, but generally keeping herself to herself, although she would respond if she was spoken to.

Judy, my wife, and I had tried to be friendly and had offered any help we could, though most others in the street avoided the two of them, whom they nicknamed the grim reaper and the witch. We knew their surname was Fletcher because of one of two mis-delivered letters, but no-one knew their first names – they were never used.

It was a surprise to us therefore, when there was a ring on the door and the daughter was stood there when we opened it. “Please help” It was the first time she had ever initiated any conversation with anyone that we were aware of. “Please help. Father has collapsed,” she said breathlessly. “Please help – you have a car – can you take him to the hospital?”

Of course we could – we rushed around to the house and without noticing anything more than the darkness of the house, the furniture, I picked him up in my arms – he was so small and thin, carried him to the car and drove him and his daughter to the hospital as fast as I could. Normally I would have called an ambulance, but I knew he was dead already – he had simply died in his chair in front of his fire and television.

I stayed in the waiting room at the hospital with the daughter who was distraught, then went with her to see her father whom she knew now was dead. I stayed as the hospital staff carried out all the formalities, before taking the daughter to an undertaker and help sort out the funeral. We gave her as much support as we could, and though she was quiet we found she was a sweet lady, and perhaps under the dowdy hair and clothes could perhaps be quite attractive. At the funeral there was only the daughter – whom we knew now was called Julie – myself and Judy my wife. We both wondered how Julie would cope.

A few days later she called again – we were surprised – we thought she would disappear into being a recluse again. She was clearing out, or at least wanting to clear out all the junk in the house that her parents had accumulated over many years, but couldn’t decide where to start. Could we help her to take some things to the tip and help clear some of the stuff in the house? We had a free day and it sounded different, so we agreed.

It was the first time we had really had a good chance to look at the house – and it was grim. Old furniture, a lot of clutter, everything brown and gloomy, though spotlessly clean. “As my Father wanted it,” Julie said as I winced at the gloom.

“Please come this way”. She led me up the stairs and into her Father’s bedroom. “This is the room I find hardest to clear, I wonder if you could sort it out, and decide what is valuable and what isn’t.”

There was very little of any value at all in the room – perhaps the old furniture had some value – but I easily managed to fill eight black bags with old clothes to be thrown away – not even worth giving to the charity shop. It was as I opened the lowest drawer in a chest of drawer that I noticed something different – a drawer of magazines and photos. Not just any photos – they were many years old, but the photos were very explicit. The old fox!!! There were a lot of one particular woman in many erotic poses, with the name “Audrey” written on the back. I put it together – the minister at the funeral mentioned that his wife was called Audrey – the old fox – taking pornographic pictures of his wife! I looked through a few – many of his wife who was a stunner, others showing couples having sex.

In the end I decided this was none of my business, closed the drawer again and finished clearing the rest of the room. As I emerged from the room I bumped into Judy on the landing who whispered “Come and see what I have seen in the spare room.”

She took me in and pointed to a large rocking horse in the corner of the room.

“What about it?” I was puzzled.

Judy led me over, then push a small pedal on the side – out of the top of the rocking horse came an ivory phallus shaped object, Avcılar Escort perhaps six inches long. “And look at these!” she said with glee. There was a cardboard box next to the horse with several of phalluses of different sizes.

“Perhaps we should leave them” I said quietly, but we giggled at the thought of what they had being doing.

We spent the rest of the day clearing, taking a few car loads to the tip. At the end of the day Julie thanked us profusely and offered to pay us, which we refused. She insisted we take a box of things she had found – old videos, a camera which she said she had never used and had no use for in the future. Again, it looked like old tat but we took it for her sake – she had been quiet but very sweet all through the day.

We left the box in the hall for several days and saw little more of Julie through that time. In the end we had a spare hour and Judy said “Why don’t we see what the old man watched on the telly before we clear some of those videos.

We put the first on the video player, and saw a number of old nature programmes – after five minutes we fast-forwarded the video all the way through.

The second one had a mix of comedy programmes and documentaries – we fast-forwarded that as well. The third and fourth had nothing of interest either. The fifth we weren’t going to bother with, but there was something written on the case – it said “Horse Riding, and General Riding.”

“Shall we bother” I asked Judy.

“Just this one – if there’s nothing on it we will forget the whole thing and chuck them all away.”

We set the video running and thought it was going to be another video with nothing worth anything on it as the camera zoomed into a room. But then suddenly we saw what the video was zooming in on – a couple having pretty wild sex. We were stunned. That scene lasted five minutes then switched to another couple again having sex, this time doggy style. We sat there in amazed silence as different five minute scenes came on of different people having sex. In three or four of the scenes I recognised Audrey – Julie’s mother – having sex with different people.

The biggest shock came near the end – there was an absolutely stunning naked girl of perhaps twenty one with short black hair who entered a room, walked to a rocking horse, pushed a pedal to make a phallus appear, then sat astride it, dropped herself onto the ivory phallus and rode the horse until it made her cum, and come hard. As we watched it we were certain it was no fake, and pretty certain that she wasn’t even aware of the camera being there. After she simply walked out of the room again, as the video moved on to another scene.

“That was the horse we saw at the house” said Judy. But there was something more bothering me. We watched it again. She certainly had a stunning body – slim, of average sort of height but perfectly proportioned.

As the clip finished for a third time it clicked. “That was Julie.” It was so obvious when I had said it – it was Julie perhaps 20 years before in a sex movie.

We both agreed we should find out more, so one afternoon invited Julie for coffee. She was reluctant to come, but after we convinced her it was important she agreed.

We made the coffee and sat together in our sitting room, myself and Judy on two armchairs, Julie on the settee. It was Julie who spoke first. “What’s so important, please?”

Judy replied: “We would like to show you a video, or at least a bit of a video, because we think it might be important. I hope you don’t mind?”

Julie smiled in puzzlement and a willingness to go along with us, so I turned on the video, to the clip of a young Julie riding the horse. As she saw the video she screamed and leapt to her feet. She cried out “He didn’t! He couldn’t have! Why?” before slumping back to the seat in shock and horror. We let the video run to the end of the clip then turned it off.

It was Judy who went and sat beside Julie, handed her a tissue and held her hand, before speaking to her: “What is it honey?”

We were amazed as Julie simply poured out the story with little hesitation except to ask our guarantee that we would tell no-one else.

It was a remarkable story she told us. Her parents had owned a hotel, but she could never make out the building work that seemed to be going on there, and some of the rooms the hotel had. But with hindsight she came to know that her father was putting two way mirrors into each of the bedrooms and videoing people making love. Sometimes if there were single people he would encourage his wife – Julie’s mother Audrey – to have sex with them – for money – and would video them as well. He would then sell the videos on the porn market and in those days make huge amounts of money for them. He made a family fortune Beylikdüzü Escort by the sale of porn films. In the end Audrey had been having sex with an odd stranger and hadn’t realised the danger – his perverted mind led him to strangle Audrey to death as they were having sex.

The result of the murder was that “all hell broke loose”, the police were involved, the man convicted (we even remembered the hotel murder case but hadn’t linked things together) and they had to sell up the hotel, which was when they moved to our street. We thought that was the story, but Julie just continued. In those days society wasn’t so liberal, and one day a man returned to the hotel after an earlier visit, with only Julie there. He demanded to see Audrey who he had sex with on the previous visit, but with her out tried to rape Julie. She was saved by Audrey who returned at hit him with a vase, and he left quickly. The result, however, was that Julie was terrified of men, and it was her mother who introduced her to the rocking horse which was what she used for sex after that – needing relief despite her fear of men – she had never been with a man all her life. She wasn’t even aware her father knew of the horse, but had suddenly realised as she had seen the video with us – her parents had set her up – they had videoed her and sold videos of her on the horse as well.

“How could they have done that. I could forgive them everything else, but how could they have done that?”

As Julie finished she broke down in tears. It was those tears which jolted me – under the frumpiness, the plain and baggy clothes which I hadn’t been able to see through there was still the same stunning woman we had seen in the video. Again, Judy provided the sympathy as Julie’s tears ran and ran and ran, holding her close as she cried like a young child.

Tears ran and ran until at last there were no more tears, and we shared a cup of coffee. Judy calmed Julie, then said to her “All men aren’t like that, you know.”

Julie replied, very sadly, “I know – my head tells me that, but my heart tells me to hate them.”

Judy continued gently. “Bill isn’t like that. If you let someone like him make love to you, you will see all that you have been missing all these years. That horse thing – fun occasionally, but it’s lifeless. It doesn’t value you and work for you.”

“Bill………….?” Julie looked surprised.

Judy continued. “Yes, let Bill make love to you. Not today – you’re much too upset for that. But let Bill show you what sex is about. For real. When you’re ready come and ask him. Not today. No pressure. In your own time. We will never mention it again, but if you ask then he will respond. In your own time. If never, then don’t say anything.”

Julie left soon afterwards, before I asked Judy why she had offered me. “Simple Bill you’re the right person for the job. And underneath that frumpy dressed woman you are going to find a stunning body………..”

For the next few weeks nothing happened. We stayed friendly with Julie, and her and Judy became quite close, sharing coffee together every few days, Judy helping with the sorting of the house and helping Julie through the mixed feelings of mourning and betrayal by her family. Much in the house was thrown out as Julie settled into being on her own. For us we had found a new friend on the same street, and hopefully Julie found in us some friends through a difficult time.

It was a few weeks later that I was working in the office, Judy and Julie sharing a coffee in our kitchen. There was a feint knock on the door and Judy led Julie in. It was Judy who spoke. “Julie has something to ask you, and I’ve said I would love her to ask you. Julie – what is it you want to say?”

Julie looked bright red, embarrassed and at first couldn’t get her vocal chords to work. However, after a few moments patience from us she managed to whisper: “Bill, will you take me to bed, please?”

I sat stunned for a few moments – I thought she would never give way to her fears. Having collected my thoughts I went over to her, put my arms around her and kissed her very softly, gently pushing my tongue between her lips, caressing her tongue with mine. It took a few moments, but then felt her tongue responding to mine, feeling her holding me back, putting her arms around me.

After a long kiss we drew apart, and I noticed that Judy had left us to it. I picked Julie up in my arms and carried her through to our bedroom, and stood her in front of our full length mirror so she could see what was happening, so she could see herself. I went behind her and kissed the back of her neck, then sneaked a hand around and cupped her breast. She tensed for a few moments, but as I squeezed gently she began to relax. I cupped her other breast, then glanced into the mirror Bahçeşehir Escort over her shoulder and noticed that she was staring intensely at what my hands were doing.

I released her from my grip, and pulled her thick woolen sweater off over her head – with Julie co-operating with me. From behind I began to undo the buttons of her white blouse, revealing more and more as I did so. I removed the blouse from her arms and dropped it on the floor. I looked in the mirror and saw a complete transformation – Julie was slim – beautifully slim. Her bra suggested beautifully formed breasts – for her age. I undid the bra and let the breasts fall out – nicely rounded, with pink nipples on the end – they were beautiful. I cupped the breasts, then pinched the nipples which went hard instantaneously, and Julie moaned as I continued to squeeze them from behind. Again I checked in the mirror – Julie was transfixed by what my hands were doing.

I released her breasts and undid the back of her brown tweed skirt which fell to the floor. Again I checked her out – stunning legs, beautifully flared hips – Judy had been right – I had found a stunning body under all the frumpy clothes. Finally I linked my thumbs in her plain utilitarian knickers and pushed them to the floor. I looked in the mirror and saw her neat black bush standing proud, and put my hands around her and ran my fingers through the pubic hair – she made no attempt to stop me but watched intently.

“Keep looking”, I whispered in her ear as I released her and quickly removed my clothes. I again stood behind her, and as I let one hand roam to her breasts, the other to her pubic mound I rested my cock in the valley of her ass and pulled her hard to me. As I did she moaned gently, which she repeated as I allowed my finger to gently flick over her clitoris.

At last I turned her around and kissed her hard as I pulled her hard to me, then walked her backwards gently to the edge of the bed, pushing her onto her back and falling gently on top of her. I lay beside her and allowed my hands to gently run all over her chest, then over her legs and thighs before moving between her legs. I put my lips to hers as my fingers started to explore the lips of her pussy – already wet with desire. For a few moments I squeezed and gently pinched the lips of her pussy before pushing two fingers inside her sopping, and now welcoming cunt. She moaned as my fingers slipped in, her legs stretching even wider.

For perhaps five minutes I let my fingers explore inside her before I moved and put my mouth to her pussy, tasting her sweetness, probing inside her, flicking her clitoris, caressing her lips. As I did so I felt a tentative hand reach out and touch my cock, then begin to tickle it gently. I moved my tongue to her clitoris and caressed it gently, while replacing my fingers inside her. I played with her, bringing her to the edge of orgasm before letting her down again, then caressing her Clitoris again. Three times I brought her to the edge of orgasm before holding off, each time hearing her saying “yes” and moaning with desire.

The third time she could bear it no more – she cried out “FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME”.

I rolled on top of her, put the tip of my cock to her pussy, then thrust deep inside her – I knew her barrier had been broken many years ago. I lay on her, my cock embedded fully and deeply in her, my hands holding her beautiful tits. I looked into her eye and demanded: “Tell me what I am doing!”

Her voice was a whisper. “You’re fucking me”.

Again I demanded “More!”

She responded immediately. “You’re fucking me, you’re sliding your cock in and out of my cunt. It is so fantastic…….” her voice trailed off in a moan as I began to slide my cock in and out of her, her body rising to meet my thrusts as she experienced for the first time real sex. I fucked her harder and harder, faster and faster until I felt her body buck and shudder under me, Julie screaming out as the orgasm wracked her body. It was so good – I too screamed out in pleasure as I came, pumping by seed deep inside her, filling her as only a man can, as a toy cannot. Her body seemed to shake and shake as I came in her.

At last we both subsided and I slipped out of her, and lay beside her. I whispered to her “How was it?”

Her reply was immediate. “Better than I could have ever dreamed. I don’t know why I thought the horse was it. That was amazing.”

We lay there for many minutes arm in arm until Judy appeared with a tray of tea and coffee, and biscuits. “You hot ones need all your energy. Eat up”, she said to us perkily before we got dressed and returned to the sitting room, before Julie left.

We stayed friends with Julie but it was the only time she did have sex with us. She changed her wardrobe, and with Judy’s help turned into a very smart and desirable woman. Within six months she was married and had moved away. We knew Jim and knew they were made for each other. We hear from them and see them occasionally, and it’s clear from her brightness and Jim’s smile they are making up for many lost years………………..

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