30 Kasım 2023

The Night I Ripped the Sheets

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All Holes

** Hello everyone – I would love for some feedback as I am quite new to this. Thanks xo **


I have known Sean for years. I met him one night with a girlfriend at a local sports bar where he was the general manager. Over the years, I would go and see him at the bar whenever there was an occasion that took us to his place. Sean is tall and slender with more strength in his muscles that you would assume at first. His blonde hair and blue eyes are complimented by his knee weakening smile. He is a shy and quiet type of guy, until he has a few drinks. I, on the other hand, am a confident and independent woman that knows what she wants. I am quite ordinary, with dark hair and eyes, not supermodel gorgeous, however, I try and take care of myself. Slender build but needing more toning, is well matched with my perky 34 B breasts.

In the past, there had been some heavy flirting between Sean and I, hot texts, and occasional cryptic email. There were even a few intimate nights we had hung out at my place. However, one night our worlds collided, I had probably the best sex I have ever had in my entire life. I happened to have spent that afternoon at the yearly “Everything about Sex” show with some girlfriends. It was great, picking up some new toys, watching a lingerie show, and seeing many new products, games, and up and coming gadgets to provide pleasure. On my way home, Sean texted me and we started chatting. I told him about my afternoon and how I was heading home to check out my new purchases. I told him how excited I was to use my new vibrator as it had some crazy power.

Late into the evening, we texted back and forth, each message getting a little more flirtatious than the last. Sean seemed particularly interested in my purchases, asking about them in specific detail. What colour and size was my new bullet? What was the name of the new sex game I purchased? What material was my new lingerie made out of? Sean was acting a bit more aggressive than usual, being a bit more forward in his messages. This was an amazing turn on for me. I loved the idea of Sean picturing me playing with my new toys while messaging him. Needless to say, my new bullet was well used and cooling down, when I received a message from Sean that simply said “SURPRISE”.

My front door was opening and my dog was going mad. A moment later, Sean’s head popped into my bedroom and asked if I wanted some company. I laughed and smiled and lifted the covers and simply said “jump in”. Sean started taking his outer clothes off, and ran to the fridge to get us a few cold beers. He jumped in bed with his boxers and a white t-shirt, commenting on how nice I looked in my extra large t-shirt. I glanced down to see my nipples rock hard and the t-shirt hugging my breasts seductively. I traced the outer contour of my breast teasingly, watching Sean stare and watch my finger gliding over my breast. I laughed at the intensity in Sean’s gaze and started teasing him about how easy it was to thrill him.

Sean cracked Travesti open a beer and guzzled it down. It was only then I saw the glazed over look, confirming what I had already suspected. Sean had been drinking quite a bit that night, which would account for his unexpected aggressiveness. Sean asked to see what I had purchased from the show that day. I showed him the lingerie, the game, some of the new lubricants I picked up, and the pictures I took while I was there. Sean sat there expectantly waiting for me to continue, and when I had finished, he simply asked “what about the vibrator?” I told him that I had already tried it out and that it was absolutely amazing. It has several speeds, but it was the sheer power of it that was fabulous. I had never owned a toy that was so strong and powerful. Sean said he wanted to see it even if it was recently used. I pulled the vibrator from my bedside drawer and handed it to Sean.

His face lit up when he touched the toy. Sean had his eyes locked on mine when he brought the toy to his mouth and tasted my reminiscent juices still on the toy. He inhaled the scent of my last several orgasms. He tested it out in his hands, commenting on its power. I was getting hotter and wetter by the moment, and nothing had even touched me. Sean asked to see me use it on myself. I thought he was kidding and laughed off the notion. Sean asked again, in a tone that quickly ended any thought that he was kidding. Slowly I took the toy and slipped it under the hem of my t-shirt.

“No. I can’t see” Sean said. He raised the hem of my t-shirt so that he could see the toy when it touched my skin. Sean gently pulled at one of my legs to spread them apart, and maneuvered his body so he could watch me when I finally turned my vibrator on. His face was within a foot of my pussy, allowing him to see every movement I made. This was a completely different Sean that I was used to. He usually needed so much coaxing before he would do anything. I loved this side of him, feeling a build up of excitement within me.

I turned the vibrator on to its first setting, and slowly placed the end high on my mound. I gently slipped it down over the entire length of my pussy, separating my lips, exposing how much moisture was already building in there. Sean just stared and watched every movement, saying nothing. I slipped the vibrator deep in my pussy, making my back arch and a moan slip from my mouth. “Do that again” whispered Sean, with excitement sounding thick in his voice. The vibrator pushed deep within me again, hitting a spot inside of me that I knew from past experience, caused me to have some pretty intense orgasms. I slip the vibe in and out of my pussy, grinding on it, squirming on it. Cum was starting to leak out of my pussy, dripping down my hands. I moved the vibe up to my pussy to push me over the edge. I pressed that vibe hard down on my pussy, feeling my hips start to buckle, I let my orgasm build. Sean, completely in tune with how turned on I was, Konya Travesti inched forward to get closer to my pussy, inhaling smell of my cunt. “Cum for me, cum all over my face” was the next instruction I heard from him. This was going to be easy. I had been playing with myself for hours before Sean came over and turned myself on to such an extent, that every orgasm was jetting out wave after wave of cum.

I allowed myself to get lost in the feeling of the building explosion that was going to occur any moment. I increased the speed of the vibe to the second setting, and a scream escaped my lips. “Oh God” were the only words I could manage. My hips were lifting higher and higher off the bed, my thigh muscles were getting tighter and tighter every second. My moans and screams filled the room as I felt I had past the point of no return. An explosion started from inside my pussy, radiating through my clit and up into my abdomen. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t moan. All I could do is feel complete and absolute ecstasy. Cum was pulsating out of my cunt with each wave of intensity. Sean was moaning breathing extremely hard. When the peak of orgasm subsided, I looked down to see Sean’s mouth, nose and chin all dripping in my pussy juices. I don’t remember him ever touching me, realizing that I must have squirted those juices on his face. I watched Sean lick his lips. He then kneeled up to bring his lips to mine. “Excellent. Have a taste” were the words he whispered as he kissed me hard and passionately. His tongue forced its way around my mouth. I began licking my cum off his face, the smell of my pleasure engulfing our senses.

Needless to say that this was enough to start some pretty intense kissing, grinding and exploring of each others bodies. Sean was forceful with me, pinning me and moving me to where he wanted me to be. This streak of aggression was proving better and better every moment. He had pulled off my t-shirt while kicking out of his own clothes. His mouth fell to my breasts, his tongue working hard on my nipples. I’m not sure what he did that was so different than any other time I had someone sucking my nipples, but it was exquisite. My body was shuddering with each suck. Moans were slipping out of my lips without my control. He held me in complete compliance while his hands massaged my body and my tits were getting constant attention.

Sean grabbed my head and pushed it downwards, clearly telling me that his hard cock needed some loving as well. I eagerly agreed. Sean has a beautiful penis. It was soft, thick, and a good size. I slowly traced my tongue of there head of his cock, hearing him whimper slightly. Inch by inch I eased him deeper into my throat. I loved his penis. I love the smell. I loved the taste of the precum oozing out onto my tongue. While devouring Sean’s dick, I reached down with one hand to focus some attention to my pulsating clit. I rubbed at it hard while Sean pulled my head down onto his cock. Muffled groans escaped my İzmir Travesti throat and I increased the speed my fingers were rubbing at my clit. I was overcome by an intense orgasm, which had cum dripping out of my hole. Sean continued to drive his hard cock deeper into my throat, each with his own moan.

Letting his beautiful cock slip out of my mouth so I could regain my breathing, Sean pulled me up on top of him. He positioned me with his cock ready and waiting at the entrance to my dripping pussy. He locked eyes with me, and slowly pulled my ass down. His thick cock stretched into my pussy, inch by inch, while I screamed out in pleasure. I could see the passion in his eyes when my pussy had fully engulfed his cock, gripping it, pulsating around it. He slowly started lifting my ass, setting the pace he wanted. Sean’s cock was curved in just that way that provided me pleasure each time I lifted my ass off of him and slammed back down. I was moaning out of complete ecstasy while rolling my nipples hard through my fingers. Wave after wave of orgasms flooded through my body, causing me to slam down harder and faster on Sean’s cock. I could not get enough.

Sean suddenly grabbed my hips and flipped me on my stomach and pulled me to the edge of the bed. He lifted my ass in the air and stood beside the bed. Suddenly, he impaled me with that scrumptious cock, and sent a jolt of elation through every nerve in my body. He dug his fingernails into the skin of my hips and pulled me back while slamming hard into me. The angle, the wetness, the pain from his fingernails on my skin, was enough to send me into another heart stopping orgasm. I was unable to breath. Sweat was pouring off both our bodies. I was grasping at my bed sheets with such ferocity; I felt the fabric give with one big tearing sound filling the room.

Sean started groaning louder and his thrusts became faster. He slapped my ass hard, making me squeal. He kept smacking my ass ferociously, while he slammed into me harder, moving his other hand to hold onto my hair. Sean was going to cum, and cum hard! He pulled my head back by my hair one final time, and slammed his entire weight against me, his cock erupting deep in my pussy. He remained deep within me while his cock twitched and shuddered, cum continuing to gush and flood my pussy. Minutes later, Sean collapsed on top of me, his breaths coming hard and uncontrolled to match my own.

Rolling to lay my head against his heaving chest, I felt Sean’s arms wrap around me, pulling me to him tightly. With no words, we lay in silence catching our breath and getting lost in the moment. Soon enough we both fell asleep, wrapped up in each other. I awoke the next morning and Sean was gone. This was typical. Sean’s shyness made it difficult for him to be comfortable in any way the morning after. I just waited, knowing he would get in touch soon enough.

A few days later, I was out shopping with a girlfriend, giggling madly at my sudden need to purchase a new set of bed sheets. It was then I received a message from Sean simply stating “Wow…Thank you xoxo”. Although I have seen Sean since, due to his increasing shyness and our conflicting schedules, we have not had connected intimately. I can only hope one day…

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