30 Kasım 2023

The New Neighbors Ch. 04

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Ch 4 – The Conclusion… or

That evening after we had gone to bed, Sue and I had a very passionate session as I was so pent up from earlier. As we were cuddling afterwards, Sue looks at me with a huge grin and says “I think I like what happens to you when Shari gets you all hot and bothered!”

I looked at her and said “What… How… what have I done?”

Sue just starts laughing, cups my face in her hands and says “Shari and I talked about this. She told me how she had tried to seduce you and you lovingly told her no and that everything would be fine and then proceeded to take it upon yourself to find a way to get Dan to understand how he should be with his family. I could tell something had been troubling you, but thought it had something to do with church and knew better than to ask. Just before Halloween, Shari stopped by with Emily and it seemed she was surprised to find me home, which I found odd at first. I invited her in and we had a long talk about her issues and she confessed what had happened. She told me she would understand if I never wanted her around. She was so timid and ashamed. All I could think was how I would act if one of our girls were to have a similar conversation with me. She fits so well with the family. I know that Dan has decided that he won’t even touch her sexually while she is pregnant, but he is becoming a wonderful husband and father.”

I start to interrupt her “It is just…”

Sue presses her finger to my lips gently and smiles. “Jody, I know you are faithful and would never do anything to hurt our family. It is my fault that you were placed in that situation today and I would actually had been a little irritated with you if you had not done something to please her. I find it kind of exciting actually. I told Shari that both Cindy and I would be gone and when I would be getting home. I gave her a key to the house at Christmas and told her if she ever needed an escape from things that this would always be a safe place for her.”

I again attempted to apologize/protest and Sue just started chuckling and then laughing out loud and robustly. “The look on your face is perfect. If I had any reservations about what I have decided you just put them all to rest just by your reactions!”

I said “Decided – what have you decided? I am so sorry.”

“Jody, you have done nothing wrong as far as I am concerned. I want us to make sure that this girl is taken care of. While she is pregnant, I am going to share you with her so that the urges don’t tear her apart. I know you will be kind and gentle and that she will be very pleased every time. Who knows, maybe I will decide to join as I am positive that you would please both of us given the chance!” Sue, my darling wife of 32 years, had just told me something that I had never dreamed nor that I had ever dare to hope. She was open to the possibility of a threesome? And she had just told me she had decided who with? My mind was spinning with questions and thoughts. I didn’t know where to begin.

“Sue, do you know what you are saying? You realize that Shari is the age of our children? She is young and impressionable and I will not be a force that can destroy that marriage, not to mention that I am concerned with what it could do to ours.”

“I know and understand your concerns. Do you really think we would be having this conversation, in our bed, lying completely naked and holding each other if I had not thought this out thoroughly? And, don’t you think that I may have had many conversations about this with Shari?”

I lay there silently, stroking Sue’s hair and trying to comprehend all that has just been said. “Can I ask something that I don’t think you have addressed?”

“Yes, if you truly think there is something.” Sue chuckles yet again. I am getting really annoyed with all these women chuckling and laughing at my expense!

“What about Cindy and the rest of the children. We are grandparents for hell sake. What would we ever tell any of them if anything were to come out about this? There are so many variables and possibilities for this to be discovered.”

Sue starts laughing even louder. I am actually getting angry at this laughing now. And then my dear wife tries to cause me to have a heart attack by saying “Cindy thinks it is a great idea and says that maybe she would be able to spend more time with Shari.”

I jump out of bed and yell “WHAT THE HELL? CINDY IS IN ON THIS AS WELL? This is going too far. I am so ashamed and embarrassed. Is she aware of what happened today? Is this a plot to see how loyal I am? What am I doing to my family and to theirs?” I kneel to the floor and begin to sob uncontrollably, feeling like my life is falling apart by the moment.

My wonderful wife climbs off the bed and sits on the floor next to me, wraps her arms around me and just tells me everything is perfectly fine. “There is no plot and we don’t feel you have done anything wrong nor that you have anything to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Esenyurt Escort We love you and we love Shari. Please don’t be mad about this. And be calm because I have an even bigger bomb to drop on you as I don’t want there to be any secrets in this house about this… the whole thing was actually dreamed up by our sweet, little, innocent, 19-year-old Cindy!”

“She what?”

“Stay calm. Let’s get dressed and go down to the living room. I think we better get this all in the open or none of us will sleep tonight.”

We get dressed and I go down to make some hot cocoa for the 3 of us as my wife says she is getting Cindy to join us. I walk in to the living room and give each of them a mug and take my normal seat. Cindy can hardly contain herself. She is chuckling and mumbling almost incoherently to herself. I look at her out of the corning of my eye and say “What is it you are saying? Oh, and what ever possessed you to come up with this little scheme little girl?”

Cindy says “daddy, you have been the most wonderful father a child could ever want. You care for us and give of yourself to everyone in need whenever you can. I know you have never looked at us girls inappropriately and that you never would, but we all know you are a wonderful looking man and that you have urges too. Mom has always fulfilled those – we know. We can hear you two cuz neither one of you know how to be quiet when you are in the throes of passion and NO, I have not had sex and do not plan on it until I find the right man. Here’s the thing dad. Shari confessed to me first about what she had done and quickly made sure that I knew that you had done NOTHING to provoke it and that you had been a gentleman about the whole thing. She actually said ‘too much of a gentleman’. It actually didn’t surprise me. In fact, we have always wondered how many ladies have attempted to get your attention over the last several years. Anyway, she explained what had been happening with Dan. I told her she should talk with mom and that mom would understand. The day she found mom here and told her, she was actually looking for me – mom didn’t even know that until just now!”

I looked from one face to the other, seeing nothing but love and compassion. Cindy continued “She is wonderful and so is Dan. He just doesn’t understand that she actually needs more sexual attention during this time and that having an orgasm will help relieve the tensions and in turn will help her have a more comfortable pregnancy.”

I look at her and state “you are making that up. There is nothing that I have ever read…”

“Just follow me dad. Dan is not going to change that much and definitely not that fast. The fact that he has only recently started helping with the baby here and there and that he will occasionally do some housework is phenomenal. It is going to take a great deal more time to become even half the father and husband that you are. And, if what I hear through the walls is accurate, he will never be the kind of lover you are!” And my own daughter looks first at my wife, gives her a nod and then looks at me and winks. I mean she winks at her old man. What the hell is happening in my own home?

“Daddy, I just think this is a safe and perfect environment for her to be able to visit and know that there will be no judgement and that there is nothing but love. I am all for this and hope that you understand that I think they are wonderful and wanted to find a way to help her. I know you would do anything in your power to do that and I know this would. I also know that you deserve to be pampered in a way that you would never allow me to do. I know mom does and has for a long time, but even she doesn’t catch your eyes the way Shari’s boobs do! I love you!”

Cindy gets up, kisses me on the cheek, and skips back to her bedroom like a little schoolgirl who just accomplished some feat that she had been trying to master for ages. I am in shock!

Sue kneels down on the floor in front of me and takes my hands in hers. She waits until I look into her eyes and states simply “We all love you and would move heaven and earth to make you feel as happy and loved as you spend every moment making us feel from you. You have been the greatest husband and father that anyone could ever hope to have and I am not looking to change that in any way. If I thought for even a moment that this could potentially damage what we have, I would not have ever began the process of making this happen. In fact, after some discussions that I have had with both Cindy and Shari, I think that we can help make our relationship stronger and, in turn, help her to mold Dan into a fantastic father, husband, and lover. This can’t move any further unless and until you understand that the women involved are in full support. We are not talking about you having multiple wives, we are talking about us helping this young lady in a way that no one else could or would. As I told you before, it actually has me excited. She İstanbul Escort is cute. I never thought that I would find another woman that I was attracted to. I don’t even know when it hit me that I was attracted to her also – in a sexual way. I think it was at Christmas when they told us that Shari was pregnant and I looked at you and saw the love, compassion, concern, and something else. I thought back to every pregnancy and how you always went out of your way to make sure I was satisfied sexually; no matter how many hours you had worked that day. I think I was the most attractive to you when I was pregnant. I am not complaining about our sex life in any way! I am saying that I saw something in your eyes when they made the announcement that told me that you had a lust that you were going to fight and bury unless I did something to force you into some sort of action. In risk of causing you to be even more uncomfortable for a moment, can I ask something?”

I look at her wondering what on earth she could say or ask to make this whole situation any more awkward or uncomfortable and say “sure, why stop now?” and attempt to chuckle as I say it.

“Did she taste as sweet as I can only imagine?”

I considered lying through my teeth and changed my mind. “I can only say that the only thing I can compare it to is how you tasted when you were pregnant with Julie. It was different with each child, both your milk and your juices. Do you remember how I was willing every single night when you were pregnant with Jules? I tried to satisfy your desires with all your pregnancies, but I just could not get enough of you then. I can’t even really explain it.”

“So are you willing to be our servant for the next several months, especially when Dan is out of town for business? Did you even notice that Sarah’s room has been cleaned up and that Cindy put a crib in there? That is so that Emily can be put in bed and have a proper sleep when Shari is visiting. As we both told you, we adore her – all 3 of them actually. I really need to know what you think!”

“Wow Sue. My mind is spinning, it truly is. A big part of me is really worried that this could hurt all of us in some way. I am flattered that there is this beautiful YOUNG lady who is attracted to me. I am so humbled and feel so lucky that I have a wife that would even consider wanting me to help another woman in the sex department. And, I am totally flabbergasted that our youngest daughter would have these kinds of thoughts – and what was with the wink thing she did after she nodded at you?”

“That is something that I will be discussing with her later on. Right now, I need to know your thoughts on the whole proposal with Shari. Are you willing to be a participant in our plan? I need an answer – like now!” as she looks at the clock.

“I suppose so. Why are you so anxious and why do you need the answer so fast? Can’t I think on this?”

Just as I finish asking this, I hear a familiarly meek voice say “Cindy called and told me to bring the baby with everything for her to spend the night. What is up?”

Sue jumps up and runs over and engulfs Shari in a big hug. Cindy come running down from her room and does the same. She takes Emily and says “I will put her in her bed and I will sleep in the room with her tonight in case she wakes. You three have a lot to talk about and I didn’t think it should wait any longer.”

Both Shari and I ask in unison “her bed?” Cindy, with all the positiveness I have raised her to have in herself simply states “yes, her bed. If she is going to be here as much as she is at her own home, she may as well have her own stuff here too!” With that, she disappears up the stairs with the baby.

Sue takes each of us by the hand and says “lets talk where we can be more comfortable and where we won’t be walked in on. She then leads us to our bedroom and locks the door behind us. She points to the bed and says “both of you sit and relax!”

An hour and a half later both women, one on each side of me, place their heads on my shoulders and fall asleep with an arm draped over my stomach and the hand resting on the other women. “Am I just dreaming this” I think to myself as I fall to sleep as well.

I wake with an odd feeling. It is almost like my side is wet, and there is an odd sound. I have obviously rolled onto my side at some point. I roll back over and find that I was not dreaming. Sue and Shari are holding each other and kissing. It would seem that one of them had cum at least once as that is what the wetness is that I feel. Upon my movement, Sue looks at me and states while breathing very heavily “I understand what you mean about how sweet she tastes and it is about time you woke to help us?”

Both women turn their attention on me and they strip my clothes off of me as I had fallen to sleep fully dressed. As my shorts were removed, Shari gives a little gasp “Oh my. I had no idea. It is beautiful.” I am only average in size but might be Beylikdüzü Escort considered a little wide in girth.

Sue says “wait until it is inside you. He really knows how to use it!” and with that, they both start kissing and licking my entire body. Once I have made both of them have multiple orgasms with my tongue and fingers, Sue instructs Shari on how to sit and adjust herself for me to penetrate her for the very first time. The feeling is exquisite. As she is fully seated and becoming accustomed to the feel, Sue bends down and starts to lick my cock and Shari’s pussy. It sends Shari over the edge yet again which douses my cock and my wife’s tongue with her juices. Sue just laps it all up and looks Shari in the eyes and says “you taste fantastic” and begins kissing her and letting Shari taste herself on my wife’s tongue and lips. I begin to move my hips slowly which causes Shari to whimper a little and then she begins to allow the lust to take over and rides me with abandon.

When she climaxes again, she stops and says “I can’t do any more. I am so wonderfully sore. Can we switch, Sue?”

I have a better position in mind. I say “Shari, I want you to lay right there on your back with your head towards the foot of the bed. Now, Sue, I want you to get on your hands and knees with your face over that beautiful pussy you were eating and gently clean it off since you like how it tastes so much. As this starts I do not have to say anything else as Shari lifts her head and tastes my wife’s nectar for the first time. They had apparently only used fingers before I woke. I slowly enter my wife from behind and Shari eagerly increases her pace of licking both my wife’s clit and my cock. I hold out only long enough to bring my wife to a very intense orgasm and explode inside of her. Shari licks with abandon to ensure nothing escapes her tongue and mouth. We collapse into each other’s arms. I look at the clock and find that it is already 8 am. We get cleaned up and shower together quickly. Shari sneaks into the bedroom to check on Emily to find that Cindy already has her up and changed. Shari takes the baby and meets us all in the kitchen where she proceeds to openly feed Em. She looks at Sue and says “can you all help me with weening her from the nipple? Her teeth are quite painful sometimes.”

Sue says “already thought about that” and goes into the pantry and grabs some baby cereal and tells Shari. Get her to unlatch and we will express some of your milk so that we can mix it with the cereal.

Shari says “my pump is at the house.”

Cindy says “Oh, that is what that is for” and goes into the other room and comes back with a pump that will do both breasts at the same time. I am in disbelief at how this is all playing out.

Since that day, we have had many sleep overs. Sue is part of the action most of the time, but there have been afternoons that Shari stops by for a private encounter.

Last week, Dan stopped by in the evening and asked if I could talk with him about some things. I was very nervous, but knew he deserved answers if he had questions. We went out to my workshop (a counter in my garage that I have a couple of stools at). “Jody, I have come to respect you and your family and you are so awesome. You have taken us in and made us feel not only welcomed but cared for and loved. Something that has been troubling me is wondering if we are taking advantage of your friendship. I worry that Shari is a handful and so emotional, especially now that she is pregnant again. I thought she was going to leave me during the first pregnancy. She seems a little calmer this time, but I still worry.”

“Is that all that is troubling you? You are worried that she is going to leave you and that she is too dependent on us?”

“Why yes, is there something else that I should be worried about?”

I begin to chuckle and then actually start laughing. I am beginning to understand why the women always seem to be laughing at me. “Dan, let me help by explaining first – we love you and your family just as if you were our own. Second, pregnancy can be very traumatic for a woman. The hormonal imbalance, the mood swings, the needs and desires. All of these things bother them more than they bother you. As the husband/dad, you get the pleasure of being the brunt and reason for all of it. You got her pregnant. Now, I think I may be able to help by explaining some things about my wife and her pregnancies a little.”

I know I am making him uncomfortable as I go into some detail about taking care of my wife’s needs and desires and how I can tell when they are getting too much. I also explain again that my belief is that to make a true home requires both husband and wife to compliment each other and help in all household chores. The results of this mutual cooperation pay out in happiness and in the bedroom. Dan just looks at me in wonder. I tell him that he needs to be open minded and have a serious discussion with Shari. Be willing to let her tell you what she wants you to do. She may surprise you and give you experiences that you would never imagine.

Dan thanks me for being so open and willing to tell him such private things. His dad would never speak of such things and would get angry if the subject ever arose.

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