31 Ocak 2023

The New Build Ch. 02

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The New Build.

I could hear the shower running, but I had zero interest in getting out of bed.

Lucky for me, I waited and the end result paid dividends. Sue returned to our room with only a towel wrapped around her head, and one wrapped around her body.

“Well?” It was too early for her to start the day off with a question. My head was still in another world. A world filled with nothing but whiskey and sex, yet here we were.

“Well what?”

“Well last night was interesting…well.” Interesting may be the understatement of the year.

“It sure was. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“I’d be a goddamned liar if I said “no”. I mean look at him. He’s carved out of granite for Christ sakes.” She chuckled a bit when she said, “He may have a few flaws in his personal life, but he makes up for it by being a jackrabbit.”

I rolled my eyes a little and Sue caught me.

“Oh, don’t try being all high and mighty. I saw your face when that little nymph was riding you. You wouldn’t have smiled any wider if you’d won the freakin lottery.”

Sue continued drying herself and just the thought of last night and watching my wife rubbing her titties and snatch with that towel gave me a hardon. I gave myself a few strokes for good measure and asked, “Hey old girl, you wanna make five bucks the hard way?”

There was no pretense of being coy or playing hard to get. Sue swung her leg over me, splashed a mouthful of spit on my knob and sunk herself down. We stayed in that position for the next 5 minutes until Sue rolled over onto her back.

“Get over here and pound me big boy.”

There was no more need for spit. Sue was soaked. I pushed in and went to work. My floppy nut sack slapped her ass with every thrust. I could feel her hand and fingers worming their way between our bellies. Sue wanted to frig her clit. Once she touched the nub it only took a few second before she launched. I came in a close second.

Sue leaned down and for the first time this morning, kissed me. “Now I gotta have another shower you dirty old bugger.”

“Well to bad Dylan isn’t here. He’d clean that up for you in a hurry.” Sue looked at me and smiled.

“Holy shit. That’s kinda crazy don’t you think?”

“If you think that’s crazy wait ’til I tell you about what happened when I was cleaning up last night.” I now had Sue’s full attention. But she had to throw in a little dig.

“Let me guess. They came back over, and you banged them both?”

“Not even close, but you’re on the right track.” At this point she was glued to my every word. “I was fixing the cushions and shit, when Doug starts talking to me from over the fence.”

“Oh my god! Please tell me that he didn’t hear anything.”

“He didn’t, they did. Heather was out there with him, and guess what…they asked if they could be invited over next weekend.”

“Frank, please tell me that you had the common sense to tell them that it was all a misunderstanding and what they think they may have heard didn’t actually happen.”

“Well dear, I spoke with both Doug and Heather a number of times over the years that they’ve lived here and can honestly say that I don’t think that either of them would be that stupid.”

Sue’s was in shock. Her face was blank, and she was staring at nothing in particular. I chuckled because there was nothing else to do that would correct our predicament. Finally, Sue spoke.

“What did you tell them?”

“Heather asked what they could bring, and I said to bring an open mind.”

“Oh, you crazy old bastard. You’re going to get us kicked out of this neighborhood. What the hell were you thinking?”

“Thinking? What the fuck makes you think that I was thinking? We had just banged the new kids on the block. Buddy was eating my goop out of his wife, while you sucked me clean. Thinking. Yeah that’s fresh.” Sue put her face in her hands. “Shit, if I was thinking, I probably would have invited them over right there and then.”

“My god Frank, what have we gotten ourselves in to?”

Luckily Monday and Tuesday were days away for me. I could tell by the telltale signs of splashed water that Amy had been over on Tuesday, but I hadn’t had any contact with her. That changed on Wednesday.

I was up early. Well before the sun. I kissed Sue goodbye at the door when she left for work and made my way outside. Lawn trimmed, garden weeded and grass cut, I was a sweaty mess. The heat of the day hadn’t even peaked and already it was hot. I had noticed Amy entering through the back gate. She was wearing a robe and not much else. I watched her oil herself up and make herself comfortable, but I stayed in the garage. I wanted to finish everything that I had planned on doing today, because I knew once I went out back, I was done for the day. The spool for my lawn trimmer didn’t really need to be rewound, but I was doing it anyway.

“Hey sweaty boy. You plan on joining me, anytime soon?” Amy was standing in the garage near the back door with only a towel wrapped around her tiny torso.

“Right now. Grab us a drink and I’ll be right escort izmir there.”

Everything in its place, I made my way back. Amy was laying on her favorite lounger. She had a drink in one hand and her other hand was mindlessly twirling the meaty lips of her labia. When she noticed me looking in that direction, she put me in my place.

“What? I couldn’t wait forever. I know you’re playing hard to get.”

“Playing hard to get would have been me staying in the garage, not standing here with a boner.”

My shirt and shorts lay in a pile at my feet. I took a big long swig of the beer Amy had brought out for me and tried to think if there was a better way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. The sparkling water of the pool screamed for me to jump in, but Amy’s curled finger beckoned me.

“Let me jump in and rinse off first.” She just shook her head no and kept calling me with her finger.

Standing beside her chair, she grabbed my shaft and licked the head. “Oh, that’s tastes so good. You want me to suck your sweaty, salty cock, daddy?” Her face was that of a mischievous minx. “I’ll suck those sweaty balls too.”

Amy swallowed my shaft. Gagging only for a second when it hit the back of her throat. The vacuum of her mouth tried to force the sperm out of by balls, but I wasn’t giving it up that easy. I put my hands on her head. Basically, I was holding her by the ears when I started to thrust into her face. The “arggh, arrrrgh, aaaarg,” sound of her gargling my knob filled the air. When she had had enough, the hand that was once fondling my balls now squeezed with enough pressure to let me know to stop.

My cock popped out of her mouth and she licked it from base to tip a couple of times before she went to work on my nuts.

“You like that daddy? You like the way I suck your cock? Do I do it better than your wife? Did she like licking my pussy juice off your big old dick?”

Stepping back, I grabbed my tiny lover and flipped her over onto her knees. She knew the routine. Grabbing a pillow, she buried her face. I rubbed my thumb over her asshole and used my fingers to probe her wet little snatch.

We were both ready to go. Using her juices to lube me up, I dragged my cock through her furrows. Stopping at her puckered brown hole, then moving it down between her lips, then back again. Every time that I moved it, she whimpered.

“Pick a hole baby.” In defiance she shook her head no. “Pick a hole or I will.” Once again, she refused to pick.

“Oooooooooohhhhh!” In one swift forward push, I sunk into her tight pussy.

It wasn’t until the eighth or ninth slap of my balls against her ass that she started moving. Reaching back, Amy pulled my right hand off of her hip and placed it on her tit. My thrusts rocked her back and forth on the chair. She grunted acceptance each time I bottomed out.

“You like that baby? You like “daddy” pummeling your little pussy.” Her moans were louder than discretion would permit. If we kept it up, we would get caught. “You gonna keep it in you baby? You gonna keep my load in you and take it home for your husband? Serve it to him for dessert?” Her hand squeezed mine, crushing the tit beneath it.

“May…be… you…should…lick…it…out…after…you…cum…in…me.” Her words stuttered with each thrust after I let go of her tit and grabbed her hips. The sounds of sweaty skin slapping together was loud and clear.

“You’d like that. Then you’d have two twisted assholes fucking you.” I could feel her tightening up around me. As much as she wanted to continue her body was starting to betray her. What had started as a small tremor was now a full-on earthquake.


Not letting her out of my grasp, I pulled out and spit. The bulbous head of my cock rested on her backdoor. Her slime, and my spit, were enough lube. I pushed forward. Amy tried to wiggle away but it was too little too late. When the head of my cock passed her tight “O” ring, it was a go from there. Seconds later, I was all the way home.

“You dirty old fucker.” Her words surprised me almost as much as the flat slap of my palm across her sweaty ass cheek surprised her.

Pulling back until just the tip remained, I eased back in. Reaching up I wrapped her silky hair through my fingers and pulled her head back toward me. This was something new for me and whatever it was, it turned her on. “Harder daddy. Pull it harder.” With another love slap on the ass, I tightened my grip on her hair and pulled the blond mane harder.

The feel and sight of her tight asshole stretched around my cock was too much for me. Five or six more strokes and I emptied myself into her bowels.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” This time we said it together.

Amy flopped forward. Her right ass cheek was just as red as her pussy. She turned her head and moved into a semi sitting position.

“What the fuck got into…” I cut her off mid-sentence by pushing my cock at her mouth.

“Suck it.”

“Fuck you. You, fuckin suck it.” She jumped up off the lounger. To her surprise, I laid down where izmir escort bayan she had just been. Moving up to lay flat, I quickly grabbed her legs and swung them over my head. Before she knew what I was doing, she was laying on top of me belly to belly, with my tongue buried in her soaked pussy.

“Holy fuck Frank, holy fuck, lick, oh my god, you dirty old fucker.” Long lapping licks. I moved my tongue up and down, occasionally stopping to probe her hole and suck her meaty lips into my mouth. The aroma of cum mixed with the scent of her ass filled my nose. When my focus switched to her clit, it was more than Amy could take.

My cock was covered by her puffy lips and I could feel it sinking into her mouth, toward her throat. The once reluctant lover now showed no hesitation whatsoever. She was cleaning me. With my thumb pushed up her ass, and my mouth attacking her clit, Amy came for the second time. It was the dirtiest that our sex had ever been. I mine, ass to mouth, come on.

After she came down from the euphoria of her orgasm, my lover spun so that her head was on my chest and she was laying on me.


“Yeah baby.”

“Is it still cheating now that Sue and Dilly have done it, and they’ve watched us do it?”

“As much as I’d like to say no…I think the answer is still yes.” For a few minutes, there was nothing but the sound of the radio in the background.


“Yes, baby.”

“Do you love me?” I could feel the sweat of her naked body as she lay on me. How could I not have feelings for someone that has done the things that we have done together.

“Of course, I do.”

“Sometimes, you have a strange way of showing it.”

On Friday I stopped off at the butchers and picked up 6 steaks. Afterwards I stopped for some wine and the other essentials. Sue was home when I returned and was standing in the driveway talking with Heather.

Heather looked even better than I remembered, and it had only been a month since the last time I saw her up close. Her long dark hair was up in a bun, showing off the features of her face. The simple t-shirt and short combo that she was wearing did very little to hide her ample breasts and round butt. I was certainly looking forward to tomorrow.

“Hi Frank, I was just asking Sue what we should bring on Saturday night.”

“I’m not sure what she told you, but we have lots of wine, beers and hard stuff. If you prefer anything other than that, bring it.”

“No, that’s fine. I’ll bring a special dessert.” I had to stop myself from saying, “I bet you will”, so instead, I said, “Great”.

Saturday morning turned out to be just like the one prior. Sue scurried around cleaning and prepping, only when she thought that everything was perfect, and her checklist was complete, did she relax.

When she got out of the shower, I snuck up behind her for a hug.

“So, you sexy bitch, which one of the neighbors are you going to give the pleasure of your company tonight.”

“Yeah right. Last weekend was a fluke thing. Nothing like that will ever happen again.”

“You think?”

“I do. What time is it?”


“Beat it you old goat, so I can get ready. They’ll be here by 4:00pm.”

My favorite vintage cooler was out by the pool. It was filled with everything that I could think of, including extra ice. Sue had a bouquet of colorful towels in a basket. And the chairs were all positioned under the canopy, out of the direct sunlight. Music played just loud enough for it to be entertaining.

Heather and Doug came in through the garage. Sue greeted them and took the bottle of wine offering that they gave her. Before any of us sat, Dylan and Amy knocked on the back gate. When I opened it and let them in, they both seemed surprised by the other guests.

Sue made the introductions and poured, a surprise to me, round of introductory shots.


We started with wine and beers. As funny as it sounds, Doug and Dylan were far more nervous than the girls. When I handed Doug his third beer, he was visibly shaking.

Amy quizzed Heather. “So, how long have you and Doug lived next door?”

“We moved in just before our second was born. It will be 7 years come October.”

“Wow, you have 2 kids, where are they tonight?” Amy’s question came off as being a little bit catty.

“Having a sleep over at Doug’s sister’s house. We share the babysitting duties when either of us need a night out.”

“Do you and Doug come over much?” She was pushing Heather for details.

“Not lots, but enough. Sue and Frank have been very gracious neighbors. They’ve had us over for swims whenever the girls want and BBQ’s at least twice a summer.”

Amy drained her glass and poured herself another.

“Frank would you be a dear and grab the snacks from the house.”

I got up and headed for the garage. I heard Amy ask if Sue minded if she used the restroom. Sue reminded everyone where it was and to help themselves.

“How many times have you banged her by the pool?” I jumped so high, I fuckin near dropped izmir escortlar the taco dip all over the floor.

“Jesus Christ, you scared the shit out of me.” Amy was pouting like a child. “Never. But if you keep acting like a spoiled brat, I’ll spank that cute little ass of yours again, right here.”

Amy grabbed my head and crammed her lips against mine. When she broke free, she looked at me, “You better remember that you’re mine.” The thought crossed my mind that I might be in trouble with this little firecracker.

Drinks flowed. Music played, and people danced. Around 6:00pm Sue had me start the BBQ. We moved up to the deck for dinner, and the drinks and shots continued.

Sue and Heather went into the house and returned with the “special” dessert. Heather’s dessert name made us all laugh. The “Sex in a pan” was a hit. It was light, refreshing and aptly named.

As darkness approached it was time to shift gears, “You boys interested in something a little stronger than beer? I have some really nice old dark rums. A bunch of different bourbons, and I might even have another bottle of that Canadian Whiskey that Dylan and I got into last Saturday.”

Doug picked the rum and Dylan and I went with the whiskey. I offered the boys cigars, they accepted, and that may have been the turning point of the night.

“Don’t expect to be kissing me after you smoke that dirty old thing.” Heather was laying down the law for her man.

I’m not sure if by chance or on purpose Amy started things rolling, “It’s ok Doug, I’ll, kiss you. I like the taste of dirty old things.” She looked directly at me when she said it.

When Dylan and Doug lit up, I quietly put mine back in the box.

The conversation was lively and without many breaks. When you have 3 couples from different eras, and at different points in their lives, you can cover a lot of territory without searching for topics.

“Holy shit Frank this rum and this cigar is incredible. Where did you pick these up?”

“Cuba. We went last year.”

“I heard that we could go now. Just didn’t know anyone who had.”

“Yeah, you should try it. Lots of fun.”

“Heather and I go to the D.R. for a little sun and fun.” Heather shook her head.

“Doug only likes the Dominican because it’s clothing optional.”

“Just like our pool.” God bless Sue.

Heather smiled and looked over to Sue. “Please tell Doug that you’re kidding, or he’ll be stripping down any second.” Sue looked around at her audience. Once she had weighed the pros and cons in her head, she spoke. “We’re all big boys and girls. It’s not like there’s a big pink neon sign that says, “Skinny Dipping” with an arrow pointed at our pool, but we have always been open to our friends going au natural if they choose.”

Those were the words he was waiting for. Doug’s shirt was over his head in a second. Before it had hit the ground, he had his hands on his belt tugging at it. Sue, Amy and Dylan pretended like they weren’t interested, but their eyes were glued to Doug as he pulled down his shorts and underwear.

Doug was sporting a semi as he walked toward the water. “Anybody joining me?” Dylan looked at his wife, “Babe?” Amy agreed, “Sure, if you are.” When they started to strip, I watched Heather until I noticed Sue getting up.

With the four of them in various states, of undress, I once again returned my attention to Heather. She watched as everyone splashed into the pool and started to frolic.

“Sue, do you feel like going in?”

“I really want to, it’s just that, well holy shit Frank. Sue’s a beautiful woman but look at Amy. What is she, like 99 pounds for Christ sake’s? How the hell can you compete against something like that?”

“Nobody’s competing. They’re just having some fun. Heather have you looked at yourself in a mirror lately? You’re as hot as either of those two. Let me tell you something, Doug’s a lucky fucking man, excuse my language.”

“You think so?”

“I know so. Hell, if I wasn’t afraid of him punching me, I’d be helping you undress right now.”

Heather, tentative as she was, stood up. “Oh, what the hell.” When she started to remove her clothing, so did I.

Checking the pool, everyone was talking, and nobody was paying attention to us. Heather’s giggles made her sound a lot younger than someone who was in her thirties’, and if the light was any better, I would have bet that she was blushing.

I paid as much attention to Heather stripping as Sue had paid to Doug. Her skirt slid down her legs revealing her nicely plump ass, and when she pulled her blouse up over her head, I knew that she had come to play.

“Very nice Heather.” I couldn’t help myself. I had watched her in our pool with her kids, but she always had on a one piece and she never looked like this. Tonight, she was wearing the fanciest bra and panty set that I had ever had the pleasure of seeing. The pale-yellow color complemented her dark skin and hair. And to my great surprise the bra actually held what appeared to be DD tits, in place.

“Thank you, kind sir and if you would be willing to assist.” Heather turned her back to me exposing the clasp that kept her treasures under wraps. Hers wouldn’t be the first bra that I had ever snapped open, but it would be the bra that held the biggest tits.

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