30 Kasım 2023

The Neighbour’s Wife

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My wife and I had recently moved to a new area. We had felt uncomfortable at first, but the flat we were offered was really lovely and we realised pretty quickly how lucky we were to have it. Situated right on top of a hill at the edge of town, it offered amazing views of two towns and almost the whole of a nearby city.

The walk down the hill was quite a steep pathway followed by a short road that lead right into the town centre near a pub called the Winchester, and beside the pathway, at the bottom of the hill, were large overgrown trees and bushes, a small wooded area with its own pretty secluded hiding places.

The neighbours weren’t bad. It was a small town so they were mostly retired elderly couples, but the neighbours who lived above us (it was a block of three flats, we were at the bottom) were pretty much our age, if not maybe a couple years older, making them around 25-30.

The guy was a Chav called Mark, relatively easy to get on with and had a scary “I’ve seen some things” kind of face, but I thought the woman was really gorgeous. Her name was Amy, she was about a size 14-16 with enormous breasts and a really bright “something special” kind of face that anyone could fall in love with.

My wife and I invited them over as soon as we had our place looking nice and had a few drinks. It was pretty relaxed and comfortable and when they started to bicker a little we just acted normally and made the feel at ease about it. Throughout the whole night I made jokes and laughed and was very much (as I usually am) the life and soul of the party, for which I seemed to get definite flashes of a sexy smile from Amy whenever our eyes met.

The next time we were invited to their place, for which she seemed embarrassed of everything, whether it be the lack of decoration or her kid son and daughters toys littering the floor. I looked her in the eyes and told her not to worry about it and that I completely understood for which she seemed very grateful. Beylikdüzü Escort We all got very drunk and when I met her at the end of the hallway (as she was coming from the bathroom and I was going to it) we shared a cheeky drunken kiss. Nothing special, just a quick “I’m into you” peck on the lips.

When I came back into the lounge Mark was showing my wife Jeanette his cd collection at the other side of the room and Amy was stood near the door looking on with a glass of cocktail in her hands. Being drunk, I took the opportunity while Jeanette and Mark were turned around to slide my hand slowly up the back of Amy’s dress and lightly touched the soft silky underwear she was wearing. I could feel the shape of them tight around her pussy and the soft skin around the edges of the material.

She let out a sigh and shot me a look that said she wanted me. Mark turned around and started to speak to me about the CDs he was holding, completely unaware that my left hand was now sliding beneath his wife’s silky underwear and softly stoking her clit. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter as I continued to make small talk with her husband.

Not too long after we all called it a night and went home, on the way out the door she shot me a very sexy cheeky kind of look and we all made plans to go to the pub quiz in the Winchester on the Thursday after, which would be in two days.

For the next two days I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I very nearly called my wife Amy when we fucked and I got hard with every memory of that night. Then, the day of the pub quiz came around. The four of us sat around the table and drank all the way through the quiz. For the first hour or so we just acted like normal friends, but as we drank more and more she seemed to loosen up.

We had a lot of fun and laughs, we both seemed to have the same sense of humour and found each other to be pretty awesome, then half way through the quiz Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan while writing the answer to question 18, she reached beneath the table with her free hand and started stroking my cock through my pants. First it was just sliding her hands up and down in lines along my shaft, moving further apart the more erect I became, but then she realised how loose my pants were and slid her hand inside and into my boxers.

It wasn’t long before I was standing up straight for her, so to speak. But it was just teasing and after a while she stopped, as I was finding it very difficult to be my usual charming self whilst my neighbours wife was secretly stroking my cock beneath a table in a public place.

We all went for a cigarette a few minutes later but Amy and I purposely smoked more slowly than Jeanette and Mark so that we would be the only two left out there any get s moments privacy to talk. The quiz was starting up again so we knew we would have the outside to ourselves whilst our respective partners focused on the quiz. After a few seconds of being alone she asked me ‘how did you like me stroking your cock?’

Taking a puff of my cigarette, I replied with ‘about as much as you liked me stroking your pussy last time we met’.

After a few seconds of a comfortable and sexually charged silence I decided to take a chance and ask if she wanted to come to the back of the pub with me, we’re there were some bushes we could be alone in. She thought about it for a second and seemed to trust me enough to leave all the problems that came with this course of action with me. I took her hand and lead her like a princess behind the pub. When we got to the bushes I twirled her around and then kissed her passionately on the lips whilst my hand ran up her thigh.

She got into the kiss immediately and started stroking my cock and undoing my pants. I unbuttoned her blouse and took her amazing breasts from her bra, cupping Esenyurt Escort and stroking them while she took my cock out of my pants, stroking it hard and fast, then she went to her knees and started to suck on it like it was all she ever wanted on Earth. She cupped my balls and stroked my cock, while licking its tip with her beautiful tongue, stopping every few seconds to deep throat it as I stroked her boobs with one hand and her hair with the other.

I told her she had been a good girl and that now I was going to give her a present, and she fluttered her eyes at me and told me she liked presents.

I lifted her from her knees and turned her around, bending her over against the wall. I lifted up her short black skirt and pulled down her tights. At this point she begged me for my hard cock and I was ready to give it to her. I plunged it into her tight trimmed pussy hard and fast moving in and out, pushing her harder against the back wall of the pub. By this time music was playing loudly inside again so she was able to be as loud as she wanted.

She screamed for me as I fucked her hard and fast. I held tightly onto her hips with my left hand and cupped and squeezed her enormous boobs with my right. With each thrust we seemed to get closer and when I finally came it was from the sound of her cumming and her pussy tightening around my cock as her muscles contracted. I came deep inside her and She was the best fuck I’d ever had.

We put our clothes on and straightened ourselves up. I knelt down on the floor and picked up a tiny almost tiger striped adorable kitten that had been sitting on the road, just as Mark and Jeanette walked around the corner towards us.

‘Sorry we took so long, we saw this kitten and I just had to get it for you Jeanette, hope you don’t mind’ I told them.

‘We’ve been chasing it for ages and I’ve got my knees all dirty’ said Amy to Mark. They never suspected a thing. We had a few more drinks that night and won one of the crappy prizes in the pub quiz, they hadn’t minded us bring the kitten in and the bar tender even found us a box for her and gave her a saucer of milk. We took her home that night and my wife Jeanette named her Jesse.

I remember that night with Amy every time I stroke that ‘pussy’.

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