11 Aralık 2023

The Neighbors Teen Part 3

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The Neighbors Teen Part 3
I had to go to another city for 2 weeks for work. I was explaining this to my neighbour, his daughter is the one who I ass fucked just over 6 months ago. He laughed and said Mia and her friend from the swim team are going to the same place at the same time to see a coach that had trained swimmers for the Olympics. If he thought they were any good, he could get them a swim scholarship.
I don’t know if I was pleased or not and then we worked out that we would be staying within a 2-minute walk. He called Mia over and told her that I was going to be within 2 minutes of each other when she was going to see the swim coach. She grinned and asked if I could take her and her friend out for dinner half-jokingly and her dad thought that would be a good idea. He knew I was a good man and would treat the girls well.
2 weeks later I arrive at my hotel and the company had booked the best room in the place. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a lounge, a dinning area, the view was stunning from the top floor. We had decided to invite the clients a couple of times for dinner with a personal chief.
Mia was given my cell phone number to call when she arrived, and let me know everything was fine with her and her friend. Her dad wanted me to look out for them and they could call me if anything went wrong, plus also to sort out a night for dinner.
She texted me each day to let me know what she was up to. On the fourth day she had a tough session with the coach and said she was really tired and so was her friend.
They next day was Sunday and they had the day off and were going site seeing. I had planned a meal with the clients in my room.
A couple of hours before they were to arrive the husband rung and said his wife was sick and they could not make it. It was certainly a disappointment but I understood. I ordered a large bunch of flowers to be sent.
The chef was already here and had started the meal. I explained what happened and he asked if I knew anyone else who would like the meal. I thought of the girls and gave them a call. They had just arrived back at there hotel. They said they would have a shower and get dressed but complained that they didn’t have anything nice to wear. I had noticed a dress shop across the road from my hotel and told them to go there and get something to wear. I said I will call the store and sort out the bill. I could hear her friend in the background saying “No way, how cool, really, can we?”
I assured them my company credit card can pay for it. I rung the store and explained what was happening and they were happy to help, I also told them to make sure they get some shoes, anything else they liked, even lingerie.
I decided to change and put on the suit that I had planned to for the meal. About a half hour before the meal was to be ready, hotel staff arrived and dressed the room and dining table. I had a waiter and she was dressed in a stunning outfit.
The girls arrived about 10 minutes later. It was priceless when the waiter opened the door for them and asked them in. They were aware that the people who were joining us could not make it and the girls were coming instead and to make them feel special.
The girls, my god, what a site. Mia had a black dress on, it was revealing to a point and you could just see where her breasts start. The back was open and I could see she had got a black bra on. The shoes were black and high. Her friend who I have never met was called Hope. She was wearing a red dress with a plunging neck. She had small breasts but very perky. She didn’t have a bra and her nipples could just be seen by the two small bumps showing, red shoes similar to Mia finished it off. She was taller and a little thin except her shoulders were a swimmer’s. Her hair was blond and short and she had such a cute face.
Mia and Hope could not believe the place I was staying in, compared to their place I expect it was a palace. The waiter asked us to sit down as the first course was ready. It was full silver service and the meal was unbelievable good, we had a bottle of fine wine with the meal, which I think was Hopes first time ever having anything acholic.
The desert was so good the girls were just laughing their way through it. Saying it was the best food ever. It was a 5 star rated hotel and was striving for a Michelin Star the chef had explained.
Once we had finished a couple of staff arrived and helped the Chef and waiter clean up. Within 10 minutes the place was back to normal. I thanked them and gave a large tip to the Chef and waiter.
The girls had sat in the lounge and were looking out at the city. I joined them and asked what they thought of the night’s meal. They could not say more really than it was the best ever. canlı bahis siteleri They couldn’t thank me enough and loved their new dresses but Hope said her dad would not be to happy if he knew I was wearing this dress, indicating the lack of bra. This made her a little red but you could see she was proud of how she looked. Mia commented that she could look after it for her which made her happy.
Mia was sitting opposite me and lifted her leg up and put her foot on the couch. Now someone who wasn’t use to a dress like that would have known what I could see. Her lace panties were nearly sheer and I could see her bald pussy just, she seen me looking, went red, and put her leg down.
It was unintentional but got me excited. Hope was talking away to us and as she moved around on the couch, I could see the sides of her boobs and her nipples were getting harder for some reason. The soft cloth, the meal, being so brazen with her choice of dress?
Mia and Hope both decided they needed to pee and went to the second bedrooms bathroom. I could hear them chatting away and giggling. They came out and asked if I had seen the size of the bathroom, the size of the bath and everything. I laughed and said it was the penthouse suite. Hope then whispered in Mia’s ear, then she responded in her ear, this went on for a minute and I could see that Mia had a question for me.
Ok I said what is it you want? They asked if they could spend the night in the spare bedroom. We discussed what about the swimming and clothing. They had brought a back pack with the clothes they wore to the shop and will leave when they have to catch the bus to the pool.
I really had no choice to be honest as they were convinced, I was going to say yes. When I said yes, they screamed and run over to me and gave me a hug. Then they rushed into the room and turned on the bath. Mia came out and said they were going to have a bubble bath. She lent down and gave me a kiss on the lips and said thank you and meant it.
She run back into the room and I heard them laughing away. It went quite for a bit and heard Mia call out for me to come in and see them. I said I couldn’t because they were in the bath. She explained it was ok because of the bubbles.
I looked in and you would of thought that there was no one in the bath. The bubbles were at least 2 feet high. I just worked out that they were at the back of the bath. They cut through the bubbles and moved to the front and lent there faces on the side.
They had grins as big as you could get. Mia asked what I thought? “Mia and Hope if I didn’t know your ages, I would think you were k**s”. They giggled.
Mia lifted up and showed me her breasts and said she wasn’t a k**, surprisingly Hope did the same. Her breasts were small but so firm, her nipples were tiny but hard. I was stunned at what I seen. Mia suggested I should join them, Hope said “yes please”.
I told them I couldn’t as it would be wrong. Hope then said, “Mia told me that you have seen her nude once when she got caught sun bathing” Hope then stood up and the bubbles slid down but the ones around her pussy was held by her hair, she watched my eyes look at her body and realised I could not see her pussy. She used her hands and washed away the bubbles. Her hair was dark blond and looked like she had never trimmed it and her vulva stood out and I could just see her inner lips.
Mia stood up stepped out of the bath knelt in front of me and started undoing my belt. Then Hope got out and stood behind me and removed my jacket and then removed my tie and shirt. I was naked within a minute, with a hard on and a smile. Mia kissed the end of my cock grabbed it and pulled me towards the bath. We all got in the bath and cuddled up.
I asked Hope are you sure you are ok with us in the bath together. She answered with a passionate kiss. I used a free hand to caress your small firm breasts, when I touched and squeezed her nipple she groaned and pulled apart from kissing and smiled at me and said: “That felt amazing”
Mia was holding me and stroking my cock under the water and kissing my ear. I knew what we were doing was wrong but they were old enough to know what they wanted.
We played around for awhile swapping kisses and cuddling. I brushed against Hopes pussy a couple of times to see what she would do and she did the same to my penis.
After about 20 minutes I suggested we get out and dry off. The girls thought that would be fun. We decided that each of us should be dried by the other two. Mia went first and I got her front and spent time drying her breasts and kissing them. Next, we did Hope, she was nervous and told me that I was the first man to see her nude.
I kissed her and said don’t worry. Mia was canlı casino drying her back, hair and rear. I moved slowly down from her face and found her incredibly firm small breasts, I explained what I seen and felt, telling her that her nipples were so sweet and small. That her body was stunning and explained most women would love to be as skinny as her.
I moved to her pussy and gently dried it and then her legs, I was looking at her and could see a little bit of disappointment that I was so fast drying her pussy. I grinned and brought my face to her pussy and I am sure she could feel my breath. I gently licked her pubes and told her they felt so soft. Then I went looking for her crack and licked along it, she gasped and thrust forward. I then pushed my tongue in further and tasted her pussy. I explained to her what it felt like and tasted like.
As this was going to be her first orgasm by someone else, I wanted to make sure she remembered it. I scoped her up and took her to the bed. I scooted up and found her face and kissed he passionately, kissed her head, cheeks, neck. I used my hand to caress her breasts and nipples. Mia was kneeling beside me watching intensely. A hand was between her legs and the other was pinching her nipples.
Hope was kissing back hard and moaning as I played with her breasts. I ventured down and put a nipple in my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. She let out a long moan and grabbed my hair and pushed me down onto her breast. I did this for a while switching between each breast.
Mia was visibly fingering her pussy now. I could see the juices on her hand.
Hope then pushed my head lower and surprisingly said “Please lick my pussy, I want it so bad”.
I kissed down her body towards her hairy pussy. I could smell and see your juices on her hair and running down to her ass cheeks. I pulled apart her pussy gently with my fingers and looked inside, it was wet, really wet. I licked from the bottom of her pussy upwards towards her clit. I gently touched it and she visibly shook. I did this for a minute and I knew she was not far from cuming.
Mia was nearing her orgasm as I could feel her beside us moving around and could hear her moaning.
Hope needed to cum now and I concentrated on her clit and sucked and licked it, as fast and hard as I could. She was pushing up now and wrapped her legs around my shoulders. I could hear her getting louder, then I heard her say “I am going to cum, fuck, suck my pussy hard, fuck”
Then she cum hard. She screamed out and started shaking, then my mouth was hit with a squirt of her juices. She shook some more and then went limp. I pulled away from her pussy and looked up at her and the look of contentment was obvious.
I looked over at Mia and she was now laying down and she had cum for sure. I crawled up between them and put my arm under each of their heads and they both cuddled up to me, each kissed me and we all nodded off to sleep.
A few hours later I felt something was happening to me. I opened my eyes and found the two girls kneeling over my cock studying it. Mia was explaining to Hope what she was looking at. Mia lifted my penis up and showed Hope the underside of it. She was telling how it looks hard and feels Like. Hope was told to touch it but was shaking her head. Having two girls looking at you will have an effect. It started to grow and Mia wasn’t surprised but you could see fascination on Hopes face. She then put a finger on it and this made it get hard faster. She liked this and then put her hand around it and gave it a squeeze. She looked at me and seen I was awake and smiling.
Hope looked back at my penis and squeezed it again, Mia suggested she stroked my cock and Hope looked at her and asked what she meant. Mia put her hand around my cock and moved it up and down. Twisting her hand as she did this. I was harder than hard it felt like. Hope was then asked to copy what she had just seen. Much softer than Mia but still nice.
I told them “If they kept doing this I will cum”.
Hope said: “Cool I want to see that”
I suggested I needed some moisture as lubricant. Mia knew what I needed and put the head of my cock in her mouth and put as much salvia as she could on the end. Hope looked with interest and once Mia pulled up, she used the spit to coat my cock. The feeling was intense, but it started to go dry again and she just spat on the end of my cock and kept going. Hope was squeezing me a lot harder and equalling my thrusts when I pushed up. Within a couple of minutes, I told her I was going to cum soon. She stopped and looked at me and asked should I keep going, I said yes please, please keep going. She surprised Mia and myself and put the head of my cock in her mouth kaçak casino and sucked licked the end, while she pumped my cock faster. I let her know how good it felt and when I said I was about to cum, she pushed her mouth further down my cock.
I exploded into her mouth, she pulled back once she realised what was happening but would you believe it, she went down again and could feel her suck me harder. I cum like I was possessed and filled her little mouth. She held me in her mouth and I think she swallowed some of my cum. She pulled off and cum was dripped from her chin. She grinned at us and showed us inside her mouth the cum that was still in there, and then closed her mouth swallowed, opened her mouth and showed it empty.
We must have looked quite funny because she says “What”
Mia says “You just gave him a hand job, blow job and swallowed”
“Fuck yeah and it felt and tasted good, can I do that again?”
“Yeah but we need to sleep as I have work soon and you have swimming, I suggested I sleep in my bed so there are no distractions”
Both agreed, as I left, I could hear the girls squealing and laughing at what just happened, my cock started to grow, but went to my bathroom calmed down, had a pee and got into bed and went straight to sleep.
When I got up the girls had gone and left a note.
It read: We have gone to swimming and will be back here around 5pm. If you are busy text us and we will go to our hotel.
I thought for awhile and texted them back, I will ring your parents and tell them you are staying with me because your place was noisy from the bar across the road and a little dirty. I will explain I have a spare room with its own bathroom and I feel that they would sleep better and feel safer with me.
Within a minute I was sent two smiley face texts. I rung their parents and told them that it was fine to stay with me because I didn’t like where they were. They asked if having them there wasn’t a problem and said they would call them and tell them not to annoy me and be good. They were also pleased that they would be looked after and safer than the place they were at.
I was back at the hotel just after 6.00pm and found the girls already there. They had ordered some dinner from the hotel for us. (I had explained to the hotel that they were staying with me and to give them a card to get in)
The girls were excited when I arrived and run up and hugged and kissed me. They said they are so happy to be staying with me. I said: “Let’s eat and chat”. They agreed. I went to my room and changed, I noticed that the girls had left their panties on the bed. I grinned and brought them to my nose and smelt them both and they smelt so sweet. I heard giggling behind me and then the girls running back into the dinning area. My cock went hard and was very visible. I walked back into the room and the girls were looking at me, once they seen the tent in my pants, they smiled and looked. I asked what are you looking at, they turned and looked at each other and giggled.
I sat down and started eating, we talked about our day. The girls were doing well with swimming and it was likely the coach is going to recommend them for scholarships. My clients were going to sign once the lawyers had checked a couple of small points that needed changing. This contract was worth millions.
We put the dinner plates in the dishwasher and started eating our dessert. I asked them, “So last night what do you think girls”
Hope started “Last night was the most exciting night of my life, no one other than my mum, sister and some of the girls at swimming have seen me naked. You made me feel special, naughty, sexy, slutty and loved in short time. I want more, but I want to learn about men, I want to try many things. But I am going to keep my virginity”
“Of course, Hope”
“Mia said you had anal sex and it was good, can we try that?
“Of course, Hope”
Hope smiled and looked at Mia, she smiled at me and said she felt a little left out but it was fun watching Hope cum. She looked confused, for a brief second. I could see she had something else on her mind.
“Mia what is on your mind?”.
“I am confused, I was excited watching Hope, it turned me on seeing her cum and how she made you cum. I wanted to do more than watch, I wanted to help Hope cum” Hope looked surprised and grinned. “I am not interested in women like that but I wanted to do what you were doing to her so she cum because of me”
Hope smiled and looked at her friend. “Mia, I want to make you cum also, I am going to try everything we all suggest and more but that one thing, I want to remain a virgin”
They stood up and hugged each other, and sat back down.
Well girls what I suggest is we have another bath. Both girls got up hugged me kissed me and run into there room and started filling the bath, a few minutes later they come out and told me not to come in till I am called and be naked.
I thought that this week would be the most fun of my life.

There will be a final chapter to come

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