30 Kasım 2023

The Music Room

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Working in the Grammar School’s basement music room was not exactly how I planned to spend my afternoon. But in the second practice room along, working away, is where I was at 4:45 p.m last Tuesday.

I was so completely lost in my playing I didn’t notice when he tapped on the long slender glass window.

In a few minutes, I began to get the strangest feeling I was being watched, so I glanced around and my heart nearly jumped a beat at the sight of him leaning on the door, listening to me. I wasn’t expecting him to get out of work so early; it was a nice surprise.

His laughter is a pleasant sound after hours of endless concentration. That wicked smile he gives me as he enters the room every week makes me melt.

He enters so quietly; I rarely hear him approach.

He doesn’t like to disturb my playing, but knows how I do love a very different kind of play.

He knows I love his visits; I love that confidence in him.. if only because he is so bloody funny and makes me smile for no reason.

His rough dark hair and sexy eyes play the largest part in making my stomach flutter that oh-too-familiar warm, wet sensation engulfing me every time I’m around him.

We both know what we want; we have a language like no other lovers.

I must have licked my lips subconsciously because when I got up to embrace him, he had a sly grin playing around on his lips when he whispered real low in my ear, “I believe I have a little something for those….your lips, I mean”

He could feel my heat, could feel I was being driven wild solely by his voice his fingers splayed so his index finger is less than 2 inches away from grazing the now wet area of my dark jeans.

Not dark enough to miss the fact they’re wet. “Oh baby, what do you want?” My cheeks are flushed as my whole pussy aches for his fingers to come close.

I push my face into his shoulder and softly whisper Avcılar Escort it’s him I want.

His hand moving slowly between us, over my stomach, brushing lightly over my left arm as he reaches to push back my messy curly hair and turn my face to him. “You are so very sexy, it drives me crazy.”

His eyes fill with a sparkle as he turns to brush over my lips with his; just lightly and slow at first, until he feels me begin to return this kiss.

My mind is in a whirl and my heart is racing as his tongue moves across my bottom lip, gently tugging into his mouth for a short but sensual session of sucking and licking.

I make one last weak effort to push him away for fear we’ll be caught by a passing teacher, but it’s not what I want. I don’t have the strength to resist him.. my whole body now in a magnetic force with his.

And then I feel his cock is hard, pressing against his trousers, begging to be released as he pushes back against my thighs.

A soft moan escapes my mouth between long, soft drawn-out kisses, each one out-performing the other.

I squirm; however much I want this, we cannot chance what we may risk losing. It’s so dangerous! But the more I feel his hands caressing my back and his fingertips trailing my spine, I just can’t pull away. “Here” he whispered, holding his hand out for me to take and pulling me to my feet.

My face meets his. He is leaning in to kiss me again, our tongues softly touching between his slightly parted lips.

I trace his lower lip with my tongue; so slow I can feel his cock beginning to throb with a strong urgency. “Oh God I need you” he moans.

I manage to gasp my affectionate lust back, my voice surprisingly deep it’s driving me crazy.. the wetness begins to build between my thighs. That’s just before he moves on to my neck using the same pattern of kissing, licking and blowing trying Beylikdüzü Escort to bring me over the edge already with his touch.

I tug his shirt over his head in a flurry of lust and run my hands down his hard chest, slowing down to twirl my fingers gently round his hairs.

I caress him softly, making sure to take my time circling each nipple extra slow, and lean down to take a fast, light lick on each one.

His hands reach for my shoulders and pull me in for a deep, passionate kiss. One that must have lasted a minute or so without breathing, or so it seemed.

His cock was jabbing and throbbing beneath his trousers, against my stomach. I have to reach out and touch it! I’m drawing him physically closer as my hand rubs his crotch and my mouth draws him in closer to my body.

He unfastens my bra and pushes me away just enough to let it fall to the ground.

I am slow as I undress him the rest of the way, teasing him to near insanity, kissing his fantastic body whilst I uncover every inch.

I take just a second to stop and lick the pre-cum from the slit of the cock I want to feel slide deep in my mouth making him rock, unsteady on his feet with pleasure.

My right hand finds the head and I begin to rub his moisture softly while my left hand is tracing up his inner thigh and my tongue is making a trail from the place where his balls meet his cock all the way to the head, tasting more pre-cum.

Giving me a light slap on my ass, pert I cannot bear the feeling, I am overwhelmingly sensitive. He instead slides his wet finger in my mouth and I taste my juices whilst licking it clean.

I pull away and drop to my knees, returning to my work of sucking the thick shaft of manhood.

Looking up into those beautiful, sexy dark eyes and moving my tongue once again to the head, I circle it, building up more saliva in the back of my throat.. Bahçeşehir Escort just before I slip it a little way in my mouth.

I am taking it in slowly, one lingering inch at a time until all eight inches are buried deep in my mouth.

I can feel his breathing grow erratic as I place my hands on his hips, grasping them slightly, and take his cock in and out of my mouth, gradually picking up the pace.

I start moving a bit faster and sucking harder while my right hand is stroking all along the bottom of his shaft.

This brings him close.

But I won’t let that happen yet, I can control him like a puppy.

His sexual torture fills me with vigour, and I only want to give him more.

I slowed down before I let him drop from my mouth.. could feel his cock pulsating hard, the purple veins were prominent.

I start to tease again, licking gently the head it hits my cervix nearly every time.

I gasp furiously, hardly able to talk to him at all.

I plead for more as he starts to dig his nails into my back – it’s what I want – he is fucking me so hard.

Is rocking his cock in and out, faster and harder with each thrust when I constantly feel like I can’t take anymore.

But it’s a drug, I am lost in the rhythm and the sensation.

I have the voice for screaming my own sexual obscenities and yet can’t find it to tell him to lessen the pace.

Shouting, moaning, and almost collapsing to the table in a fit of delirium, I feel my pussy contract as I control the muscles.. I feel it tightening around him, and he lets go.

He’s completely driven over the edge, having pumped his hot climax deep inside me; our cum mixed, drizzling down our legs.

He leans into me, whimpering in a state of satisfaction & utter bliss that he loves me, over and over again, holding me, kissing my back in every place he left nail marks.

And I faintly hear him asking me something but couldn’t make out what as he collapsed down on top of me.. and I started to fade off to sleep.

He turns me around and lifts my chin to kiss me softly on the lips. “No, baby, we need to get dressed. Come on, you have your lesson in half an hour.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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