27 Kasım 2022

The Family affair Chapter 10

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The Family affair Chapter 10
As with the rest of the story. All characters are adults in this storyline and are freely experimenting with their fetishes and fantasies.

The Family affair

Chapter 10
His Little Lady
Brianna Attends
The Bush Inaugural Ball

** Releasing her collar. He stroked her face. Then moving down to her tits. Softly caressing them and pinching each nipple. Sliding his hand down her belly and onto her pussy. How wet she is. He thought. He walked around behind her stroking her back and ass. Tapping her on the shoulder and telling her to bend over and pull her cheeks wide. She nodded and complied and he looked at her clear crystal but plug. He looked at his wife who was watching him. He let it slide this time for breaking protocol. He lightly tugged on Brianna’s plug. We’ll start this a little differently. Debbie tie your daughters wrists to a spreader bar and bring her to her tiptoes. She nodded and did as she was ordered.**

** He placed nipple clamps on her nipples. Then grabbing the flogger he began to strike her belly and the top of her pussy. All the while tugging lightly on her nipple clamps. Hooking the flogger to his hip. He suddenly jerked the clamps from her nipples. The shock caused her to draw her breath sharply in. He immediately began to push and rub her nipples as the blood rushed back in. Causing great pain but she never dropped her towel. He then took a belt to her tits and belly and to the landing strip above her pussy. She never felt more alive. Yes it hurt but it made her feel beautiful and fulfilled somehow.**

** Brianna could feel the warmth from the stripes on her body and could see the discoloration. He stopped and ordered Debbie to place her on the spanking bench. Debbie nodded and replied and removed her from the rope and spreader restraints. She led her to the spanking bench. Placing her chest on the cross member. Her knees were forced into a bent position. Her head and wrists were in the stocks. Her ankles were also cuffed to the upright. Just like her sister. It was such a great high for her knowing that her Daddy was about to punish her and fuck her in the ass and take her virginity soon.**

**Mike looked over at his slaves kneeling to his right. Their bodies marked and bruised. I want you to watch slaves. Watch this girl take her punishment and take my cock in her ass. Watch her become a woman as I take kaçak iddaa her flower. As they watched he took a flogger to her back and ass and the tops of her legs. Then he took a belt and did the same thing. Not once did she lose the cloth in her hand. The tops of her legs and her ass and her back were soon discolored and marked. The belt marks replaced the narrower flogger marks. He then took the whip and began to give her stripes. Soon her back and ass in the tops of her legs and the sides of her tits were marked with the whip. She dropped her towel from her hand and Debbie raised her hand to signify the same.**

**For her first time he was very pleased with the results she took just as much as her sister. He walked around and could see her eyes and face wet with tears. Looking at Amanda. I don’t think we need the stocks no more. Remove the stock and clamp her arms to the cross bracing. Amanda nodded and quickly got up and did what she was ordered to. As Daddy did to Danielle. She could feel him stroking her back and ass. He opened her cheeks and ran his cloth covered cock up and down the crack of her ass. He then walked back around and grabbing her by her blonde ponytail. He pulled her head back.**

**As he told Danielle. He told Brianna. I am so pleased and satisfied with how much you have taken so far. Looking at Danielle and back at Brianna. It won’t take you or your sister very long to earn my collar. Brianna smiled through the ball gag as did Danielle. Both Brianna and Danielle could see their father in his silk shirt and how large his cock was inside the cock sleeve in his shorts. Brianna and Danielle could see he was wearing black stockings just like they were and that they were attached to his shorts. This made them even more horny than before.

**He could see Brianna staring at his cock. Well slave do you like what you’re looking at? She nodded yes. Do you want to taste it? Again she nodded yes. Daddy removed his cock slowly from the confines of his shorts. Brianna lustfully looked at her Daddy’s cock. How thick and long it looked and how his balls hung down. Daddy removed the ball gag from Brianna and told her to suck his balls. He pushed his pelvis forward and she began eagerly sucking his balls. After a bit he said that is enough let them go. He watched as his balls slid from her mouth. Brianna love the feel of his balls in her mouth casino firmalari and wanted more. I want you to kissed the tip of my cock. She gave the head a peck. Daddy could see how inexperienced she really was.**

**Not like that, he said. Though it was cute he thought. I’m sorry Daddy she replied. I’m not very experienced and not a very good slave. No No No. You are just inexperienced. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Let me show you. Debbie come here and kiss the head of my cock. She watched her mother crawl and kneel before her Daddy. Brianna have you ever kissed a boy with your tongue? She thought briefly. Not a boy but I did tongue kiss Michelle.WELL!! This brought her out of her daydream with a jerk.**

** Yes Daddy I’ve kissed a boy like that before. Watch your mother kiss the tip of my cock. Yes Daddy she replied. Removing Debbie’s gag. Debbie slowly kissed all around the head of his cock. Then begin to tongue it all over. Before she stopped she took a hold of the cock with her lips and slowly pulled it off his cock. Just like that Brianna. Yes Daddy I understand. He replaced Debbie’s gag and told her to return. As she crawled away. He pushed his cock towards Brianna’s mouth. She kissed it all over the top and sides.**

** The best she could with her being restrained like she was. She then began to lick all over the head of his cock. Just like mommy did. Then she took the tip of his cock in her lips and slowly pulled her lips off of his cock. That was perfect Daddy said. Leaning over and pulling her head back as far as it would go by her blond hair and with his other hand turning her head by the chin. He leaned over and kissed her on the lips. That was done very well slave. She smiled as Daddy released her hair.**

**Now I’m going to teach you how to take Daddy’s cock deep into your mouth. Let’s get everybody involved in this. Debbie crawl over to your daughters pussy and gently lick it and her ass. She nodded and removed her ball gag and placed it at her knees. Then crawled over to her daughter and began to gently lick her pussy. She licked from her pussy to her ass hole and gently sucked on the but plug. Brianna love the feeling that her mother was giving her. Now Danielle crawl over here and kneel under your sister. She nodded and removed her ball gag and placed it at her knees. Daddy told her to kneel or set so that she could lick his casino şirketleri nuts and shaft as it came in and out of Brianna’s mouth.**

**Amanda slide under Debbie and lick her pussy. She nodded yes and placed her ball gag at her knees. Now that everyone was licking a pussy are waiting for a cock. Daddy told Brianna to keep her lips shut. He placed his cock against her lips and slowly began to insert it. Danielle you need to lick my balls and cock as I do this he ordered. Yes Daddy she replied and began to lick and suck on him. She needed no instructions on how to suck on his cock. She seemed to be a natural. He then told her to stick her tongue out and he was going to shove it down her throat as deep as she can go.**

**With her tongue out and Daddy holding her by either side of the head he slowly began to push his cock deeper and deeper. When she would gag he would pull it out and try again. Soon her face in Danielle’s was covered in slobber. He pushed it deep into her mouth and held it. Brianna fought to keep it in her mouth. When he released her a few seconds later her breath came sharpen short and even more slobber all over her and her sister. Kneel up higher he told Danielle. He grabbed her by the head of the hair and shoved his cock into her mouth and then back into Brianna’s. Back-and-forth the two sisters took Daddy’s cock deep into the mouth.**

**He told Danielle to go retrieve a wet and dry towel and wipe her and her sisters clean. Yes Daddy she replied and ran off to the bathroom. When she returned. She quickly wiped Brianna’s face and chest. Danielle leaned back on your hands. Danielle on her knees leaned back on her hands. He walked up on Danielle and placed his balls in front of her mouth. Grabbing his cock he ordered her to suck his balls and lick his ass. Reluctant at first she did what she was ordered to do. He could feel her tongue darting around his cock and ass hole and then into it. He was amazed at how his slave daughter was so good at that.**

**As Danielle continued to lick and suck her Daddy’s balls and ass. He turned to Debbie and Amanda and ordered them to kneel beside him and take their turns. Yes Sir they replied and quickly crawled over and knelt beside Danielle. Brianna lustfully watched as her sister sucked and licked her Daddy’s ass. How she wished to try it. When he was finished with Debbie and was straddling Amanda. He ordered Debbie to retrieve some lube from the closet. He stopped and started walking around not wanting to cum right then. When he had his control back. Dad is going to fuck your ass now Brianna. Yes Daddy, she said with a lustful grin.**

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