31 Ocak 2023

Surreptitious Love Ch. 82

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Chapter 82 — At the Hot Springs with Nguyet and Thanh

After I had pruned Nguyet’s bush two days earlier, we were now ready to rock to the hot springs about four miles west of town, where we would rent a private pool with all the bells and whistles. Just like the last time Thanh and I went, I took Thanh on the back of my motorcycle, but today could see Nguyet one hers in the rear-view mirror. We were going to eat lunch at the amusement park first, and then forget our good upbringing and moral training back in one of the small secluded pool areas that were available by the hour.

The weather was perfect: around 86 degrees, and plenty of sunshine. For the first time ever, Thanh wasn’t sporting a skirt or jeans but a light dark-blue summer dress with daisies printed on it. I couldn’t see in the mirror what Nguyet was wearing, as she had covered herself in a coat and long wrap-around skirt, like most Vietnamese women do on sunny days to keep their skin light.

Just like last time, we got tickets for the amusement park first, even though we didn’t care to visit. We sat down at the only restaurant here, which was close to the entrance, and ordered food. During the week, there wasn’t much going on; there were perhaps ten more people spread at various tables in the large cafeteria. Tet was over, and schools had opened again. Nguyet had left her wrap-around skirt outside on her Honda, so that I could now see her short black-and-white skirt, which ended six inches above her knees. She was also sporting her (and my) favorite pastel terrycloth sweater again, which was slightly too large for her. She looked utterly cute and endearing but not overly sexy.

Thanh’s dress was of similar simple elegance. It seemed tailored but fell down on her body kinda loosely. She now put her hair up in the back, which—together with her sharp glasses—made her look like a pharmacist. Or their daughter. Anyway, she looked beautiful, even though her loose dress covered up her stunning body.

After we had ordered, Nguyet looked at the little map that we had received with the tickets. It was her first time here, but she told us that she had checked out the place’s website. It looked like she had shaved her legs the day before, but she seemed a little nervous, as she was constantly putting her hair back behind her ears. Thanh, on the other hand, looked pretty cool, calm, and collected, while I smoked a quick ciggie before the food would arrive.

“Is your friend working today?” I asked Thanh.

“No, I think it’s her day off.”

“Have you talked to her about last time?”

I was somehow curious what employees thought of couples who rented a private pool to fuck back there. I didn’t think Thanh had told her but her friend could have put two and two together.

Thanh shook her head: “No, I haven’t spoken to her since.”

The young waiter, who looked like an ice-hockey referee in his black-and-white striped shirt and black slacks, arrived with the food. After he had put down everything on the table, he and Thanh looked at each other for a short while, before they started to laugh. The way they were talking now, it looked like they knew each other, and Nguyet began to eye him as well. I flipped my cigarette butt away towards the next table, where no one was sitting, and started to eat. When the young guy was gone, I asked Thanh where she knew him from.

“School. He’s a year older than me …”

I only nodded, but then Nguyet chimed in, saying that he was pretty good-looking. Thanh nodded in agreement and admitted that she had had a huge crush on him back in the day. Reminding everyone why we were there, Nguyet suggested to take him back to the private pool with us. Thanh laughed and said:

“Oh, please. No … I haven’t seen him for years. And he’s gotta work anyway …” she added a tad sheepishly and shook her head.

A little too violently, I thought.

“Well, I wasn’t quite serious,” Nguyet lied and got up to go to the bathroom.

Thanh and I ate quietly for a minute or two, before I asked her if she had talked to Nguyet since our first threesome a week back. Still chewing, she shook her head again. Nguyet got back to the table and sat down just when I was lighting another ciggie.

I liked that we weren’t trying to charge everything sexually. We hadn’t spoken much, and the way we were dressed and interacting, no one would have been able to tell that there was an orgy to unfold. We called the young waiter back, asked for the bill and paid for the two hours at the private pool. Then, we took our belongings and went to the back of the park with him. He let us in and left without further ado, only saying that the sparkling wine was the fridge. I pushed the bolt, and the gate was locked.

This time they had given us a smaller private pool, which had—to make up for it—a bunch of brightly colored lawn chairs, on which several fresh towels lay. The water was bubbling again in the middle, and we went down the little path istanbul travesti towards the small bungalow. The last time, Thanh had undressed immediately, like she had been overwhelmed by the situation, but today, both women went straight inside the bungalow, where there was a bed. They put their bags down on the floor and looked around. I asked myself if they had even brought their bikinis, as I hadn’t bothered to bring my speedos.

“Champagne?” I asked and went over to the fridge.

“For me just a little bit. I gotta go back to work at two,” Nguyet said, and Thanh suggested the two of them share a glass.

Fine. Strangely, there was only one bottle of Prosecco in the fridge today, even though we had had two the previous time, when it was only the two of us. I poured two glasses and went back outside, where the ladies were already lounging in the wicker chairs. I sat down between them, facing the other way, and asked myself who was going to start. Thanh had wished once that I take my dick out in public, but that seemed too cheap of a shot. And we were in private anyway. So we just took a sip of our drinks, and I lit another cigarette.

“There’s only one bottle today,” I remarked.

I wasn’t sure if we actually needed more, but since we had two the last time, one bottle didn’t seem enough for the three of us.

“I don’t need much,” Nguyet reiterated, but then Thanh added:

“There’s a bell next to the door. They’ll bring another one.”

I didn’t know there was a bell here and said so.

Thanh nodded: “Yeah, on the doorframe.”

Well, I hadn’t noticed the last time we had been here, but perhaps Thanh remembered that from her very first time she had been here with her girlfriends. Nguyet put one foot under her other leg. Her skirt still covered her lap, but I moved closer to Thanh and put my hand on her thigh. After some caressing, my hand moved up under her dress, and we smiled at each other. Her skin was marvelously smooth, warm, and firm, yet also soft and cool. Nguyet was watching my hand appreciatively, and my dick began to pump. I sensed that we were all breathing heavier already.

Nguyet slowly pulled her skirt upward, while I was still caressing Thanh’s thigh. I saw that Nguyet was wearing her white lacy panties again and noticed her bush under the mesh, which I had trimmed just two days back. The tension was increasing slowly, now that I had reached Thanh’s panties under her dress. We leaned forward and kissed.

Since we had come here today to fuck with impunity, I got up and took my shorts and underwear off. My glans had been pounding my underwear from inside, and it had begun to hurt. I took a towel off the backrest of my chair and placed in on the seat, before I sat down again and reached inside Thanh’s dress from the top. She was wearing a relatively large bra, so that I was able to cup her breast in one hand. Things felt a little rushed, or maybe just straightforward; Nguyet had to work at half past two, after all. I felt the wind on my pulsating glans and looked at Nguyet.

Her dark bush under her lacy panties looked incredibly hot. Thanh glanced sideways and licked her lips. I detected some yearning in Thanh’s face, but Nguyet kept her thighs fairly closed. So I took my hand out of Thanh’s dress and placed my other hand between Nguyet’s thighs to caress the incredibly smooth skin on the insides. Nguyet was the hottest MILF I knew, although I saw quite a few at our private English Center. Well, Mrs. Yen was almost as hot as Nguyet, but the latter’s body was completely devoid of any superfluous fat: Nguyet never did any sports, but she still looked super trim, almost sinewy, and slightly muscular.

In one bold move, Nguyet reached inside the waistband of her panties and swiftly pushed them down. Then she sat down again, tailor-style, and pulled up her skirt to present us her newly-pruned and thinned-out furry triangle. I was still happy with my work and looked at Thanh, behind whose forehead some thought was being conceived.

“Yeah, I trimmed Nguyet’s bush a bit,” I laughed.

I put my left hand on Thanh’s strapping thigh again and reached instantly up to her crotch. I couldn’t feel if she was already wet, but it was only a matter of minutes until we would find out. Thanh got up and pulled off her dress. She was wearing a simple white bra and fitting panties. One side of me wanted to go over to the pool, but what was developing here was too titillating to interrupt.

“If you want a second bottle of Prosecco, now might be the best moment,” Nguyet chimed in and combed her pussy hair to the side, away from her clit and labia.

I ignored the remark about the wine and asked Thanh to kneel on her chair. Then I moved mine closer behind it and waived Nguyet to sit on my leg. Nguyet fumbled her bra out from under her sweater, placed it neatly over the armrest, and joined me here near Thanh’s firm young ass. Nguyet lifted up her sweater, almost like Thanh had done during our first evening istanbul travestileri together, and, standing in front of me, let me suck her little tit. Then, she reached for my cock and began to stroke it.

Thanh’s panties were really narrow over her perineum and ass, so it was easy to push them aside and see everything. I licked my finger and caressed her tender, but curiously dark skin back here. Up to that moment, everything had been rather playful, but now Nguyet grabbed my other hand and placed it between her legs, like she wanted me to fuck her first. I felt a succulent stickiness, but Thanh also seemed to be in estrus, as she turned, took off her bra and panties, and sat down provocatively ten inches away from my cock. She put her hands on her pussy and pulled it open. Instantly, a fat translucent drop of pussy juice, which reminded me of a pendant, rolled out.

I took off my shirt, which prompted Nguyet to relieve herself of her sweater. The only piece of garment among the three of us was Nguyet’s skirt, which she actually could leave on, I thought. I realized I kinda needed to piss, while Thanh slid down and moved closer, before she pulled her pussy lips apart as wide as she could.

“Let’s go inside and lie down on the bed,” I suggested.

Without saying anything, the two of them got up, and we positioned ourselves in some sort of triangle. Sure, it was awesome to sit at the pool, but the two of them probably didn’t want to get sunburned anyway. And it did decidedly feel like we all needed a short round of sex to release some of the tension that had been mounting during the last hour. Nguyet had taken off her skirt before she had lay down diagonally on the bed. I kneeled down next to her chest and played with her labia with my left hand. Since my stiff cock was near her face, she snapped after it and took it in her mouth. Of course, I immediately began to thrust tenderly. Thanh had watched that little scene but then kneeled down between Nguyet’s legs and licked her pussy.

Apart from our sucking and smacking, it was quiet. We could hear the springs simmer outside, and once in a while a bird chirped. I heard how a large, leather-like breadfruit leave fell to the ground, while Nguyet was licking my glans. I put some strands of hair behind Thanh’s ear and watched how she determinedly and curiously explored Nguyet’s nether region. Apparently, she was doing well, as Nguyet had already started to sigh and moan a bit.

Now, Nguyet reached around Thanh’s head tenderly and pulled her on top of herself. The two looked at each other longingly, but then Nguyet asked Thanh to turn and sit on her face. I watched Thanh’s languid movements, who, as soon as she was in position, let herself fall forward to keep licking Nguyet’s pussy. Nguyet nodded at me and pointed at Thanh’s ass with her chin, so I kneeled down over Nguyet’s face, behind Thanh’s mesmerizing butt.

“C’mon, Ben, just fuck her! You saw that huge drop of juice roll out of her …”

Yes, that was true. I had never seen such a large, clear, pendant-like drop of pussy nectar. Nguyet was thoroughly aroused, too, yet the two of them had to share one dick today. But, after a round in the pool, I could probably do it again, which Nguyet knew.

Juicy as Thanh was, my rod had completely disappeared inside her after just a few thrusts. I pressed her ass cheeks together and looked down, past my thrusting cock. Nguyet laughed endearingly and now licked my hairy ball sack. She was a good sport, and then she even snapped playfully after my balls. I reached around Thanh, looking for her dangling breasts, which, when I had found them, I squeezed heartily. Soon thereafter, Thanh let out some cute shrieks: ee-i-ih, she squealed, and Nguyet and I laughed at each other once more.

Apparently, Nguyet had also sought Thanh’s tits, as our hands met there. Thanh’s hairpin had become loose, so I removed it and threw it onto the bed. I reared up a bit to polish her G-spot better, but Nguyet followed my balls with her mouth. My ball sack was now polishing her nose from time to time, and at some point I saw her lick her finger, before she slowly drilled it into my anus.

Thanh seemed to be licking Nguyet rather artfully, as the latter was now moaning considerably. Nguyet’s moans sounded decidedly different form Thanh’s, however: they were short, deep cascades of Oors and Oars. Obviously, it had been a great idea to thin out and prune Nguyet’s bush. ‘Perhaps I should do it periodically,’ I thought, although I liked bushes the better the bigger they were. I realized that Thanh hadn’t licked Nguyet at the model home the previous week, so that was her very first time today. Well, hallelujah!

I couldn’t hold back anymore and joined the chorus of exited, exuberant shrieks and moans. It almost sounded like we were in a competition who could holler the loudest. I was sure we could be heard outside the little compound. Anyway, today on an early Thursday afternoon, hardly anyone was there. travesti istanbul My dick was covered with whitish foam and, at some point, I saw another thick drop of pussy nectar roll out of Thanh’s snatch and hit Nguyet’s beautiful face.

I remembered that I had fucked Mrs. Yen in a very similar position four months ago, kneeling right above her daughter’s face. But that time, I hadn’t come in Yen, but we had changed positions, which we probably weren’t going to do today. Nguyet, who was massaging my balls with one hand now, would certainly have said something If she had wanted to receive this load. So I just leaned forward, pressing Thanh against my chest, and exploded inside her.

As I was roaring, with my midsection twitching, Thanh yelped in a pitch that I had never heard from her before. When the splashes of cum had subsided, I pulled out, as I still needed to piss. Of course, a large blob of semen sloshed out of Thanh, which landed straight on Nguyet’s face again. She looked like a large bird had shat on her but still laughed. Perhaps that had just been what she had been waiting for.

“Awesome!” she giggled and licked her lips.

I moved away from Thanh to watch her twat twitch, expelling more and more cum in the process, which, in turn landed on Nguyet’s face again. I got off the bed and went straight into the bedroom; potential pissing games had to wait. When I got back to the room, Thanh and Nguyet had sat up and down, respectively, and were dabbing their pussies. I went over to the fridge and poured the remaining Prosecco in our two glasses.

We all needed to rest, but now Thanh got up to pee. So, the three of us went outside and stood under the shower. After the whole brouhaha, Nguyet and I were too exhausted to do anything but just enjoyed how Thanh was relieving herself. We all took a quick shower and then pushed the foam mattresses together with our feet and lay down at the edge of the pool. When I bemoaned that the booze was finished, Thanh got up again and rang the bell.

“When he gets here, I’ll wrap a towel around me and get the door,” she promised before we all dozed off.

Or perhaps we were all watching the light, fluffy clouds in the Spring sky. That’s what I was doing. I got up again to get my cigarettes and a bottle of water. I always needed something to drink when I smoked. The ladies were silent together, but after I had lay down again, Nguyet said:

“I can’t wait to fuck …”

“Yes, Nguyet, it’s your turn the next time,” Thanh quietly confirmed, still sounding exhausted.

We dozed for a little while, but then I went into the water, which was wonderfully soft and warm. Floating on my back, I wondered how deep I was connected to the center of the Earth. Thanh knew that the water only reached her chest close to the edge and got in as well. We floated through the lukewarm, slight sulphuric spring water and kissed again. Just when Nguyet wanted to get in too, however, the bell at the gate rang, and Thanh said:

“That’s the dude with the wine.”

Thanh wanted to get out of the pool, but Nguyet was closer and would be at the door first. And it didn’t matter, did it? Nguyet grabbed a towel, while Thanh and I kept frolicking through the pool. We kissed again, but then I saw how Nguyet disappeared inside the bungalow with the wine and the waiter, like he didn’t know where the fridge was. After a minute, he came to the pool and handed me a glass of cool sparkling wine. Thanh was hiding behind me, so that the guy couldn’t see her naked, but he had probably seen my dick and pubic hair, distorted by the water. I didn’t care, though. I let Thanh drink as well and saw that the young chap disappeared inside the bungalow again, where Nguyet still was. Well, maybe she had gone to the bathroom in the meantime.

Thanh sat down on the edge again, with her back to the bungalow and me standing between her legs. Her pussy was probably still sore from our fuck 30 minutes ago, and so I didn’t do anything to arouse her again. Well, I did play with her nipples and breasts a bit, before I let myself fall back once more and circled the center of the pool floating on my back, until I heard a few subdued a-has. No! really?! I looked towards the bungalow and saw that Nguyet was lying on her back with her legs apart, knees pointing towards the ceiling, while the dude was banging her.

Holy Moly! Well, I now remembered how she had looked at him at the restaurant, and I also recalled what she had said. And, yes, he was tall and handsome, maybe 22, with harmonious facial features. He certainly reminded her of Vu. His body was pretty athletic, too, and he had a winning smile. Thanh had now noticed what was going on behind her back and suppressed some laugher. And, yes, Nguyet had gone somewhere while we were eating … perhaps she had set it all up then, an hour ago. Perhaps that’s why she had let Thanh go first, half-an-hour ago. Great! I loved it. For four months, we had made plans to have Vu and me fuck her brains out, but now Vu wasn’t here, which didn’t matter to Nguyet—she just took the first handsome dude she had bumped into and let him fuck her. Watching Nguyet taking what she wanted and needed was a very powerful moment, and I felt an erection coming on again.

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