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Supreme Aunt

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They had arranged to meet at a quiet bar in a nice part of town.

It was low lit and he thought, sophisticated enough to catch up with his aunt. He hadn’t seen her in 14 years and at 24, was now a grown man. She would be 37 now, last remembered by him when she was 23.

His aunt waited at the bar. She was new in town and was looking forward to catching up with her nephew.

A young man came to the bar to order a drink and began speaking to her. He offered her one and she was going to hesitate but decided one would be okay.

“I’m meeting someone, so if he comes in, I’ll have to head off” she explained.

“No problem, I’m meeting someone too, I understand” he said. They procured a quiet booth at the back and soon the talk turned a little sexual.

“So, what do you enjoy?” he quipped, grinning.

“Oh, nothing better than lying back and being licked for a few hours!” she grinned at him. “And you?” she replied.

“Being honest, a woman with legs like yours, I could understand why a man would love to do that, I get off on pleasing women but its just my thing” he responded.

Esther decided to text her nephew while her ‘acquaintance’ was at the toilet. She said she couldn’t make it and would meet him some other time, later that week.

They arranged to speak in 2 days once he texted back, funnily enough saying he was also a little ‘caught up’ and would look forward to her call.

Once the young man returned, she made a show of dropping her purse under the table, which was covered by a large cloth.

“Retrieve it for me, would you?” she asked and he bent under to pick it up.

Once he approached where the purse lay, he reached up from under the table to hand it to her. She cooly took it and parted her legs.

“Go on then, I’ve never been brought off in a bar before. I like to have my own way and having you down there would please me. Get on with it” she finished.

So saying, she dropped the tablecloth again and gasped quietly, as she felt his head between her thighs. Then he was parting her knickers and licking her slit as she tried to switch off from his oral ministrations.

Picking up a menu, she looked through it to take her mind off the young man under the table, striving to pleasure her with his tongue.

It was too much and she gripped his head with her thighs as she came hard against his face.

As he emerged from the other side, she said

“Lets get out of here. I need hours of that tonight and tomorrow. Hours and hours. And if you’re as good as that, we might even let you have some action. How about it?”

In a flash he was agreeing and they left for her rented apartment. Once there, she stripped off her top, bra and knickers. Then she took a seat on the sofa.

“Wine” she said offhandedly. He went to make her a drink and brought it to her.

“Well, take off my boots” she said and he did so.

Looking at her for approval, he couldn’t believe his luck. She had the fittest legs he’d ever seen and he was kissing his way up them. Her knickers had already been removed in the restaurant so he continued to her crotch until she finally parted her legs.

“Take your bahis firmaları time and I might consider what action you get tonight”.

He didn’t need told twice and immediately began to lick her crotch as she relaxed with her drink.

A few hours later, he was still down there while she finished off her glass of wine.

“Okay, time for bed” she declared and removed her thighs from over his shoulders at last.

He watched her amazingly supple legs head off to the bedroom and rose to follow. Once in bed, he was pushed under the covers.

“You can sleep between my thighs tonight. And I expect an oral alarm clock, understand?” she said.

“Anything you say” he complied and she smiled at that.

Next morning, she woke on her front to the amusing sensations of him valiantly trying to lick her pussy from behind.

“What are you doing?” she said.

“Erm, just as you told me to” he answered.

“I told you to wake me with your tongue. I said nothing about it being in my delicious pussy first thing. I usually waken on my front so from now on, I want to waken to your tongue buried in my arse. If I’m feeling generous, I’ll let you lick my fanny. Now you know what to do, what are you waiting for?”

He didn’t need to be told twice and licked towards her asshole, until relenting, he managed to get his tongue inside it, while Esther lay, smiling to herself. She was looking forward to him fucking her after a couple of orgasms. She was confident by the end of the weekend, he would be her submissive lover too.

2 days later, she was lying on her sofa, while he knelt between her legs, licking her leisurely as she demanded. He had already promised to be her sex slave and she was enjoying the idea of having this young man at her beck and call.

Picking up her mobile, she rang it. At that moment, his mobile went and he asked permission to answer it.

“Hello?” he said.

“Hi its your aunt Esther here” she said and they both gasped as they suddenly realised the situation.

“Oh my, so, um, you’re my nephew then?” she said.

“I guess I am mistress, I mean, aunt Esther” he replied. They both remained in stunned silence before she couldn’t control herself any longer.

“Finish me off and we’ll talk further” she said and he immediately leapt to it.

In a way, it kept things normal as he had done her bidding for the last two days and swore to treat her as his sex goddess only hours before. He brought her to a wet orgasm before she pushed him away.

“So what are we going to do about this. You’re my nephew but you’ve already agreed to be more than that. I’ll be honest with you. Nephew or not, I need a man to do my bidding. He has to be fit, young and complient. So, what are we going to do?” she said, her legs still over his shoulders.

“Um, I’m surprised, but I couldn’t believe my luck. I’ve always wanted a woman to have her way with me, auntie” he said until she gripped his hair.

“What did you call me?” she said. “Sorry auntie, I mean, erm, mistress?” he answered.

“This is between you and me. I want a submissive, complient but sexy young man to worship me. I can easily have anyone I want but I kaçak iddaa allowed you the privilege of having just a taste of serving me. So, are you going to be little nephew or are you going to be my sex slave. You have exactly 10 seconds to answer” she said.

“You’re sex slave, Mistress” he answered.

“Smart boy, you don’t want anyone else having the honour of eating this pussy, do you? Let me feel your tongue deep inside my arse while I think about this” she said as he snaked his tongue in to her bum cheeks and parted them.

As he worked his way deeper into her arse, she adjusted herself on the couch, letting him take the full weight of her legs while she pondered the situation. It was a pleasant distraction what he was doing and she knew if this continued, her sex life would be wonderful. The small matter of him being her nephew would have to be kept from family, but other than that, she quite fancied him anyway, although that didn’t mean she would be easy on him. For the rest of the afternoon, she had him pleasure her intermittently with his mouth, until his tongue was almost numb. Then she met a friend for coffee while he went back to his own place.

A month later, they were in a strange situation; he was going to visit his aunt’s sister in law.

He arrived at Esther’s place, ready to give her a lift to the town her sister in law stayed in. His aunt wore a summer dress that came just past her knees. Her stunning figure was only partly hidden but she looked the modest aunt the rest of his family would have assumed.

Once she reached her bedroom, she glanced at him as he followed her in. It had become a habit lately that before she went on a night out, she would have him kneel behind her and rim her enthusiastically, while she applied her makeup, before turning round to have him suck her pussy to orgasm. Even though they were to visit family, it seemed the custom was not to change.

As she applied her lipstick, he strained to let her feel his tongue deep inside her arse.

Eventually, she finished and pushed him away with a little motion of her bum. Turning round, she smiled as his tongue began to lick her pussy. It wasn’t long before she came and as he stood and walked off to wash his face, she stopped him.

“No, no. I like it when you wear my perfume” and he realised he wasn’t going to be allowed to wash his face.

They arrived at the house and Ellen greeted them warmly, although she looked at him strangely when his face was close to hers.

During the day his aunt had asked him to fetch things, which he automatically did.

“You certainly seem to have a way with men Esther” Ellen said.

“My dear, men are easy to control. Beautiful girls like us could easily have a man running around after her as if it were the most natural thing in the world” Esther replied.

“I’ll show you what I mean” she continued.

When her nephew returned, she said “My feet are tired, be a dear and give them a massage will you?” and continued talking to her neice while her nephew got down to do so.

Ellen was amazed but couldn’t deny she enjoyed seeing Esther take control of him in this way.

“Now Ellen, she’s been on kaçak bahis her feet all day” said his aunt. He hesitated briefly but one look from Esther was enough to stop any delay.

By this time, his Ellen was becoming excited and although she wasn’t sure whether or not it was the wine, turned on.

“Okay, that’s enough for now. Wait in the kitchen until I call you” she said and he got up and obediently left the room.

“Now dear, that is how you control a man. If you wanted, I could have him come in here and massage your feet with his mouth” Esther declared.

“Really? That’s amazing, I mean, I think there’s something more to all of this but trust me, whatever it is, I think I’m going to like it” said Ellen, grinning.

Esther told her how they’d met in the bar and not realised they were related and since then how he had a desire to have a woman be in charge. Ellen was astonished but still grinning and could feel herself growing excited.

“Don’t worry, this will be our secret Esther. Is he really that good with his mouth?” she said.

“Well dear, put it this way, if you wanted to relax and watch him at work and sample some of the treatment yourself, would you?” Esther quizzed.

“Um, oh this is so naughty. Yeah, definitely. I mean, I’m still trying to get my head around him actually being so obedient, but if what you say is true, I’ve nothing to lose” she replied.

Esther smiled and rose, entering the kitchen.

“Kneel” she told him and he did so. As he kissed her pantyless crotch she said

“We’re going into the livingroom and you’re going to keep doing this to me. You will also do anything I tell you today without hesitation” she continued.

“Yes mistress” he said obediently.

“Good. Well, follow me” she said.

Entering the living room again, she sat on the sofa across from her sister in law. As he approached she said


He did so and letting her skirt slide back a little she looked down at him.

“You know what to do” she said and he immediately moved forward, taking her thighs over his shoulders as he began to lick her pussy in earnest.

“Men like him are very good at this. They need lots and lots of practice though and I need to give lots and lots of lessons. Usually more than one a day. Trust me, very shortly you’ll see exactly what I mean. Fuck that’s it, don’t stop” she groaned and came quickly.

“Take him, don’t think about being related, just think of it as a talented tongue you deserve to enjoy” and simply passed him over to Ellen.

She was a little nervous before but seeing the way her aunt had such control over him, turned her on a lot. Within minutes, she was sighing with pleasure. After that, both females simply passed him back and forth until they were exhausted.

“I’m afraid he’s all mine, but I’m sure I could help you find the perfect man for yourself dear. You can use him if I bring him for a visit but either way, I’m glad you’re going to turn out just like me. It’s such a good life being in charge” said Esther as they were about to leave.

“I can’t wait Esther. Bye Dominic, or should I call you fuckface from now on!” she said haughtily.

His jaw ached from the constant tonguing all day but one glimpse of the heavenly legs his aunt possessed was enough to have him thanking his lucky stars that she was his lover, albeit a dominant one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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