28 Eylül 2023

Straight Curious to Bi Ch. 02

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Big Tits

This chapter can be a little hard on some people as it gets a little rough.

Everyone is over 18.

Messages between * are text messages

The next day I received a new message, a different guy looking for a hook up. We chat back and forth about what we’re into. I’m still feeling a little shame for how far I went yesterday. It was definitely a learning experience.

I’ve never been a fan of all these labels that are commonly used, if it feels good, and no harm to anyone, fuck it.

*I’m not sure you’re bi.* He says.

I have to think for a minute, then reply, *Why do you think that?*

*You don’t seem very sure what you’re into.* He says.

*Well I’m pretty new to the lifestyle, but I don’t think I can call myself straight anymore.* I reply.

*Be here in an hour.* He says, sending his address.

I reply, *I don’t think I can get there today.*

*I didn’t ask you to be here, I told you.*

45 minutes later I pull up to his house. I don’t understand why he has so much control over me. I put the car in drive and pull away. A message comes up right away, *Good thing you still have 15 minutes, stop pretending you’re in control and get that ass back here.*

I pull back up to his house, he’s waiting at the door. As soon as the door closes, he tells me to strip. I Ankara bayan escort can tell he wasn’t happy I left the first time, so didn’t take any chances. He grabs my cock and leads me towards the coach. He drops his pants and sits down, his 7 inch cock already hard.

“On your knees, and come apologize properly!” he tells me. I go to him and kneel, I start to say I’m sorry for leaving, but he cuts me off saying, “not with words.”

I look at his hard cock, and lean in to start kissing it all over. I flick my tongue as I’m trying not to miss any of it, as I get to his balls, I kiss and gently take each nut into my mouth. I start to move back up to the shaft, when he pushes my head back down. As I start kissing his balls again, he pushes me down again.

I’m confused for a second, then realized he wants me to literally kiss his ass. His sitting position makes it awkward, but I lean in the best I can. He pulls my head in tight, his balls resting on my forehead. Sticking my tongue out, I lick his ass. The more I run my tongue over his hole, the more he starts moaning.

He released his hold and let my move up to his cock, with one hand stroking, I licked and kissed his head, before taking it in my mouth. He pushes he head down, I gag and my eyes water. He let’s off Escort bayan Ankara and I catch my breath. He pushes me down again. I can feel him swell and know he’ll come soon. I reach down and slip a finger in his ass. He moans and starts to cum. I swallow it all.

He pulls me up and kisses me. I’m almost surprised to feel his hard cock pressing against me. He grins and tells me “I popped a viagra when you drove away, knowing you’d be back.”

He tells me to bend over the arm of the coach. He gives my ass cheeks a smack. He then runs a fingertip over my asshole, gradually working it in. He moves it around until my ass relaxes, then adds a second and repeats the loosening procedure.

Grabbing a bottle of lube off the end table, he coats his cock and lines it up to my ass. I still cry out when his head pops in, even with the preparation. He thrusts in and out, gradually going deeper until I felt his balls against mine.

He starts steadily fucking me, picking up speed as he goes. My cock starts leaking as he hits my prostate. I start moaning as the pain eases and he fucks me harder. I hear something and look up. Another guy had just came in the house. The new guy stands and watches but the fucking doesn’t slow down.

“Having fun Jeff?” The new guy asks. Bayan escort Ankara I realize this is the first I heard his name.

“Oh I am Billy, this one had second thoughts and was going to leave.” Jeff told him..

“Ah, it’s lesson time then.” Billy says laughing as he turns and leaves the room.

I close my eyes for a moment, trying to figure out what just happened. When I open them, Billy is there naked, stroking what I figure is about a 6 inch cock. He pops a little blue pill and sits on the couch under me.

Billy pulls my head down to him, Jeff eases off thrusting until Billy’s cock is in my mouth. Once I have a cock in each hole, Jeff starts fucking me harder, until I feel him cum in my ass.

As Jeff pulls out, Billy goes for sloppy seconds. He doesn’t take long to cum, but after he stops shooting, He starts thrusting again.

The two took turns, over and over again. Even with the lube and cum, my ass was getting raw. Why didn’t I keep going? Why did I come back? I was trying to keep my mind busy to distract myself, but it was hard to not think about the burning.

Billy went to the kitchen and Jeff went to the washroom. I gathered what strength I had and ran towards the door. I reached down and grabbed my clothes, then ran outside. I didn’t care that I was still naked.

I was two blocks away when I got another message, *get back here the viagra hasn’t wore off.*

I replied that *You can go fuck himself or each other.*

When I felt safe, I pulled over and got dressed, he replied to my comment. I didn’t bother reading it, I just blocked his account and logged off the site.

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