15 Ağustos 2022

Stepson’s New Girlfriend

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I looked over at the armchair, where James sat. Why the fuck are you sitting there looking all gormless for? I thought to myself.

It’s not that I hate James, it would be fair to say that I tolerate him, mainly because he lives at my house but we rarely bump into each other. This was one of those rare moments.

James is eighteen now, and my stepson. His mum and I split just over two years ago, and because James was in his last school year she told him he had to stay around here so as not to disrupt his schoolwork and future college plans. Secretly I think she didn’t want him around her anymore either.

There was nobody else involved in the breakup, no adultery was committed. She basically told me one day she was bored with her life, had quit her job and was moving to the other end of the country. Two days later she’d gone.

James is a typical teen. He always looks down and sulky, his floppy long hair down over his eyes and around his shoulders rarely brushed, his jeans always ripped, and dirty trainers. He is almost permanently connected to his skateboard or playing video games in his room. He’s a bit of a wimpy looking lad too. He still lived with me because he was at a local college, and my house was free lodgings. With him not working, I hadn’t bothered asking him for rent.

“Why don’t you go out somewhere, you look bored,” I told him.

“Yeah, right, going to the skate park then,” he murmured before slowly leaving the room.

The skate park idea didn’t surprise me, apart from that and college I wasn’t sure he visited anywhere else outside of the house. Having the house to myself now, I settled back onto my sofa to enjoy the programme I was watching.

A couple of days later James came into the kitchen to me, a smile on his face. Unsure as to whether I’d seen him smile before, it unnerved me.

“Erm, Danny, is it okay if I invite someone for tea tonight please?” he asked.

“Yeah sure, is it one of your college friends?”

“No, it’s my new girlfriend. I met her at the skate park the other night,” he answered excitedly.

“And how old is this girlfriend then?” I quizzed him.

“She’s eighteen, I found it she goes to my college too,” he replied.

I told him I was doing chicken and asked if that would be okay with them both, and he said she wasn’t vegetarian or anything so it should be fine. He wandered off looking pleased with himself. It was the most we’d spoken to each other for a while.

I was getting towards the end of preparing the meal when I heard them both come in.

“Danny, this is Sadie.”

I turned and my mouth almost dropped open. Sadie was very pretty, around five foot four inches tall. Her hair was long, past her shoulders at the back and sides with her long fringe covering one eye. Her hair was dyed jet black with bright pink at the front. Black eyeshadow and black eyeliner highlighted pale blue eyes that looked like little water droplets, her bright pink lipstick that matched her hair contrasted beautifully against her pale skin.

She wore denim shorts with rips across the thighs, with fishnet tights underneath. Her top looked like a black corset, pushing her breasts up so they looked like they were trying to escape. A black choker chain was around her neck, a silver chain with a winged dragon plunged into her cleavage from it.

“Hello Mister Davies, that chicken smells delicious, thanks for letting me visit.”

She sounded as good as she looked. What the fuck was she doing with James? I thought. Although she was almost half my thirty-five years, I could feel my cock stirring just setting eyes on her. I plated up for them, and making my excuses that I was going to leave them to it and eat later, I went and had a cold shower.

A couple of weeks later James asked if Sadie could stay overnight. Sadie giggled behind him and said she’d already told her parents she would be, as she’d told them how nice I was. I noticed she also had a bag with a change of clothes for the next day. I agreed.

I went to my room earlier than normal, leaving them watching a film downstairs. I heard them come upstairs late, Sadie giggling while James was telling her to wait until they were in his room. Not long after came the sounds of them having sex, I turned the sound up to drown them out, but they only lasted for about ten minutes then it went quiet. I waited for them to go again, but nothing.

I thought I’d heard the shower but wasn’t sure, then heard footsteps across the landing. I walked over and opened my bedroom door to look out, looking straight at Sadie walking back to James’s bedroom, the door was wide open and James fast asleep. She held a small towel in front of her, covering her bottom half but not the top. I couldn’t help but stare at her bare breasts, not overly large but firm and almost perfectly round. Although not fully erect, her protruding nipples were pointing at me.

“32B,” she said.

“What?” I asked

“My tits, I thought you might be trying to mentally measure them. Do you like them?” eryaman genç escort she giggled.

“They’re very nice, but should you be showing them to me?” I asked.

“Probably not, but you haven’t stop staring at them since you saw them,” she replied.

She swished her way past me, the towel opening at the back teasing a view of her naked arse. She got to James’s bedroom door, dropped the towel to the floor, and keeping her legs straight bent to pick it up. Her arse was perfection, her pussy lips slightly visible even with her legs together. She looked back towards me, put her hand to her mouth in pretend shock, then blew me a kiss and shut the door behind her. I went back to my bed and masturbated like crazy.

Nothing was said over the next few days. Sadie gave me a few sly glances and cheeky winks, but that had become the norm over the last few weeks, not just since she’d flashed herself at me. I put it down to her teasing me, but if she wanted to keep showing herself off I wasn’t going to stop her.

The weekend arrived and Sadie bounded into the kitchen like an excited puppy followed slowly by James.

“Hi Mister Davies, we’re watching a film later, do you want to watch it with us?” she asked, fluttering her eyelashes at me. James scowled at her asking me.

“Yeah sure, I wasn’t going out anyway so that would be great,” I answered, “And call me Danny, you’ve known me for weeks now.”

“Looking forward to it Danny,” she flirted.

She and James went upstairs for a bit, I could hear James asking her why she was flirting with me and had asked me to watch the film with them, Sadie telling him she wasn’t flirting, she was always like that. She told him she’d leave if it bothered him that much, and not stay over. James quickly asked her to stay.

We all ate then went to the living room. I slouched on the sofa, James taking his normal seat on his recliner armchair. Sadie looked at us both and jumped onto the sofa next to me. James scowled again but said nothing, he’d probably been expecting her to sit on his lap.

Twenty minutes into the film and Sadie leaned over, resting her head against my left shoulder, and linking her arms around my left arm. I looked at her and then James for a reaction. He was asleep, the recliner up so he was almost lying vertically. Sadie looked up at me and smiled.

“Are you enjoying it, it’s a good film so far isn’t it?”

“I am, but should we turn it off, James is missing it?”

“No. There’s no point waking him up either, he wouldn’t wake up now even if we started playing the drums,” she replied.

She was right, James had always been a sound sleeper. I looked down at Sadie, her fishnet-clad legs sprawled along the sofa, her denim shorts tight in between her thighs. She also had fishnet sleeves on under her t-shirt, I found myself wondering if it was a bodysuit she had on, and what she looked like just dressed in that. Her head slid down onto my chest, her hands moved to my knees, her fingers on the inside. I didn’t stop her.

“Your arms and chest are very muscly Mister, erm, sorry, Danny. They’re not like James’s at all.”

She moved a hand up and stroked the other side of my chest, feeling my nipple under my top. She rubbed her hand over it a few times, then put it back on my leg, this time on my lower thigh. her fingers stretched upwards. I looked at James, he was snoring quietly now.

After a while, Sadie’s head dropped to my stomach, and not expecting it I jumped. She sat up a little, rubbing her eyes.

“Are you getting tired too, do you want me to turn off the film?” I asked her.

“I am, but just pause it for a while so I can change into something more comfortable, please? If I fall asleep can you carry me to bed later? James can stay there though unless he wakes up.”

I didn’t know what to say, just found myself simply nodding. Sadie bounded upstairs seemingly full of energy again. She came back down not long after, the top and shorts were gone and she was wearing a short-sleeved silk nightshirt with buttons all down the front. It reached only slightly below the curve of her arse. I also noticed she hadn’t removed the fishnets, they still showed on her arms and legs.

She resumed her last position, lying arse facing up with her head almost in my lap, facing the TV. The top barely covered her arse, I could see the lower curves and her shapely legs. Her hand settled on my upper thigh, her fingers pointing dangerously close to where my penis was. I put the film back on, but couldn’t concentrate on it.

Fifteen minutes later I asked Sadie if she was comfortable enough, but she didn’t answer. I wriggled slowly, trying to adjust my body a little. She stirred. I moved her hair away from her face, she’d fallen asleep. Her mouth was open, and her thumb was now touching my semi-erect cock, which was trying to burst out of my shorts. I reached my hand across and pulled the top slowly over her arse and to the small of her back. Her arse now uncovered for my viewing pleasure, I ankara escort bayan could see through the fishnet she had no knickers on.

I paused, waiting to see if she moved, but she didn’t. I rested my hand on the small of her back and feeling no movement from her, pulled the top a little further. They were fishnet tights she was wearing. Although I was enjoying the view of her perfect arse, I wanted to see more. I put my hand on her left thigh and pulled her leg up slowly until she was lying sideways still facing the TV. I paused, but she still didn’t wake.

I needed to take a risk now, if it woke her up she might at least notice my erection was bursting out of my shorts as her hand was right on it. I leaned over slightly and rubbed my finger ever so gently between her legs from behind, slipping it between the fishnet holes and along her arse and pussy. She groaned.

“Hmmm James, that feels so nice,” she murmured.

I paused again, keeping my hand still.

“Don’t stop James, your stepdad can’t see us,” she whispered.

I ran my finger along her pussy again, and she raised her left leg so they were parted. With better access now, I ran my finger forward until it touched her clit. She arched her back and groaned quietly, but still didn’t wake. Not only did she not wake, but she also started to rub the palm of her hand along my now erect cock.

“Hmm, James that feels nice. Are you excited that your stepdad might see James, you seem bigger than normal?” she quietly said.

I used my right hand to start undoing the buttons on the front of her top, slowly one by one until each one was open. Pulling her top away I noticed she was wearing a fishnet crop top with no bra on, her very large nipples now erect and sticking through the fishnet.

I very gently moved my finger against her clit, Sadie’s hips start twisting trying to get me to rub harder. Her groans got a little louder, but James was still asleep too. My erection was starting to hurt now, and because the bottom of my shorts was loose, using my free hand I pulled them up releasing my cock from its prison. It sprang upwards, nearly hitting Sadie in the face.

Keeping my left hand on her clit but barely moving it, I grabbed a hold of my cock. I could feel Sadie’s hot breath on my shaft as I stroked it slowly. She arched her back again and her face touched against my cock. I stopped as she twisted again, her mouth coming to rest around my shaft. I could feel her tongue at the base.

I moved my hips a little and pushed my cock along her mouth. Her tongue flicked out almost on cue, licking along the veins that were nearly at bursting point. She groaned again, forcing her arse back and down, two of my fingers sliding into her now soaking pussy. She groaned louder still.

Her mouth was now level with the end of my cock. With a tiny bit of movement, I could possibly slide my cock properly in. Could I do so? Should I try and hope not to wake her up? My cock answered for me, and I twisted so her mouth started to envelope it. I started to push my hips up and down so that I was fucking her mouth, just enough for the helmet to slide in. Her lips tightened around it, then she pulled off again. Had she woken up now?

“Hmmm, James that feels nice in my mouth. Rub my clit and if you make me cum I’ll let you cum in my mouth while your stepdad is watching the film.”

Convinced she was awake and playing along, I looked down at her. Her eyes were still closed, if she was awake her acting was Oscar-worthy. I rubbed at her clit gently, watching her to see if she slipped up and opened her eyes. All she did was moan louder. I pushed a finger into her pussy, then back to her clit. I gently placed my cock back into Sadie’s mouth, put my hand lightly on the back of her head, and starting moving my hips gently to fuck her mouth, my hand keeping her head in place.

More and more was going in, but I was trying not to thrust too hard. I could feel her body start to shake as I flicked at her clit, and her hand reached out and gripped the base of my cock. I froze again.

“Don’t stop James, I’m nearly there. Your stepdad hasn’t noticed yet as he?” she said softly.

I twisted my hand so as I pushed a finger across her clit, my thumb went into her pussy. Her body rocked more and more, her hand gripping my cock tighter. Finally, her body let go, her orgasm flowing through her. She moaned and groaned really loudly, loud enough to wake herself up.

Her body stopped shaking, her eyes still half-closed. She let out a sigh of contentment, then started to realise where she was. She looked at the TV, at James, then sat bolt upright staring at me, her hand still holding my cock tightly. She smiled nervously, looking down at her state of undress and my angry cock in her hand.

“Oh, I thought I was dreaming. Was that you that made me cum? No wonder James’s cock felt bigger than normal,” she said, her eyes transfixed on my cock.

“Yeah, your head was in my lap and it made me get an erection. I’m sincan escort sorry I took advantage of you,” I told her, looking guilty.

She started to stroke my cock, squeezing it and rubbing her thumb along the veins. She licked her lips while doing so.

“Did I promise to let you cum in my mouth if you made me cum?” she asked sexily.

“Well, technically you promised James, but he’s fast asleep,” I answered.

She released her grip and knelt on the floor between my legs, and licked at my balls. After a while, she told me to stand up and gave me one of the best blowjobs I’d ever had. She might have only been eighteen, but she knew how to suck a cock. She got into a rhythm and coated her fingers with my pre-cum, then holding my cock with one hand slid the other between my legs and slid her thumb into my arse.

I wasn’t expecting it and jumped, but she kept it in place. She lubed up my arse then slid two fingers in, sliding them in unison with her taking my cock into her mouth. It didn’t take that long before I told her I was coming, and she clamped her mouth over the end of my cock while wanking it furiously, taking each spurt and swallowing it down. When I’d finished coming she removed my cock, licked the head to get the last remnants of cum off, then slid my cock between her tits to clean it off.

“Do you still want me to carry you to bed?” I asked, a cheeky grin on my face.

“No,” she replied, “I want you to fuck me here, I want you to make me scream so loud I might just manage to wake James up so he can see me fucked properly.”

She’d been stroking my cock all the while she spoke, and I was erect again very quickly. She reached behind her and I heard ripping where she’d pulled at her tights. She quickly knelt over me on the sofa, positioning my cock at the entrance to her pussy, and slid down my length. She surprised me how quickly she had my whole length inside her, and she started to ride me fast, one hand on my shoulder and the other on the back of my head, forcing me down to her tits. I sucked on each nipple in turn, my hands on her shoulders forcing her down onto me.

She squealed loudly, her arse slapping off my thighs, sounding like a round of applause. Her head was rolling from side to side, totally lost in the feeling of being full of cock. Suddenly she slowed her pace, got up and turned around, facing away from me and looking straight at James. She started riding me again, picking up the same fast pace as before. She leaned as far forwards as she could manage at one point, reaching behind herself and pulling her arse cheeks apart, letting me see her gaping arsehole while my cock slid into her.

James was still sound asleep, but it didn’t stop Sadie from taunting him.

“Open your eyes, James. Watch your stepdad fucking me properly. You might learn a few tricks. He doesn’t cum and then fall asleep straight after,” she called out to him.

She slowed and got off me again, moving to the end of the sofa and getting on all fours, leaning on the arm of the recliner so she was really close to James. She looked over her shoulder and told me to fuck her hard while she rubbed at her clit.

She pulled her arse cheeks open again, and I shuffled forward. She hardly gave me chance to get in position before pushing backwards and enveloping my cock with her pussy lips. Every thrust forward pushed her very close to James, the sofa rocking with our movements. Using one hand to finger her pussy and clit, she reached behind with the other and slid a finger into her arse. She yelped really loudly.

“Oh fuck James, he’s so much longer and fatter than you. He’s filling me so much more. I’m even fingering my arse for him, James. One day soon I’m going to let him take my anal virginity,” she taunted him between groans.

She inserted a second finger into her arse, and shouted over her shoulder she was nearly coming and asked me to cum with her. Her body shook again and watching her orgasm with her fingers clamped inside her arsehole tipped me over the edge. I didn’t even think about pulling out, I just kept thrusting as spurt after spurt of my cum filled her pussy. Sadie got to her feet and licked my cock clean, some of my cum dripping from her pussy and landing on the floor at James’s feet. He was still asleep.

“I wish he’d have woken up to see my creampie,” Sadie said, between licking at my cock, “anyway, now you can carry me to bed.”

I fucked Sadie a lot over the next couple of months. Every time James went out we’d start pawing at each other, even if James was in the house if I was in a different room Sadie would come up to me and start stroking my cock, one time kneeling and taking my cock into her mouth while I was finishing cooking and James was in the next room laying the table ready. She’d even sneak into my bedroom during the night once James was sound asleep.

One day I walked into the kitchen where she was, looked at the clock, and realising James would be back from college soon and he always came in through the kitchen door, bent her over the kitchen table and fucked her quickly. We’d very quickly pulled our clothes back up as we’d finished just as James was walking up the path, Sadie making her excuses to leave the room as my cum started to trickle down her leg under her skirt.

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