4 Aralık 2022

Step Mother – Part 1

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Step Mother – Part 1

When his mother died, Prakash was about 16 years. It was very difficult for him to cope up with the situation. Prakash was well built, more matured and his hormones very active like most teenagers.

His father was prompted by relatives to marry if not for himself at least for shake of Prakash, who needed to be looked after at this age. Relatives showed many women but things were not getting settled. Prakash once heard his cousin Pratima who is of his age telling to someone, “we should find a suitable match for Prakash”.

I have my sister in law. She is beautiful and I can persuade for this relation. I am sure Kantikaka is not going to get a match at this age. After hearing this, Prakash started thinking and day dreaming to have someone next to his heart. In a way he wanted to fill up the vacuum created in heart due to absence of mother since last two years.

Most of his cousin sisters including Pratima were his c***dhood friends and are married now. He wished at least he finds a good female friend like he was having in his c***d hood. His mind slowly started working on single track and looked for a suitable match for him. He found many other women talking about him as a potential groom, behaving and talking with him like that.

However the day, on which Jaya came to his house for first time, things changed. When Jaya came, Prakash was home alone. Jaya had come with Maya. Maya was seven years that time. Prakash welcomed them in his home. Prakash treated Jaya like a matured man. He talked well with her in very friendly manner.

Jaya could see that Prakash was scanning her well. May be he was understanding purpose of her visit, Jaya thought. She found Prakash much more matured. Jaya was busy looking around the house, to which she expected to come as new bride. Jaya introduced herself as distant sister in law of his cousin Pratima.

Prakash thought that Jaya had come with a sole purpose of marriage. He started talking with Jaya accordingly. Like giving information about him, his studies, his father’s business, about their relatives, their life style, how well his family bonded with each other etc. Jaya was more interested to move in house. Prakash and Maya were following her.

While Prakash and Jaya were busy talking, Maya was bored and started asking to go back home. Prakash started talking to Maya to keep her busy. Both got along well with each other. The age difference was very big, so Prakash was treating her like a small baby, Maya liked it. Prakash thought that Maya is Jaya’s younger sister or niece.

Maya liked it because nobody ever treated her like that. Both were talking and laughing but Jaya was busy moving around different rooms. When Jaya came to senses she found both missing. She searched in various rooms, but she found them playing in the room of Prakash.

Prakash has taken out the treasure of his c***dhood toys; she found Maya happy. Jaya observed them talking and playing. She found Prakash much matured. He was treating Maya like a small c***d and talking with her in baby language. When Prakash found Jaya back, he again started talking to Jaya. Prakash though in his teens looked like an attractive man. He behaved like a matured man and treated her in a way a woman would love to be.

Kantibhai, father of Prakash came in some time, Jaya opened the main door. Jaya said that she suddenly decided to visit. Kantibhai was looking around for Prakash; Jaya understood and said Maya and Prakash has mixed well and they are in another room. Kantibhai went to see them. He also felt happy seeing Prakash playing happily with his new friend.

Kantibhai and Jaya settled in the front room. Jaya was a very beautiful and attractive woman. She was a divorcee. They have already met twice at a common relative’s place. Both were indecisive due to worries of their k**s; but never revealed to each other and were passing time. Someone suggested both to meet at house of Prakash; that is why Jaya came.

Prakash liked Jaya too much. He was sure that she has also liked him. He was ready to go ahead, that is why he behaved well with Jaya. In the beginning he did not go where his father and Jaya were sitting. Later Prakash went there and took his seat on the near corner seat of Jaya. They were talking general things about relatives of each other etc. Prakash was busy scanning Jaya as a potential bride. He found Jaya very attractive; age wise and physically she looked like Pratima his cousin.

Jaya started to go, Kantilal asked Prakash to escort her up to Pratima’s house, he told him not to go inside and come back after leaving her near their house. Prakash was very happy to accompany her. He talked to her very well. Jaya liked him talking to her politely and with dignity. Prakash was walking next to her. Maya was holding his hand while walking.

Whatever Prakash talked, Jaya understood it in reference to Kantilal. Prakash has already fallen in love with Jaya but could not tell it to her for modesty. It was like love at first sight. When they reached near the house, they stood in the corner for a while. It became difficult for Prakash
to depart, his face showed it. Jaya could understand and said we will be meeting soon. Her words made the difference. He fared bye with a smile.

Kantibhai and Jaya didn’t discuss about Maya and Prakash but discuss many other things. Their satisfaction at subconscious level of mind about c***dren going along nice made them comfortable with each other. In a way they started falling for each other. They never discussed about them. But mentally and individually they decided to go ahead with marriage.

One day suddenly they came home as a married couple with few of their relatives. For Prakash this was a big blow. He did not find Pratima, his cousin in this crowd. He fled from the scene. He found his world empty. His heart was weeping but he could not let his tears come out. He was unable to digest this. He was not ready to accept Jaya as his mother. His heart was considering her as his lost love.

Now he came to know that Jaya is a divorcee and Maya is her daughter. Prakash accepted Maya as his friend. They were staying in the same room where they first time played to gather. As Maya was like a small c***d parents didn’t seem any harm in keeping both in one room, in fact that was necessary for their happy married life.

Prakash now started developing enmity with father and Jaya. The only solace with him was his new friend Maya. Parents were slowly putting their view to treat each other as brother and sister. Maya started calling Prakash as brother, but Prakash could not. Because he understood that if he calls her sister, Jaya becomes his mother.

Slowly parents started insisting calling Kantibhai and Jaya as father and mother. Prakash was never ready to accept her as his mother. Prakash refrained from calling her mother. However bond between Maya and Prakash as friends was enviable. They were sleeping in the same room but in separate beds.

Gradually but slowly Jaya understood behaviour of Prakash. She found his eyes were scanning her body, she also found that mentally he was praising her beauty, youthfulness and attractiveness but was not saying a word. They were having least communication between them. Though Jaya liked Prakash too much, she wanted to behave like a friend with Prakash if not as a son.

She understood that Prakash is not a boy but a man; he may not be able to consider me as his mother, but can talk to her well and behave like a friend. But, Prakash was a hard nut. She started develop a mental wall against Prakash. Confusions in mind of Jaya started going wrong.

She found Maya every now and then sleeping in the bed of Prakash instead of separate bed. On one monsoon early morning she found Maya and Prakash cuddled into each other and blanket covered. Sleeping in the same bed was idea of Maya. In fact Prakash had refused to let her.

On seeing that Maya is not comfortable sleeping alone due to her frightful nature and as the night was stormy he allowed her. Seeing the way they were cuddled and sleeping with blanket covered them fully, Jaya became furious. Jaya pulled the blanket a little down; she found both in deep sleep with content on their faces.

Maya’s head hidden in his strong chest and body embraced with her arm around. Jaya pulled Maya out of bed and started beating merciless. Prakash and Kantibhai also awakened. Kantibhai tried to pull away Maya but could not do it. Prakash was shocked seeing such beating, because his father never did beat him like that even in c***dhood.

Jaya was speaking ill about Prakash, excusing him of sexual abuse of kaçak iddaa Maya. Kantibhai could not speak anything though he knew that Prakash is totally innocent. The end result was painful for Prakash and Kantibhai.

Prakash was left in a Boarding school miles away from home at Ahmedabad. Kantibhai use to visit son often. Kantibhai use to explain things shaping at home. After three years, original father of Maya took possession of Maya. Kantibhai explained Prakash that how much Jaya is cursing her own for all that happened. Kantibhai use to tell that Jaya is daily praying God to excuse her and bring Prakash home.

Prakash was not convinced. Prakash started spending vacations at his maternal uncle’s home at Vadodara. He used to do it since early c***dhood, so this was good excuse to avoid going home. When his maternal uncle died last year he found himself alone again in the world except his father.

Jaya was feeling lonely in her life. Her daughter was snatched away from her legally. She was unable to do anything about it. Kantibhai was more than double of her age. Their sex life too was minimal. Kantibhai loved Jaya a lot but could not show or shower due to age difference and physical debility. Jaya had clear conviction that only Prakash can fill her life with happiness she deserves.

Jaya and Prakash became two poles in the life of Kantibhai. He wanted to bring them nearer, because his ultimate goal of marriage with Jaya was to have support for Prakash; which was not fulfilled. Prakash was about to finish his MBA. After final examination and before final submissions Jaya and Kantibhai both came to hostel to meet Prakash.

Both requested him with folded hands to come home and stay with them. Prakash found that Jaya is constantly looking at him. He too keep looking at her, her eyes were filled with love for him. Her eyes were pleading without words to come home. Seeing their plea and tears in the eyes of Jaya made Prakash agree to come home this vacation.

He went to railway station to leave them. Jaya embraced Prakash wholeheartedly on railway station. Keeping him in embrace Jaya burst out with tears. Kantibhai cooled her consoling about having good vacation ahead. After getting composer she kissed him on chick. Prakash also kissed her in return on her chick.

Prakash kept her hands in his hands till the train departed. Jaya was very happy with his gestures filled with love for her. At last Jaya told that I want the same Prakash back the one who came to leave me at Pratima’s house. Few words were enough to exchange feelings of heart. Eyes of Prakash sparkled and exchanged smile with Jaya which sent perfect message to Jaya. They exchanged smiles till the train departed.

During campus placement Prakash got best offer among the institute. After few days Prakash called Kantilal at his shop and told that in campus placement he has received a nice job in Ahmedabad. Kantibhai thought that this was simple excuse for not staying with them in future. Kantibhai decided something else.

This time, Prakash called Jaya at home and talked the same to her. Jaya asked what about his promise to come home. Jaya insisted to come at least for few days. He said he will come on Sunday after he joins duty.

Kantilal called his advocate friend Manubhai. He prepared a “will” with his help, registered it and left copies at different places. One copy he left with Manubhai. The blow was heavy for Kantibhai he could not bear it hence got a massive heart attack.

Prakash was summoned. Kantibhai was in critical condition. Doctors have left all the hopes, and asked to be ready for eventuality. Prakash was grief ridden and could not speak with anybody. He was unable to cry. His father’s friend Manubhai met him in hospital when alone.

Manubhai made him understand that his father is having long list of assets and you will be the sole owner of all the assets. However there are certain conditions and procedures to follow. According to “will” you have to stay with your mother and take her care.

You will be the trusty of all the assets inherited and in the absence of Jaya you become sole owner of it. As per the will you have to take care of Jaya and her daughter Maya. As Maya is now staying at her real father’s place there are no worries about her. But in case of eventuality expenses of Maya’s marriage and all other occasions are to be incurred by you.

Manubhai made him understand the meaning of “will”. The “will” is not just for understanding the distribution of wealth. “Will” means what the deceased wished. Your father wished that you stay with your mother; take care of her as well as Maya.

It is clear that your father’s intention is to forgive her and forget all your past grievances with her. Manubhai and Prakash when alone in the room with ailing Kantibhai, Prakash told Kantibhai that I will obey your words and take care of Jaya and Maya both.

Prakash looked like a man. Kantibhai was contented thinking that he is now like a matured well built man capable to handle all family affairs. Kantibhai smiled a little and put his hand on his head. Seeing tears in his eyes, Kantibhai signaled him to be strong.

After that Kantibhai lived only a day in which Prakash stayed next to his bed. Early morning when Jaya came in the room Kantilal put Jaya’s hand in the hand of Prakash. They joined their palms and showed to Kantibhai.

Kantibhai raised his both palms and joined them as if asking them to be united forever. Jaya took Prakash in her embrace like she took at Railway station. Kantibhai passed away happily looking at them. They were also looking at him passing away happily. Maya was too young to be widow at this age. She was hardly thirty.

She still looked like a newlywed wife of Kantibhai same like she came to his house. Prakash and Jaya were alone in the room. Jaya’s crying can make anybody’s heart burst. Prakash has difficult time to hold Jaya and console her. However he did it very well by keeping Jaya in his embrace till they reached home. At home she was with elderly women who were unable to keep her like Prakash did.

Prakash was unable to bear the blow. He was unable to cry or even utter a single word with anybody. Relatives were shocked to see his condition. After all the rituals were over and people started dispersing, few relatives stayed for couple of days more.

Prakash and Jaya were now alone in the big house. All these days passed without much interaction between the two. There was very little communication during lunch and dinner. Both used to sleep in different rooms. An old woman always accompanied Jaya. Jaya and Prakash both were unable to have proper sleep and kept the bedroom doors open.

However Prakash used to check on Jaya two to three times in the night. Jaya knew whenever Prakash crossed her room. She wanted to solace Prakash but could not do it. She also wanted to ask him to forgive her for her past mistake. She had many other things to talk to him but could not muster courage due to presence of old relative women at home.

On the ninth day evening when they were sitting in drawing room in the evening Jaya said today I am going to make paratha of guard in dinner, what will you like with it milk, curd or just pickles and chutney? Prakash looked at Jaya in her eyes and said, so you still remember my likes and dislikes? Jaya could not bear his stare in her eyes, she lowered her eyes. Prakash said anything will do.

When they settled for dinner, they were alone; the old women had gone to their native. Prakash was happy to have dish of his liking. Jaya used to have dinner after Prakash finishes. Prakash said why don’t you join? Pointing to host chair he said bring your dish and have dinner with me.

Jaya was overwhelmed with his attitude. Otherwise, as per custom of their community when a senior most male of the house eats, the woman of the house can’t sit for eating before him. She brought her dish and ate to her content. She was constantly looking at Prakash and Prakash would have just glances on her in between.

Jaya finished first and waited for Prakash to finish. She fed Prakash by insisting to have one or two more paratha. Prakash obliged without much refusal. Jaya washed hand in the dish, and asked Prakash too to wash his palm in dish only.

She gave him a napkin. Prakash looked at her, Jaya looked at him. Jaya said Prakash, but could not say more. She looked at him. Tears started flowing from her eyes. She tried to control herself and again said, Prakash please forgive me. She started sobbing uncontrollably.

Prakash held her arm and caressed it. She let her head fall on table and try to control her sobs but that made casino firmalari her breath suffocate. Prakash pulled his chair next to chair of Jaya. He started caressing her head and her back. He pleaded to stop crying.

He pleaded that this will ill affect your health, please do not cry. She raised her head from table and looked at him. She said Prakash I don’t have anybody in this world except you. Prakash please do not leave me alone in this world. She laid her head on the shoulder of Prakash.

Prakash, you don’t know the whole world is very bad so I can’t live alone. Prakash please take me with you, where ever you go. While saying all these she had folded her palms as if praying for mercy. Prakash held her folded palms in his palms and said, why you think that I will leave you to stay alone?

Prakash was moved from inside. He held Jaya with his arm around her back. He looked in her eyes and said, Jaya I love you, even if you wish, I can’t let you stay alone. Jaya you will be always with me. I need you. You never need to fold your hand before me like this.

He was trying to console her. He tried to hold her well and asked her to stand up and go in bed. She was still crying with sobs and shivering. When they reached near bed, he led her to sit in bed. Instead she embraced Prakash. They were standing next to bed.

Prakash not only allowed her but he too embraced her and said never worry I will keep you with me forever. Prakash too had tears in his eyes, but he continued solacing Jaya with caresses on her back and keeping in his tight embrace. Slowly intensity of crying by Prakash increased.

His sobs were not loud but heavy and coming from his heart. He was crying from the deep of his heart and sobs were coming from lower than his abdomen. Soon Jaya loosen the embrace and looked at his face. She was worried seeing condition of Prakash.

She started caressing his face and wiping tears. She said, don’t cry like this Prakash. Please Prakash don’t cry like this. Please Prakash don’t cry. When Prakash didn’t stop, she started kissing his face and caressing his hair and head.

She used to take him in tight embrace, leave him and kiss his face, caress his face and plead him to stop crying and take him in embrace again. Prakash was crying for the first time after death of his father. In fact Jaya was worried about his “TEAR LESS GRIEF”, but just now seeing him crying uncontrollably, she was afraid and too much worried.

When he did not stop, she pleaded him to sit on bed. She also sat on bed keeping him in embrace; in fact Prakash was not leaving her. While sobbing, Prakash too was saying something but she could not hear it properly. She caressed his face lovingly and showered kisses on his face.

She said, Prakash wait a minute, I will bring water for you. She was back in fraction of seconds with glass of water. She pleaded him to drink it. While feeding him water, with one hand she was holding glass with other hand she was caressing his head and back.

After leaving the glass aside she again started caressing him keeping him in little embrace from side in a way that she can look at his face. She continued caressing him. Prakash had yet not stopped crying fully, tears were dwelling from his eyes. Little sobs were coming out occasionally.

Jaya kept caressing and consoling him but she was also unable to stop her own cries. In fact they two were for the first time sitting to gather like this and crying to gather. Jaya embraced Prakash and guided him to sleep with head on pillow. As they were in embrace, they laid in bed to gather duly embraced.

When laid, Jaya raised her head a little by taking support of her folded arm so that she can see his face and caress him. Jaya caressed his face lovingly. Prakash looked at her with eyes filled with tears. He let his own tears flow, did not sob, and continued looking at her. He remembered the day when Jaya had been to his hostel and her eyes which were filled with love and plea.

Jaya thought that his tears will stop in a minute, but did not. She wiped his tears with her fingers from face and eyes by pressing fingers on eyes as if squeezing eyes to bring out all tears. She let her center palm caress his face and then took her palm to his head and kept looking in his eyes, she gave a small pack on his chick.

She gave him a smile but he did not respond, instead his eyes again started flowing. This made Jaya start crying again, this time she was not crying she was weeping. She put her arm around his neck and brought her head next to his head and embraced him.

She was uttering with sobs that oh, Praklash stop crying this much. When you cry like this my heart is burning. She embraced him tighter and said I can’t see you crying. She was now fully laid next to him. She pulled him towards her making him face to face with her.

She embraced him and press more, Prakash responded and he too took her in embrace but that made his head press in her bosom. Prakash stopped his sobs but crying continued with tears making her bosom wet. She could feel it.

It was not erotic but she wished Prakash stay like this for whole night. She was sure that this will at least make him cry little less. She new Prakash is crying first time after Prakash came here. She wanted him to cry but not to the magnitude he was crying before sometime. She took a bed sheet and covered both of them.

She continued caressing his back and head; some time she caressed his manly shoulders and his strong arms. She thought Prakash was in his teens when he left home and now he has returned with big and heavy muscles like a fully grown man. She remembered about herself too.

She was like a young girl just married and divorced with a c***d, for no fault of hers. Things were very quick like a c***dren play “mom-dady game”. When she married to Kantibhai, She felt that Kantibhai is too old compared to her.

In few years she too had become a matured woman from a young girl, though she had no new issue. But her beauty was intact; however it was now hidden in her new attire of a matured woman. Since her first marriage she wished to move around like a young girl, but she never got such chance.

She wanted to go for movies; she wanted to wear fancy outfits. Forget about anything else, she had no courage to wear even Punjabi dresses. She had hardly been to good restaurants or hotels. She had never gone for picnic or tourist places.

She had been to few places of pilgrimage, but there was nothing thrilling in it. All her wishes were crushed under routine. The episode of Prakash has changed her life totally after few months. When Maya explained her everything she had lot of cursing for herself but she could not tell anything to Kantibhai.

While Prakash was in her embrace tightly with his face on her bosom, she had forgotten the present and dipped in the ocean of her past which was always cursing her. Embrace with Prakash gave her some solace. She wanted time to freeze and let this continue forever. She wanted to repay for the days lost; and start a new life.

Jaya continued caressing head of Prakash and also kissed his head. Some time she used to raise his head and shower kisses on the face of Prakash. She remembered her days as a new bride when Prakash was moving around praising her famine beauty without words. Prakash was awake but still his heart was crying. He liked Jaya’s caresses and kisses in his state of grief and sorrow.

Whenever Jaya kissed her face, he recalled how his father, when visited him in city used to take him in embrace and shower kisses on his face. That made him to sob a little. He wanted someone in life, to love him like his father did.

Prakash laid like that for hours enjoying the love showered over him but still his heart grieved for losing his father. When he found Jaya unmoved for quite a long, he thought she is asleep. He raised his head and let it rest on his folded arm, the same way as Jaya was doing while showering love over him.

Prakash thought to repay. He caressed her face, hair and head. He kissed her chicks one after another. He continued caressing her with kisses in between. He had never seen her with such close proximity. He was first time looking at her face properly.

He was aware that Jaya is a beautiful woman, but never knew that she is this much beautiful. While caressing her cheeks some time he let his palm go till her neck and from there till her shoulder. From shoulder he used to let his palm come to her neck front and again to her cheeks and to her head. He kissed her forehead many times.

He some time caressed her lips with his fingers, some time caressed her nose. He caressed her ears. casino şirketleri She was not wearing any ornaments, so her natural beauty was at glory. In fact Jaya was a beautiful woman, with curvaceous body, fair skin and beautiful heart. Her heart betrayed her when Prakash was not ready to accept her as mother or friend. Till now her beauty was hidden due to her dressings and confined life around Kantibhai. But physically she was still very attractive.

He wanted to kiss her beautiful lips. He lowered his face and brought his lips before her lips. His heart was furious. He went still closer and at the last moment kissed next to her lips, kissed again on her chicks. He raised himself again and started caressing her face.

Jaya was aware of love being showered on her. She remembered how much Prakash loved her, but could never confess it. She was also the same, she was also unable to confess or express except at his hostel.

Prakash found a drop of tear coming out from her eye corner. He caressed her head and hair. Let his palm glide on her chicks, more tears and a little sob. He went closer, let his head lay next to her neck and embraced her and said, never cry. I am with you forever. I will keep you like this for ever. I love you.

Hearing his words, Jaya came out of thoughts and embraced Prakash tightly and turned in the way that she was face to face with Prakash from side. Jaya came closer and let her body get fully pressed with his.

Prakash kissed her neck and took his arms inside the bed sheet and started to caress her. His palm rested on her waist. His palm was in touch with her bare skin. Prakash remembered that while dinner she was wearing a gown.

He let his palm glide from her waist to her back, from waist to little up on her body. Then he let his palm glide in front on her belly and little upward. He found that most of middle buttons of her gown were open. That is from where his palm had gone inside and touched her bare waist.

Prakash adjusted himself to let his body press fully with hers including his legs with hers. He thought to open top buttons and let his face stay in her bosom like before but in direct touch. He let his palm glide towards her front and opened top button.

It was held with one button only. He pulled away the gown from upper side. He lowered himself to let his face touch her bosom. Her bosoms were bare. She was not wearing her bra. Prakash liked the touch of her cool and soft bosoms. He lay like that unmoved for quite a long. May be he was half sleep for hours.

Some movement from Jaya made him little awake, he found Jaya’s palm moving in his hair and head back. He also found his shirt open and his bare chest fully pressed with her tummy. When his palm moved on his own waist he found that his night suit pant which was held by elastic was not there and he was bare from bottom.

He let his palm go on Jaya’s waist and from there to little lower. Her gown was not there. He moved little towards her and his full body comes in contact with hers. He lay unmoved. He was already hard and was nestled near her thighs. Jaya came closer and embraced him tighter.

Her palm continued caressing his head and hair, some time her palm travelling on his neck and some time palm caressing his shoulders. She held his head with both palms and guided his mouth towards her busts. His mouth felt the nipple and he kissed it. He kissed around the nipple.

Jaya held his head tight and his mouth took hold of her nipple and started sucking. Jaya embraced him tight and she stiffened for a while making her embrace tighter with Prakash. She took his rod between her thighs and locked it.

When she loosened a little, Prakash started sucking another boob. He went on altering them with kisses and smooches. Jaya held his head, brought his face upward. When face to face she put her lips on lips of Prakash and smooch him. Prakash kissed her lips tenderly first. Later he took her upper lip in his mouth like an expert kisser.

His palm started move over her breasts. He loved the softness and shape too. He was trying to feel the tips of nipple in palm and at last tried to feel the nipples with fingers. At the same time his lips were sucking her upper lip and leaving it after a while and sucking her lower lip.

He was expertly moving from upper to lower lip and lower to upper lip. Soon Jaya started to respond to his kisses. When Prakash was sucking her upper lip; Jaya was sucking his lower lip. When Prakash sucked her lower lip, Jaya sucked his upper lip. His tongue too tried to taste her tongue while lips sucking lips. Jaya too responded equally with her tongue.

Both were engrossed in the kissing game and were exchanging lot of saliva in the process. They were facing each other from sides. Jaya embraced him and turned around making herself flat on bed that made Prakash come on him. Prakash adjusted himself on Jaya.

Prakash loved softness of Jaya. Jaya was very soft, her skin smooth and pliable. Jaya took his face in her palms and showered kisses on his face. Prakash too responded equally and eagerly. Prakash caressed her face. He nibbled on her neck. Jaya’s palm was caressing his neck back.

Jaya said, Prakash, oh Prakash you are my love.

Prakash said, Jaya I love you.

Jaya asked him why you love me so much.

Why and since when I love you, I will tell you later. I love you a lot is more important for you.

After saying like this he held her shoulders tight and started moving his face on her breasts fully. His chin, chick, nose and eyes were fully in touch and pressed on her boobs. Later he started licking the slopes of her breasts.

He began from left boob, first he licked left side of left boob, and from there his tongue travelled to upper side of left boob and from there to right side of it and then let his tongue taste the bottom part of her boob. He once again took full circle of the boob and then changed to right side boob.

First Prakash licked bottom of her right boob, from there his tongue travelled to right side and from there to the top. Jaya was already on cloud nine. She was unable to bear the love showered. This was a pure torture for her, because she was starved of such love and pleasure since long.

She was caressing head and hair of Prakash but slowly loosing track. Prakash let his tongue travel to left from the top and then he licked her nipple well and took the nipple in his mouth and nibbled. That made her miss the edge and she convulsed. She climaxed beyond comparison; she stiffened and held his head tight as if not to allow him to move further.

Prakash was unable to move, his nose was suffocated in the softness of her boob, his breath stopped. To make space for nose he took full boob in mouth, nipple reached to his throat. That made Jaya to go far beyond the finish line. Jaya held him with embrace around his neck.

Jaya was in some other world. Prakash was caressing Jaya’s waist and her back, from there his palm travelled to her bums. He took his palm towards front from her bums. His palm rested on her thigh and from there to inner thigh, he let his palm glide upward. He put his palm on her triangle.

She was fully hairy, so much that he could not find even her slit. He caressed there well for a while, later he pulled his palm back. Jaya was yet not to her senses. Prakash again started to feel her curves from waist to upward. He caressed her arm and from there to her shoulder. She was soft and pliable from everywhere.

PrakasHe caressed her chicks, caressed her shoulder and caressed her upper arms. Jaya turned on side and face to face. She put her arm around Prakash.

Prakash got down from her. He kept his body in full contact with hers. He caressed her face her forehead. Prakash went closer to her and they embraced. Prakash let his face feel her busts, he felt the solace of love he needed and fell asleep. Jaya too fell asleep. Both laid fully cuddled, kissing and smooching whenever they were awake for moments.

Early morning Jaya wake up at her regular time. Prakash was holding her tight with his powerful embrace. She somehow managed to leave his embrace, but before she gets down of bed, Prakash caught her and pulled. Prakash was astonished to see beauty of Jaya. He was mesmerised.

Prakash came over her and looked in her eyes. He put his lips on her lips; they engaged in a powerful French kiss followed by mouth kiss and then tongue twirling. He showered kisses all over her face, neck, shoulders busts, belly and waist. Jaya was giggling like a young girl.

Prakash came face to face with her and eye in eye said, Jaya I have loved you all these years. I was missing you physically, but mentally I was always with you. Jaya said, I know it and I was also in the same condition here. I have missed you always. They embraced again and showered each other with kisses before separating.

Part Two Three Four to come soon. Awaiting your comments.

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