1 Aralık 2022

Step Daughter is a woman now part 1

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Step Daughter is a woman now part 1
This is a true story though names have been changed….

I married when I was young and my wife had two k***s, a girl and boy, s*x and e***t. I was always nervous as to how life would progress as both had different dads and they were rarely in the picture and wasn’t sure how well I would be accepted by them but that soon became clear pretty early on. It wasn’t long before Mikes dad became more involved and I was very much in the step dad role and we got along but I can honestly say we never got real close and that was ok we had a good understanding in the house as to how to get along. It took a little longer for Jessica to figure everything out but as her dad became even more of a ghost we got much closer and it stayed that way, even to the point that she warmed more to me than to her mother.

I spent the next 10 years treating her like my own in every way and she appreciated it and always made me feel like I was important, and loved that I treated her like she was an adult; her mom always hated us being as close as we were. I never realized how close until she was in high school. I always thought of Jessica as my little girl and it wasn’t until the summer after 3rd year in HS that I notice how much she had changed. I was the sole income provider in the house and her mother spent a lot of time on the weekends at her sisters or with friends so I took care of the k**s and shopping and such. It was one of these weekends when I had to take Jess clothes shopping when I noticed the changes with her from little girl to her being a woman.

“Dad I need to get some new pants and stuff can we please go to the mall today?”

“I guess so, wouldn’t you rather go with your mom though?”

“Honestly no, besides shes gone to aunties today and you know she always stays there, I wanted some new jeans for tonight. Can we please go?”

“Of course, I canlı bahis siteleri hear you. I just have to shower quick and we can go.” I made my way up to the shower not thinking looking forward to sitting in a mall but oh well. I jumped in the shower and was enjoying the water and for some reason got a little hard so I decided it was a good time to enjoy the quiet since the wife and I hadn’t had sex in weeks. I got hard pretty quick and was stroking happily when I heard a quick knock and the door opened.

“Dad I have to pee really bad” Jess said as she walked in. I nearly jumped out of my skin and although it wasn’t uncommon to have to share the bathroom I wasn’t expecting her to come in. I stuttered “ok” and tried to turn away a bit as she sat next to the curtain which was pretty clear. “Its steamy in here dad” Jess commented and I realized that maybe she couldn’t see me. I realized that I was as hard as a rock at the thought of being caught and continued to stroke thinking she couldn’t see me. I got lost in the pleasure as I started stroking again and was snapped back to attention as I heard a giggle and realized that she left the door open and the steam had left the room and she could see me clear as day. I saw her get up and leave and I quickly finished and after that, got dressed and took her to the mall. I was expecting her to say something and I was trying to think about what to say but decided to just play dumb and she never said a word about it.

It was a torturous couple hours at the mall going from store to store and finally she had her clothes and I was ready to leave when she said she needed a new bra. I objected saying that was something for her and her mother to shop for but she pleased and said we were already here so I caved.

I took her into the store and was happy to find an sales woman that quickly realized the situation and helped tipobet me out knowing I was uncomfortable. The store was pretty busy so she helped Jess pick out a few options and took her to the change room and then excused herself to help other customers.
“dad come here please” jess called from the room.
“I’m here what do you need?”
“come to the door please I don’t want to come out.” I went to the door and she opened it any jaw dropped. I stood there, mouth obviously open at what I saw. There was my little girl, standing with just her underwear and bra on. Jess said “what do you think of this one, do you think it fits alright?” Jess is a pretty girl about 5’5 at the time, maybe 110lbs and blond and was always a sweatshirt or baggy shirt girl. I was floored at the size of her tits, they had to be a good solid c cup and I never had any idea. I couldn’t say a word as her tits were basically pouring out of the bra. “is it too small? I think I have grown out of my old bra size?” She had a grin and kind of laughed as I stuttered..” I think it is hun, I uh….” Jess laughed and closed the door. I froze there and it was only another minute when she called me again and showed me another one that barely contained her. ” I think this is too small too?” I quickly agreed and she smiled and acted frustrated.

“well damn it does feel small” and then she just undid it and let her tits fall out and I froze again at the sight. I couldn’t stop staring at her perfect pink nipples and perfect round tits. Jess then cupped her tits and said :I think they are definitely bigger” then closed the door and I sat down my head spinning. I felt my dick trying to burst out of my pants and tried to hide it as she came out of the room to leave and saw her stare down at it and smile. I again barely spoke as we went home and we barely spoke. I walked in the house and immediately went tipobet giriş back to the bathroom and blew my load in a few strokes thinking about those tits.

I kept to myself the rest of the day and it wasn’t until later when Jess said her plans canceled and she asked if we could watch a movie together, her mother, as predicted, was staying at her sisters. I said sure. It wasn’t rare for us to lay on the couch together so we got a pizza and put on a movie and she soon snuggled up. It was about halfway through the movie when she stretched out and put her head on my lap. I had my arm on her shoulder and she soon made as if to drift asleep. I did my best to think about anything but her tits so I didn’t get hard but was having the toughest time. I felt her rocking her head in my la and that wasn’t helping and and then she grabbed my arm from her shoulder and brought it down to her neck and snuggled her chin against it making sleeping sounds. I froze again realizing how close my had was to her tits which were barely hidden in her tank top, heaving as she breathed. It was only a minute later as she started to move my hand onto her chest and then under her shirt….I should have stopped it….I couldn’t…I felt my dick get harder by the second at the thought…..and then she put my hand over her left breast and squeezed and whimpered…..then a second squeeze….my dick so hard and poking her in the side of her head…..I was lost, frozen and when I didn’t pull it back she squeezed harder and turned her head to look at me and pulled her hand away. We locked eyes, and my hand played with her nipple. She smiled and licked her lips….

“you love my tits don’t you daddy. I saw how hard you got when you saw them”

“I do….” I snapped to and pulled my hand away. “Jess I am sorry I shouldn’t have…”

Jess looked a little disappointed and said “please put it back…..I want you to….I know you want to I can feel how hard you are. I saw you in the shower, I want to see it again” she never stopped staring as she turned, over and stared at me as she started rub my cock though my pants…..

To be continued……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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