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She Fucks but not her Husband

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She Fucks but not her Husband
Toni Fisher sat tapping her long finely manicured finger mails, she was fed up, in fact she was more than fed up, she was royally pissed off. It was Thursday night, she had just taken a call from her husband, he couldn’t make it home this weekend, he had to work. The Project he was a senior Manager on was at a critical point in its construction.

This was the second time this month and she was pissed off because she had arranged a special night for him on the Saturday, it was his 30th birthday, and followed two days later by her 25th. The c***dren had already been arranged to be at his mothers. They were being picked up at 4pm Friday afternoon, and then she would have sprung into action and got all the arrangements up and running, now all her plans were dashed.

And on top of that Toni was as horny as hell, she had planned to fuck his brains out as soon as he had arrived home, then again late Friday night, early Saturday morning and then at what ever time it would have been when her shindig for Larry had ended in the early hours of Sunday morning. She then would have taken pot luck before he had left for the week on Monday morning.

Toni was a lovely and gorgeous ultimate sexual woman; she loved her sex, loved making love, loved being made love to and was always up for it. Her husband regarded himself as the luckiest man on earth. She was always there for him, drop of a hat she would say yes, even if she wasn’t asked.

She had married Larry 7 years ago and was relatively happy, she knew he worked away from home a lot; he had done it ever since leaving college with a degree in engineering. His post now made him a very important person within the hierarchy of the international firm he worked for. But sometimes Toni thought he was at their beck and call a little too much, and this was one of those times.

They had two c***dren, Julie 6 and Thomas 5, their lives were well adjusted to daddy being away a lot, but his homecomings were always greatly looked forward to. But that didn’t help Toni too much when all she wanted was a good bonking! She looked at herself in the mirror. ‘You could have any man you want Toni,’ she told herself.

From tip to toe she was a show stopper. Long honey blond hair, center parted, it shimmered in the light like the morning sun on a beautiful day. Her face was alive, alert, large green eyes, rosy high cheekbones, round button nose, a full lipped wide symmetrical mouth that could entice a man from 20 paces. An English rose complexion that would grace any fashion magazine even now at the age of 25.

Her body was still in great shape, she kept fit, ate nothing but good things, didn’t smoke, and drank little, a couple of wines here and there. If she had a fault it wasn’t one that displeased men, her tits were large, with nipples you could hang a hat on, she could never hide them no matter what she wore. Their saving grace in her opinion was that they were still high, firm and proud, and unwaveringly sensitive still.

Her waist was still 26″ her hips were still 36, and at 5ft 9″ her legs went on forever. She turned at herself inspecting what was reflected back. ‘You are one seriously sexy woman Toni Fisher,’ she said to her reflection. That’s when she hit on the idea that would lead to a change in her life, a change she didn’t see coming and one she hadn’t thought or even intended to make.

She picked up the phone and rang the number of the hotel where her husband was, she made a reservation, asking for the room next to 511, it was given and she paid by credit card. She would surprise him with a show he wouldn’t forget. She called his mother and asked if she could pick the k**s up earlier, not giving a reason to do so, or explain why.

She knew he wouldn’t be calling her; his mother would continually berate him for always being away. The following morning she packed a case making sure nothing but sexy was in there. Her lacy skimpy underwear would stun him, short skirts, stockings, the full monty was to be paraded. His mother arrived at 2pm took the c***dren and she set off on the 150 mile journey, already looking forward to a fun filled sexy weekend.

As she reached about half way she passed through the town where she had been born, she considered stopping to see her divorced mother. She decided not to but had she indeed stopped she would have been stunned to see her husband’s car on the drive! Toni was twenty miles from her destination; she had just pulled in to fill the car up so it was ready for the return trip on Sunday.

Her phone rang, it was Larry, and what he said couldn’t have been worse, he had just received an instruction to attend a meeting in London that night, visit a new site on Saturday and work the weekend on submitting a price for the following Monday. He finished his conversation by saying he had just left his hotel and was setting off.

Toni finished filling her car and decided to reluctantly return home to a quiet weekend, then she said to herself, ‘to hell with it, I’ve booked the hotel and I’m having a weekend even if I will be on my own!’ So she continued her trek. She arrived at the hotel and checked in, she had a long luxurious bath, went for a walk in the grounds and returned to her room, it was around 8pm she looked at the room service menu and decided to go down to the dining room instead.

She was met by a maitre de and shown to a table in the window overlooking the expansive gardens, it was lovely place to sit and it made her feel happier about her lonesome situation. The menu was varied and exciting; she ordered a pate starter, a fish course and a sweet, with a glass of red wine. Toni took and age over her meal, many heads turned as every man in the room looked at the beautiful woman sat on her own and thought, ‘I wish.’

She had half hoped that a dashing good looking sexy man would ask if he could join her but none did, and to be truthful there wasn’t one in the room any way, she allowed herself a smile at her lucid thoughts. Toni finished her dinner and left, as she was making her way back to her room she saw a sign on a door saying, “Residents only Bar.”

‘Ah,’ she thought, ‘I’ll have a drink and go on up, watch a bit of television before going to bed.’

She walked in, there were two couples, they all greeted each other with a smile and nod, the men appreciated her looks, the women appraised her. Toni sat on a bar stool at the end and asked for a exotic cocktail. The coloured bar man worked it for her, and it tasted delicious. As he served her she caught his eye, he was ‘looking’ at her, she knew the signs, and, she said to herself, ‘he is rather cute and good looking isn’t he?’

She was wearing a suit, it was a black matador type of jacket, and a short skirt, a white cotton man type shirt with a high collar, she was wearing a long gold chain on the outside of her shirt, and the cuffs rolled over the jacket sleeves. Patent leather black high heels with the mandatory stockings, and underneath she was ready to kill, kill any male who would be brave enough to enter, that man had been intended to be her husband!

Her glorious blond hair was up on her head in a wave of soft curls, all held by a butterfly clip. Toni looked stunningly sexy and fantastic, ‘and I’m on my bloody own,’ she bemoaned to herself. She sipped her cocktail and a shadow passed her peripheral vision, she looked to see what it was and there was man standing near her, he ordered a wine, “and please,” he told the bar man, “refresh the ladies glass.” He had an accent she didn’t recognise.

He smiled at her, his white teeth flashed; he had a swarthy complexion, and said.

“Please forgive me for being so forward señora, but you look a little sad, please allow me to buy you a drink.” He raised his glass and silently toasted her. Toni thought for a moment, returned his smile and thanked him.

“May I be so bold señora to ask why such a beautiful lady is sat in here by herself on a Friday evening?” He said, with a lilting tone in his voice. Again Toni thought, did she want to talk to a stranger, she thought, ‘why not, it can’t do any harm can it?’

“I was due to meet my husband here but unfortunately he was called away on business, so I decided to stay by myself.” She told him, twirling the stick in her glass.

“Ah,” he said, “that is a sad way to be, may I sit here?” He pointed to a stool next to hers.

“Yes of course,” Toni replied, “please do.” She appraised him in seconds. He was a tall very good looking man, around 6ft 2″, light bronze skin, a mass of black curly hair, broad shouldered, powerful in build, and a smile that was wide, bright, and dazzling. He seemed to be a very nice person but she would keep her distance.

The man intrigued her though, his accent, his looks, he certainly wasn’t English, she wondered where he was from, but refrained from being so informal to ask.

He held out his and introduced himself.

“Hi, my name is Diego, Diego Montez; I am pleased and honoured to meet you, er?”

“Hello, nice to meet you too Diego, I am Toni Fisher, Mrs Toni Fisher,” she qualified the introduction, ‘just to let him know I’m not available,’ she told herself.

“You live near here Mrs Toni Fisher?” he asked with a smile, he had enough knowledge of the language to note her reply. Toni smiled too, she had gathered it too.

“No I live güvenilir bahis siteleri a long way from the hotel, but you can call me Toni, okay?”

“Thank you Toni, I like your name, it is so cute.” Toni laughed, she decided he was nice.

“I am from Argentina,” he told her, “I am with the government trade mission in this fair city, and I’ll be here for one more week before I return home.” It was a total lie, but she believed him.

“To your wife and family?” she said, intoning he was taken.

“No no señora, I do not marry yet, I am single today.” Toni smiled at his attempt at perfect English.

“Your husband is a very lucky man señora, to have such a beautiful wife; I would like to be so lucky.” He told her in a soft accent that delighted her.

They chatted for some time, he bought another set of drinks, she noticed the black bar man checking them out, ‘jealous is he, I’ll bet he would like some of this blond?’ and smiled inwardly. Diego was a charming and funny man, he even mentioned the war in 1982 that they had lost, “my government were fools to have tried it,” he said quietly, as if he was being overheard.

The other two couples had departed, and now she was alone with the handsome Argentinean, but she felt safe, ‘can’t get into trouble in here can I? He can’t jump my bones at the bar,’ she almost giggled.

Toni was feeling happy and alive, the third drink was having their effect, she looked at her watch, it was 12.15.

“My,” she said, “look at the time, I think I had better go now, it’s getting late, I’ll just pop to the bathroom, excuse me.” Toni got up to leave, the bar man smiled at him and turned around to check his shelves. He knew what was going to happen now.

Diego popped some powder out of a small packet into Toni’s drink and stirred it with the cocktail stick, it dissipated. He winked at the bar man who was known to him through the mirror behind the bar, he too was Argentinean the bar man winked back.

Toni returned, and sat again on her stool, she noticed that he hadn’t taken any liberties by sitting closer while she was away. They continued chatting for a while, she had found him to be a charming intelligent man and was pleased to have met him, he had brought her out of her doldrums, and when he said.

“Maybe we could have dinner tomorrow?” his look was hopeful.

“Yes Diego, I think I would enjoy that.”

Toni was as horny as hell, she wished her husband had been here, ‘I would have killed him in bed tonight,’ she thought. She didn’t know that the powder Diego had slipped into her drink was an aphrodisiac, and aided by Toni’s own lustful desires was having an effect that she wouldn’t be able to fight.

“I must go Diego, thank you for a very entertaining evening, I’ll see you tomorrow, good night,” she said, Toni stood and her pussy rang her bell, she quickly squeezed her thighs tight together to try and stop the pealing.

“Are you alright Toni, you look a little flustered?”

“It’s just the drink, I’m not used to it, I’ll be okay thank you,” she replied.

“I am on your floor,” he said, “I should retire too; I’ll walk with you, if that is alright?”

“Yes if you wish,” she said. Her nipples were screaming at her, she could feel that sensitive hardness of them that she knew so well, they were scratching on her shirt.

Diego walked with her close at her side, his hand lightly holding her by the elbow. They entered the elevator and he pressed the button for floor 5. His closeness was having an undesired and lucid affect on Toni, she was aware of his manliness, he cologne. He was a very good looking charming man, with a strong personality; she sensed all of it and him. Diego was right next to her, he had moved in close, the predator was on her case.

She was already too late to stop what was about to happen. She didn’t even know anything was happening; all she was aware of was the ringing in her pussy, and the terribly insistent buzzing of her nipples. Her very nerve ends were tingling now, her stomach tightened, her pussy clamped down on the imaginary prick it felt in it.

They exited and walked toward her room, 513, he had said he was in 527. When they got close Toni fumbled in her purse and pulled out her key card. Diego said, “Please allow me,” and he took the card from her, located it into the slot and opened her door.

Toni turned to him, gazed helplessly into his eyes, the powder had achieved it goal.

“Thank you Diego, it has been a real pleasure spending the evening with you.” She whispered, her cheeks were flushed, her lips blood red, her neck was reddening, her arousal was full on. She actually felt she could slip to the floor yank her skirt up right there in the corridor and bring herself off!

Diego leaned forward and kissed her, Toni went into shock, ‘what is he doing?’ She thought, the kiss had tingled her very receptive lips. He leaned down a little locked lips with hers, and Toni couldn’t stop herself from responding. The next thing she knew was, he was backing her into her room and she was allowing it. His arms were around her now and his body was up against hers, she could feel his prick pressing into her between her much aching thighs.

She felt herself being lowered on to her bed and her clothes being removed, but he had squeezed her nipples first, the explosion that caused took her mind off the knowledge that she was being undressed. He was kissing her and she was kissing him back, her arms were around him, she was so up for this now nothing could stop it, or her from giving in to a man other than her husband for the very first time.

Soon the gloriously beautiful blond was naked, Diego was working furiously on her utter seduction, she had got hold of his cock through his trousers, and it was big, ‘oh my it’s so big,’ she told herself, as her hand squeezed it further into life. Diego rose up from the bed and locked his eyes on hers and undressed, he threw his coat off, ripped open his shirt and Toni’s eyes fell on to the hairiest man she had ever seen, his chest was covered in a mass of tight black curly hair, ‘Oh my god, just look at him, he is so gorgeous,’ and Toni’s twitching body orgasmed.

Any thought of her husband was long gone, he dropped his trousers and shorts to reveal his thick fat prick, it was pointing right at her as she lay prone on her bed. Toni held out her arms, she wanted to submit to this overpowering man stood above her. Diego went to her, her left arm closed around his neck, her right hand went for his prick and captured it, she tried to pull him over herm but he refused, he kissed her again, she fastened her arm tight around him, he crushed her nipples in turn. Toni’s body jolted as if she had been tasered.

He began to kiss her face, then her ears, down to her neck, Toni turned her head to give him all the access he wanted, over her shoulders, down to her proud full tits, each nipple was treated to an eternity of attention, they were stood erect and hard and super sensitive they were creating havoc within her, small orgasms rippled through her continually.

Diego went everywhere over her body roaming and kissing, licking and sucking, he was heading for her trimmed pussy where his fingers were playing a tune that she was dancing to. As he neared his ultimate goal he slipped his dripping fingers under her, he closed his mouth over her nectar filled love pit and sank his middle finger into her ass at the same time. Toni’s body was hit with a minefield explosion it just about obliterated her..

Her body was arched upwards; her head thrown back, mouth open in a perfect ‘O’, her feet sliding side to side. She opened her tight shut eyes and saw the most incredible sight she had ever seen. His beautiful thickly encased hairy prick was looking at her, all around him was black thick hair, it mesmerised her, his thighs were covered too, she could see his belly, muscled and strong. He looked like a grizzly bear above her waiting to devour its prey.

Diego was about to do just that, his tongue dove into her, this caused Toni to arch her body downwards and her head up where her mouth closed over the thick cock waiting for it. Her arms rose over his lower back and held herself to the salty tasting weapon in her mouth; the heat it gave out warmed her up even more. Soon orgasms were being driven though her, she was sucking hard on him, the man odour enveloped her.

He twisted around suddenly and now he was gazing down into her eyes. Toni forgot every vow, oath and promise she had ever made now, she reached down to hold him and point him in the right direction, he pressed forward, Toni located it, and in he went, she was sl slick there was no resistance. He was fully embedded in her right up to his hairy balls.

She wrapped herself tight to her lover, he pounded her held her tight in his own arms he was chasing Toni right over the cliff edge to her impending doom. Her husbands face popped into her mind. “Fuck off!” She told it and forgot him immediately; her sole focus was on the man on top of her with the thick heavy prick totally driving her insane with lustful arousal.

Her Argentinean lover banged Toni like she had never been banged, all she could do was moan out loud at each stinging thump, she had never been fucked like this, she hadn’t even known it was possible. Her lover was in rapture he was here in this perabet güvenilir mi fabulous beautiful blond’s bed, and she was going crazy for him.

“Oh Diego, oh my god Diego, oh please, humph, arrrgh, Ooooh, oh yes baby yes, keep going, don’t stop please don’t stop!” Diego heard the words that gave him extra impetus, he increased the tempo and then he felt the familiar rumble in his lower abdomen, he was going to cum. He toiled and boiled and gave one mighty last thrust and shot load after load into the woman’s very fertile womb, and he was as fertile as a man could be, he had 8 c***dren here and there.

Toni realised too late that he was cumming and could do nothing to resist it, her arms and legs were locked around him and a steel bar wouldn’t have broken her grip.

“Diego please don….” But she felt the heated cum boiling into her, the white heat thudded another orgasm out of her. Her lover kissed her tenderly.

Toni was utterly, wonderfully wrecked; she had had multiple orgasms with Larry, but not in this way. Her climaxes had been overwhelming. She lay under him, spent, and satisfied like never before, she felt fantastic. As she recovered and Diego slid off and away to gather her in his arms, she knew he hadn’t finished with her, and in the bottom of her heart she knew she hadn’t either.

The d**g still had a grip on her, but even now she didn’t know what he had done, she put it down to her own horniness, her need to have cock having taken over her senses. Diego kept her on the boil, tweaking her nipples, kissing her neck, and tickling her pussy maddeningly, wonderfully.

She turned her back to him and spooned herself into his terrifically hairy body, she loved the feel of it on her, it was exciting, enticing, and so seductive. Her hand crept over and sought him out, his prick was a little soft but there was still hardness to it. ‘Mmmm,’ she murmured in her head.

As she caressed him, felt him, squeezed his balls, ran her fingers through his hairy scrotum and sighed in appreciation of him. She also knew her life had changed irrevocably, she knew that if an attractive man made a pass at her on the quiet he would probably be successful. She knew of four people that would get a surprise when they tried again, ones she had rejected in the past.

Diego behind her sensed some sort of change in her, there was tenseness in her, he wondered what it was.

“Toni my darling, get on your knees baby,” he told her, as he rubbed her clit softly with his finger. Toni complied immediately, spreading her knees she knew what was coming, he was going to screw her from behind, but she was only half right.

He got behind her, Toni spread her knees wide, dropped her head on to her arms and felt him nudge her pussy, he slid right in as if he belonged there. He reached under and twisted her nipples bringing more aroused moans from her; he rubbed her clit, withdrew his prick and pushed it all the way into Toni’s taut tight open ass. She squealed, her legs shot backwards, he caught her hips and prevented her from sliding away from him. She was up on her elbows, and her legs were stretched out to the side and behind him up in the air

“Aaaargh, Aaaargh,” she cried, “no don’t, please Diego no!” But he kept in her and held her up on his prick until she finally quieted, the pain subsided into a dull ache, her acquiescence forced upon her, she had been delivered.

“There now my sweet beautiful lady, you are being truly loved my angel.” His voice was soft and gentle, Toni fell into it, this was also a first for her, in 10 years of being sexually active no one had ever been in her there.

“Oh Diego, oh Jesus oh my god,” she moaned, he began to move in her, Toni had no idea that sex like this could be so good, so demeaning, so thrilling, so painful, so wonderfully hurting, she was subservient to it, she had her first orgasm this way and it shattered her mind in a way it never had. The kind of climaxes he was making her have were so unusual, and exciting.

Diego was a long time in cumming, he let Toni sink to the bed, and lay on her keeping his weight of by using his elbows, Toni wept with the very painful excitement, the agonistic thrill took her very soul. His soft, gentle insistent bursting of her insides were traumatically beautiful. Toni was completely in awe of her wondrous lover. Then he came in her, she felt her bowels and ass expand with it, the heat spread through her like a wave as it enveloped her.

She woke in the morning and felt him behind her, she was in his arms, her mind was fuzzy. She couldn’t make her mind up where she was, what she had been doing, her body felt alive with pain, with hurt, and a satisfaction she had never had. Then she became aware of the scratchy feeling all over her, the hairs on his body brought her back to reality.

Toni turned her head and looked over her shoulder; she saw two very beautiful dark eyes peering at her, the dazzling smile, the arm gently tightening around her holding her to him. Her pussy and nipples responded, twisting her head further he leaned in and they shared a kiss. Toni knew what had happened, she had made love and been made love to for most of the night with this dark handsome hairy stranger and Toni felt better than she had ever felt.

She turned to him and went into a super passionate tonguing kiss, both explored the other, their bodies entwined, she felt the nudge of his cock on her toned thigh. Her hair was a mess but she didn’t care, she knew she was beautiful no matter what she looked like. To Diego she was the most beautiful alluring woman he had ever seen.

Toni felt his prick, rubbed it, slid her hand up and down the length of the thick shaft, her husband was well endowed and, she thought, ‘is probably why I have never strayed, I hadn’t needed to,’ but now this sexy man had shown her there was life after Larry.

Toni slid down him kissing him all the way revelling in the hairy sensation as her face contacted it all the way down to the now stiff heavy tool awaiting her. She took him in and devoured as much of him as she could, her hand s and fingers were in his balls, running her fingers through the hairy mass there, she almost swooned at the sexy man smell, his power emitting through his prick into her. She could wait no longer; she hurried up him and sat over him, and forced herself down over what seemed to be an even bigger prick this morning. Toni went at him as if demented, orgasms came thick and fast as she jack knifed herself on him.

Diego was at her nipples, twiddling, squashing, crushing, pulling and sucking them as Toni drove herself onwards to her intended orgasmic doom. Her eyes were long closed; she was driving and forcing his fabulous prick harder and deeper than ever before. All thoughts of him not cumming her were long gone, she needed to feel his cum blast through her, fill her up to full. And then Diego grabbed her hips lifted her up and hammered her down on to him and exploded in a volcanic bubbling blast. Toni fell on him as she was filled, her legs slid backwards. She bit his chest and rubbed her self over him as wave after wave engulfed her.

Two hours later she awoke again, Diego was still there, he was slumbering too.

‘Ha,’ she thought, ‘tired you out have I?’ Her phone rang, Diego woke up, she looked at the screen, it was Larry her husband. Toni put her forefinger to her luscious lips in a shushing manner. Diego nodded his head.

“Hello Larry,” she said.

“Yes I’m fine thank you,” and smiled at her lover.

“No I’m still in bed,” she said, again looking at her lover, then added slyly, “I might even stay here all day.” Diego grinned and nodded his head.

“Oh okay, yes that’s fine Larry, you’ll be back in your hotel room by tomorrow afternoon.”

“Yes I will call you around 7 o’clock.”

“I love you too.” She said but was looking meaningfully at her lover next to her. Toni put the phone down, sighed and plopped her gorgeous cock sucking mouth on his extended prick.

Diego let her get on with it, ‘tonight,’ he said to himself while the beautiful blond serviced him, ‘you are going to get another surprise.’

He asked her to order food from room service for two, a large breakfast, both were famished. When it arrived 30 minutes later, the maid raised an eyebrow at Diego who was laid in bed. Toni was in the shower. Diego shushed her and smiled, she nodded her head and left. Diego made a call on the house phone and quickly spoke of an arrangement.

They spent the day in, on and around each other, she spoke to her c***dren, and his mother, while Diego made her lick his balls while she did. In the early afternoon he fucked her ass again, Toni asked him not to as she was still sore there. Diego over ruled her objections and soon she was filled with the best of Argentinean meat. She lay under him totally enthralled by his power over her, she loved the sublime way she surrendered to him. She knew she would never see him again after this weekend so submitting to this man seemed the natural thing for her to do.

As they lay in bed, he said, “can I mention something Toni?”

“Of course you can Diego, anything, ask away please.”

“I saw you looking at the bar man when I entered the residential bar last night, were you considering him as a lover?”

Toni’s jaw dropped, she hadn’t been aware that tipobet she had been, but if he had seen it, then she must have. Her face coloured up bright red.

He smiled, “yes I thought so, he is a good looking man Toni.”

Blushing furiously Toni tried to redeem the situation.

“I don’t think I was Diego, you have the wrong end of the stick.”

“Oh Toni don’t be embarrassed, you are a very beautiful sexy woman and it is natural that you feel that way when you see and attractive man, no?”

Toni stammered her denial once again.

“It’s lucky for me that I got you first, I would have spent the rest of my life in misery had I not done so.” He told her.

Toni smiled her gratitude for his words and kissed him passionately.

Diego took the initiative now, he intended to set the trap he had planned. He pulled the covers right over their heads and hunkered down with her locked in his arms.

In the near total darkness he said.

“Now Toni it is just you and I here, we are cocooned. I am desperate to know your thoughts.”

2What do you want to know, ask me, I’ll tell you the truth, I swear.”

This brought a huge smile to his lips, he kissed her.

“You were attracted to the bar man weren’t you?” He asked.

“I, I don’t know about that Diego, really.” He heard the unsaid yes in her stammer.

“Tell me Toni, I think you are attracted to black men, or at least that one.”

“Why do you ask Diego, I don’t understand.”

“You are a blond, extremely beautiful, sensuous and sexy woman, it is natural for someone such as you to be attracted to black men, the contrast is the first attraction, the second is the sex” He was guiding her to his way of thinking.

“But Diego, you’re not black are you, in fact it never entered my head about it while you were seducing me.”

“I am black in every sense except the color Toni; I have the cock of a black man, the sexiness of a black man, and the power of a black man, one you will admit you cannot resist.” He said as he sucked a steel hard nipple into his mouth. Toni moaned and wrapped her arms around his head. “Tell me Toni, admit it.” He followed up.

“Toni capitulated. “Oh Diego yes you are right, I didn’t know it, but yes I do, I am!” She cried. “I have to say I didn’t know it, never even thought about it, but yes Diego yes.” He smiled in triumph. He would be free of his debt to Antonio the barman who held his marker for gambling debts.

It was 4pm, Diego made a quick call, Toni heard him say, “okay done.”

He jumped from the bed, dashed into the shower Toni called after him, “don’t be long Diego.”

He came back 5 minutes later, and said. “My sweet beautiful lady I have to leave, but I’ll be back, please stay right here you are, okay?” She looked at him, but nodded her head.

She got out of bed, they shared a very passionate kiss, he left very quickly, she was unsure of herself now, and doubts were entering her mind. ‘Why has he left like this, what’s gone on?’

That question was answered when she came out of the shower wrapped in a huge towel, she walked straight into the arms of the black bar man.

“Diego has sent me Toni, he says you need me urgently.” He told her. Toni was so shocked she couldn’t speak not even struggle as he took her to her bed. He pulled the towel away and looked at her in total admiration. Forgetting she was naked Toni found her voice.

“Diego said what?”

“That you need me, that you need a black lover, that you have never had a true black man, well I am here to satisfy you’re every need and desire Toni.”

He was wearing loose slacks, a cotton top, he had them off in seconds and was as naked as she, he carried her down onto her back, and started with a kiss she couldn’t escape from.

He attacked her with a gentle but unstoppable lovers embrace; his lips found hers, his fingers found her nipples, the inside of his thigh found her pussy. The sweet smelling English rose was about to be plucked. He had a hard on already; he slid his fingers from her nipples and felt for her pussy, wet! He returned to the hard nubs of undeniable sensitive flesh and squeezed them. And because she had still been horny and aroused Toni’s head went back.

The man rose over her and plunged his, unknown yet to her, magnificent black prick into her, her eyes snapped open to see him smiling down at her. He was working in and out of her defenseless pussy.

“I am your new black lover Toni, you are mine now, you won’t see Diego again, you belong to me, and you will visit me often,” he told her, and drove his prick manically in and out to subdue her totally.

Toni had no option but to submit, there was no way on earth she could stop this.

“My black cock slut Toni, what are you?” She just stared into his eyes as an orgasm hit her. She was being fucked terminally by this black man and she swooned.

“What are you!” He roared at her, thudding his prick in so hard she almost folded in half.

“I’m your black cock slut.” She told him, “I’m your black cock slut.”

Never in her life had she ever been treated in this way, it was alien to her. No one had made her submit in anyway like he was making her do. But she couldn’t deny the excitement racing through her either.

The man settled into a rhythm, he fucked her hard and long, soft and gentle, kissed her, loved her, said sweet endearments, but he was the power, not her. She didn’t refuse anything, he was in complete control of her very life at this moment in time. And she was to find out over the next 15 hours or more, he was insatiable.

He looked down at her and said softly, “Well now Toni, are you my black cock slut, or were you just saying it to me because I shouted at you?” Toni though for a long moment and replied.

“No I meant it, just like I meant it when I told Diego the same thing,” she was lying about that bit, but what the hell.

He started up again and soon she was clinging to him as he drove her on, then he grunted and filled her with super hot black seed, Toni knew she had never ever had this much cum pumped into her over such a short space of time, every hole had had cum pumped in, and lots of it.

Toni’s problem now was he just used her, he kept at her, making her suck him off, swallowing his cum, taking it up her wide door open ass. She was wrecked, he never left her alone until he fell off her and slept in the cum soaked bed. And Toni did too. When she wakened the following morning she was sore and aching from head to toe. He woke and seduced her all over again, he made love and fucked her four more times before he said he had to go.

He told her he wanted her here again in around three weeks, Toni said yes, I’ll be here, but she had no intention of ever coming this way again. She left at lunch time to go home. Unknown to her she and her husband passed each other going the other way, He had spent the weekend fucking her mother, they had been having an affair for the last two years.

Toni arrived home and called his mother who said she would bring the c***dren home. Toni decided there and then that her salacious ways were over. That was until she had just about recovered from the poundings she had undergone from her two lovers, one she had joined in with, but taken by her other lover.

She also knew she loved being blacked, and loved black.

On the Thursday morning at around 10am Terry her neighbors twenty year old son knocked on her door asking for a coffee as he usually did twice a week. She smiled and knew why he was here, ‘one of my four persistent admirers,’ she thought to herself. ‘Well he can go and fuck himself, and not me!’ she decided.

As she turned to the cupboard arms encircled her and hot lips kissed her neck, just like he had several times before. But had always been solidly and safely rejected, he knew his place and she knew he would never get anywhere either. Her body exploded into bits, her nipples gripped her mind, her pussy gripped what was left of any decision she had made to say no, or even think of saying no.

She stopped doing what she was doing and felt behind her, she found his prick and squeezed it.

“You think you can handle a beautiful woman like me Terry?”

“Lets go upstairs Toni and find out shall we?” He said gruffly with hoarseness in his voice. Toni walked him up to her bedroom behind her still holding his young cock in her hand.

Toni was now in free fall regarding her sex life, she loved the thrill of illicit sex, her husband’s brother called, within 15 minutes she had him in her bed after he had made a play for her. A week later she met a friend of Larry’s; he had called her and invited her to lunch. ‘Lunch,’ she thought, ‘it isn’t lunch he wants, it’s me!’ She spent the afternoon in the country mostly on her knees facing out of the back window of his car being royally fucked from the back.

But the ultimate taboo she entered into was Larry’s estranged father, they hadn’t spoken for 5 years now. He had stayed in touch with her and often phoned to see how she and the c***dren were. And when she had seen him he had ‘tried’ his luck.

“Why don’t you come over tomorrow and see them, they’ll be here all day,” she lied. Knowing what would happen when he found her all by herself and at a loose end.

Three weeks later Toni was to miss her period which was a problem, she had made her husband Larry have the snip! And the c***d she was carrying would be the offspring of one of six men she had had frantic sex with. And as yet, there would be more, the beautiful blond was a nymph, and she knew it, and black was at the top of her list.

It had be three weeks from my hotel fucking and phone rang “It’s Diego your room is reserved at the hotel see you in the bar at 9pm”

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