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Sexual Secrets Ch. 10

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A slender, sandy-haired nineteen-year-old who smelled of tropic paradise stood in the middle of a college dorm room watching his roommate give him a blowjob. Seven and a half inches of stiffness, capped with a nicely rounded tip, disappeared inside the other boy’s mouth as the slim youth spread his legs, threw back his head and moaned out loud.

This boy was Logan Temple, a sophomore from the San Francisco Bay area who attended a small, liberal arts college in Central Maine. The roommate on his knees before him was Aidan Simmons, a scrappy and funny young guy from Framingham, Massachusetts. The two had become fast friends during their freshman year together, and that friendship quickly grew into something much more.

After a year of sexual experimentation and discovery, both together and with others, Logan and Aidan finally cemented the feelings they had for one another during the previous summer. Unfortunately, the same time they had come together on an emotional level, they endured a horrific experience that changed the nature of their new relationship.

Despite being roommates again their sophomore year, the boys continued to drift apart as Logan attempted to deal with the fall-out of this traumatic encounter while Aidan walked on eggshells, trying as best he could to sort out how to help not only his friend but the guy he fell in love with.

Just before they left for Thanksgiving break, a small step toward reconciliation had taken place and the roommates were at least able to talk to each other again. As Logan took off on a westbound plane his thoughts were centered on Aidan and reflecting on how to repair the damage that had been done to their unique bond.

Which, for a brief instant, didn’t make any sense to Logan as he looked down while his friend sucked and slurped on his hard cock. “Ah, Christ that feels so good,” Logan sighed. “Keep going. Don’t stop. Make me cum.”

Slowly, Logan began to pump his dick back and forth inside Aidan’s mouth. It had been so long since they had done anything like this together — back before the incident last summer — and the feeling now was just as sharp and wonderful as if it was happening for the very first time. It wouldn’t take long for Logan to bust his nut and he was more than ready for a big release.

Aidan took his friend’s dick out of his mouth, looked up at Logan and spoke — but the words didn’t make any sense. The longer Aidan spoke the more confused and irritated Logan became. Nothing seemed right and Logan began to shake his head back and forth in an attempt to filter out the distortions.

“Good evening, folks. This is your Captain speaking. We are about to make our descent into San Francisco and we should be arriving at our gate in about 20 minutes. We appreciate you flying with us today and hope you have had a relaxing trip. We know you have a choice when choosing airlines and from all of us here at United we thank you for flying with us. We hope to have you with us again soon. Have a pleasant evening.”

Logan jerked his head up and his eyes flew open wide. The image of Aidan giving him a blowjob evaporated quickly. NO, he screamed inside his head. NO! NO! NO!

Logan’s heart was beating wildly inside his chest, and the boner that was spread down the inside of his shorts was pounding. Grunting, Logan took several deep breaths as he tried to calm himself down. He stared down at the dark landscape below, then turned to his right to see an elderly woman looking at him curiously.

“Having a nightmare, son?” she asked sweetly.

After several more deep breaths, Logan smiled awkwardly and meekly nodded his head. He had been so close to cumming and his cock remained as stiff as a board. It was resting on top of his left leg, safely hidden inside the faded blue Bahama shorts he was wearing. “Uh…yeah,” he mumbled, trying to sound reassuring but it wasn’t really convincing.

The woman looked down and couldn’t help but notice the thick stick indenting his shorts. She suppressed a smile and looked at him in both an amused and pitying way, making Logan feel like he did the time his mother walked in on him masturbating — or when he had his first wet dream and didn’t want his mom to wash his underwear. It was an awkward and embarrassing moment and, yet, his dick wouldn’t shrink. He ran a hand down his shorts hoping to spread them out a bit and maybe, just maybe, hide what was very obvious.

Reaching over to pat his hand warmly, the woman ignored everything, for which he was thankful. “We’re almost home now,” she told him reassuringly.

She spoke in such an understanding and comforting way that Logan felt immediately better. This woman clearly had children once upon a time, and now probably grandchildren. She squeezed his hand and he squeezed back. Remarkably, this was exactly what Logan needed as his nervous system resumed to some sense of normalcy and his raging hard-on slowly slinked its way back in place.

Later that night Logan was home.

Home — what a complicated illegal bahis word and concept. For Logan, home was just a structure — a place where he stored all his shit. This realization hit him just as soon as he walked through the front door and immediately wished to be anywhere but there. Despite having been a little excited to go home for Thanksgiving, all the joy of that anticipation fled his body instantly. A more potent understanding of where he was took over, changing his mood entirely.

Most troubling of all was the state of his mother. Years of abuse from prescription drugs and alcohol had really started to take a toll on her and she was barely recognizable anymore. She was so frail, nothing but skin and bones, as she moved about in a daze almost unaware of where she was or what she was doing. Upon first glance, Logan had to wonder if his mom even knew who he was.

The following morning, right after his mother flitted through the kitchen searching for something she couldn’t identify, Logan decided to confront his father about it.

“Do you even care about mom?” he asked when it was just the two of them in the kitchen. This was usually the only time Logan could catch his father before he disappeared for the day but, as it was Sunday, his dad’s usual romping places were still closed.

“What do you mean?” His father looked up at him as he leaned against the counter, seemingly oblivious to what was going on, and took a sip of coffee from a mug that had World’s Best Dad printed on it. A Christmas gift from years past that now struck Logan as rather ironic.

“Mom? Your wife?” Logan stated sarcastically as he looked at his father with disgust. “She looks terrible. Worse than she’s ever been actually, although she’s been getting progressively worse for years.”

His father put the mug down gently on the counter and stared at his son. The only response Logan received was a couple of blinks and a deep belly growl to indicate his father was hungry.

“So…you’re not concerned then?” Logan found himself getting very mad. How could the guy do nothing? How could he choose to leave his mom alone all day, every day, while she continued to deteriorate? Jesus, it didn’t make any sense to him. “Don’t you feel the least bit obligated to get her help? My God man, this is your wife! How can you be so fucking selfish?”

His father picked up the mug and took a large gulp. “Look, it’s her choice Logan. What do you want me to do?”

His indifference was staggering, unleashing Logan’s anger. “Holy shit! Really Dad? That’s the best you can do? I mean, she’s only been your wife for thirty years. I wouldn’t want you to take responsibility or anything.”

It had been a few years since Logan and his father had any kind of meaningful relationship, or discussion for that matter, but his son’s abrupt words stung nonetheless. “I don’t know what you want me to do. I work hard to provide for this family and for her. I can’t do everything!”

Slowly, and very calmly, Logan walked a few paces closer to his father and spoke barely above a whisper. “I hate to burst whatever bubble you’re living in Dad, but you haven’t done anything except take care of yourself. Why do you think nobody ever comes around here?”

He was referring to his two older brothers who had moved out practically as soon as they were able and only managed to find their way home for Thanksgiving, Christmas and a couple of other times throughout the year.

“Ever since we moved from Yucaipa things changed. We used to be a family. Do you remember that Dad? We were close. We all were. But then you decided to pick everyone up and move north because of some job. A job where you made a lot of money and could buy a lot of toys for yourself. All kinds of promises were made about how great things were going to be. Remember that? Well, things were only ever great for you. The rest of us got fucked.”

His father stepped forward and raised his hand to strike Logan but somehow managed to stop himself. But the anger and hatred Logan saw in his father’s eyes was something he would never forget.

“Go ahead, hit me,” Logan dared him, his voice just as calm and quiet as before. He wasn’t afraid of his father — and his father could see that quite clearly.

Lowering his hand, Logan’s dad reached for his coffee and swallowed another mouthful before leaving the room without another word.

For the next few days Logan kept busy and away from home. While there was no chance of running into his dad, who was away all the time, Logan had no desire to be there either, especially as his mother was no company at all. She simply wandered around the house as if she was on a tour, pointing at various items and mumbling incoherently. Everything seemed new and different to her, or maybe it was all just confusing. Logan couldn’t tell the difference.

This house held nothing of value to Logan, except for his mom such as she was. So, he decided that in order to make the time go by quicker, and keep some illegal bahis siteleri measure of his sanity, it would be better for him to be out and about.

One of his first stops was to the Starbucks he and Aidan had worked at the previous summer and Logan was able to reconnect with a couple former coworkers and the manager, Brian Sallow — a straight-laced, no-nonsense individual who had been groomed by the U.S. military and treated all employees as if they were under his command in a battle zone.

Thankfully for both Logan and Aidan, Brian liked and respected them because they never called in sick last summer and proved to be quick learners and efficient at their jobs. He greeted Logan with a huge smile and a hearty handshake.

“It’s great to see you Logan. I sure have missed you around here!” Brian beamed from ear to ear.

“Thank you. I appreciate that,” answered Logan truthfully. The compliment meant quite a lot, especially coming from Brian and particularly at this precise moment in his life. “Aidan and I had a great time here last summer.”

Brian raised an eyebrow. “Great. Can I count on you for next summer too? Because if you’re interested in working, you’re hired!”

Logan was speechless and even a little embarrassed, especially when a few of the new hires stared open-mouthed at him. Apparently, they had never seen Brian so warm and friendly. “Well, that’s very kind of you but, honestly, I don’t know what next summer will bring. I’ll let you know just as soon as I figure that out.”

“Please do. I mean it. I’d be glad to have you both back.” Brian clapped Logan hard on the shoulder, forcing him to take a couple steps forward, then disappeared into the back of the store.

As he was leaving Starbucks with a venti Java Chip Frappuccino in his hand, someone called out his name. Logan looked left but saw nobody. When he turned to his right he noticed a girl coming toward him waving her hand in the air.

He froze instantly, his drink a few inches from his mouth. Oh my god, he thought. It can’t be.

But it was. Waving at him, and getting steadily closer with a huge smile on her face, was Bridgette Conway — the first person Logan had ever given his heart to and, coincidentally, the first person he had ever had sex with. Sadly for him at the time, his feelings were not reciprocated and their brief romance ended before it really even started. After that, they drifted apart. But, now she was coming toward him and Logan was rooted to the spot.

“Oh Logan!” she cried out. “I thought that was you!” She wrapped him in a big embrace and kissed his cheek. “How have you been? It seems so long since I last saw you?”

“Um…,” he stammered as a mix of jumbled thoughts and questions bounced about his head. He didn’t know where to begin or what to say. “I…I’m good. Just home for Thanksgiving. How are you? What are you up to?”

“The same. Back from USC.” She stared at him and giggled at the bewildered expression on his face. “Where did you go again? Some place far away, right?”

“Yeah — Maine,” he stated.

“Oh, wow. I didn’t realize you went that far.” Though it had only been a year and a half since they had seen one another, for both it felt like another lifetime.

For the next ten minutes Logan and Bridgette chatted away with one another, getting reacquainted and making connections from the past. As she was pressed for time, Bridgette asked if Logan wanted to get together for dinner that evening. When he agreed, arrangements were made to resume there discussion for later that day.

Driving home, his brain in a fog, Logan reflected on how nice it was to see Bridgette again. She looked similar — slim with brown hair and hazel eyes standing an inch or two shorter than him. The only significant difference had been her hair, which was cut to shoulder length. In high school, Bridgette’s hair had been long and silky, running down the length of her back. Yet, she had the same sweet smile that had caused him to fall in love with her and, just for an instant, he felt a familiar pang in the pit of his stomach.

Over pizza that evening the two friends continued catching up on what they had been doing since graduating high school. Bridgette was a psychology major who was hoping to work with children, although she knew that would require advanced degrees. Logan shared that he was expecting to work in business, maybe with accounting or for a bank once he was done with college. He wasn’t exactly sure yet what the future held and on that score he couldn’t have been more honest.

Toward the end of their dinner, Bridgette admitted something to Logan that took him completely by surprise. “You know,” she began, pausing slightly and looking down at her empty plate as if unsure whether to finish her thought. Finally, a smile slowly spread across her face and she continued, “When we broke up, it wasn’t because I didn’t love you. I just didn’t want to be in a serious relationship.”

Logan could only stare at her, mouth open canlı bahis siteleri in shock with a fork in hand. He had messed around with a few girls before and after Bridgette, but she’s the one that had stolen his heart and a part of him had never gotten over the earlier rejection. What she had just told him came as quite a shock. “I wish you had said that then.”

“Yes, me too. I’m sorry,” she answered, looking sincere and apologetic. “I should have.”

Well, fuck it, Logan thought. What difference does any of that make now? Aside from easing an old wound and making him feel a little better about the breakup, none of it mattered at this point. They had both moved on and, for Logan at least, his heart now belonged to his roommate. Wouldn’t that just surprise the shit out of you, he speculated, trying hard not to giggle out loud.

When dinner was over and the conversation lagged, Logan and Bridgette made their way out to the parking lot. They lingered a bit next to Logan’s car, as he had parked closer to the entrance, with both unsure how to bring their meeting to a close. When, for the second time that evening, Bridgette stunned Logan with what she said.

“You want to mess around?” she inquired, looking radiantly coy and slightly embarrassed.

“Wh — what?” Logan stammered, convinced he had misunderstood. There could be no other explanation.

“Come on, it’ll be fun,” she encouraged him. “Like old times.” Bridgette tugged lightly on his green and white striped polo shirt, motioning for him to follow her.

The parking lot was deserted but for two cars other cars as they walked casually over to where Bridgette had parked. She owned a steel grey Honda Accord that had been her graduation gift from high school. Logan was really unsure what to do, although he followed Bridgette more as a reaction than anything else. She unlocked the car and slid into the back seat with Logan right behind her.

Despite the fact that his heart was racing, Logan was conflicted. He hadn’t been with a girl in a couple years and, in the interim, had fallen in love with his college roommate. Yet, here he was — sitting in the back seat of his ex-girlfriend’s car. It was as if no time had gone by. It was, he thought, a very unusual and unexpected experience.

Sensing his nervousness, and trying to dispel any of those feelings herself, Bridgette tried to lighten the mood. “Isn’t this what college kids are supposed to do over Thanksgiving break? Come home and screw around with their exes?” She smiled openly and attempted to laugh but it was hollow. Instead, she leaned forward and they began to kiss.

While it was awkward and weird at first — like trying to put on a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a few years — pretty soon they each warmed up and relaxed. Before either of them knew it, clothes were being removed and Bridgette was giving Logan a blowjob.

She took Logan’s cock out of her mouth briefly, just long enough to tell him, “God, you’ve got a great dick Logan. I always liked it. Feels perfect in my mouth — just like a fucking lollipop.” She demonstrated that by licking the rounded tip several times before swallowing him whole.

Well, as these things happen, one thing led to another and before their evening was through Bridgette had her legs spread wide while Logan humped and pumped her pussy as the car windows steamed up and she screamed in ecstasy.

Later on, Logan leaned through the driver’s window to kiss her one last time as they made their final goodbyes. Driving off she honked while exiting the parking lot as Logan sauntered slowly back to his car. Jesus, he thought, the last few months have been really fucked up. What am I supposed to tell Aidan?

Logan and Aidan had been with each other practically nonstop for almost a year. In fact, this Thanksgiving break was one of the few times they had been apart since starting college. While he enjoyed having some time to himself in order to continue sorting things out from his ordeal the previous summer, now he was extra glad to have a few days in order to process what had just happened with Bridgette.

As Thanksgiving Day grew closer at the Temple household, Logan knew it was going to be a complete disaster since his brothers had decided to skip out altogether. “What’s the point?” they told him and, truthfully, Logan had to agree.

His mother was useless, alternating between wandering around listlessly and napping on the couch. She had no idea it was Thanksgiving whatsoever, nor possessed any knowledge of anything that was going on in or around her orbit. She just existed, that was all.

Consequently, Logan pressured his father into ordering some food from a local restaurant and that was Logan’s Thanksgiving meal. Some Thanksgiving, he thought. He ate by himself at the kitchen table while his dad ate in the living room, each remaining uncomfortable and tense around the other.

Across the country in Massachusetts, Thanksgiving had dawned cold, gray and cloudy but Aidan and his mother had one of the best holidays they had ever shared. It began by watching the Macy’s parade and plates of cinnamon rolls. Then, Aidan’s mom prepared the most scrumptious feast she had ever made with her son helping out every step of the way.

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