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Sethy – Part Eight – Payback’s a bitch

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Sethy – Part Eight – Payback’s a bitch
AUTHOR’S NOTE – This story is partly fantasy, partly true. For best effect, read parts 1-7 before this part. The main character, Sethy, is based upon a real woman who is an active member of the XHamster community, and much of Sethy reflects the true woman. The photos included in this story of Sethy are of the real Sethy and are here with her permission.

This story is the property of the author and cannot be copied or used in part or in entirety without express written consent of the author.

Sethy – Part Eight – Payback’s a bitch


When Sethy had told me what Linda had done to her (see Part 3 – Linda) I had decided then and there that Linda needed to get a taste of her own medicine. Everything that she had done to Sethy and everything that she had threatened Sethy with would come back to her. The wheel of karma is unrelenting – that which you do to others shall come back to you. John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote a variant of this in the Beatles last song on their last album “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”. What you sow, so shall you reap. I was ready to fully embrace the role of karma’s avenging angel on Linda. When I had travelled from the states I had brought along a few toys which I had planned to use on Sethy if she was up for it. I decided instead that these could best be used on Linda in my quest to extricate Sethy from Linda’s trap.


When I had told Rod a few days ago what Linda had done to me, I had never seen him so quiet. Rod is usually a talkative and fun guy who is good with people, but after he knew what Linda had done, he was unusually quiet. I could tell that he was disturbed. I remember after our hike to the waterfall a few days ago (see Part 4 – the Snare) in the taxi going back to the hotel Rod began to outline to me his ideas for how he was going to get me out of this situation with Linda. After he had told me what he was thinking of, I thought to myself, “I’m glad this man loves me because I certainly would not want to piss him off!” Every humiliation that Linda had put me through, Rod wanted her to be humiliated twice. Everything that Linda had threatened me with, Rod wanted her to experience it. Rod would not show any mercy. Linda would feel the full brunt of his anger and revenge.

Rod told me that he wanted me present when Linda returned tonight at 7pm. Rod had told her last night that tonight would be bondage and BDSM, so she should be expecting that. It’s not the typical kind of thing that Rod indulges in, but since Linda had fired the first shot, Rod was going to return a barrage of cannon fire.

Rod and I were in the room at the Las Palmas by 6:30. Rod did not want to leave anything to chance that Linda might come early and see me. He asked me to wait in the bathroom once Linda arrived and then he would open the bathroom door and that would be my cue to come out into the room.

We heard a knock at the door at 7:00pm. It must be Linda! I walked quietly into the bathroom and closed the door. This time I closed it completely. I knew I would be coming out soon so I was better able to muster up the patience to wait.


I opened the door and there was Linda. She was dressed in black today. Black looked good on her, a stark contrast to her white skin. She looked up at me and smiled “Hello Rod”.

I looked down at her and said with as little emotion as I could muster, “Hello Linda.“ I did not invite her in but stepped into the center of the doorway. “I mentioned last night to you that this evening would be playtime and that you need not return unless you were ready to be a submissive slut tonight. Are you ready to embrace that role?”

I could tell from her eyes that she was a little surprised at this, but to her credit, she hardly skipped a beat. “Yes, Rod, I’m here and I’m ready”.

I looked down at her, “You will no longer call me Rod. You will address me as Master. You will also no longer call yourself Linda. You will refer to yourself as Master’s slut. Is that clear?”

“Uh, yes Master” she responded.

“You may enter, my pet” and I stepped into the room from the doorway. Linda followed in behind me. I closed the door behind her. I handed her a 3×5 index card and walked the few paces to my videorecorder. “I want you to read the card and look into the videocam while you are reading it, my slut”. I turned on the videocam. “You may begin”.

Linda stated, “I am here of my own choice and free will. I consent and agree to be the slut fuckdoll of my Master Rod. I willingly will do what my Master commands. I will remain as my Master’s slut until he dismisses me. My Master may use me and my body as he sees fit. I will also pleasure and serve others as Master commands.” Linda looked up after she had finished reading the card.

“Another thing, slut. You will no longer use the pronoun I. When you refer to yourself you are to say Master’s slut. Understood?”

“Yes. Master’s slut understands, Master”.

I took a pair of contacts from the table and handed them to Linda. I had brought these from the US thinking that I would use them with Sethy but they were perfect to use with Linda. “Here slut. You may not be familiar with these. They are blinder contacts. They are safe and will not harm your eyes, but they will block 90% of the light entering your eyes leaving you practically sightless. Don’t worry, I will not put you into a situation to harm yourself and I will be assisting you when you need assistance to keep you safe. But now in addition to being a submissive slut, you will be a blind submissive slut. This may alarm you, but let me assure you that in time you will enjoy being sightless. It will further allow you to be completely submissive. You will also find that your other senses are heightened and accentuated with your sight gone. Taste, touch, hearing and smell will all be experienced by you more fully than you have ever before.”

Linda held the contacts in her left hand. She clearly was not prepared for this. I could see uncertainty and fear in her eyes.

I gave her a few seconds to come to grips with the situation, then said “if you do not want to participate, then leave now” I said looking directly into her eyes.

Linda thought a second and then said, ”No, Master. I want to play”. I walked over to the table where I had gotten the contacts and took a riding crop in my right hand. I took two steps to be next to Linda and then brought the crop down hard on her ass. Linda cried out in pain.

“There is no I for you. Who are you?” and I brought down the crop on Linda’s ass again. When the little flap of leather hit Linda’s ass it made a sharp crack.

Linda’s face contorted in pain. “Owwww! Oh..Master’s slut. I’m Master’s slut!” she cried.

I hit her again across the ass with the crop. “You stupid slut. You still don’t understand. You have no I. No I! Do you understand??” She felt the crop a fourth time.

“Oh! Master! Yes! Master’s slut understands!!”

“Very well. Put the contacts in your eyes, slut”

Linda had a little trouble getting the contacts into her eyes but soon had them in. The contacts really were effective at blotting out most of the light. Linda now really was sightless. The white contact made her eyes look like she really was a little blind girl. I had to be on my toes to make sure she did not fall and hurt herself. She was in my care now.

“So, my little slut, tell me what you can see now.”

“Master’s slut can see nothing, Master!”

Ah, I thought, she’s learning quite quickly. It’s amazing how quickly a riding crop can help a girl learn. “Very good. OK Linda, strip off all your clothes. It’s been almost 24 hours since I’ve seen you naked.”

Linda had to fumble a bit to find her clothing, but she soon was standing naked before me. While she was stripping I had walked over to the bathroom and opened the door and motioned to Sethy to be quiet and that she could come out now. Linda stood in the middle of the room with head up trying to locate where I was.

“You have a tight little body, my slut. Daniel, Tony and Talib all told me that they enjoyed their foursome with you last night. Would you like to play again with them sometime, my whore?”

“Yes Master. Master’s slut enjoyed them all, especially Daniel.”

“Very nice. Well, we shall see what can be arranged. For now, spread your feet outside your shoulders and reach down and grab both your ankles.” As she did so Linda’s tight little dark butthole revealed itself.


Rod took the tube of K-Y jelly from the table and without saying a word gave it to me and then pointed to Linda’s puckered asshole which was now looking up at both of us. I squeezed a glob of it right on Linda’s tight little butthole.

“Oooh Master, that’s cold” Linda barked out.

Rod responded, “Never you mind my slut. That is a little K-Y jelly lubricant and your hot little body is heating it now even as we speak”. Then Rod handed me a black butt plug. “Slut you will soon feel some pressure on your asshole as a butt plug will be inserted into your tight little ass. Don’t worry, the K-Y will lubricate the butt plug and your ass and although you may experience a little temporary discomfort, you will be fine, I assure you”.

Rod motioned for me to start to insert the butt plug into Linda’s ass. I rubbed the butt plug on Linda’s asshole and thoroughly lubricated it with the jelly. After it was covered with the lubricant, I pressed the tip of the butt plug up against Linda’s puckered asshole and began to push it in while rotating it. Linda’s ass was tight. I don’t think she has had much experience getting ass-fucked. I continued to twirl the butt plug and add more pressure. The butt plug moved a bit deeper into Linda’s ass. I could see Linda’s little butthole struggling to take in the piece of rubber. I couldn’t see Linda’s face as she was facing away from me, but I could tell from her grunts and groans that she was having some difficulty with it. However, soon that was over. The plug was shaped a bit like human tonsils so once the wider bit at the bottom made it past Linda’s canlı bahis siteleri tight asshole, her ass tightened quickly on the narrow neck that was still outside. The end of the butt plug was a flat piece of rubber so Linda would be able to sit fairly comfortably. As comfortably as one can sit with a butt plug in your ass. That was the first time I had ever pushed a butt plug into a woman’s ass. I liked it. I could feel my pussy starting to tingle. Of course, Linda did not know it was me that had pushed it into her asshole. She couldn’t see anything and I had not made a sound, so she didn’t know I was there.
Rod saw that Linda’s asshole had swallowed the butt plug and gave me the thumb’s up sign.

“Well, how does that feel my little slut? Comfy?” Rod asked Linda.

“Oh, Master’s slut’s ass feels very full, Master!” Linda said with some difficulty. “This is the first time that Master’s slut has had a butt plug up her ass, Master”.

“You are doing fine, my slut” Rod answered. He picked up Linda’s heels from the floor and put them in her hands. “Here’ slut, put these on. Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall if you lose you balance”. After Linda had slipped on her heels, Rod said, “I have a long coat for you. Let me help you slip it on”. Rod helped her get her arms into the sleeves and get the coat over her shoulders.

“We are going to leave the hotel now my lovely little Linda and go somewhere else. Don’t worry, I will guide you, won’t let you bump into anything and won’t let you get hurt. One facet of my job as Master is to make sure you are safe and don’t get hurt. We will go downstairs and then take a little taxi ride. Don’t worry about where we are going.”

We left the room and got into the elevator. Linda was a little unsteady on her heels with no sight. She had her left hand on Rod’s right elbow for guidance and stability. I have to admit my pussy was very wet from the whole situation. With the white contacts, Linda looked like a blind woman and she walked and acted like one. When we walked across the hotel lobby from the elevator we got many looks from people as Rob guided her. People seemed surprised that an attractive blind girl would be wearing heels and guided by an older gentleman. I also saw an older lady in the lobby whose eyes got very big when she was looking at Linda. I wondered if she saw something that made her realize that Linda was naked beneath that coat? Rod had asked me yesterday if I had a long coat or raincoat that we could use for Linda. I had a long brown raincoat which I rarely used in my closet which I picked out and gave to him. It went down a little past Linda’s knees. It excited me to see Linda wearing it knowing that she had nothing on underneath it.

A woman naked in a long coat and heels in public is a good look! Seeing Linda dressed in this way got me really hot and horny. I could feel my panties were soaked! Of course, Linda still did not know that I was with her and Rod. I was not talking and I tried to be as quiet as possible so Linda could not hear me. When we got in the taxi Rod helped Linda into the back and then sat next to her. I sat in the front seat next to the driver. While we were driving I could see the driver was looking over at my legs. I had a short skirt on and my dress covered only about half of my thighs. He was an older man, not very attractive, but I was still turned on by a man looking at me like he would like to fuck me. God I was so wet! When we arrived at our destination and I got out of the car, I was mortified to see a wet spot about 5 centimeters in diameter on the car seat where I was sitting! My cunt was so wet I had leaked out, soaked my panties and then wet his seat cushion. The driver noticed it also, looked up at me and smiled, wiped his index finger on the wet spot, and then stuck his finger in his mouth making a cynical leer at me. Oh my God! What a pervert! I was so humiliated!! But it also got me even wetter.


I has asked the taxi driver to take us to the South Park hotel, where Sethy and I were staying. We could have stayed at the Las Palmas, but I wanted to take Linda out of the hotel naked under the long coat, in heels and with the blinder contacts and we needed someplace to go. I just wanted to see how she would react to all that and what she would do. Linda did quite well. She asked a few questions but did not ask where we were going. I had not buttoned the coat in the front so it was slightly open during the ride. I’m sure Linda could tell that it was open by the way it fell across her body. The taxi driver certainly noticed. Every chance he had he was looking in the rear view mirror trying to see what he could of Linda’s naked body. I saw that when he was not looking at Linda he was checking out Sethy’s legs in front. It’s a wonder we did not have an accident since he was rarely looking at the road. Linda had her left hand on my right thigh during the taxi ride. I knew that it was mostly just to have a point of reference since she could not see, but she did rub and caress my thigh during the trip and it did cause me to get a very large erection.

When we got out of the taxi I noticed that Sethy had hesitated before closing the front door of the taxi and she seemed a little agitated. I made a mental note to ask her about that. Then I saw the wet spot on the back of her skirt as we were walking to the room. I knew Sethy could get wet in a heartbeat, and that she did not like to wear her panties when they were soaked, so I had a pretty good idea of what had happened. Sethy had been very good during the ride, hardly making a sound. I think Linda had no idea that another person was with us.

We got Linda into the room. I had the videocamera set up already on a tripod; I walked over to it, adjusted it to put Linda in the center of the viewfinder, and turned it on. I had asked Sethy before we began to be quiet so Linda would not know another person was there. I wanted it to be a big surprise for Linda later.

I took the coat off of Linda. “How are you my little slut? I must tell you that the taxi driver was checking you out the entire trip.”

“Oh no! Master, what did he see? Was I entirely exposed?” she asked.

“Not entirely” I replied, “but he was able to see enough to keep him looking. How are you, my pet? Did the trip excite you?”

“Yes, Master. Master’s slut’s pussy is hot and wet” Linda replied.

“I will check that myself, my pet” I said and I traced the lips of Linda’s pussy with my forefinger. My finger slipped easily in. Linda was soaked. “Yes, my little slut, your pussy is very wet. I can see that you are enjoying this so far.”

“Master, I am not sure that enjoying is the correct word, but you can see that my pussy is flooded” she said. I noted that Linda was precise with her words and how she expressed herself. I admire that in a person. Although I was still committed to humbling Linda in a serious way, she was beginning to get some of my grudging respect.

I had Linda kick off the heels she had worn during the taxi ride and walked her to an open spot in the room. “My slut, I want to take a few photos and I want you in a slutty outfit. I’m going to put you in a pair of black panties. Pick up your left foot.” Linda did and I slipped the panties over that foot. “Good. Put that one down and pick up your right foot.” Linda complied, and I began to slide the panties up her legs. As the panties got above her knees my face was about 4 inches from her pussy. I could smell her scent. There’s something about the scent of a hot pussy that just makes me wild. Totally aroused. It’s a huge turn on for me. I breathed in that delicious aroma that Linda’s hot cunt was giving off. It was all I could do to stop myself from burying my face in Linda’s hot cunt. Then I slipped a sexy black bra on her. The bra did not have cups per se, they were strips of black fabric across her breasts. They permitted her erect nipples to stick through and be on full display. Then I slipped some chunky black heels on her and while I did that I had another whiff of her glorious scent. God, there’s nothing like a pussy in heat! Finally, I brought her hands behind her and put some leather handcuffs on her wrists and bound those together. I fastened a black leather collar around her neck which was fitted with a metal O-ring. I grabbed the camera and began to snap some shots of my hot little slut.

Coming up next might be a challenge for her. “My slut, you look good, but you must look great to be my slut. You need a pair of clamps on those big nipples of yours”

“Oh, Master, please. Please don’t! Master’s slut’s nipples are very sensitive!”

I picked up the leather crop and smacked Linda hard across the ass. “Don’t attempt to tell your Master what to do, you worthless slut!” and I smacked her again across the ass.

“Oh Master, please!! I beg you!! Please don’t clamp my nipples!!” I could easily hear the desperation in her voice. I cracked her twice again across the ass.

“The first one is for trying to influence me. My slut does not try to tell Master what to do. The second one is to remind you that there is no I for you. You are always Master’s slut. Get that through your slut brain!” I quickly unfastened the bra and tossed it on the floor. I put a clamp on her left nipple and saw Linda’s face wince in pain. A few seconds later I clamped her right nipple. Linda gritted her teeth but did not say anything. Then I attached a small chain from each nipple clamp to the O-ring on her neck collar. Now I could pull either or both chains which would tug on either or both nipples. This action usually got a slut’s attention very quickly. While I was attaching the chains to slut’s nipples, I got a lungful of Linda’s pussy scent again. My God! My cock, which had been hard, just got harder and bigger. Sethy had referred to my cock before as the Little Dictator – meaning it took over my body and my mind and got exactly what it wanted. Yep, Little Dictator time. I was like a bull in heat. I handed the camera to Sethy and motioned that she should start taking canlı casino photos. The Little Dictator demanded to be sucked. He demanded Linda’s mouth and tongue.


Rod handed me the camera. He didn’t say anything but from his gestures it seemed he wanted me to start taking photos. I was OK with that but then Rod took Linda’s hands and put them both on his pants on top of where I could see his big cock bulging. Shit! What was he doing?? We had not talked about he and Linda doing anything, and now he had placed Linda’s hands on top of his cock! Linda was clearly into it and ready. Her pussy was already slick from her juices and now she had her left hand rubbing Rod’s cock on the outside of his pants and her right hand was unfastening the button above his fly. Fuck! Linda couldn’t see a thing but her fingers knew exactly what to do. She had the button unbuttoned in an instant and seconds later had unzipped Rod’s fly. In no time she had Rod’s pants down at his ankles. While he was stepping out of them she had hooked one of her thumbs in the waistband of his underwear at his left hip and was pulling his underwear down. In less than a minute I had witnessed the transformation from my Rod, the most loving and considerate guy I had ever met, to Raging Bull Rod whose only focus was on getting his cock served. Rod told me that he had been really careful around Linda the first time they met at the restaurant and the next day when they met for lunch and then went upstairs to the hotel room to conduct the transaction. I believed him. I wanted to still believe him but what I saw now was Rod out of control. Rod reached down with his left hand to grab both chains and pulled Linda’s head down to his cock. Linda wanted it too. She opened her lips and soon had Rod’s cock in her mouth, sucking on it as if her life depended upon it.

Soon my lovely boy had a handful of Linda’s hair at the back of her head and he began to fuck her mouth. I’ve been on the receiving end of Rod’s passion and power and I knew what Linda was experiencing – pure pleasure feeling his meaty cock hit the back of her mouth and move down her throat and pure panic when you need to breathe but your throat is full of cock and the man attached to it doesn’t seem to understand that you need oxygen to live.
Linda succeeded in getting her mouth free for a few seconds for some gulps of air but soon thereafter Rod had pulled the chains again and pulled Linda’s mouth down on top of his throbbing cock. As his pace picked up, I knew what would happen very soon next. Rod bellowed twice and exploded into Linda’s hungry mouth.

“Swallow it Linda. Every drop”, Rod commanded. Linda happily complied, and licked her lips afterwards. Rod was not done with Linda yet. Far from it. He picked her up and tossed her on the bed. “Oh my God!” I thought, “What’s he going to do next?” Linda was face down on the pillow with her hands manacled behind her. She truly looked like his fucktoy. She was helpless, defenseless. Completely at his mercy. He walked over to her and removed the butt plug. It practically popped out into his hand. “There slut. You won’t be needing this for awhile”.

Rod unfastened the clips between her handcuffs, turned her over onto her back, then refastened them with her arms in front of her. “Show me your cunt, Linda. Spread those lips and let’s see your clit”. Linda used both hands, pulled on the lips of her pussy to expose her glistening clit and wet cunt. Rod picked up a vibrator, turned it on and held it up next to one of Linda’s ears. “Hear that, my slut? This is what is coming next for you. You are going to love it.”

“Oh yes Master! Please use the vibrator on Master’s slut!! Master’s slut is so ready to cum!!”

Rod smiled when he heard Linda’s words and started by teasing her. He turned the vibrator to its lowest speed and slowly traced the lips of her pussy, not inserting the vibrator but maintaining contact with the lips of her pussy from the entrance to her hole up to where the lips join. Then back down, slowly, this time going past the entrance to her pussy down to her brown asshole, pressing against it but not entering it. He did this several times, up and down, slowly, ever so slowly, until the vibrator was slick with Linda’s juices which had leaked from her pussy.

Linda was breathing deeply and moaning. “Oh Master please! Give Master’s slut the vibrator! Please shove it up Master’s slut’s cunt!” Rod was teasing her mercilessly.

“Beg for it, slut. Beg for what you want. Beg for what you need.” Rob taunted.

“Master, Master’s slut begs you! Please Master! Master’s slut beseeches you!! Please! Please give this cumslut relief and shove the vibrator into Master’s slut’s waiting pussy! Your will be done, my Master! Please my Master!!”
This must have pleased Rod because he turned the vibrator up to a higher setting and pushed slowly, ever so slowly, into Linda’s waiting pussy. Linda gasped when it finally entered her. I knew how badly she wanted it. I had felt the same intense desire before also. Rod was taking his time with her, building her up to a fever pitch. He was going to drive the poor girl crazy. He pushed the vibrator slowly, ever so slowly in and then slowly, slowly pulled it out. I almost pitied her. I knew from my own experience that Linda wanted Rod to increase the pace, to start fucking her fast with the vibrator, and force it deeper and deeper into her hungry cunt. But Rod was torturing her. He kept his pace slow, very slow.

Poor Linda. I really was starting to feel sorry for her. She started writhing on the bed. She was desperate for satisfaction. She was moaning loudly now. “Oh Master please! Please! Master’s slut begs you Master! Don’t be cruel to Master’s slut! Please Master, please ream Master’s slut’s cunt!!”

Of course all this and everything else that had happened were being recorded by the videocamera that Rod had set up and turned on when we entered the room.

“To whom do you belong my slut?” Rod asked.

“To you, my Master!!” Linda quickly answered. “Master’s slut is yours. She is yours to command!”

Rod walked over to me and whispered in my ear, “Well Sethy, what do you think? Should I continue to torture her or should I give her the release that she is begging for?”

I thought for a couple of second, then answered back. “Oh Rod, I know how she is feeling. Please be merciful and let her cum” I whispered back.

He kissed me on the cheek and whispered “My lovely girl. You will give her mercy when she showed you none.”

“Master? Master? Are you there? Please Master!” Linda begged. Rod turned the vibrator to high. “Oh God, Master! Please! Master’s slut begs you! End her misery!”

Rod pushed the vibrator deep inside Linda and quickly picked up the pace of the vibrator plunging far into her soaked and hungry pussy and then pulling out. “Ohhhhhh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes my Master! Yes! Yesssss! Oh fuck your slut with the vibrator my Master!”

It did not take long. “Oh fuck my Master! Fuck! Master’s slut will cum soon my Master! Oh fuck!” Linda’s back arched and her hips pushed hard against the vibrator. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Oh shittttttttt!”

Rod withdrew the vibrator and turned it off. It was covered with Linda’s cum. Rod was merciful and gave Linda five minutes to lie on the bed and recover. “You did well, my slut. You did very well.” Rod leaned over her and unfastened the wrist manacles. Then he unbuckled her collar. “Slut, I am going to remove the nipple clamps now. You are going to feel some intense pain in your nipples as the blood rushes back into them and your nerves wake up. You have permission to scream if you need to”. He removed one clamp and then the other. It took less than a minute for Linda to experience the pain from her re-awakened nipples. “Oh Fuck!! Fuck! Fuck!”

Rod walked over to the phone in the room and picked it up. “Hello? Front desk? May I speak to Mr. Rodrigo please? Hello, Mr. Rodrigo. How are you? We are ready for you to come by our room. See you in a few minutes”.

Rod walked over to his clothes and began dressing. “Slut, we are not done yet. I have invited the assistant manager to come join us. I spoke to him this morning about this. Now we will have an Obedience Training session and Mr. Rodrigo has kindly agreed to join us”. Rod walked over to Linda and put some black thigh highs in her hand. “Here, put these on. I want you to be ready when Mr. Rodrigo arrives”.


Linda pulled on the thigh highs. She said nothing. I wondered whether she really knew what was happening. Maybe she was still groggy from cumming so hard jut minutes ago. We heard two knocks on the door. Rod walked over and opened it. It was a man in his 30’s. It must be Mr. Rodrigo. Of course, Linda could not see him but she must have heard him come into the room. She was lying face down on the bed.

Rod said to Linda, “Slut, Mr. Rodrigo is here. Please say hello”

“Hello Mr. Rodrigo. Master’s slut is pleased that you are here. Master’s slut is here to serve you.” Linda said. Rod looked very pleased with Linda’s words.

“Mr. Rodrigo, please sit here”. Rod directed him to a comfortable chair. Rod then helped Linda off the bed and walked her over to kneel in front of Mr. Rodrigo’s chair. “Linda, stretch your arms out over your head and touch the rug. Yes, that’s it. Now put your forehead down on the rug with your arms stretched out past your head and raise your ass up. You are offering up your ass to Mr. Rodrigo.”

Rod continued “There is another person here also whom you will meet soon. But that’s later. I’ve given Mr. Rodrigo instructions to lead you through Obedience Training. The other person you will soon meet and I must leave for a little while but we will return soon. Until then, you will serve Mr. Rodrigo. Understood?”

“Yes, Master. Master’s slut will serve Mr. Rodrigo.”

Rod and I left and walked to the bar. He had his usual Johnnie Walker Black and I had a glass of Chablis. While we were there my mind kept going back to our room and Linda there with Mr. Rodrigo. We finished our drinks and began to kaçak casino walk back to our room. Rod asked me to change into my Dominatrix outfit when we returned to the room. He wanted me to take over from Mr. Rodrigo after we returned.

When we returned Mr. Rodrigo was naked with a flaccid cock. Linda had a creampie, so Mr. Rodrigo must have finished with her just a little while ago. Mr. Rodrigo exchanged a few words with Rod, dressed and left.

“Well slut”, Rod started, “you’ve been a busy little bee while we were gone. On a scale of zero to one hundred, how well do you think you served Mr. Rodrigo?”

“Master, Master’s slut did her best to please and serve Mr. Rodrigo. She believes she may have scored 80, my Master” Linda said.

Rod replied, “Well that’s close my slut, but Mr. Rodrigo gave you only a 70. He said your cock-sucking skills were only satisfactory, not excellent. So I have another person here to administer punishment. You may refer to her as Mistress S. Please welcome Mistress S to our Obedience Session.”

“Mistress S, welcome. Master’s slut is here to be trained by you.” Linda said.

I had changed in the bathroom into my Dominatrix outfit. Linda could not see me, at least not yet, but the Dominatrix uniform had given me the Dom mindset. I spoke my first words that evening. “Rod, walk slut over to the wall. She should put both her hands against the wall at shoulder height. Slut, step back once with your left leg, then your right. Keep your hands against the wall. Now step back again one step with each leg”. Linda did as instructed. She was now leaning heavily into the wall with her ass very accessible. I wondered if the butt plug that she had been wearing earlier in the evening had made her ass and asshole more sensitive or not. I didn’t care. We would soon find out. I had noticed the change in my personality before after I put on the Dominatrix outfit – I became the Dom! We humans take so many cues from our external environment which affect our behavior. There’s a saying “Clothes make the man”. In my case the Dominatrix outfit makes the Dom.

I remembered Linda’s cold eyes from days ago when she showed me the photos of Tad and me in Manila and later slapped and abused me and hit me with the crop. “Well”, I thought “you little whore, payback will be a bitch for you.”
“Present your ass to me. Present it!” I struck Linda viciously across the ass with the crop. It landed with a whack and left a red mark. Linda screamed in pain and stuck her out ass, attempting to do as I commanded, trying to meet my requirements.

“Spread your feet wider. Spread them!” I commanded. Whack! Whack! The crop landed on Linda’s little ass sharply twice again.

“Are you wet you little whore?” I hit her again across the ass. “Answer me you slut!” I gave her another crack with the crop.

“Yes, Mistress S!” Linda responded shrilly. There was fear in her voice. I could hear it.

“If you are not wet, if you lie to me, there will be hell to pay you little whore” and I gave her the crop again, this time across the back. I ran my left hand across Linda’s round ass which was rapidly turning red. Her skin was smooth and soft; the flesh was firm beneath my fingers. My hand roamed both ass cheeks, her lower back, and the tops of her thighs, feeling the texture of her skin – smooth, velvety with no scars, no moles, no imperfections. Linda did have a lovely backside. My hand caressed her lower back then slowly traced the crack between her two round ass cheeks. Linda was still facing the wall with her arms outstretched against it, but I could see that she had closed her eyes after I had started touching her. I could feel Linda pushing her hips back against my fingers ever so slightly. That little slut was enjoying my fingers running along the crack of her ass. Truth be told, I was feeling a tingle down in my pussy also. It was not the first time.

My forefinger came to her pussy lips. I took my time rubbing them, teasing her. I could hear her breathing begin to get deeper. I slipped a finger in, slowly, and pushed up to where her g-spot would be. I felt her body shudder and tremble when my finger hit home there. I let my finger explore her hot wet cavern and then slowly pulled it out.

“Yes, you are wet my slut, as wet as Tokyo bay” I said looking at my finger which was glistening with her juices.

“Mistress S, Master’s slut’s feet are getting cold standing on this tile. And Master’s slut was standing almost all the time with Mr. Rodrigo while you were gone. May Master’s slut lie on the bed Mistress S?”

“Yes, lie down face first, my little slut”. I grabbed a pair of thick socks from my bag and put them on Linda. Then I took a leather belt also from my bag, looped that around Linda’s legs above the ankles and tightened it. I had lost track of how many times I had struck her ass. And Mr. Rodrigo was likely using the crop on her as well. I had no idea how many times Linda’s ass had felt the crop come down on it. When I looked down at her I saw that her ass was good and red. I decided she had had enough punishment for one day.

Rod and I decided that it was time to take Linda back to the Las Palmas Her butt was abused. We wondered whether she would be able to sit the next day. We gave Linda her heels which she slipped on and then we helped her put on the long coat again. Just like coming here, she would be naked beneath it but this time not wearing the butt plug. We walked Linda outside, hailed a taxi and got in. I was in the front again and Rod and Linda were in the back. But we had one more task for Linda before we would release her that evening.

We asked the taxi to stop at a convenience store on the way back. Linda was still wearing the whiteout contacts and still could not see. Rod told her what he wanted her to do and then helped her out of the taxi and into the store. The coat was not buttoned and I noticed that the taxi driver got an eyeful of Linda when she got out. Rod helped Linda find the condoms in the store and took two packs to the clerk behind the counter. He was a young man who looked to be in his late teens or early twenties. He still had acne. I saw his eyes open up when Linda approached the counter as he got glimpses of Linda naked under her coat. She put the two condoms on the counter and then asked him “Would these fit a really big cock?”

The young clerk was at a complete loss for words. Finally, he stammered out, “Uh, I’m not really sure. Ah, I don’t know. I mean, like, nobody has ever asked me that before.”

Linda then asked him, “Would they fit your cock?”

“Oh, golly, I really don’t know. I mean, I guess so, but I’m not sure. Ah, I’ve never tried”. The clerk was completely embarrassed and had no idea how to reply. Rod put him out of his misery by purchasing the two condoms and we left the store, got back in the taxi, and left. Linda must have felt completely humiliated.

The taxi took us back to the Las Palmas and we guided Linda back up to room 818, where our adventure began earlier in the evening. Rod said, “Linda, you did very well this evening. Let’s take those blinder contacts out of your eyes so you can meet Mistress S”. Linda removed the contacts and Rod gave her a small bottle of Vizine to lubricate her eyes. “Close your eyes for a minute Linda, and let them rest” Rod advised. Linda did so and after a minute Rod said, “Open your eyes now Linda and let’s see how they feel”. Linda opened her eyes and blinked several times. She was squinting and looking away from any direct light. After about 15 seconds Linda said she could see again.

“Good” Rod said. “Turn around and meet Mistress S”. Linda turned and looked at me. She was dumbfounded for a few seconds, then she said, “Sethy?? What the fuck are you doing here?”

“I’m your Dom, Linda. Recognize my voice?” I replied.

“Is this a fucking joke?!” Linda almost screamed. “You’ve got to be fucking k**ding me, Sethy! Oh you are so fucked now, you bitch! I’m going to put those photos of you on the president’s and GM’s desks tomorrow and your ass will be out the door!”

“No, you won’t Linda” I replied as calmly as I could. “You see, I’ve got everything that happened this evening on videotape. If you show my photos, I will show your videotape.”

Linda thought for a second and then said, “I’ll take my chances. What I’ve done tonight may be embarrassing, but I haven’t done anything i*****l, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get you out and get the job that should be mine”. There was menace and determination in Linda’s voice.

“That’s where you are wrong Linda. You see, in those conversations with Rod, he was wearing a wire and everything you said was recorded. If the CFO or the GM find out about that transaction which you authorized on the company account without their approval, you will be fired. And if the Pohnpei Tax Department finds out, you may be subject to criminal charges.” I stopped there and let that sink in.

Linda was silent and got a faraway look in her eyes. She just stood there in the room.

“The CFO and the GM and the Tax Department don’t have to find out, Linda. As long as you keep those photos of Tad and I in Manila confidential, those audiotapes and videotapes of you can also remain confidential. But if either of those photos should ever leak out, you can bet your sorry ass that I will make those audiotapes available.”

Linda’s mind was racing to find a way out, but there was not one.

“Linda, I should make you walk home naked with no shoes, like you did to me. But I’m going to let you dress and leave. I suffered at your hands the other day and now you have suffered at mine. I’d advise you not to escalate this unless you want to lose your job and risk arrest”.

Rod jumped in, “Linda, I would second that. You have much more to lose. I’d advise you to get dressed and go home.”
Linda was silent. Then she gathered her clothes and walked into the bathroom. A few minutes later she emerged dressed and walked past both Rod and me without saying a word. She opened the door, walked through it, and closed it.

“My God” I thought, “It’s over”. I walked over to Rod, wrapped my arms around him, and looked up into his eyes. “My lovely man. My lovely smart man. You are amazing. How could I ever ever repay you?”

Rod looked down at me and smiled. “I’ll think of something”

To be continued…

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