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Sant’s Workshop

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Boku No

This story was written with much more incestuous participation but I am really turned on by the older aunt situation so I rewrote it during editing. Merry Christmas to all.


Watching Misty grind her torso against the gold pole was getting to be a typical Thursday night for Steve as he sat in Jake’s Go-Go Bar, with a beer and sandwich in front of him. With only four patrons in the joint, she was doing her best to make the most of it and earn some good tips. Steve never got bored looking at her tight little 30 year old body. Her small firm tits jutting out from her chest like softballs, with little pink nipples, and under her very small G-string, a cleanly shaved pussy.

Steve had dated Misty, whose real name was Margaret, for about six months. It was a rebound relationship for the forty-five year old Steve since his divorce and one of many for the young dancer, but it was destined to failure because of her job. Margaret loved the money and Steve wasn’t in to all the comments her audience made. Anyway, they parted friends and so here he sat content to eat, drink and watch his friend hump her body against the steel like erection.

“What’s shakin’ pal?” Jake said as he sat down next to Steve. The two grew up together in the small town and when Jake bought the bar a year ago, Steve became a regular, just about the time his marriage ended.

“HI Jake, nothing new, same job, same bar, same dancer.” Steve looked at Jake and smiled, “Not that I’m complaining.”

“I guess not”, Jake laughed. “You know her-in the biblical sense.”

Misty had come down from the stage dressed in a T-shirt, her set being over, and wrapped her arm over Jake’s shoulder. The music was playing loud for the next dancer who was getting a lot of attention for her colossal tits that she was rhythmically oscillating to the thumping beat.

“So did you ask him yet?” Misty yelled in Jakes’ ear over the noise.

“No!” he shouted back at her. “I just sat down. Give me a chance girl.”

“Listen Steve, Jake’s got another party here next Wednesday night and he needs your help,” Misty blurted out, and getting an annoyed look from Jake. Misty was always impatient and full of energy, on and off stage.

Jakes’ Go-Go Bar was a popular choice for retirement and bachelor parties and occasionally a bachelorette party. When he ran one for the girls he hired male strippers from an agency to come in and dance. The ladies were a good time and he put on a first class show for them. For the guys, all he needed to supply was some chips, beer and hot women, but Jake went all out for the ladies. He dressed the tables up with linens and center pieces, a nice buffet and an open bar. Of course they paid him well for it. The male dancers, usually three, were always good looking studs. Jake reputation for a top notch event was known.

“Yea, here’s the deal,” Jake interjected, giving Misty a look, “I’m throwing another bachelorette party next Saturday afternoon with a Christmas theme. The girl is getting married right after the holiday and her friends asked if I could do something special.”

“So, you always throw a good party,” Steve replied with a mouthful of his sandwich.

“Jake wants you to help out the dancers,” Misty said, butting in again.

Steve almost spit his food from his mouth. “Are you kidding? I don’t dance, and besides, those guys are fifteen-no twenty years younger than me.”

“Mist, will you please let me handle this,” Jake pleaded with the girl.

Misty got pouty and sat down next to Steve. “Okay I’m sorry,” she said.

“Look Steve, I’m getting paid a lot for this one and I’m doing something special that you could help me with, and it doesn’t involve dancing. I want you to dress up as Santa and let the ladies sit on your lap.”

“You’ve got to be kidding Jake,” Steve laughed.

Misty was shaking her head to the affirmative and began hugging Steve.

Jake put on his best serious face,”No, listen to me Steve. I’m going to clean out that small utility closet over there and put in a chair, all decorated up like Santa’s throne. All you have to do is sit in there, and when the ladies come in and climb up on your lap, you say, “What would you like for Christmas little girl?”, and just adlib. You know? Ho-ho-ho and all that shit.”

“Yea Steve,” Misty breathlessly injected, “and I’m going to dress up like an elf and take their picture on your lap, if they want it.”

“Ye-e-a-a-a,” Jake scowled at Misty for talking again, “and I’ll pay you two hundred dollars for four hours work. How’s that?”

“Come on Stevie,” Misty pleaded. “It’ll be fun. Pl-e-e-e-s-s-s-e!”

Steve thought for a minute. “Okay, only because you’re my pal. And you,” squeezing one of Misty’s tits, “you got a great body!”

“Great!” Jake said happily, “I’ll have a costume for you. Just be here a half hour before the party starts. Grab a bite to eat AND HAVE FUN!”


Steve arrived at Jakes at 1:00PM the following Saturday only to encounter a locked door. After banging on it a few seconds, ankara escort the door opened with Misty’s chirpy greeting. She stood before him in her homemade outfit not quite fit for the children’s age Santa visit. Twirling around for him she modeled her red mini skirt with white fur trim, a red satin corset with her boobs trying to spill out of their cups, candy cane colored leotards, red stilettos and a red Santa hat.

“Look at this!” she purred. Lifting her skirt she revealed that her leotard, crotchless, exposed her fleshy labia squeezing thru the stitched opening. “It’s in case someone wants a sweet treat. What the ho-ho hell!”

“Okay Mist, where’s my outfit?” Steve mumbled as he walked over to the buffet table picking up a beer. He was starting to have his doubts about getting involved in this deal.

Misty wiggle walked Steve over to the room that was prepared for his role which Jake had spared no energy in making it look good. Over the doorway was a colorful homemade sign reading ‘Santa’s Workshop’ and stepping thru the door Steve saw that a large high back chair was decorated in white and gold cloth ribbon creating Santa’s’ throne. Lying on the chair was Steve’s costume. He closed the door, leaving Misty standing outside, and began changing. There was a mirror on a side wall and Steve checked himself out as he put on the white beard. “This looks pretty damn good,” he thought.

When he opened the door Misty was standing there with her makeup case.

I just want to put a little red blush on your nose and cheeks, you know, theatrics. Tee-hee. You really look great Steve, and no one will know you.”

“I’m sure I won’t see anyone I know. Not here, anyway!” he said as he took a swig of his beer.

Just then there was a pounding on the front door and Misty took off to greet the women due to arrive. Running across the floor in her extreme heels, Steve laughed as his friend held onto her breasts to keep them from popping out of their cups. In they came, two and three at a time, carry gifts of all sorts, all laughing in anticipation of the party. Women of all ages arrived, from young twenties to women who were old enough to be the grandmothers of the twenty year olds. They knew they were coming to see young men dance nearly naked for them and the giggling and cheerful revelry had a nervous quality to it.

Jake came over to the ‘Workshop’ to check that Steve was ready to go and that he was in costume. The owners’ job thru the party would be to make sure everybody had a good time, nobody got out of control and to keep the refreshments flowing. Of course, once the dancing started, the ladies would lose interest in the food. For now, all the guests were at the tables eating and celebrating with the new-to-be bride.

Misty skipped over to join them and brought with her a camera to show Steve.

“Look, Jake brought this in for me to use. It’s an old Polaroid and if the girls want pictures I can take them and hand them out right away. Cool, huh?”

“Yea, you bet,” Steve said, but he was distracted by something at the tables.

“You happen to know the name of the bride or the family, Jake?” Steve was suddenly serious.

Jake peered back at the crowd. “Collins is the name of the young lady who booked the party. Why?”

At that moment four more women came thru the door to join the party. When Steve saw them he stepped back into his room.

“Holy shit. Holy shit. H-o-l-l-y shit!” Steve muttered, “That’s my family. Collins is my mother’s maiden name. That’s my Mom and there’s my sister and my cousin and my aunt. I’m going to this wedding. That bride is going to be my cousin’s wife. I can’t be here!”

“Slow down, slow down. I didn’t know. I’m sorry!” Jake stammered. “Look, you’re only dressed up as Santa. You’re not stripping. Besides even if they see it’s you they’ll think it’s cool that your part of it.”

“Bullshit Jake. I don’t want my mother to know I’m here when she’s watching guys strip!”

“Steve,” Misty said as she took his arm, “you’re all the way in here and your disguise is great. Come on, everything will be okay. Besides, Jake can’t get anybody else to do it this late.”

Steve took a few minutes, a few deep breaths and finally agreed. He downed the last of his beer, handed the empty to Misty indicating he needed another and off she wiggled to get it. Once the cold one was in his hand he sat down on his throne to wait for the event to begin. Misty gave him thumbs up and walked out with Jake to get the music going.

Over a four hour period the girls would have two hours for their traditional food and gift time and then the dancers would come for the last two hours. Jake had told the party planner that the guests could visit Santa anytime thru the four hours but he expected them to be preoccupied with the strippers. He told Steve to be prepared for most of the women to come to him in the beginning of the party.

Once they had some food and a few drinks in them the girls started to visit Santa. Steve was prepared to ask what they wanted for Christmas but escort ankara they were way ahead of him.

The twenty-something’s giggled and dared each other with suggestive talk, “G’head Mary, tell Santa you wanna guy with a big cock for Christmas. Misty, take Debbie’s picture with her hand on his Santa’s dick.” They posed holding their boobs or each other’s.

The thirty and forty year old babes were a little more mature. They would tell Santa they wanted him to ring their bells or that they’ll be waiting up with milk and cookies. Their picture poses were shown with a little leg or hugging Santa.

Two young women came in dancing to the loud jukebox music and laughing, “Come on Santa, let’s get it on.” It was obvious they were hammered, and the party had two hours to go.

“Oh boy,” thought Steve, “I knew this was going to happen.” His hands were wet with sweat.

A slim blond, Steve’s younger sister Steph, was a wild one. Still single, always ready to party, she had a string of guys chasing her. Her cousin, Lucy, was a short, voluptuous redhead and a constant companion of Steph’s. Steve hated it when Lucy showed up at family gathering because she was always coming on to him. He wanted in the worst way to throw a good fuck into her with her big tits but he knew he would take a load of shit from his sister. He sensed they may even be lovers.

Neither girls recognized who Santa was and they got right on his lap and started to have their fun. Steph sat on Steve’s right leg and Lucy climbed on his left, their knees touching. Both girls leaned into Santa and started telling him what they wanted for Christmas.

“Um, Santa, I wanna giant Ken doll,” said Lucy, “with a big vibrating dick on it!”

Steph leaned in real close to Steve’s face. “Yea and I want six guys for a gang bang that I can keep in my closet for whenever I want them!”

Steve’s response was a series of halfhearted, “Okay, uh huh, alrighty little girl.”

Both girls screamed laughing and were wiggling their asses on Steve’s lap. He had his arms around the girls’ waists and he innocently felt each of their breasts. Suddenly, Steph stood up, turned, and sat back down with her back to Steve, straddling his leg.

“Come on elf, take our picture!” Steph yelled above the music, and lay back against Steve, spreading her legs open, giggling.

“Okay, now were partying,” laughed Misty as she kicked the door closed with her foot and came in for a shot. “Come on girls, show us some tit!”

“Whoa, whoa there, Misty,” Steve called out in his deep Santa voice. “This is getting crazy,” he thought, “This is my sister!”

“Shadd-up Santa! We won’t tell Mrs. Claus,” hooted Lucy, grabbing at Steve’s cock and squeezing it. “O-o-o Santa, your candy cane is getting stiff.”

The girls howled and turned their attention to Misty. Lucy swung around on Steve’s leg, imitating Steph, and leaning back opened her blouse, unfastened her bra allowing her tits to flop out for all to see. Steph quickly followed suit, squealing with laughter and grabbing at her cousin’s tit.

Misty snapped a shot,”Come on, give me more,” she yelled with the camera up to her eye.

As both girls were going thru lewd poses, holding their breasts and spreading their legs, Steve was going nuts. He could feel his cock getting harder and creeping down his pant leg under Steph’s ass. She looked around, smiled, and wiggled, feeling the thick manhood. His animal instincts kicked in and he reached around to fulfill his long held desire, taking hold of Lucy’s left heavy milk bag and embraced it with his big hand. Steve then grabbed for his sister’s tit that were like a teenager’s; small cones jutting from her chest, nipples large and puffy. As he held her tender flesh in his grip, Steph ground her pubic bone onto his thigh.

“Oh fuck, yea,” Misty said as she took a picture. About six photos were lying on the floor where they had landed, falling from the camera as Misty was shooting each erotic scene. No one took notice that she had one hand up her skirt vigorously rubbing herself.

Steve was intoxicated with lust, the young women so tantalizing, and his sister in his hand. He now had no illusions about his sister and Lucy. The smell of the girl’s sexual fragrance emitting from their bodies rose up to his nostrils, animal lust racing thru his cortex.

“Stop, that’s enough,” Misty cried out as she straightened up, “we’ve been in here for fifteen minutes and somebody’s going to wonder what going on!”

“Yea, come on, Lucy, my Mom will be looking for me. Let’s go show her how to put bills down the dancers G-strings,” Steph snickered.

Both girls scrambled to straighten their cloths and pic up their pictures off the floor.

“I’ll be looking for you on Christmas Eve, Santa. Hope Mrs. Claus takes care of that hardon!” Steph called back to him as she ran out of the room.

“I can’t believe I did those things with my sister!” Steve yelled at Misty, when they were gone.

“Oh, chill out, Santa. I’m going to get together with those two again, you ankara escort bayan can bet your sweet ass!” she panted as she left the room to get more film for the camera.

Things were going strong at the bar as Steve stood up and went to the doorway of the “Workshop” drinking a beer, watching the women reach out to touch the dancer’s cocks and put money in their skimpy costumes. One adventurous lady was leaning in to a guy who was grinding his cock filled G-string into her face while holding her head, simulating a blow job. She was loving it and he wondered if the same woman would let her husband shove his dick into her mouth.

A few minutes had passed and Steve, sitting back on his “throne” and still sporting an erection saw Misty at the door.

“Oh Santa,” she said in a pixie, sing song voice. “These young ladies would like to see you.” She knew who they were and in her devilish way was enjoying the situation.

Steve’s worst fears were soon realized as his Mom and aunt walked thru the doorway. Entering the room under the insistence of Cass, Betty came over to Santa protesting, “Oh this is so silly!”

Betty, a pretty hip woman for her seventies was no one to tangle with. Her younger sister Cass is only ten years older than Steve. There were eight children in Betty’s family and it is said that there probably would have been more if her father hadn’t passed on in the throes’ of an orgasm.

Cass, a real looker and a widow for five years, came around the family house a lot and was always flirting playfully with Steve. Although he thought she was very pretty and a classy dresser he was shy when his aunt showed him any attention.

“Now come on Bett!” Cass insisted. “Sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you want for Christmas.”

Steve was looking at his aunt as she was pushing his Mom towards him. He was staring at Cass’ black halter dress. Her breasts, spilling over the top, looked bigger than he imagined they were, but then again he never looked at her that much, being too embarrassed by her flirting.

As Betty fell onto Steve’s lap she unexpectedly encountered his firm appendage. It was like sitting on a stick of TNT. Betty popped to her feet and stepped away from Steve.

“Oh my goodness! Young man, what do you have in that suit?” she scolded.

Steve sat mortified, but couldn’t reveal himself, as Misty burst out laughing.

Knowing how to get thru this situation Misty broke in. “Oh come on, it okay. It was a gag we played on someone else and Santa didn’t have time to take it out of his pants. Stand next to Santa and we’ll take a picture and you can get out of here.”

“Yea, come on Bett, I’ll sit, you stand,” Cass responded. “Go ahead miss elf, take our picture.”

She sat down on Santa’s lap, wiggling her fanny, obviously searching for the object of concern.

Misty took the photo and handed the picture to Betty who walked thru the door calling out, “Are you coming along, Cass?”

“You go ahead, Hon, go get a drink. I want to visit with Santa.”

Betty took off and Cass got up from Steve’s lap. She walked over to Misty and took here by the arm. “How ’bout giving me some private time with Santa?” Misty smiled and went to sit with Jake at the bar.

Cass closed the door, flipped the lock, walked provocatively over to Steve and sat down on his right leg. He could smell her perfume, a scent he was familiar with whenever he was near her. Being so close to her now, he saw how pretty she was. “She’s only ten years older than me,” he thought. He looked down at her chest to see her deep cleavage. His blood began to pump into his cock again.

“Now where is that thing in your pants that made my sister jump?” she cooed. Cass wrapped her left arm around Steve’s neck and pulled close to him.

He was afraid she would suddenly pull off his beard and he would be found out. Slowly unbuttoning the front of Steve’s pants she reached in thru the red suit and pulled his cock slowly out, into the air. It came out like a thick rubber hose, semi rigid, the meaty head peeking from under the foreskin. Lying in her soft palm, his boner was twitching to life again.

“Oh, God, when this gets hard it’s going to be huge,” Cass exhaled.

The lustful desire to have this woman, knowing it was his aunt was exhilarating. Steve knew he was crossing boundaries, “But, my God, she was holding his cock in her hand,” he thought.

He wanted to enjoy all the thrills of sex with her as he reached behind her neck, with nervous anticipation, untying the ribbon material of her dress allowing it to fall from her body. She sighed and smiled as her skin met the warm air when he unclasped her strapless bra, the cups liberating their contents.

Steve stared at Cass’ breasts. “If you took a grapefruit,” he thought, “and put it in a sock and hung it to your body, this was how he would describe hers.” They were perfect; her areolas, light brown and velvety in texture were the size of silver dollars with nipples that were like large gumdrops. He took one globe in his hand and lifted it, feeling its mass, then let it fall causing both to bobble side to side. Cass’ head fell back as she savored the attention to her body. Mesmerized, he did this again and again, playing with then, holding them, growing hungrier for her.

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