13 Ağustos 2022

Rita , Manx Ch. 01: Homecoming

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As Rita stood at the door waiting for Manx’s elevator to come up to the fortieth floor, she could scarcely contain her excitement and arousal in anticipation of spending the weekend with her husband. It had been four weeks since his last furlough. Working on an oil rig in almost exclusive male company was sure to have him as excited and wanting as she was. She had missed him tremendously, especially the feel of his body against and inside her. Her nipples were stiff and hard, her breath ragged and shallow, her crotch wet and steamy just thinking about what they would be doing these next two days, and forty-eight-hours of shore leave seemed just too little for what she had in mind. She had made elaborate plans for their time together and smiled to herself as the elevator brought him closer to her.

She was sure than Manx would want to fuck her right away, no sooner than he was in the door, without a moment’s delay, without them even taking their clothes off. This time, Rita wanted it to be different from what they had done in the past – Manx’s first cum blast was going to be much too soon for her; by emptying him in other ways before they first cunt-fucked, his climax could be delayed, as she loved to be edged and edged over the precipice until she could scream no more and passed out in a haze of ecstasy.

Not that she was not wanting to be taken right away (god knows she was), she want to delay the moment as much as possible, driving herself completely off the cliff of sexual madness before her first orgasm and then to the many, many more mind-blowing climaxes to follow, and the delightful bliss of release and nothingness that followed each one of them. To wallow in their nearness, their scents, their intertwining, their moans, sighs, cries, and gasps and sweat and fluids and exchanges was such sweet ecstasy, and Rita ground her thighs together just thinking of their lovemaking.

And then he was there, tall, and dark and solid, blocking out the light from escort eryaman the lift lobby as he walked through the open door into the entry hallway. Rita has stepped back, and once he had clicked the front door shut behind him, ran (yes!) towards him and with a squeal-cum shriek threw herself at him. Manx scooped her up effortlessly, his hands under her arse, moving her up to level their lips. Rita put her hands around his neck and slammed her mouth on his, her hands grabbing handfuls of his longish hair and pressing him into her face, as if to devour him.

Manx moaned as Rita assaulted his mouth; recovering quickly, he came up for air, smiled at her, his pupils dilated, his lust and longing pouring through into her eyes, and then proceeded to suck the breath out of her in a long and dueling lip-lock. They groaned into each other’s mouths, making unintelligible sounds as they fused their bodies together.

“Oooh, god, mpf, yesss, uh hun, my oh, Maaanx, don’t stop..”, went Rita, her nipples hard points under her t-shirt as she rubbed her bosom against his torso in small circles to match the grinding of her crotch against his groin. He was already hard and pulsing, the heat of his desire streaming through his clothes and into her crotch. She had on a pair of tight leggings and had deliberately chosen not to wear panties. Her core was hot and molten and moist and opening and throbbing, the friction created by their bodies building rapidly to a climax.

After what seemed an eternity, Manx broke the kiss, and they drew deep ragged and open-mouthed breaths, staring deeply into their eyes. Rita gasped, ‘Oh Manx, I missed you so much, oh god, you are so hard and strong against my belly.” She pressed her lower body against him slowly and rolled her ass cheeks in his hands as he moved her against the wall and dry-humped her back gently but firmly. Creating a space between their upper bodies, Manx placed his palms on her breasts, rubbing upwards against her aureolae elvankent escort and capturing them in between his Index and Middle fingers and squeezing them a little more than lightly. Rita groaned as the sensation shot from her nipples to her pussy, causing her to spasm while locking her legs more tightly around his waist.

“Rita, I need you, now,” said Manx, who was involuntarily pushing up against her. His breath was ragged and shallow, the frustration of not having fucked for a month oozing out of every pore into her body. Hooking the band of her tights, he started to pull them down to give his raging cock access to her molten cunt.

As Manx tried to roll down her tights, Rita, a little recovered from their massive lip-lock, looked him in the eye and said to Manx, “I want you soo much, believe me. But let’s take this slow.” Manx moved, his eyes tearing up in frustration, and said, “I need you like you can’t ever imagine baby, don’t hold back; not now.” But he eased up his grip on her ass, letting her feet get back on the carpet. Rita took him by the hand and sat him down on the padded arm rest of the sofa in their drawing room. Moving her left leg in between his thighs, Rita bore down, her pussy firmly in contact with his left thigh. Leaning forward, she gave him her mouth and kissed him wet and sloppy and noisily, her tongue deep in him and flicking against his tongue. “Oh, goooooood”, warbled Manx as Rita pressed her crotch against his thigh, the sensation causing her to moan into him as well.

Creating space between their bodies, Rita used her left hand to unbutton his trackpants. Having done that she unzipped him, sought out his cock, wrapping her fingers gently on his head and moved down, taking his foreskin with her. On the upstroke, she let her nails rake the underside of his mushroom, causing him to twitch uncontrollably and to grunt as he moved towards his climax. Stroking downward now, her palm on his glans and fingers etimesgut escort ringing his shaft, she whispered into his mouth, “Come for me Manx, I need to feel you cock pulse in my hand and cum and cum.” Her hand on his balls, squeezing gently, and then moving, her palms flat and pressing his cock against his stomach. “Feel me against your leg, my pussy is so open and juicy and ready to come as soon as I feel your spasms in my hand. Oooh, yes like that, I am going to burst..”.

As Manx hit his climax, he mewled and groaned and sighed, his hips completely out of control, moving his shaft against her fingers as string after string of his semen spurted all over his belly. His spasming coursed through his groin and his thighs, the increased friction and vibration on Rita’s almost-ready to cum pussy pushing her over the edge, and she tightened and clenched her thighs against Manx’ upper leg and pushed her belly against his cock and stomach, and spasmed. “Oh, yes, oh, yes, I’m coming, Manx, don’t stop, come with me, oh god yes, don’t stop, I need your body, oooh yes..”. She tailed away into a blubber as Manx kissed her again, almost savagely, bruising her lips as he sucked the breath out of her shaking and shivering body.

Rita’s head collapsed into Manx’ shoulder, her cries scaling down to whimpers, until at last she was breathing again. Manx in turn had his head thrown back as his never-ending climax slowly subsided. Rita straightened up and kissed Manx briefly. “Was that good for your, darling?”, she asked grinning happily at him. “I really needed to be inside you, Rita..”, started Manx, but she cut him off. “I’m saving us up for later and want to do this really right for you. We have limited time together, and I have two days of unspeakable things lined up for you. Be patient my love and let me drive you off the cliff.”

With that she stood up and walked over to the refrigerator and took out two beers and gave him one. She sipped hers, sighing as the cold beer soaked into her parched body. Manx downed his beer in one go. She leaned into him as they settled in the sofa letting him rest his left hand on her breast, where he toyed idly with her nipple. She sighed, and smiled and said, “welcome home, darling!”.

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