10 Ağustos 2022

Ride Ch. 4

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He needs no further encouragement and he starts thrusting hard, pounding into you again, just raw brutal sex now.

“So you wanna be fucked hard then eh?” he says, “Well this biker’s gonna fuck your brains out now girl!”

Harder and faster he pounds into you, almost pounding you off the trike. You wrap your legs around him, pulling him deeper until he can hardly move. Then you pull yourself up and off the trike, impaling yourself on his cock. You twist yourself on him, forcing him to turn around and sit on the trike himself. Your legs still wrapped around him, and your arms around his neck, you slow the pace down and slide up and down on his hard cock. Your pussy muscles contracting around his cock, trying to milk him of his cum, then you feel it again.

“I’m gonna cum again baby, please cum with me, fill my pussy with your hot cum.”

It starts and you bear down on his cock, squeezing him for all you’re worth. “Oh, aah, I’m c c cum…..”

At the same instant you feel his cock expand inside you, filling you more, you’re already cumming, you know he is about to, but you’re ready for it. You feel the first jet of his hot cum as it squirts into the back of your pussy. The feeling is sensational, but you can’t give in to it yet, you have plans.

With incredible speed and agility, you are off of him and on your knees in front of him. You still can’t escort sincan see because of the blindfold, but you can feel his cock spasm in your hand and you feel another jet of hot cum squirt over your face. Then you have his pulsing cock in your mouth, forcing the head to the back of your throat. You literally suck the last few jets of cum out of his cock, feeling it slide down your throat.

“Oh my god, please save me!” you hear him say as he grabs a handful of your hair and shudders uncontrollably. You can feel his body start to slide down, his legs giving way.

“Oh no you don’t.” you think to yourself as you grab his ass. You can feel him start to soften, but you have other ideas.

You continue to suck on his cock as your hand slips between his legs to gently squeeze on his balls. You feel him getting hard again, but not enough. Your other hand moves behind him and you gently push one finger against his tight asshole. Slowly pushing it inside him while still massaging his balls and sucking on his cock. Gently moving your finger inside him until you find his prostate to massage it. Now there’s the response you were after you think as his cock swells and gets harder in your mouth. You move your head back, gently biting on his cock as you go.

Then you flick your tongue all over, around and under the head, sliding down the big vein under his cock to ankara escort his balls, sucking them into your mouth. Licking back up the underside and taking the head in your mouth again. All the while your hands staying busy on his balls and ass. Then you move your hand from his balls and firmly grab the base of his cock, starting a slow steady pumping action as you suck hard on the head. Suddenly he grabs you by the hair and says, “NO, STAND UP!”

Reluctantly you let go of his cock and stand up as you feel him lead you to the back of the trike.

“Lean over here and brace yourself, you won’t fall.” he says as he guides you over. You feel a sharp sting on your ass as he gives you one good slap there and says, “This is what I want now!”

So you lean further forward, pushing your ass up in the air and thinking, “Well we’re really going all the fucking way now!”

Your hips gyrate as you feel his fingers slide around in your wet snatch. His slippery fingers sliding back along your perineum to your ass, and you feel one finger gently push against your tight ring. Slowly he eases the finger in your ass and begins to pump it in and out. Then another finger joins the first, as you feel your ass begin to relax and open to welcome them both. He continues to ream your ass with his fingers, rubbing your clit at the same time with his thumb, then he says,

“There, etimesgut escort bayan I think you’re ready now.”

You feel his fingers leave you, only to be replaced by the feeling of his hard cock head pushing against your tight hot asshole. He gently pushes the head in, stopping there to allow you to get comfortable first.

“FUCK THIS” you think, “I’M READY NOW!”

You push back hard against him, “good girl” he says as his cock slides in to the hilt and fills your ass. He starts thrusting into you at a steady pace and you move in time with him.

“AND NOW….” he says. You don’t even have time to wonder what’s coming next when you already feel the hum of the vibrator against your pussy. “Oh my God!!” you think as he rubs it across your clit and then inside you. Your legs go stiff, your feet go taught and you’re standing on your toes. Your pussy starts to spasm, gripping the vibrator as it rubs against the cock that’s swelling in your ass. Your orgasm rips through you at the same moment that you feel his cock twitch and shoot jets of hot cum in your ass. You both scream at the intensity of your orgasms and collapse on the ground together.

Exhausted, you fall asleep. You wake up to the sound of the phone ringing. Rubbing your eyes, you look around and find yourself at home in bed. Was it a dream? Surely not you think as you unsteadily stand up and feel hot fluid running down your thighs. You walk slowly toward the phone, sore and trying to stem the flow from your ass and pussy. You pick up the phone thinking that this was no dream, as you hear his voice say, “Wanna go for a ride?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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