19 Nisan 2024


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I do a lot of what I call “Quick Writes.” I was inspired by a pic and just started writing.

It doesn’t look like I can post the pic, it’s an image of a woman laying stomach down, your knees are bent towards the ceiling with high heels pointing up. She is looking very smoldering over her left shoulder with lingerie on.


“Can you help me with this?” Vanessa asked as she lay on the bed with her back arched and her sweet pussy pushed out toward me. Her legs like two giant towers stretching toward the ceiling and her feet harshly covered in those “fuck me” stilettos. She had on a black and red lace teddy, her dark hair tussled and a look of veritable frustration on her face.

Usually, I would have asked her what she had in mind. I always thought this to be a nice way to ensure that I perform well for a woman. What it really manifested was my insecurity in my own sexual prowess. I had been married to this woman for 20yrs and lately, she had expressed an interest in watching porn with me. The first time was strange. I remember apologizing for a lot for the girl on girl stuff. See, I’ve spent a lifetime watching porn, it was my escape from reality, from the hum drum sex life I’d settled for. I don’t honestly know what has gotten into her, but in about 3 seconds, it’s going to be me.

I unbuttoned my shirt as she watched, her mouth opening slightly with delight. illegal bahis As I walked toward her, I unclasped my belt buckle and opened up the front of my jeans. I placed my knees on the bed, unsnapped the lace strap of her teddy, and began teasing her glistening, wet pussy with the head of my hard and throbbing cock. She let out a wanting sigh. I said nothing to her, I plunged my cock steadily into her, grabbing her ankles. “Oh fuck,” she whispered desperately.

When I completely filled her, I stopped; she looked back at me, her face not disguising her lust. “Fuck me, Tom.” she said flatly. I pushed her head down on the bed as I began to pound her. I grabbed a handful of her gorgeous hair and pulled her back to a kneeling position. “Shit, baby!” she exclaimed. I was thrusting hard into her and she backed into me with equal ferocity, matching my rhythm. With my left hand still pulling her hair, I reached back with my right hand and slapped her ass hard, something I’d not done before. “OH FUCK!” she screamed.

It wasn’t long before I could feel the surge inside me as it readied for the imminent explosion. I released her hair and pulled out quickly, dropping to my knees on the floor behind her. Her vocalized protest was replaced with a gasp as my mouth crashed hard into her wetness. She reached around and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me hard against her, my tongue illegal bahis siteleri furiously lapping at her depths. I managed to work my clothes off as she ground against my face.

She placed her hands on the bed as I moved my tongue down, finding her pleasure button. Almost immediately she threw her face down in the bed, her muffled scream filled me with pleasure as I felt her pussy spasm against my face. My tongue curled up and I placed the tip on her swollen clit, her body jerked away from me. I grabbed her ass and spread it apart. I moved my tongue up along her perineum. She gasped. “Oh my God,” she said, with quiet abandon as I began tonguing her tiny hole. I reached down with my left hand and rubbed her swollen, wet pussy. Vanessa moved her ass wildly, creating a rhythm with 3 fingers of my hand moving in and out of her.

I stood up quickly, grabbed her waist, all at once pulled her to the edge of the bed and slammed my engorged cock back into her. “YES!” she screamed. She was like a wild animal growling, “yes, yes, yes,” with every thrust. I placed my thumb on her ass and began rubbing, still wet from my ministrations. I slowly inserted my thumb. She pushed back on my thumb, “Oh shit, baby, oh my God,” she said as I felt her cum again.

I had purposed not to talk this time, but thought I might try to say something dirty, not one of my strong suits.

“You canlı bahis siteleri like my thumb in your ass, baby?”

“Oh, fuck, Tom, you are so fucking hot.”

Feeling emboldened, I pulled out of her and she instinctively rolled over on to her back. I moved up on top of her and placed my cock between her ample breasts. I reached down and pulled her sweet, soft flesh around me. She placed her hand against mine, pushing her tits even tighter around my hardness. I was moving slow and steady. This was a completely new experience; the sensation was delicious.

“Fuck my tits, baby?” she said eagerly. “I want to feel your hot cum all over me.”

Just then, I felt the surge. There was no stopping it. Vanessa was looking down at my cock, her tongue touching the tip when the first rush came and shot the tip of her nose. She pulled her tongue back and closed her mouth, but not tightly. I came on her beautifully full lips.

“Oh my God,” I exclaimed as I felt all the energy drain from my body.

Vanessa, opened her mouth and moved her tongue across her upper lip, “Damn, baby, that was hot,” she said with a coy look on her face.

I went to move off of her and she grabbed my waning dick and pulled out the last of my cum onto her chest. I shuddered as her hand moved over the tip.

“I didn’t know you’d let me do this to you,” I said, looking down at her.

“I’m yours, baby, you never let me into that part of your world before,” she said, reassuringly.

“Plus, there are some things I want to try with you as well,” she said as she placed her mouth on the tip of my cock and sucked.

“Now, kiss me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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