10 Ağustos 2022

Rainy Days

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Another rainy day, trapped in the house. I am feeling a bit frisky, well, ok, downright horny. I set off in search of you hoping for some afternoon fun. There you are, across the bedroom, attached to the computer. I run my fingers through my tousled hair, My jeans are history and I stand seductively leaning against the wall wearing your white dress shirt, the last two buttons fastened, leaving nearly nothing to the imagination. You glance up at me, smile, and continue on with whatever has your attention, but it is definitely not me. The windows are open and there is a damp chill in the air. My nipples harden, the cotton of your shirt brushing them lightly, teasing me. Just watching you work is driving me wild, my body giving in to my desire. My shaved pussy is wet, so much so, that I know, if I move, sweet cunt juice will run down my thighs. I watch your hands moving over the keyboard and wish they were playing with me instead.

I kneel at the floor beside you, intently watching you as my hands run up your leg. You keep working, and so do I. My hands run up your calves, over your knees and gently turn the chair a bit to access your thighs. I have finally gotten your attention and plan to keep to keep it now. You watch me as I run my hands between your thighs spreading them and turn the chair to face me, the computer now forgotten. Your swelling cock strains to meet my fingers as I çankaya escort massage your shaft and balls through your jeans. My fingertips trace the line of the zipper and I unbutton your tightening pants. I lean upwards, hands on your hips, my breasts pushing your shirt open and kiss you deeply. The softness of your lips and tongue on mine, so sweet, makes me hungry for more. Your hands twist and play in my hair as I reach and pull your shirt over your head. My open mouth kisses trailing down your neck, shoulders and chest. I work my way lower, kissing and tasting you as I go.

My mouth finds the tight zipper, ready to burst, and my teeth grab it and pull downwards. I unzip your pants slowly, knowing your cock is straining to find my warm, wet mouth. You lift your hips so I can pull those bothersome jeans off and the swollen purple head of your cock has precum oozing out, as it is finally set free. Your jeans now off, my tongue dances back up your legs tasting your salty flesh. You lean back in the chair now relishing my tongue bath, your hand reaching down and playing with my nipples, the other deep in my hair. I watch your cock jerk as my tongue licks your heavy balls, sucking one into my mouth then the other. My tongue twisting and teasing your balls as they fill my mouth and my hands continue to caress your thighs. I feel your precum on my nose as it is funning freely out of ankara rus escort you and down your shaft. I leave your balls to my fingertips as I lick your sticky juice from your cock, teasing you, my tongue so warm and wet, tracing the back of your shaft to the rim of your head. I open my mouth and breathe my hot breath onto your head before my lips close around you, engulfing you in wet warmth. I suck you hard, as my thumb traces the back of your shaft, milking precum to coat my tongue as it circles your head. I feel both your hands wrapped in my hair pushing me downwards, my mouth and throat opening to take each inch of your shaft as you slowly fuck my mouth.

My cunt, on fire now, has soaked my thighs, and like an animal in heat, I spread my legs and rub my slick pussy against your leg, soaking you. The hardness of your leg between mine elicits deep moans that vibrate through your cock. You pull me off your cock, and up, ripping the last buttons on my shirt open. You grab my hips, guiding my slick cunt over your cock and slam me down, impaling me on your stiff, swollen member, knocking the breath out of me. I rock up and down on you, your hands grabbing my ass, our wet fucking sounds mixing with the sound of the rain outside. Kissing frantically we both are gasping for air, our nipples assaulting each other with every up and down movement. I see you watching ankara yabancı escort us in the mirror, and I want to watch too. Reluctantly I pull away from you and turn around, taking my shirt off and lean back towards you. You reach between my legs and run your fingers along my wet slit, drawing my slick juice back you massage my tight ass hole. I look up and see us in the mirror, I catch your eye and both of us watch as you guide my ass to your cock. You spread my cheeks and pull me down, slowly stretching my tight hole, as your cock glides deep into me. My ass now riding your hard cock, my hand pulls your hand down to my cunt and you play with my swollen clit. Your other hand plays with my nipples and you know I am close as you pinch my nipples and clit in rhythm as I repeatedly slam your cock deep in my ass. Hotter and hotter we get watching ourselves fucking in the mirror, the heady smell of sex filling our senses.

My ass rides your cock, my hole so tight around you, milking you, until I can feel your balls tighten and your white hot cum spurts deep in my ass. I pull off of you and let your cum shoot up over my wet mound and stomach and watch as your fingers spread my lips wide and your cum drips into me. As you massage your cum hard into my clit I cum, thick cunt juice flowing out of my spread open pussy. Two sets of hands work spreading the mixture of our cum all over my cunt and stomach and chest, coating me in it, mixing with our sweat. Leaning back into you, our chests heaving, we kiss again, long and slow, knowing that soon, we will have to begin to clean each other up, our tongues have much more work to do. God I love rainy days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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