13 Ağustos 2022

Rachel Goes to the Movies Ch. 02

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She slowly opened her tired eyes, she most of all just wanted to stay in bed. Rachel had come home pretty late last night, having been babysitting for the first time in L.A., and probably also the last time. She smiled at the thought and at the experience she had with the total stranger yesterday. She got up and into the shower, then just threw some clothes on and grabbed something to eat. She got to the gas-station a little late but she just had to send a smile and give a little bend over the counter a bit and Pete forgot all about her being late. She had never used her sexuality in that way, to control men, but she liked it and looked at the number she’d gotten from one of the ads and decided to call them later.

Rachel was standing in the phone booth across the street, she had just taken a break, and considered one last time weather or not to dial the number. It wouldn’t harm to talk with them she thought as she dialed the number.

“It’s Lucas,” he didn’t sound like somebody who was working for a modeling agency, so Rachel wondered whether she had dialed the correct number.

“Hi… I’m sorry I called because of an ad I read but…”

“Yeah, what’s your name?”

“Uhm… Rachel, Rachel Connor.”

“Okay… now I need some more information and to see your portfolio, Rachel. So if you could just drop by later.”

Rachel felt that he moved ahead a bit fast, but that just made her forget her doubts about the agency that she had got.

“Well, I actually haven’t got a portfolio.”

“That’s not a problem we can just take care of that later, when can you drop by?”

“In a couple of hours…”

“Fine, came in around five.” he said and gave her and address and told her just to show up in her normal clothing and not make to much out of herself.

“Ok… I’ll be there, but I’m not interested in posing nude…”

“We’ll talk ’bout that at five… see you, Rachel”

“Yeah see you,” and then he hung up.

Walking back across the street to the gas station she wandered if she had made the right decision, but also looking forward to her meeting in the afternoon. There wasn’t much to do the rest of the day and Rachel suspected that Pete of only keeping her around so he had some entertainment when there weren’t any costumers. Finally she could leave, and she called a cab which took her to the address she had gotten.

It looked like an old warehouse and as she walked down the alley leading to the entrance once again considered whether or not it was the right decision to show up. She stopped at the entrance, a sign which said “Hollywood Girls” was placed and the wall next to it. She opened the door and on the other side there was only a staircase and a sign which said “office 2nd floor”. So she climbed the stairs up to the second floor where a guy was sitting in couch reading a magazine, he didn’t take notice of Rachel walking into the room. It looked like a dirty magazine and Rachel coughed lightly to gain attention. He looked up, a bit surprised but smiled and quickly scanned her from head to toe.

“Rachel I presume?” he said as he put the magazine away just sat there admiring her.

“Yes” she answered and gave a shy smile.

He looked at her once again, ogling her and gave her a smile as she stood there uncertain of herself and what to do.

“I’m Lucas. Come sit here baby.” He said and pointed to a chair next to the couch he sat in. “So, you wanna be a model?” he asked as she sat down.

“Well, I just need the money… I have no plans of making a career of it” she told him.

“Sure… now first of all I need some ID, you brought any?”

“Yes” Rachel answered and showed him. He checked it out and wrote down some notes.

“Good, now what are you looking for? Just to make sure we can work together.”

“Well, I won’t do nude! Just some poses so I can get trough this month.”

“OK… we sometimes have some bikini poses and other sexy non-nude poses, but I’m sorry but they don’t pay very well and we mostly use them for promotional for other things, so normally you have to do other things for us.”

“Ok…” Rachel said somewhat disappointed.

“But I try to get you a shoot, I just need some pictures of you to keep if something comes up. You’ve got the looks and I’m sure I can find something, OK?”

“Thanks” she smiled back.

He then got up from the couch and walked into a small room. He came back a little later with a camera. “Just come with me beautiful!” he said to her as he walked trough the room. She followed him into another room. It was a huge empty room, looked like and old library or something. Lucas stopped at one of the walls.

“Just do some poses so I’ve got something that resembles a portfolio.” he told her. “And get rid of that jersey, sweetheart!”

She took it of and put it on the floor, and started doing some poses, she had never done that before, but Lucas just shot some pictures of her from different sides. All the while he complimented her, which made her feel a bit more relaxed.

“OK, now çankaya escort bayan just start to strip down to your underwear” she gave him a look that clearly indicated that wasn’t willing to do that. “What? You’re gonna pose in something skimpy anyway, sexy! Believe me honey, you got no need to be embarrassed, you’re beautiful.”

She started taking of her shirt, but Lucas told her to do it slower and move her body while she did it. She continued that way till she was only wearing her underwear, a pair of small black panties and a white bra, at first she was very shy, standing almost naked in front of this man, but she started to like the attention. Soon she followed his every move, but he didn’t dare to tell her to strip further, he wouldn’t risk losing this beauty.

“Great, I think that will do!” he said after having photographed her for almost half an hour. He walked back to the first room and Rachel got dressed. When she got back in the room he was talking on the phone, he signalled for her to wait, so she took a seat in the couch.

“Good news baby!” he said to her with a smile. “I may got a job for you already, well two actually.”

“Two?” Rachel said questioning.

“Yeah, there’s this nightclub, we work with the owner, Mr. Dannon, and he needs a girl to do some promotional pictures for the club, commercial and stuff you now!” he said with a smile. “So tonight I got you a gig down there, I’ll be there too and show you to the owner, I’m sure he gonna think that you would be perfect for the job.”

“Sounds great, but how much are we talking about?”

“The money again… you can probably get a good deal if you get the job, at least a grand. But tonight won’t give you anything. You just have to convince Mr. Dannon that you are the right girl for the job.”

Rachel agreed and was told to meet Lucas at the back-entrance of the club at 10.

She arrived a bit late, after all she was new in town and had to find the place. She walked around the club and saw Lucas waiting at the back entrance. She walked towards him and he greeted her with a hug.

“Good, you showed up!”

“Yeah… sorry I’m late, it’s just…”

“Don’t worry ’bout it!” he said as he led her trough the door. “You can change in here.”

“Ok…” Rachel wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do, Lucas had only told her that he had a job for her that could end up in another well-paid one. He took her trough a doorway, the door had been taken out and was replaced with a bead curtain. He gave her box with the clothes she was supposed to wear.

“Take this on” he said and Rachel waited a few seconds, but he wasn’t about to leave her alone, so she had to change right there in front of him. She started slowly taken of her shirt, she felt very insecure stripping in front of him, but it went okay until she reached her underwear. Then she opened the box, and found a bikini with the clubs logo on, it was white and the bottoms was a pair of small hotpants, she looked Lucas in the eyes, clearly indicating that she wanted him to turn away while she dressed.

“Go on babe” he just said, his eyes piercing through hers. She let the straps of her bra fall down her shoulders, looking down in embarrassment. Soon after her breast sprung free and she covered them with her arms. She then grabbed the top, still covering herself with one arm, and put it on quickly. She looked up and saw a grin on Lucas’ face, he was amused by her attempt to cover up. She then bend down and pulled her panties off, using her one hand to cover her private part, but had to remove it as she pulled the hotpants on. Standing there she felt pretty sexy, she didn’t normally dress up and it was a new experience for her. She was then handed a pair of stilettos, which was probably 3 to 4 inches high. Once she had gotten them on she stood a bit uncertain, and almost stumbled, she had never worn such high heels. The smile she received from Lucas made her feel good and she really liked the attention he had given her today, it’d made her feel special.

“You look great Rachel. You are one sexy babe.” he said to her he walked towards her.

“Well… thanks” she answered back. He took his arm around her and led her out of the room.

“Now, your just have to serve some drinks for the people in the VIP-section and I’ll call you over so you can meet Mr. Dannon when he’s got time, okay?”

“Sure” Rachel said, getting extremely nervous now that she could hear the music from the club. They stepped out in the club, right next to the bar, the people around them turned their heads, it was mostly men. Lucas introduced her to the bartender who motioned for her to come to one end of the bar, she looked at Lucas who gave her a nod and walked away, leaving her alone.

“So, you’re the new girl?” the bartender asked. “Well, I’m just gonna give you tray with some drinks and you should just walk around the guest, smiling and teasing them, you know” he said before she could say anything.

“Okay… that’s all?”

“Yeah, that’s all there is to it” ankara rus escort he said as he handed her the tray, “You ever serve before?”


“Ok… just don’t drop the tray, right? The VIP-area is up the stairs over there.” he said and pointed in the direction.

She gave him a nod to show she understood and then walked to the stairs, almost losing the tray a couple of times due to all the men in club who tried to feel her up and made advances towards her. Finally she reached the stairs and had some problems climbing it due to her shoes and the tray. A huge black dude, who she figured must be a bouncer or something, grabbed her by the arm. He was huge, more then 3 feet wide and close to 7 feet high. He looked her deep in her eyes, and gave her a big smile, Rachel felt hypnotized by this and just there smiling like a fool.

“Let me help you, miss” he said and brought her back to real life. He took the tray with one hand, while the other was still supporting her. He then walked her up the stairs and gave her back the tray, she’d just smiled at him the whole time, like a schoolgirl in love.

“Thanks!” she said as he had let go of her and was walking back down. She felt stupid about her reaction afterwards, but there was something about that black man that had mesmerized her. He was so big and rough but still very sweet. She figured was in his mid-thirties, Rachel had never been with someone older or even thought about it, even less the idea of being with a black man.

She didn’t have time to think more about her meeting with the black man, as she passed the first table she felt a hand on the back of her thigh she looked down upset and saw and old fat man smiling lustfully, she was about to run away, but composed herself and but up a phony smile and offered drinks to the man and his friends at the table. She felt terrible about that, but she wouldn’t wanna upset Mr. Dannon so she let it pass. As she continued moving around the tables serving and getting groped, she shivered with disgust but kept her cool.

As she had handed out all the drinks, and been felt up by more then a dozen of men she was just about to get more drinks when Lucas came out from behind a bead curtain and told her that Mr. Dannon wanted to meet her. She felt a bit edgy and put the tray away before putting on a smile and following Lucas into the room. In the room sat a big man, you could say fat, at the end of a table. Other people sat around the table, all laughing of something when Rachel stepped in, they stopped laughing and turned their heads her way. A brief moment of silence, which Rachel felt lasted an eternity was brought to an end when the fat man spoke.

“So you’re the model? Me name is Dannon, it’s me place here…”

“Rachel, good to meet you, Mr. Dannon” she answered back.

“Come over here” he said as he motioned for her to come towards him. She walked over there and he took hold her around her hips, his one hand moving up her bare belly. “Nice, you may be ideal for persuading more people to the club” he said referring to the promotional photos. She smiled at him and thanked him for the compliment.

“Won’t you sit here with me Rachel?” he asked her still holding her by the waist.

“Sure, it would be my pleasure” she said, even though she felt uncomfortable by his touch, but as he could pay her rent for a month or two so she played along.

“Good, I’ll get you a drink” he said pulled her to him and lifted her onto his knee. She was caught off guard by this, as she had expected he meant sitting at the table not on his knee, but she decided not to protest. She was a bit afraid of this man and she didn’t wanna risk losing her chance to get the job just for this.

She sat on his knee for a long time, probably half and hour, laughing of his poor jokes and letting touch her. As time had pasted by his hand had moved longer up her leg and was now resting on her thigh, right next to now swollen lips. The feeling of him groping her and his hard cock pressing against her filled her with disgust. At the same time it was also an incredible turn-on. Sitting there in front of a room of strangers being treated like a whore made her so hot that she didn’t have to act much when she sucked up to Mr. Dannon. Rachel felt like she was in a trance, starting to enjoy his touch more and more, even though she felt disgusted by his look and knew what she did was wrong.

Some bald thug came into the room and whispered something in Mr. Dannons ear, whose face turned serious. He turned his head back towards Rachel and said.

“I have to take care of some business baby… you think you can handle yourself?” as he said that he pulled her into a kiss and his one hand groping her breast simultaneously. Rachel hesitated only a few seconds and then stopped thinking and their tongues attacked each other. Dannons hand had found its way under her top and he pinched her hardening nipples. Her body still turned towards the rest of the people in the room, but Rachel didn’t think about ankara etlik escort that at all anymore, she was completely lost in her own lust. After a long kiss, which Rachel felt ended far too soon, he withdrew his hands from her breast and thigh.

“You can just wait in my office honey” he then said as he slid her of his knee and stood up.

“Uh-hu…” she only managed to reply as he walked out in a hurry.

She then stood by herself in the room, the men ogling her and the women whispering with each other and giving her hateful looks. She was still in trance when one man approached her and told her to follow him to Mr. Dannons office. She was led out back and into an office, the thug who led her there stayed outside the door, to stand guard Rachel thought. She stood in the middle of the room, which was furnished with a couch and a small coffee table in one side, a wall with monitors that showed what was happening in the club and a door (that she figured must be to a bathroom), and finally a huge desk in front of the window overlooking the street.

As she was coming back to her senses she though about what she had just done, and now she was standing in Mr. Dannons room. With the signals she had given he was sure to think that she was going to go further with him. At that moment she hated herself for being such a slut, she though about leaving, running away, but she couldn’t possible sneak pass the guard. Rachel was getting extremely nervous and when she turned and saw Mr. Dannon on his way through the club on the monitors it didn’t help at all. She just stood as frozen in the middle of the room, trying control her breathing.

It made her heart jump when she heard someone grabbing the door handle. Mr. Dannon came into the room and stopped just inside, some way from where Rachel stood, but she could sense him in the room and hear the he took of his coat and the walked closer to her. She felt his hands touched her arms and she took a deep breath.

“Just relax baby” he said as let go of her and walked by her and sat down in his chair behind the desk. “Now why don’t you turn around for me, Rachel… slowly.”

Rachel didn’t know how to react, so she turned around, sending him a questioning look.

“Well if you are gonna be my places face to the public I have to see you properly.” He said as he saw her confusion. She accepted that as reasonable explanation, and turned all the way around, getting in to it and posing more in an attempt to prove that she was the right one for the job.

“Now… you look… well, perfect” he said with a smile, which was returned by a shy one by Rachel who also blushed as a reaction of the compliment. “I think you are just what we are looking for… Miss Rachel I’ve got the contract right here, so let me just tell what it says. And please take a seat” he said referring her to the chair in front of the table. The whole situation had suddenly changed from being filled with sexual desire and into pure professionalism. He went trough the whole deal, she was to do one shoot wearing different revealing clothes but her private areas and her nipples wouldn’t show, it would pay was 1200 dollars.

“So we got deal?” he then asked and leaned back in the chair.

Rachel considered the offer, she needed the money and she couldn’t figure out any other way to get them in the close future. Today she had also discovered what it did to her body to be shown and photographed, and as long as her parents didn’t know she was ok with it.

“Sounds great!” she said with a smile, which was returned by a satisfied smile by Mr. Dannon who handed her the contract for signing. She signed it and so did he, after which he got up and shook her hand.

“I’ve talked with Lucas, you just meet him at the studio tomorrow at 10 a.m. and get it done, he’ll pay you so unless you come visit me here or we’re gonna work together some other time we may not meet again. Your clothes are in the bag next to the bathroom door, you can change there.”

“Thanks…” she said with a smile and turned around and went to change. She closed the door but found that there was no lock, she was about to go back and ask why but decided to let it be, he had very cool and professional so she figured she would just change and leave. She took of her top, and looked in the mirror. Admiring her body, she had always kept in shape, but had never thought of herself as posing or being a model, even though she was very well build with firm c-cub breast and full curves. She sighed and bent over and peeled the shorts off, once she got up she got a chock. Standing behind her was Mr. Dannon.

“Hey beautiful… how about finishing what you started earlier?” he said with a grin on his face.

“Wh… What are you talking about?” she said as she stood with her back watching him through the mirror.

He moved closer and soon she felt his fat stomach pressing against her back, he grabbed her hands and placed them on the counter, holding them there with his hand and then kissed her on the neck. Rachel couldn’t get away and Mr. Dannon sucking on her neck sent a feeling through her body that made her doubt whether she would wanna leave. His hand now left hers, but she kept hers on the counter, she had given up trying to fight it and part of her wanted to see where it was going.

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