15 Temmuz 2024


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My content is ALWAYS for mature audiences 18 and up. NO EXCEPTIONS! Chocolate-flavored erotica all day!

SMUSH QUICKIE: Quarantined

Part One

My neighbor and I are in my bedroom watching updates about this fucking pandemic that’s brewing. Shit is serious and has killed thousands. More and more people are dying every day.

We’re just trying to stay informed and shit. We quarantined ourselves, but sometimes niggas get a case of cabin fever. We want to go out but everything is shut down. In the meantime, we’re our only source of entertainment.

He suggests that we should fuck until we’re through being quarantined. I laugh and then ask this nigga if he’s serious. He tells me yeah and then asks why not. I can’t think of a reason so I tell his ass to strip.

He’s getting undressed, and so am I. Now we both are naked as a pair of jaybirds. He reaches for my dick and gently tugs on the shit. It causes my shit to grow big and strong.

He tells me to just lay back and relax. I’m in the bed eagle-spread, getting my dick sucked while watching another coronavirus update. I can’t focus for obvious reasons. The way he sucks dick is incredibly distracting.

Then he gives my balls a much-needed tongue bath. I hold my legs back to expose my hole. He licks my ass with his reptilian tongue, and it’s making my whole fucking body squirm.

Then I palm the back of his shiny bald head, smashing his face in between my asscheeks. He spits on my hole and then finger fucks me. I’m losing my mind with every passing second.

Then he lets me know that it’s his turn. He flips over on his back and starts stroking his dick. I lick the pre-cum oozing from the head before engulfing the entire thing inside of my mouth.

I can hear the knuckles on his pretty toes cracking. That must mean I’m doing an outstanding job. Of course, I suck on his furry sack too, and then finger his warm tight contracting bootyhole.

Versatile sex while on national lockdown. Thank God my neighbor is cute as fuck. I tell him that I got all kinds of toys and gadgets that’ll certainly occupy our idle time like pearl anal beads, a double-headed dildo, handcuffs, vibrators, all that good shit. Also, we got the essentials like food, sanitizer, and toilet paper in bulk. I think we’re good here for the time being as long as we got each other for now.

Part Two

I’m bonding with my neighbor over at his apartment during this whole coronavirus outbreak. I suggested to him that we fuck to pass time. We’re here by ourselves quarantined and shit. We plan on taking care of each other’s needs, and that also includes physically and sexually. He pulls out these interesting sexual gadgets, getting me all excited about playtime.

He tosses a bottle of lube on the bed. I grease my hole up and then work one end of the double-headed dildo inside of my ass. He follows suit and does the same damn thing with the opposite end of the motherfucking dildo.

Now both of our holes are clogged with silicone. Too bad we can’t invite these two guys I know. Thanks to social distancing, that’s not an option. We got no choice but to do it for ourselves.

That’s why we’re sharing a prosthetic penis, watching each other jack off and shit. My neighbor says he’s ready to switch things up and swap out the dildo for the vibrator plug. I’m down for that shit, so we remove the dildo, replacing it with the vibrating butt plugs. Our moans and screams are so in sync as the vibrators stimulate our tight boy-pussies.

Both of our dicks are rock solid to the core as the time for penetration is closely approaching. This is how neighbors look out for each Ankara bayan escort other. Borrowing sugar is strictly for bitches.

Part Three

It feels like a casually fun first date after sharing my dildo with my next-door neighbor. Unfortunately, there are still several casualties rising about and across the globe.

The culprit? They call it COVID-19. They’re saying that it’s inevitably going to get worse and that we’re heading down the path to economic ruin. A nigga needs intimacy now more than ever. Thank God my neighbor is quarantined with me.

I bend my ass over and spread my asscheeks, allowing my neighbor to drizzle lube on my hole. He inserts my pearl anal beads inside of me. It’s causing my hole to clutch tightly onto them. After he completely stuffs them inside of me, he slowly and carefully drags them out. He pulls the last bead out from my tight brown ass and then places my pearls inside of his mouth.

I ask this nigga what the fuck they taste like. He jokingly says to me that it tastes like chicken. He lubes up his dick and then teases my hole with his jumbo-sized portobello mushroom head.

I tell him to stop playing and just put the shit in. He slides his dick inside of me very slow and deep. His long fat dick is loitering inside of me, vandalizing my rectal walls.

I redirect my focus to the string of commercials and updates about coronavirus plaguing TV. I manage to catch a few glimpses while getting my back blown out. His dick is too good.

My neighbor is having a field day inside of me. I’m gripping the covers while my ass is creaming. I look back at him and his body is glistening. He looks so fucking sexy pounding my ass.

He hijacks my hole like a real-ass nigga. I tell him to let me lay on my back and spread my legs. He removes his dick glazed with my ass milk. It’s rich and creamy and tasty as fuck.

I roll myself over on the flat of my back and then lift my legs so he can slide back in. To think all these years, we only made an effort to speak in passing. We both missed out. Tragedy does bring people together. In what way, shape, or form is really up to the universe.

Part Four

I’m slapping my dick on my neighbor’s hole as he spreads his legs open far and wide. Who knows? Maybe this can be a regular thing, even after this whole pandemic dies down.

I’m holding his ankles as he guides my erection deep inside his fully open hole. It feels like my dick is going scuba diving as I explore the depths of his wet boy-pussy.

He reaches for his dick and tries to stroke the shit. I stop his ass dead in his motherfucking tracks. I tell him he’s forbidden to touch it until I permit him to do so, and my neighbor obeys.

I order him to play with my nipples instead and to twist them as hard as he possibly can. He does and it’s making my dick do leaps. Adrenaline is flowing throughout my whole system.

He lets me know that I’ve found his spot as his body starts spasming out of control. He begins to stutter on all his cuss words. He tries to back himself up off of my dick.

I tell his ass to man up and to take these long strokes. He lets me know I’m seizing his guts as pre-cum is leaking from the slit of his dick. He’s looking like he’s about to tap out soon, so I decided to suck on his pretty man toes.

They’re twitching sporadically inside of my mouth. He’s begging me to please let him touch his dick. I order his ass to shut the fuck up. His eyes are hiding in the back of his head.

I ask him if he’s ready to fuck my tight hole. He answers yes at the speed of light. I tell him to bring it on that Escort bayan Ankara I can take some raw dick as well as I can dish the shit out to his ass. One pandemic doesn’t stop this show, and the show must go on. On and on we go.

Part Five

More and more people are getting sicker by the minute. Confirmed cases are skyrocketing off the charts. Coronavirus is going to be the trending topic on everyone’s news feed, I’m expecting.

All we can do now is just wait it out. Now it’s my turn to smash his cakes. Why not? He smashed the fuck out of mine. He’s serving them up with a cherry on top, just the way that I expect the shit.

I rub some lube on his sexy hole, and he looks back at me, giggling like a bitch. I ask him what’s so funny. He tells me that it tickles. I assure him that it won’t tickle for long as I lube up my painfully throbbing penis.

It’s on a mission, and that’s to bring pain to that sweet, tender, juicy fat ass of his. I slide my dick inside his shit, and it’s warmer than a preheated conventional oven. He’s tightening his grip around my dick, subjecting it to an intense chokehold. I’m slamming my shit deep inside his box, making him moan like my brand new bitch.

His hole is looking like vanilla ice cream that’s left out to melt on a hot summer day. I smack that ass so hard that it echoes. He’s talking shit as I fuck him even harder.

I comment on his filthy disgusting potty mouth. He says it wasn’t filthy when he was sucking my dick. That comment almost made me bust a fat-ass nut. I pull out my dick just in time. Whew!

Damn, that was close. He’s laughing at me and then says he hopes I didn’t bust off yet. I confess to him that I almost did. He says he could tell and then kisses me.

Part Six

Damn, I still got it. I almost made my neighbor prematurely nut inside my ass. I say to take it easy and enjoy my shit. I remind his sexy-ass to chill. We’re quarantined.

Awww he’s blushing. He’s so fucking cute. I lay on my back and ask him if he’s ready. He tells me yes, so I lift my legs and spread my limbs wide open for a nigga.

I’m winking my hole and fingering my shit, encouraging him to finish what he started. He’s plugging my hole with that humongous pipe as news about the pandemic runs in the background.

President Trump, the Surgeon General, epidemiologists, and healthcare workers are all putting in their two cents about the outbreak. I feel terrible about what’s going on despite feeling so ecstatic about getting fucked.

He’s feeding my ass that slimy raw meat making my shit feel full and nourished. I reach out to grab my dick, but he orders me not to fucking touch it. I do as he says.

He says to me that karma’s a motherfucking bitch. The head of his anaconda attacks my prostate. I let him know how much I’m fucking loving that dick. He leans into my hole and then nibbles on my lip.

We’re making eye contact basking in each other. He’s asking me what took us so long to get here. I say to him I don’t like to shit where I rest. He says that he felt the exact way I did.

He didn’t want things to be awkward between us. I tell him I’m glad that I made it to his bed. He says I might be here full time if I play my cards right. I call him on his bluff.

I tell him I work with the hand that I’m dealt. He whispers in my ear that I’m turning him on the more I talk shit and to please keep it up. The heat of his breath is radiating on my neck. I feel his dick expanding even wider within me. I beg him not to bust that his dick feels swell. He tells me not to worry that he isn’t there yet.

Part Bayan escort Ankara Seven

Around this time, it’s usually saturated with the sound of rush hour traffic, congesting the road. Instead, it’s replaced with an eerie silence. The streets are being haunted by COVID-19.

Most of the population is either sick, scared, or both. I’m finding solace in between my neighbor’s legs. I’m on autopilot as I journey through his rectum. He reaches for his dick after I told his ass not to.

I tell him that I’m going to put his ass in handcuffs. For him, that’s more like a treat than an actual punishment. Deep down I always knew my neighbor was a freak. I exit out of him to retrieve the handcuffs.

His hole starts to hiss as air leaks out. He’s smearing his cream on the crack of his ass, patiently waiting for some more of my dick. I order him to sit up and to hold out his hands. He does, and I apply the cuffs tightly on his wrist.

I instruct him to put his arms around my neck. Then I pick his ass up and slam him against the wall. We’re swapping spit as I slide my dick inside that sweet ass. The shit feels good.

I feel his juice running down the shaft of my glorious dick. His boy-pussy’s wet. I’m up in that man-coochie, making him shout. I nibble on his soft juicy pink lower lip.

He’s enjoying his human flesh pogo stick. He’s getting kind of heavy so I sit my ass down. My neighbor and I, still connected at the crotch. He gets on his job and rides my dick in slow-mo.

I suck on his nipples and he says to bite down. He’s clenching his anus as I’m gnawing on his nipples. Damn, I’m getting close to flooding his hole. I cock my head back and let out a war cry as my dick shoots his hole with an arsenal of cum.

He rises off my dick and it’s looking like a crime scene with lots of scattered DNA from us both. He removes his arms from around my neck, dropping to his knees to clean off my dick.

I’m watching him suck all the cum off slowly, making my motherfucking toes curl up. I palm the back of his smooth bald head, forcing him to give me that deep wet throat. Now it’s his turn to bust his nut. BEST QUARANTINE EVER!!!

Part Eight

His cum is lip-smacking good. He should consider selling it to gay men everywhere. I get up off my knees and demand that he releases me from these handcuffs. He bitch-slaps me.

He tells me to sit down and let him suck my dick first. I comply with his request and take a seat in the chair. My dick points to the ceiling, waiting to get sucked. My neighbor kneels before me and grabs my shit.

He politely asks how I desire to get it sucked. I tell him nice and sloppy with lots of spit, easy on the teeth. He winks and gets to work. I tell him no hands to just use his mouth. I’m staring at his handsome face going down the shaft.

Saliva is foaming out his motherfucking mouth as drool drips down to the goddamn floor. I order his nasty ass to spit on my shit. He spits on it getting the shit soaking wet.

His warm saliva is drowning my balls. I place my cuffed hands on top of his head, forcing it down to my wild-grown pubes. I just want to hear this nigga gag on my shit. Choke the fuck out his sexy smut-ass.

I ask him if he’s ready to get this nut in his ass. He nods his head and then spits my dick out. I order him to climb into the chair doggy-style. I’m ready to punish his boy-pussy from the back.

He obeys like a good little bitch while winking his hole for daddy as he should. I insert my dick and then get to stroking. He’s backing that boy-pussy up on my shit.

I tell him to go ahead and scream for daddy. He shouts my name for the whole world to hear. I give him a warning that I’m about to nut. He says to go ahead that it’ll make his day.

I explode like fireworks inside that ass. The fourth of July came early this year. I’m uncertain about the future of the coronavirus. All I know is that my neighbor can fuck.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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